With League Play finished, Playoffs are just around the corner! This article features all of the information you need before watching the Prospect Playoff this weekend.

The Playoff will take place from Friday to Sunday and will be streamed on our Twitch!


Dexterity (Seed 2)

Dexterity are a team that had a bumpy start considering where they are now, but after this, they have flown and there has been no looking back. With their mechanical maestro in Shay hitting clips every game it is not hard to see why they are so dominant. It must be so demoralising to see someone score something you could only wish to, for fun, this is the key to this team, demoralising their opponents to the stage that they have nothing to give. They are a solid 12-4 and with the number 2 seed look strong in the playoffs. I expect this team to go far and challenge up at the top.

Predicted Finish: 2nd

Aardwolf Esports (Seed 3)

This team was consistent in the first half of the season, with a standard record at the middle of the table, but like Dexterity, they have had a great end to the season and have not lost since week 4. They sit in a great 3rd seed and with a bye into the semi-finals of the group stage there has to be no stopping this side. After not losing in 8 games the momentum has to be completely on their side and nothing can seem to stop them. It has been a great season, can they can it off in style.

Predicted Finish: 7th/8th

Elysian (Seed 6)

Elysian finished League Play with a convincing record of 11-5 and a winning percentage of 58.21%, granting them third place in the Mu conference and sixth seed in all of Prospect. They had a strong end to League Play, winning their 5 last games and will look to continue this streak into Playoffs. They have a 3-3 record against Playoffs teams, beating RL Ireland, The Neon Flamingo and Overture and losing to Fort Templar, Natural Disaster and Built By Us.

They will be confident heading into their first game as they face The Neon Flamingo who they swept just a few weeks ago. The challenge will lay beyond their first game, however, as they face 3rd seed Aardwolf Esports if they are to beat TNF.

Predicted Finish: 9th-12th

Fearless Esports (Seed 10)

This team are the comeback kids of the season, after being 0-5 in the 3rd week they have gone on a stunning run to bring themselves back into the playoffs. A 12-1 run shows the resilience of this team and also the true class. They cannot be underestimated as their seed is not truely representative of their efforts. Their strong mentality will be the key to their success and I expect them to go far. They will have a tough run as Fort Templar and Dexterity will be hurdles for them. The playoffs look bright for this team. Can the pull off a stunning comeback?

Neon Flamingo (Seed 11)

The Neon flamingo had an outstanding start of the season and after a bumpy midsection, they needed a perfect final week. A perfect week is what they got as two 3-0 wins made sure they got the last spot in the Mu conference for playoffs. This team is not a favourite to win on paper as 11th seed, but we have seen stranger things happen in playoffs so we will have to wait and see when it is all said and done!

Fort Templar (Seed 7)

Fort Templar have had a great season thus far, finishing 4th in the Mu conference with a record of 11-5 and a winning percentage of 57.38%. Despite their strong record, they dropped off towards the end of League Play, with a record of 3-3 in the last three weeks where they lost to Zero Mercy, RL Ireland and LA Gaming. It must be stressed that RL Ireland and LA Gaming are decent teams, but they should be doing better if they wish to contend for the crown of the Prospect division.

Their first game in the Playoffs will be against Fearless Esports who are currently on a spectacular run, having won 10 of their last 11. Can they beat this in-form team? We will find out this Friday at 6 PM GMT!

Predicted Finish: 3rd/4th


Predicted by Oli and NeXtFoX


RL Ireland – Seed 1

In the 1st position of Mu conference, we find RL Ireland, the team with the most wins in this League Play, having a 13-3 record with a 69.49% win-rate. Therefore, the team has made the first seed of playoffs and is one of the favourites to win the competition.

The team counts with Gillzo, GraHa, Bonkersbott and PanicJungle, with a good 3-1 record in the two last weeks of league play, only losing to Built By Us (3-0).

RL Ireland is going to go up against either Reflux or Natural Disaster in the winner semi-finals, and if they win, they will find Shaman Esports, Overture or Built By Us in the winners final.

Predicted Finish: 1st

Built By Us – Seed 4

Right behind RL Ireland, the team made the 4th seed of the playoffs, with a record of 11-5 and a 64.06% win rate. The team has the potential to reach very far in the playoffs, and who knows, even win it!

The team is composed by Pingi, Jackk, AlphaFire and Chaly, and their two last weeks of league play are only positive, without conceding a single loss! Their last loss was in week 5 of league play.

They are going against either Shaman Esports or Overture in the semi-finals of the winners bracket, and if they win, they will go against RL Ireland, Reflux or Natural Disaster.

Predicted Finish: 5th/6th

Shaman Esports (Seed 5)

Shaman come into the group stage as the 5th seed after an outstanding League Play. They finished third in the Omega conference with a record of 11-5 and a winning percentage of 61.67%. In Week 8, they swept Reflux and just lost out to the 2nd seed, Dexterity, which shows that they can compete with the very best in the Prospect Division.

In their first game, they face 12th seed Overture. They played Overture in Week 5 where they won 3-2. If they beat Overture, they face Built By Us, who they lost to 3-2 in their cross-conference game back in Week 5. This is a very tough group, but Shaman will hope to progress into the Final Bracket.

Predicted Finish: 9th-12th

Reflux – Seed 8

With a 10-6 record and a 61.67% win rate, Playoff-regulars Reflux are 8th in the playoffs and 4th in the conference.

Their roster consists of CONFNT SLAUGHTA, Shapi, G3CKO and Kroken. The two last weeks ended up being negative, having only one win, which was against Zero Fox Gaming (3-1)

Their first opponent is Natural Disaster, and if they win, they will face RL Ireland in the semi-finals.

Predicted Finish: 3rd/4th

Natural Disaster – Seed 9

One of the teams that qualified via wildcard, and has the same record has Reflux (10-6), Fearless Esports and Overture, having the second highest win-rate out of these three (60.32%), ending up in 5th on league play and seed 9 on playoffs.

Composed by Kinetic, Sebby, Dispatchio3207 and Eevee, and their last two weeks only had one loss, which was against Disconnected Esports (3-2), other than that, the rest of the matches in these final weeks ended up in wins. Reflux is the team they will go against in the first round of playoffs, and if they win, they will go against RL Ireland in the winners semi-finals.

Predicted Finish: 7th/8th

Overture (Seed 12)

Overture come into Playoffs as the very last seed in Prospect, finishing 7th in their conference with a record of 10-6. Overture have had a decent season, showing some signs of inconsistency. Throughout League Play, they’ve shown their ability to beat out some of the top teams, defeating Dexterity, Reflux, Fearless and LA Gaming, but they’ve also lost a fair few games, losing to Hive Athens EC, Disconnected Esports, Natural Disaster, Aardwolf Esports, Shaman Esports and Zero Fox Gaming. Overture need to play to the very best of their abilities if they want to go far in Playoffs, with their group appearing to be extremely tight on paper.

In their first game, they go up against Shaman, who they lost to back in Week 5.

Predicted Finish: 9th-12th



Predicted by Oli and NeXtFoX

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