A spectacular eight weeks of League Play has come to an end, and what a season it has been! It’s not over yet though, in fact, the best is yet to come! Playoffs are fast approaching, with Master League playing first from November 27th-29th, Challenger following the next weekend from December 4th-6th, and finally, the Prospects will put an end to the season December 11th-13th. Let’s take a closer look at the final week of League Play that just elapsed ahead of Playoffs!



Final Standings

  1. The Neon Flamingo (14-2)*
  2. eNightmare (13-3)*
  3. RL Ireland (12-4)*
  4. Primal Esports (12-4)*
  5. Elated Esports (11-5)*
  6. Galamo Esports (10-6)*
  7. Aardwolf Esports (7-9)
  8. Puncture (7-9)
  9. Golden Age (7-9)
  10. Overture (7-9)
  11. Insanely Mechanically (6-10)
  12. Shaman Esports (5-11)
  13. Team Peculiarity (5-11)
  14. Team Berserkers (4-12)
  15. Built By Us (4-12)
  16. The Unseen (4-12)
    * – Qualified for Playoffs

Heading into Playoffs, it’s time to review last week’s matchups to see who managed to come out on top. 

Heading through to the playoffs as the number one seed, The Neon Flamingo will be over the moon seeing how well their season went, despite losing to Primal Esports 3-1 in the final week of League Play, they will be joined by eNightmare as the other team to be given a bye through to Round 2 of the playoffs. 

Sharing a win-loss record of 12 wins and 4 losses is RL Ireland and Primal Esports, with both teams wanting to prove themselves in the playoffs, despite not being able to get a bye through to Round 2. Elated Esports and Galamo Esports managed to qualify as wildcards for the playoffs, as they had one of the four most favourable win-loss records out of the teams in the playoff places from both the Mu Conference and the Omega Conference. 

Be sure to stay tuned in to see what happens in the finale of the Season 7 Prospect campaign!


Final Standings

  1. Reflux (-)*
  2. Auto Celerity (+1)*
  3. Dormant Espotrs (-1)*
  4. Shadow Esports (-)*
  5. Fort Templar (-)*
  6. Prophecy (-)*
  7. Team Ascendant (+1)
  8. Zero Fox Gaming (+2)
  9. Hyve Central (-2)
  10. CORL (+2)
  11. Delta (+2)
  12. Bad Karma Esports (-3)
  13. Tofu and Sons (-2)
  14. Donde Esports (-)
  15. Eidolon Esports (-)
  16. Regulars (-)
    * – Qualified for Playoffs

Fort Templar (9-7)
Fort Templar were the favourites out of the teams yet to cement their place in the Playoffs, and as expected it was no hassle for them. A 1-1 week would easily see them through with a 9-7 record, and as one of their games was against front-runners Auto Celerity, they had to beat Tofu and Sons, to not be forced to produce a miracle against the 2nd placed team. An easy 3-0 sweep of Tofu and Sons meant that they had no pressure in their game against Auto Celerity and that was evident with a 0-3 loss. Nonetheless, they are through and will be looking to go on the same run as last season in playoffs.

Prophecy (9-7)
After their 2-0 week in the penultimate round of the season, Prophecy set themselves up in the driving seat to be the ones to clinch the 6th and final Playoffs-spot in the Omega Conference, and their most important game of the season came up against Ascendant and they lost. However, all they needed after the 0-3 result for Ascendant was to win their game and go through on win-percentage. They easily swept Delta and this sees them going through to the Prospect Playoffs for the 3rd season running.

Team Ascendant (9-7)
Team Ascendant did all they could do to get into Playoffs but it just wasn’t to be, they swept Regulars and more importantly beat rivals Prophecy 3-1. However, due to them starting the week a win behind and with a worse win percentage, they needed results to go in their favour and unfortunately for them, they didn’t, so unlike last season, they will have to sit out the playoffs. It was a valiant final week but their previous form made the mountain too high to climb.

Hyve Central (8-8)
Hyve were looking like a set contender for the entire season but a 1-4 run in the last five games has meant they have dropped out of the Playoffs entirely. Their Week 6 and 7 performances meant they needed to go 2-0 to stand a chance of going to playoffs but as they were facing off against Auto Celerity it was going to be an uphill battle and highly unlikely. As expected they were swept by the top 2 teams and missed out on Playoffs after looking like a Top 4 team after Week 5. This has to be disappointing after looking so strong for so long. 



Final Standings

  1. Dormant Esports 13-3 (-)*
  2. Overture 13-3 (-)*
  3. The Neon Flamingo 12-4 (-)*
  4. Hyve Central 12-4 (-)*
  5. Bad Karma Esports 10-6 (+1)*
  6. Aardwolf Esports 9-7 (-1)*
  7. Team Peculiarity 9-7  (+1)
  8. Zero Fox Gaming 8-8 (-1)
  9. Delta 8-8 (+4)
  10. Regulars 7-9 (+2)
  11. Tofu and Sons 7-9 (-1)
  12. Shadow Esports 6-10 (-1)
  13. Fort Templar 6-10 (-3)
  14. Galamo Esports 3-13 (-)
  15. Prophecy 2-14 (-)
  16. Golden Age 2-14 (-)
    * – Qualified for Playoffs

Dormant Esports (13-3)
Week 8 was a bit scrambly for Dormant as they lost to Team Peculiarity with their sub and barely beat out Aardwolf Esports 3-2 to go 1-1 in Week 8.  With all that out the way, as predicted, Dormant end their season as the #1 seed of the Delta Conference with a solid 13-3 record. Coming into Playoffs, they will look to put up the pace as the tough part begins now, mediocre performances against the lower-end teams are not okay anymore so they will need to step up if they look to make it far. Having tburger on their team could be the key to making it far with tburger’s success last season.

Overture (13-3)
Overture had a good Week 8 going 2-0 against Golden Age and The Neon Flamingo. The Golden Age win was expected and The Neon Flamingo game went all the way to Game 5 with Overture reverse sweeping The Neon Flamingo. Overture will be looking to keep up this form going into playoffs as beating out top teams is what they’re going to have to do from now on.

The Neon Flamingo (12-4)
The Neon Flamingo certainly had an interesting Week 8. They barely beat out Prophecy who ended their season with a record of 2-14, though they were using their sub for four of the games. They also played against Overture where they went up 2-0 before getting reverse swept in a Game 5 overtime that ended with an own goal from ChubbyNinja. Needless to say, The Neon Flamingo had an eventful Week 8 but they will look to bounce back from this loss and find their form before the Playoffs weekend arrives.

Hyve Central (12-4)
Hyve Central are coming into Playoffs with immense momentum.  Ever since their signing of OhLwdz they’ve only lost one game, and that was against #2 seed Overture so that is not too bad when you think about it. Hyve will look to keep up this momentum as they head into Playoffs as this kind of momentum alone can take you very far if you just manage to keep it up.

Bad Karma Esports (10-6)
Bad Karma Esports managed to do exactly what I wrote in my write up from last week, they clutch up like they’ve done season after season. Week 8 saw Bad Karma beat out Shadow Esports 3-1 and Aardwolf Esports 3-0 which was not really expected as Aardwolf Esports managed to take Dormant Esports to Game 5, so Bad Karma sweeping them is good as they have convinced the league that they can keep up with the top teams. Heading into Playoffs, they’re looking fairly decent coming in with a four win-streak so other teams will have to look out so they don’t get smashed by their momentum.

Aardwolf Esports (9-7)
Aardwolf had somewhat of a disappointing Week 8. They looked really good when they swept Overture in Week 7 but then in Week 8, they end up with a record of 0-2, which is not good at all, especially not if you wanna compete with the other teams in Playoffs. They also barely scraped their way into Playoffs with a 9-7 record as their win percentage was better than to her teams with a record of 9-7. If Aardwolf wants to compete with other teams in Playoffs they will have to step up now as Playoffs Weekend is drawing closer and closer.


  1. eNightmare (-)
  2. Reflux (-)
  3. Insanely Mechanically (-)
  4. Shaman Esports (-)
  5. Elated Esports (+1)
  6. Primal Esports (+4)
  7. Auto Celerity (+1)
  8. Eidolon Esports (-1)
  9. Competitive Open RL (-4)
  10. RL Ireland (-1)
  11. Puncture (+1)
  12. Team Berserkers (-1)
  13. Built By Us (-)
  14. Team Ascendant (-)
  15. Donde Esports (-)
  16. The Unseen (-)
    * – Qualified for Playoffs

As the last week of League Play ends, we see teams that have failed to qualify for Playoffs and the other teams that have claimed a Playoffs spot. The Playoffs seeding was incredibly close as two teams: Primal Esports and Auto Celerity were both on the same exact win percentage! Although Auto Celerity beat the top team, Primal Esports won on goal difference! All signs are pointing towards an incredibly entertaining Playoffs.

eNightmare (14-2)
After losing to Auto Celerity this week, the top team have shown they are not far off the rest of the pack and could struggle against any team in playoffs. This may be a worrying realisation for the team as they will need to be able to beat teams that are better than Auto Celerity. A team that has potential to crumble, eNightmare may struggle to claim the season 7 Challenger champion crown. Teams like Reflux and Dormant Esports may be able to put a stop to the frightening eNightmare. That being said, they are still in a very good position and could easily win the whole thing.

Insanely Mechanically (12-4)
Insanely Mechanically managed to beat Team Berserkers and Eidolon Esports this week which was pretty much expected. However, Team Berserkers who sit at 12th place in the conference managed to take a game off them and went to Game 5 vs Eidolon Esports. This is another worrying sign for a top team, they may not be able to handle the pressure as they seem to allow lower teams to take games off them. This could mean that they could struggle against any Playoffs team which is very worrying as they look to claim the Champion title. However, they have proved themselves against top teams before and could easily go very far.

Primal Esports (9-7)
One out of two teams that made Playoffs with a 9-7 record, Primal just scraped by on a Playoffs spot by beating out Auto Celerity on goal difference. As last seed, Primal Esports will need to do everything in their power to prove themselves worthy of being a top team. With winning unlikely, Primal will want to surprise the competition and use their bottom seeding to their advantage as some teams may underestimate them. They will need to beat a strong-looking Hyve Central in their first match so may fall to the lower bracket early. However, an incredible upset could be likely.



Final Standings

  1. Auto Celerity (+2)*
  2. Golden Age (+2)*
  3. Aardwolf Esports (-)*
  4. Reflux (-2)*
  5. The Unseen (-)*
  6. Bad Karma Esports ()*
  7. Team Peculiarity (+1)
  8. Tofu and Sons (-1)
  9. Shaman Esports (-)
  10. Zero Fox Gaming (-)
  11. Shadow Esports (+1)
  12. Hyve Central (-1) 
  13. Regulars (-2)
  14. Primal Esports (-1) 
  15. Insanely Mechanically (-)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-)
    * – Qualified for Playoffs

League play is officially finished and we are heading into the Playoffs! The six teams that managed to qualify were: Auto Celerity, Golden Age, Aardwolf, Reflux, The Unseen and Bad Karma. A big congratulations to all of them, we can’t wait to see the action unfold. Every team showed a huge amount of talent and this weekend there is going to be an exciting show!

Auto Celerity (14-2)
In terms of seeding, Auto Celerity is 2nd and they will only need to play on November 28th. This team is one of the big favourites overall to win Playoffs due to their record in the Alpha Conference. They will be looking to demonstrate their talent against their opponents and show what they can bring to the table. Placed in Group B, their first opponents will either be Overture or Bad Karma and we will be looking forward to seeing how they are going to play against these teams and how far they will go!

Golden Age (12-4)
Last week, Golden Age was in 4th place and close to getting into the 5th place possibly falling into a wildcard spot. This week, their results were just the perfect boost they needed to take the 2nd place position! Zero Fox Gaming and The Unseen were their opponents and they swept both of them which helped them getting the 3rd seed spot. They will be facing either Reflux or Donde Esports and will need to continue with these massive wins!

Aardwolf Esports (12-4)
One of the big boys in the Alpha Conference is Aardwolf. They managed to successfully secure their comfortable position in the Playoffs by staying in 3rd place and getting the 4th seed spot. This roster consisted of Kings, Caden, Legend and Kian have been doing a good amount of damage in League Play and this team will be looking to show their talent as they will be facing Galamo from the other conference and the winner will be facing Elated. Their initial bracket is looking double, but they will have an interesting journey ahead of them.


Final Standings

  1. Dormant Esports – Qualified*
  2. Elated Esports – Qualified*
  3. Overture Esports – Qualified*
  4. RL Ireland – Qualified*
  5. Donde Esports – Qualified*
  6. Galamo Esports – Qualified*
  7. Fort Templar
  8. Eidolon Esports
  9. Competitive Open RL (CORL)
  10. eNightmare
  11. Team Ascendant
  12. Prophecy
  13. Built By Us
  14. Delta
  15. Team Berserkers
  16. Puncture
    * – Qualified for Playoffs

These are the final standings! With this, we end League Play and head over to the Playoffs. We had a big surprise this week in Galamo Esports. Other teams had higher chances of qualifying for Playoffs, yet they managed to do so, surpassing Fort Templar by a tiny 0.18%-margin in winning percentage. But there’s more to this, that we will talk about more when we are close to the end.

The top four of Dormant, Elated, Overture and RL Ireland qualified directly into Playoffs, with Dormant and Elated getting a bye into Round 2. Alongside these teams, we also have the wildcard teams: Donde and Galamo.

As for those who didn’t qualify, Fort Templar, Eidolon Esports and Competitive Open RL have the same exact record as Galamo, but the win rate is what places this teams in that order from the 6th to 9th place.

Fort Templar (9-7)
Composed by Bowse, Friday, Mattymoomoo03, the team failed to qualify for Playoffs by a very small margin, just falling behind Galamo Esports by 0.18%. The team was swept by RL Ireland and then won with a sweep against Delta. Due to other results, they had a very big chance to get into Playoffs, but a surprising win from Galamo Esports against Elated threw them to the 7th place and 5th in wildcard spots, just falling out of Playoffs contention.

RL Ireland (10-6)
Composed by Pandaa, Enwrong, Lynsk and JaRyan, RL Ireland, once again make playoffs. Being the champions of last season’s IEL, they will look to get the back-to-back championships. They won their remaining games with two sweeps and qualified via the direct spots.

Game of the week: Galamo Esports vs Elated Esports (3-1)
Since we are talking about Galamo qualification, this is for sure the decisive game, so let’s take a look at it!

Coming into this week, Galamo depended on other results, and pretty much all of them went their way. For this series, they already knew they needed to beat Elated by 3-0 or 3-1 and also needed Eidolon to win against Competitive Open RL (both series were scheduled for the same day and time, so only after both series were played is when we would know if it would be Galamo, Fort Templar or CORL making it).

Galamo were the underdogs against Elated, so it was going to be a really hard task for them.

Galamo started the series well, winning the first game 2-1 and the next 3-1. Elated got game 3, winning 4-2. The series would end with Galamo winning the last game 3-0, ending the series 3-1.

As for team MVPs, D-Lynch had the most for Galamo, while Zee9 was team MVP in every single game for Elated.

With this, they surpassed Fort Templar in win rate, which meant they only needed to know Eidolon vs Competitive Open RL result to know if they qualified, and… they did! Eidolon swept Competitive Open RL, which placed Galamo Esports 4th in Wildcard spots, qualifying for Playoffs, being above Fort Templar by only 0.18%!


Please introduce yourself and the franchise you play for.
Hello. My name is RonJayy and I play for the Reflux Master roster.

What were your aims going into this season after your early dismissal from Master playoffs last season?
My goals for this season were simply to make Playoffs, and to hopefully go further than last season of course. Last season’s Playoffs were disappointing as we had to sub out our main player, Pjoes, for Rubenofski, a Challenger player. Obviously, this was a tremendous downgrade and I fully blame Ruben for the fact that we did not win playoffs last time around.

Do you feel you have fulfilled your aims of this season so far?
I feel like we have fulfilled and exceeded my aims for this season, having an incredibly strong start to the season. Unfortunately, we were not able to push all the way through league play, and we have taken some losses towards the end.

What has been the best moment of this season so far?
The best moment of the season so far has to be our 8 game winning streak in the middle of the season, I had a lot of fun improving with my teammates and, of course, winning always feels good. Another highlight for me has to be beating Auto Celerity. AC being the top team in our conference, and being undefeated at the time, this was a great way to prove ourselves, and to show that we are a very strong team and that on our day, we could beat anyone

What are your aims going into playoffs?
My aims going into Playoffs are to at the very least make it to Day 3, and as it is for everyone I’m sure, winning. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be tough, and there are a lot of very strong teams in our way, teams that I have a lot of respect for, but I believe in us as a team.

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