Seven thrilling weeks of IEL action have flown by as we have reached the final week of League Play. This is when we finally get to see who qualifies for Playoffs and who gets their IEL dreams crushed early.



  1. The Neon Flamingo
  2. eNightmare (+1)
  3. RL Ireland (-1)
  4. Primal Esports 
  5. Elated Esports 
  6. Galamo Esports
  7. Aardwolf Esports (+1)
  8. Golden Age (-1)
  9. Overture
  10.  Puncture (+5) 
  11.  Built By Us (-1)
  12.  Shaman Esports (-1)
  13.  Insanely Mechanically (+1)
  14.  Team Berserkers (-2)
  15.  Team Peculiarity (-2)
  16.  The Unseen

Puncture (6-8)
Having won three of their past four series, Puncture will be looking to carry forward their current momentum and potentially secure an unlikely wildcard spot in the playoffs. They will be facing Galamo and The Unseen this week, and if they win both of their series, then they’ll be needing other results to swing in their favour from both the Mu Conference and the Alpha Conference.

eNightmare (11-3)
eNightmare will have their eyes focussed entirely on claiming one of the two spots that will allow them to advance through into the second round of the playoffs without a single series being played. This week they’ll be playing Insanely Mechanically and Shaman Esports, and if eNightmare win both of these series, then they will claim one of the byes through to the second round of playoffs.

Elated Esports (10-4)
Coming into the final week as a slight dark horse in the Mu Conference after having a shaky start to the season, and after taking a crucial victory vs RL Ireland, they’ll be looking to claim an automatic spot in this season’s playoffs. Their series this week against Primal Esports will be very interesting to watch as the winner of that series could claim one of the automatic playoff places.   

Game to watch: Primal Esports vs Elated Esports
After seven weeks of league play, the final standings could all come down to this series. Primal will be coming into this series coming off of a mainly positive recent run of matches, taking four wins out of their past six series. Elated, on the other hand, are coming into this matchup having won their past four series in succession, featuring a victory over close rivals RL Ireland to put them level with Primal heading into the final week of league play. 

Prediction: Elated Esports 3-2 Primal Esports


  1. Reflux (-)
  2. Dormant Esports (-)
  3. Auto Celerity (-)
  4. Shadow Esports (-)
  5. Fort Templar (-)
  6. Prophecy (+1)
  7. Hyve Central (-1)
  8. Team Ascendant (-)
  9. Bad Karma Esports (+4)
  10. Zero Fox Gaming (-)
  11. Tofu and Sons (-2)
  12. CORL (-1)
  13. Delta (+1)
  14. Donde Esports (-2)
  15. Eidolon Esports (+1)
  16. Regulars (-1)

The writeups for these three teams have been abundant this season, and that is for one reason and one reason only: Reflux, Dormant and Auto Celerity have been the best teams in this conference by a long shot. All three of them have now secured a Top 4 place in the conference and now all there is to do is to battle among themselves for the top spot. Naturally, you would have to think that all three of these teams would go 2-0 meaning that there would be no change to the order with Reflux, Dormant and Auto Celerity in 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. However, with a lucky turn of scheduling, the Top 2 will play each other in the last week, and at least one of these teams will go 1-1 in Week 8. Even disregarding this, I do believe that Reflux should be the ones to take the top spot and they are the most deserving of the prize. The unpredictability of the Prospect League can never be underestimated though, and anything can happen in this final week. At the end of this week, the order of the Top 3 could be any which way, but one thing is clear, these teams will be ones to watch when Playoffs comes around.

Shadow Esports (9-5)
Clearly a huge internal shift has happened once again for the Shadow team, they have gone on a 5-0 run then 0-5 run now a 4-0 run. This consistent inconsistency could be the making or the downfall of this team. They have pretty much confirmed their place in playoffs and the type of form they are in during playoffs could mean they win it all or get first rounded. We will see after the last game of the season what form we can expect Shadow to be in, but it is evident that it will be an all or nothing display.

Prophecy (8-6)
A real late charge from Prophecy this week, they have been outsiders for playoffs all season always being in around 8th place. This week, going 2-0, they have got into the top 6 and they have put their fate into their own hands. Two good wins against a couple of their rivals throughout the season, Tofu and Sons and Donde eSports. However, they still need to finish out the season strong against Delta and Ascendant; another flawless week will confirm their spot in the playoffs. The experience of Roast in the late stages of the season should be enough to pull them through. The season 5 finalist could be taking his third attempt at the prospect playoffs.

Game to watch: Reflux (12-2) vs Dormant (11-3)
This is no surprise, the IEL always pulls out these matches, the Top 2 teams in the conference battling it out head to head in the last week. These teams have been almost unstoppable all season long. Even with a few blips along the way, they have clearly been the strongest and now it is time to truly find out the top contender for the playoffs from the Omega division. Although this isn’t a life-and-death match for the two sides, the confidence boost that it will give them could be the difference between winning and losing playoffs. It is anyone’s call and it will be a damn good watch.

Prediction: Reflux 3-2 Dormant



Records in power rankings signify predicted records at the end of the league play

  1. Dormant Esports 13-1 (-)
  2. Overture 13-3 (+)
  3. The Neon Flamingo 12-4 (-)
  4. Hyve Central 12-4 (-)
  5. Aardwolf Esports 10-6 (-)
  6. Bad Karma Esports 9-7 (-)
  7. Zero Fox Gaming 9-7 (+4)
  8. Team Peculiarity 8-8  (+4)
  9. Fort Templar 7-9 (-1)
  10. Tofu and Sons 7-9 (-1)
  11. Shadow Esports 6-10 (-4)
  12. Regulars 6-10 (-2)
  13. Delta 6-8 (-)
  14. Galamo Esports 3-13 (+1)
  15. Prophecy 2-14 (-1)
  16. Golden Age 2-14 (-)

Overture (11-3)
Overture are already sitting comfortably in a Playoffs spot with an 11-3 record heading into Week 8 of league play. They will want to secure two wins this week as one of their games this week will decide who will finish Top 2 in their conference. Looking at their matchup against The Neon Flamingo, this will surely be a sweaty game for everyone involved as they will both want to get that win, so they can get that 1st round bye in Playoffs. I’ve gone ahead and given the victory to Overture as they’ve just been more consistent over the whole season compared to the newly formed Neon Flamingo roster. This game could go both ways though as we saw Neon Flamingo sweep Dormant Esports last week which was definitely not expected and we also saw Overture lose to Aardwolf Esports which can be explained as Aardwolf is also a top team. If Overture just finds their rhythm they’ve had all season this should be their game.

Aardwolf Esports (9-5)
Aardwolf Esports had one hell of a Week 7 if I put it lightly as they almost choked playoffs but then somehow managed to clutch it up. 

In Week 7, Aardwolf played Zero Fox Gaming as their first game of the week and they were swept, which was an insane upset win from Zero Fox, and this could’ve proved to be the end of Aardwolf as they still had top teams to go. But later that week in their second game against Overture they decided to do what Zero Fox did to them as just sweep Overture like it was nothing. This is up there with one of the most clutch wins so far this season, as it just gives them that bit more breathing room as they are to face Dormant Esports and Bad Karma Esports heading into next week.

Looking at Aardwolf’s record of 9-5, they only need one win in two games. We have seen teams such as Reflux and The Neon Flamingo upset Dormant Esports before so it wouldn’t be impossible for them to beat Dormant, but Aardwolf will surely want to find their win vs Bad Karma as they have looked inconsistent throughout the season.

Week 8 will prove if Brun & Co. have what it takes to clutch up Playoffs or not.

Bad Karma Esports (8-6)
Bad Karma Esports are sitting at a record of 8-6 after Week 7 which means that their playoff hopes are still alive but Week 8 they will need to clutch up two games, but if they lose one their hopes of playoffs are pretty much over.

In Week 8, they face Shadow Esports who’ve looked down and out since they lost to Dormant Esports in Week 6, so their game should be Bad Karma’s, and they also play Aardwolf Esports.

The game against Aardwolf will be the game that decides everything as they need this win for playoffs. Season after season, we’ve seen Bad Karma clutch up in the last weeks of this season, so if they do it again it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Game to watch: Aardwolf Esports vs Bad Karma Esports

This is it. The game that will decide which of these teams qualify for Playoffs. Assuming that both teams get their other game out first, Aardwolf loses to Dormant, and Bad Karma beat Shadow. This will put both teams at 9-6 which means that the winner of this game will make Playoffs. A lot will be on the line in this game and both teams will have to bring their all if they don’t want their season to end with not making playoffs. This game will be a game to watch if it ends up being on stream so I advise people to look out for it.

Prediction: Aardwolf Esports 3-2 Bad Karma Esports


  1. eNightmare (-)
  2. Reflux (-)
  3. Insanely Mechanically (-)
  4. Shaman Esports (+1)
  5. Competitive Open RL (CORL) (-1)
  6. Elated Esports (+1)
  7. Eidolon Esports (+1)
  8. Auto Celerity (-2)
  9. RL Ireland (-)
  10. Primal Esports (-)
  11. Team Berserkers (-)
  12. Puncture (+2)
  13. Built By Us (+3)
  14. Team Ascendant (-1)
  15. Donde Esports (-)
  16. The Unseen (-4)

No changes in the Top 3 this week in the Zeta conference, however, there have been some quite interesting changes in the upper middle part of the conference as things start to heat up in the final week.

Reflux (11-3)
This team has guaranteed a playoffs spot already and they plan to cause havoc as they push through the final week of league play. They face RL Ireland who are currently 7-7 and they will hope to crush their playoff dreams and become a massive threat to top spot eNightmare as they push on to get a good seeding for playoffs. Will this team be able to clench onto their playoffs seeding and topple top seed eNightmare or will they fall?

Shaman Esports (9-5)
One win away from guaranteeing playoffs, captain Freddy and the rest of the roster will need to beat two teams that are nowhere near playoff potential. This is a good sign for Shaman Esports as they will most likely retain their playoffs seeding and even go above their current seeding. Although he is the captain, Freddy will not be playing the rest of the season as he has decided to bench himself. Well this may have been a somewhat controversial decision from Freddy, the team may see good results from it, or, perhaps with the addition of GT0 on the main roster we may start to see things go south. Will they be able to keep up their results or will they lose their spot?

Eidolon Esports 8-6
A full new team that has risen from the ashes from going near the bottom to only two wins separating them from playoffs glory. However, this is not an easy feat. They will need to beat 3rd place Insanely Mechanically and 9th place RL Ireland. Whilst they should be able to beat RL Ireland, this team will struggle with the powerhouse that is Insanely Mechanically. Although, an upset is completely possible as this new roster is on one hell of a win streak. With the final week looming, they will need to pull out all the stops to obtain the playoffs spot.

Game to watch: Elated Esports vs Competitive Open RL

Two teams, both 8-6, one spot at playoffs, who will prevail? This has to be the most exciting game of the season as this is the last chance these two teams have at a playoffs spot and one of them will be forced to fall short. That being said, 9-7 does not mean playoffs are out of reach because with a good win percentage it is surely possible but extremely unlikely. Elated Esports do have a higher spot but Competitive Open RL have the potential to upset the competition as they did with Reflux earlier on in the season. 

Prediction: Elated Esports 3-2 Competitive Open RL



  1. Auto Celerity (+2) 
  2. Reflux (-)
  3. Aardwolf Esports (-2)
  4. Golden Age (+1)
  5. The Unseen (+1)
  6. Bad Karma Esports (-2) 
  7. Tofu and Sons (+1)
  8. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  9. Shaman Esports (+1)
  10. Zero Fox Gaming (+2)
  11. Hyve Central (-2)
  12. Shadow Esports (+2)
  13. Regulars (-2)
  14. Primal Esports (-1) 
  15. Insanely Mechanically (-)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-)

Auto Celerity (12-2)
Currently sitting in 1st place, this team consisting of Kayja, antman7, Queen Scoots III and their sub, Azazel have shown what they are made of by securing a spot in playoffs with an impressive 12-2 record. Now, with a win over Primal and another against Reflux, they will be looking to keep their first place in order to have a high seeding!

Golden Age (10-4)
Last week we covered that, for Golden Age to secure playoffs, they needed to win both of their series. The odds of this happening weren’t looking great due to them not having had a 2-0 week for a good amount of time. Week 7 was a doable week for them to achieve that, and they managed to get it and in a tremendous way! Two amazing sweeps over Bad Karma and Regulars sealed the deal as Playoffs-qualification looks ever likely.

Bad Karma Esports (9-5)
Bad Karma are having an interesting journey in League Play. In the first half, they had some very good results as they won most of their series, giving them a solid 6-2 record. However, after Week 5, it went downhill as they lost both of their series in Week 6, and last week they lost to Golden Age, but took down Insanely Mechanically. For Week 8, they are going to face Reflux which is going to be a hard match-up for them and every series is going to be crucial and their other opponents will be Shadow Esports which should be a doable series for them to take a victory!

Game to watch: Reflux vs Bad Karma

This game is going to be very interesting as we will see two big teams facing each other. For Reflux the chance of getting a higher seed is on the line, and for Bad Karma, they will be looking to take a big win to aid them in their pursuit of Playoffs-qualification.

Prediction: Reflux 3-1 Bad Karma


  1. Dormant Esports (-)
  2. Elated Esports (-)
  3. Overture Esports (-)
  4. Competitive Open RL (CORL) (+1)
  5. Donde Esports (+1)
  6. Fort Templar (+1)
  7. Eidolon Esports (+2)
  8. Galamo Esports (+5)
  9. RL Ireland (-5)
  10. eNightmare (-)
  11. Team Ascendant (-3)
  12. Built By Us (-1)
  13. Delta (+1)
  14. Team Berserkers (+1)
  15. Prophecy (-3)
  16. Puncture (-)

Above are the power rankings for the penultimate week of League Play. Most changes happened in the mid-table, with Galamo going up by five positions and RL Ireland going down by five. CORL, Donde Esports, Fort Templar went up one position asEidolon went up by two. Prophecy and Ascendant fell by three positions which contributed to Delta and Team Berserkers rising.

Now let’s get into the team writeups, the Game of the Week, as well as the very important games to watch next week!

Eidolon Esports (8-6)
Composed by Pjoes, Vekta, Altrox and NeXtFoX. This team are approaching one of the most decisive weeks, going up against Top 4 teams Donde and Competitive Open RL, two teams that are Top 4 in the league, to fight for a spot in the Playoffs. The team won both of their games last week against Team Berserkers and Fort Templar.

Team Berserkers (2-12)
Composed by quintessenz, Hyrole, Dx and Pato, the team is already out of playoffs sitting second-to-last. The team only won against Fort Templar and Donde Esports this season, with the rest of their games resulting in losses. We will see how they are going to approach this final week since they can still go up by some positions.

Game of the week: Competitive Open RL vs RL Ireland (3-2)
We predicted this game to go to Game 5, and it did! However, the win ended up going to CORL!

In this series, we saw CORL take a 2-0 lead, the games ending 3-0 and 2-1 respectively. However, after that, RL Ireland won the next two games by 5-2 and 3-1. We had to wait until Game 5 to know the winner, and CORL ended up winning, a very important win in the road to playoffs, now ahead of RL Ireland in the league table!

As for team MVPs, Azie got the most team MVPs for CORL, while on the other side, Pandaa was the player with most team MVPs for RL Ireland.

Game(s) to watch:

This last week is going to be very decisive, and there’s still a lot in play when it comes to who qualifies for playoffs, with the only sure teams here being Dormant and Elated, those are already qualified for the playoffs by the direct spots. So, the games to watch this week are the ones that are going to be decisive, and predictions here are going to be hard! Here are the games, as well as the predictions:

Donde Esports vs Elated Esports (1-3)
Eidolon Esports vs Donde Esports (3-2)
Competitive Open RL vs Eidolon Esports (3-2)
Overture vs Competitive Open RL (2-3)
Prophecy vs Overture (0-3)
Team Ascendant vs RL Ireland (0-3)
RL Ireland vs Fort Templar (3-2)
Fort Templar vs Delta (3-0)
Elated Esports vs Galamo Esports (3-1)
Galamo Esports vs eNightmare (3-2)

Teams that can qualify
Dormant Esports*
Elated Esports*
Competitive Open RL (CORL)
RL Ireland
Fort Templar

*teams that are already qualified

See you in the next and final week of League Play!


Please introduce yourself and the team you are captain of.
My name is Dispatchio and I am the captain for reflux in the prospect league.

What were your aims and expectations going into this season?
My aims and expectations were to finish top 2 in my division and get Top 4 in playoffs, I’m very happy to say I’ve already done one of those things and am incredibly looking forward to the other.

How have you found this season so far?
I’ve found this season to be interesting to say the least, Prospect is very unpredictable as there is a very varied skill level and coming from a background as a sub has made things very difficult for me as a captain, overall its been great and I’ve enjoyed playing at the high end and being in such a great organisation. Making playoffs early was a great achievement and I’m proud of that.

What struggles have you found this season?
We’ve struggled a lot with communication as a roster, we’ve had multiple instances and talks of people leaving and being replaced, we do have problems as a roster when it comes to our mood and actually keeping our comms in a good and happy place, something I’ve struggled to make happen as captain. But we are still 1st in omega so if that doesn’t say anything, I don’t know what to say about our struggles.

What is your aim for playoffs in this season?
My aim is definitely Top 4 because I think we can get there. We are definitely one of the best teams in prospect by a stretch. We are looking at getting through the group stage fairly easily with our current seeding and we should be alright to make top 8, but definitely Top 4.

Thank you for your time any further comments?
I’d like to thank Ruben personally for letting me play for Reflux this season, it’s been an honour to play with fusical and nerivell, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been able to finally back up my claims and play at the level I’ve told people I can. My only advice is watch our game against Dormant, thats going to be one hell of a series.

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