The very first week of League Play has passed, which means we finally have some games to look into. This article provides a closer look at some of the teams to watch in each conference and what games to look out for next week! If you want to have an even closer look at what happened this week, make sure to watch the VOD of the premiering Aerial View that took place last Saturday, and make sure to tune into our twitch for next week’s iteration!


Written by Leroni

The first week of League Play in the Academy Division is now over, this was a good start to take a solid look on how every franchise is looking. With just three weeks remaining in League Play, any loss can prove costly for a team’s Playoffs hopes.

In this writeup, we will be talking about the performance of two teams in the Sigma and Omicron Conference.


Elated Esports (2-0)

So far, this is the best team across both conferences due to an explosive start in Week 1! Elated is the only team with a perfect win rate, looking very dominant with a 17 goal difference. This was achieved through scoring 19 goals and only conceding twice. How did this happen? Well, their series were against Auto Celerity and Overture. In the Auto Celerity series, they managed to score 10 goals, without getting scored on once! Against Overture, they scored 9 goals and got scored on twice. This is a very strong start and especially for one of their players Alibop, who scored 10 of these goals. Their next opponents aren’t easy, so will they be able to continue this pressure?

Galamo Esports (2-0)

Let’s talk about Galamo. They headed into this conference with a great start by getting a 3-2 win against Zero Fox Gaming and a 3-1 win against Override Esports. There is still a decent amount of games left so these two wins are very crucial for them to have a better chance in getting into the playoffs. This team has the 2nd highest number of goals scored in the Academy with a total of 25 goals, 14 of which were scored by Helte. If they can keep up that pace, they could be a great team. Whether they are able to do that or not, only time will tell.


Shaman Esports (2-0)

Shaman have occupied 1st place in this conference in style with class, sweeping Puncture and taking down Shadow Esports with a 3-2 win. In the pre-season tourney, Shaman reached top 4 in the Knockout Stage, which gave them a nice confidence boost and this experience seemed to help them out. As a team, they have scored 23 goals, it seems to be something common for these top teams to have a big scorer, which is very good because we like to see new talent in IEL. In this case, it’s Dan with 11 goals, their biggest player on the roster and they will need to continue this level in order to reserve their 1st place spot.

Elysian (2-0)

Elysian is the other franchise in this conference that managed to take down two teams, since they faced Shadow Esports and beat them 3-1 and they beat RL Ireland 3-2. Due to the short duration of league play, the start of league play is crucial, and with these results they are safe from having a bad start, however they can’t stop the engines and there will be much more effort needed in order to reach the ultimate glory! In terms of goals they have scored 25 goals, and 13 of those goals were scored by NxthanGx66. Their opponents for Week 2 are looking hard and Elysian will have some difficulties and they will be facing Shaman, so one of these teams will be losing their perfect record.

Game to Watch: Shaman Esports vs Elysian

These two titans will be clashing against each other in a massive duel to see who will maintain their perfect record and also reserve 1st place in their conference. Both teams look menacing, they have an advantage over each other in different areas, and we don’t know much about the players, so it’s difficult to predict the outcome of these series.

Prediction: Shaman Esports 3-2 Elysian



Written by Oli

Zero Mercy (2-0)

This new franchise has shown their intentions from the very start in the Prospect Division. Obviously, a 2-0 week is the exact way to do this in week one, however, the way in which they did it is truly a testament to their potential. They had arguably the toughest opening week out of anyone in the Prospect Division with two knockout stage contenders, one of which being a semi-finalist and blew past them with ease. A 6-1 game differential proves this and a sweep against early season favourites RL Ireland further consolidates the commanding position this team has put themselves in at such an early stage.

eMerge Gaming (2-0)

eMerge are the only other team to have a 85% win rate and sit joint top of the conference. However, unlike Zero Mercy, they had some help on their side as a forfeit win against Galamo aided their chances for an unbeaten week. However, don’t underestimate this achievement just because luck was on their side as they still beat a very good Override Esports side in their only played game of the week. eMerge did get handed a great opportunity this week but they clasped in both hands and now can build on this great start.

Skorch Esports (2-0)

The only other team to go 2-0 are Skorch Esports; although they only have a 75% win rate, they cannot be disappointed with the first week’s games. The first on which was a 3-2 win against an experienced Regulars side and after this win they really stepped into their stride with a dominant sweep of Elated Esports. With the second highest goal difference in the league this is clearly a team that is going to commonly dominate their opponents with pure offence. Time will only tell however, but the future of this team is looking to be going on an upwards trajectory.

Game to Watch: Elysian (1-1) vs Skorch Esports (2-0)

The most interesting game this week is the duel between Skorch and Elysian. The 3rd and 5th placed teams in the Mu conference are bound to create an exciting game that should not be missed. These are two attacking teams, both with heavily positive goal differences so expect plenty of kickoffs in this matchup.


Written by NeXtFoX

Week 1 is now past and teams have played their first two matches of the season, which means its time for our weekly article!

To start it off, we have four teams that won all their games this week, them being Aardwolf Esports, Shadow Esports, Overture, and Shaman, which grants them spots at the top of the table, with Shadow and Aardwolf getting the Top 2 due to higher win rate.

Most teams in the conference got an average win/loss, and to end it, Tofu and Family, Natural Disaster, Austrian Force and Fearless Esports are now bottom, having lost both of their series.

Shaman Esports (2-0)

Consisting of EmptyFuse, Papusa_, Ryche and NoVa, this team had two game 5 wins against Tofu and Family and Team Berserkers. DSN wise, Shaman has quite a big distance to these two, so the wins are expected, however, going all the way to Game 5 is less expected. We’ll see how they do in the upcoming weeks, but it is still a good start nonetheless!

Hive Athens EC (1-1)

Composed by Strength, ItsHix, apostolissam and Ryskii, the lowest DSN team in the entire division had an average week, still, they reached Game 5 in both series, winning one and losing one (W vs Natural Disaster, L vs Donde Esports). In the case of Donde, they are in the 5700 or more, so the result is still impressive, while Natural Disaster is just a bit above, the team that they won against this week. It will be curious to see how they perform in the league.

Fearless Esports (0-2)

Composed by Crisps., xm ., Budddha and Hxrry, the 7th highest team DSN wise lost both of their series against Reflux (3-0) and Disconnected Esports (3-2), both teams that the team went against are favourites in this matchups, so to some extent the losses are expected. We’ll see how they do against the other teams, and how they will perform!

Game of the week: Zero Fox Gaming 1-3 Shadow Esports

A battle between the 3rd highest DSN team versus the team that has two players that were champions last season, an interesting match between these two, ending in a win for Shadow Esports! Started with a 7-0 win for Zero Fox Gaming, but after that, Shadow Esports turned the tables around and won 4-3, 2-1 and 5-1, winning the series. fnx. had the most team MVPs for Shadow Esports, while Doomdots was the team MVP for Zero Fox.

Game to watch: Dexterity vs Reflux

A game between giants when it comes to DSN is coming, this time, Dexterity goes against Reflux! Both teams have a win and a loss, with Reflux having a win rate advantage over Dexterity. This match has potential to go game 5, advantage goes to Reflux, but honestly, it can go both ways!

Prediction: Dexterity 2-3 Reflux



Written by Crispy

Built By Us (0-2)

BBU’s season in Challenger has not gotten off to a fantastic start, as they find themselves without a win after Week 1. They will feel extremely hard done by, however, as both of their series went to Game 5s in which they couldn’t quite get the job done. Going all the way against one of the best teams in all of Challenger, Reflux, is nothing to be ashamed of – and their other game was against a strong Shadow Esports side where they fell victim to a reverse sweep. They have a potentially easier week coming up with games against Auto Celerity and RL Ireland, both 1-1 teams at the moment. If they are able to bounce back in those games they can still have a successful season.

LA Gaming (1-1)

This team sits in 4th place in the Delta Conference, the highest of the 1-1 teams. The team directly above them, Fort Templar, took a 3-1 victory when the teams played last week. Their other game was a comfortable sweep win over Disconnected Esports, so there is certainly potential for LA Gaming to do well. In Week 2, they face Elated Esports and Override, both of whom they are above, so if they can manage a couple of victories there then they will be on a strong start to the season.

Reflux (2-0)

Reflux were tipped by many to be the favourites for Challenger league this season, as their roster looks incredibly strong. So did they live up to this hype? Well they took a close 3-2 win over Built By Us in the series mentioned previously, and a very comfortable sweep against Auto Celerity completed the 2-0 record in Week 1. A strong start undoubtedly, and more chances to impress against Fearless and Shadow next week. If they take two more wins, they could shape up to be a very scary team.

The Neon Flamingo (2-0)

Sitting (or standing on one leg) atop the Delta Conference is The Neon Flamingo. They dropped just one game across both their series in Week 1, taking a 3-1 win over RL Ireland and sweeping eNightmare. The key area for this team seems to be defence, as they are yet to concede more than 2 goals in a single game. They play two teams with 1-1 records next week, Shadow and Override, so their ambition will be to extend their near-perfect record and stay at the top of the table.

Game to watch: Fort Templar vs Shaman Esports

This match-up pits the unbeaten Fort Templar against Shaman Esports, who are 1-1 after Week 1. FT will hope to remain near the top of the table, and Shaman will be trying to build on their first week and get up there themselves – so this should be a fight on Wednesday.

Prediction: Fort Templar 3-2 Shaman Esports


Written by Freddy

After the first week of League Play, we have a lot to cover as this week did not go how most people would expect. We saw a lot of upsets and surprising things happen that has put the conference in an interesting situation considering my predicted Top 6 from last week.

Zero Fox Gaming, Elysian and Austrian Force stay in the Top 6, but Natural Disaster, Dexterity and Overture have not performed to the expected standard and have thus dropped. Instead, we have Team Berserkers, Tofu and Family and Aardwolf Esports taking their places. Aardwolf being there is not that surprising as I said they would be a good team, but it’s all up to if they stay together or not.

Dexterity (0-2)

Speaking of unexpected things, I predicted Dexterity Challenger to be one of the top teams of this conference if they used their main roster player instead of their sub. This did not happen as they went 0-2 in their first week which is not the way they would like to start the new season. 

They are going to have to step it up massively to avoid losing games that they should win. I’m talking about the game against Natural Disaster where they were swept by Natural Disaster despite ND using their sub and the GM/Prospect Player Dispatchio. Losing to a Prospect in Challenger is not what you want to do if you want to have a shot at Playoffs. 

Going into Week 2, they face Zero Mercy (1-1) and Donde Esports (0-2),  so this might be the time for Dexterity to show up and change their bad start around.

Tofu and Family (2-0)

On to more positive things, here is a team that did way better than we thought in Tofu and Family. 

They might not have had the toughest Week 1 but they still managed to go 2-0 which is fairly good considering their DSN total is much lower than a lot of other teams.

If they can keep up performances like these, they might be a very good team this season, but only time will tell. Next week, they play Overture and Puncture both of which are 1-1, so these matchups should be really good ones. 

Overture (1-1)

Overture had a decent week going 1-1 after their first two games, which is not bad, but going to Game 5 and losing it is never a fun way to take a loss in the first week.

They played Silverbacks and lost 3-2 to go 0-1 before beating eMerge Gaming 3-1 to make it 1-1. Going into Week 2, they will be looking for better results but with the quality of their opponents (Elysian and Tofu and Family), this could prove to be a difficult week.

The Overture roster will have to step up if they wish to compete with the 2-0 teams but this should be more than doable as Week 1 jitters always end up affecting rosters.

Game to watch: Zero Fox Gaming vs Elysian

This week we will see the clash of two of the top teams of the Zeta conference. Zero Fox Gaming and Elysian who are both 2-0 will be going head to head in what will unquestionably be an amazing series.

These two teams have already played each other before in the Pre Season Tournament where Elysian were victorious, comfortably beating out Zero Fox 3-1.

This series should end up being just as good as that pre-season final, so we can just hope that it ends up on stream, as it will easily be the highlight.

Top 6 Predictions:

  1. Zero Fox Gaming 
  2. Elysian 
  3. Team Berserkers
  4. Austrian Force 
  5. Dexterity 
  6. Overture 



Written by Matty

LA Gaming (2-0)

After sweeping both Zero Mercy and eMerge Gaming this week, the LA Gaming roster finds themselves at the top of the standings after Week 1, giving them momentum for the upcoming weeks. This week, they’ll face RL Ireland and Fearless Gaming, two teams who are yet to lose a series this season, so this week should give a more accurate representation of what is to come in the next few weeks for the LA Gaming side.

Fort Templar (2-0)

Starting off their season with a 2-0 record, the Fort Templar roster will be satisfied with their efforts in Week 1. After picking up two wins against Austrian Force and Galamo Esports, they’ll be up against Donde Esports and last season’s champions Reflux, which should be a close series, so be sure to keep a close eye on who comes out on top.

Regulars (2-0)

After their sweep of Reflux on Thursday, Regulars will be feeling ecstatic with themselves, after sweeping Team Berserkers, they find themselves behind only LA Gaming due to win percentage. This week, they’ll play Natural Disaster and Galamo Esports, who are both yet to win a series this season, so this could see Regulars advance on to a 4-0 record coming out of this week.

Game to watch: Fort Templar vs Reflux

In this week’s spotlighted series, the unbeaten roster of Fort Templar will be going up against last season’s champions Reflux in what is set to be a thrilling series to watch. Fort Templar will be coming into this series full of optimism after taking down Austrian Force and Galamo last week, whereas Reflux suffered a shock 0-3 defeat to Regulars last week, leaving them with work to do in the upcoming weeks if they are to assert themselves as Playoff contenders. I predict that this series will go all the way to Game 5, with multiple highlight plays throughout, considering the sheer level of talent that will be on the field.


Written by Brun

The Gamma conference kicked off this week and as TofuElliot pointed out in The Aerial View the table is looking quite symmetrical. Many teams have risen to the top including Dexterity, The Neon Flamingo, Auto Celerity, Silverbacks and Zero Fox Gaming, whereas teams like Disconnected Esports and Puncture have fallen to the bottom. However, this is only Week 1 and we should expect to see a lot of the teams switch positions on the table throughout the season. Although this is true, there are still teams that shine above the others as they perform particularly well this week.

Silverbacks (2-0)

Silverbacks top the Gamma Conference alongside Auto Celerity this week as they make an amazing start, sweeping bottom team Puncture and 11th place Shaman Esports. Despite being predicted to beat these teams, Silverbacks still look impressively strong as they are yet to drop a single game. They play Disconnected Esports who are 0-2 and The Neon Flamingo who are 2-0 next week and they should be able to go 4-0. However, The Neon Flamingo may be able to pull off an upset as they also took 2 wins this week. 2022 DSN player Jacksean seems to be the standout player on the team as he has the highest DSN by almost 200 DSN. However, he is not the only player on the team and will need teammates to rely on as they continue through the season. With an interesting game looming, will Silverbacks keep their top spot?

The Neon Flamingo (2-0)

Coming out of Week 2, The Neon Flamingo seems to have improved on their past seasons as they sweep bottom team Puncture and 0-2 team Tofu and Sons. This team includes past season Challenger Ethereal on the main roster and it is clear to see that he is stepping up to the new level of master, however, the teams the team has faced have been low teams and they will need to hope they can keep up with the likes of Silverbacks and Zero Fox Gaming who they place this week. This team on paper is on the lower spectrum but they have proved that DSN means nothing as they leave week one with only one game loss. Will this team continue to rise or will they fall to the middle of the pack as they approach two strong looking teams. 

Aardwolf Esports (1-1)

After being swept by the third place in the conference Dexterity, Aardwolf Esports carry a 1-1 record after beating Elysian 3-1. This team will hope to hold their heads high and carry on as they hope to defeat opponents Disconnected Esports and Overture who are both 0-2. This team has serious potential with 2015 dsn LuKee and looks to improve their record throughout the season. They were also predicted third by me last week, and they should hope to turn their record around to match my prediction. Elysian is higher than them on the standings meaning they have proved themselves to be higher than what their standings say, so they clearly are one of the top teams with a 1-1 record at the moment. With a negative record and high potential this team could either crumble or rise to the top. A loss next week could be detrimental to the team’s mentality. 

Predicted Top 6

  1. Auto Celerity
  2. Silverbacks
  3. Dexterity
  4. Zero Fox Gaming
  5. Skorch Esports
  6. The Neon Flamingo

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