With three game-weeks having been played, we take a look at some of the stand-out teams in each of the conferences. The cross-conference games are coming up in just a few weeks and the league tables are starting to take shape, let’s get into it!



  1. Primal Esports (+1)
  2. RL Ireland (-1)
  3. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  4. eNightmare (-)
  5. Overture (-)
  6. Shaman Esports (+2)
  7. Built By Us (+3)
  8. Galamo Esports (+6)
  9. Golden Age (-2)
  10.  Elated Esports (-1)
  11.  Puncture (-5)
  12.  Team Berserkers (+1)  
  13.  The Unseen (+2)
  14.  Aardwolf Esports (-3) 
  15.  Team Peculiarity (-3)
  16.  Insanely Mechanically (-)

eNightmare (6-0)
eNightmare have now consistently proven themselves to be one of the best teams in the Mu Conference, remaining unbeaten in their first six series. However, they are still yet to win a series 3-0, with all but one of their series going all the way to Game 5, and playing The Neon Flamingo this week may prove to be a tough task to keep the unbeaten streak going.

Galamo Esports (3-3)
Galamo didn’t get off to the best of starts this season, losing their first three series in succession before bouncing back convincingly by winning their next three series to leave them at 3-3 after Week 3. This week they’ll face eNightmare and RL Ireland, both of which will already have their sights on the playoffs, so Galamo will be looking to cause a surprise or two this week.

Primal Esports (6-0)
Currently at the top of the Mu Conference, Primal find themselves coming off of a crucial win last week when they beat RL Ireland 3-1 to break RL Ireland’s 100% start to the season. They will play against Team Peculiarity and Insanely Mechanically this week, two teams that haven’t had favourable starts to the season, and so it should provide a good opportunity for Primal to further enhance their claim for the best team in the Mu Conference.

Overture (3-3)
After having an adequate start to the season by their standards, Overture have proven themselves to be a team worthy of making playoffs at the end of the season by pushing the top teams to their limits, such as going the distance against The Neon Flamingo, only losing out in Game 5. They’ll be wanting to win both of their series this week against Aardwolf and Shaman to give them a higher chance of making it through to the playoffs at the end of the season.

Game to watch: Nightmare vs The Neon Flamingo
Both teams will be coming into this fixture knowing that this series could be crucial in determining their finishing positions at the end of the season. Whilst being two of three teams in the Mu Conference to remain unbeaten at this stage, the other being Primal Esports, this series could end up serving up an IEL classic, with eNightmare going all the way to Game 5 in all but one of their series this season, it is very likely that we will see that trend continue in this series. The Neon Flamingo will be wanting to take at least one win from this week, considering they also have to play against fellow playoff rivals RL Ireland on Thursday, which could spur them on to a seventh win of the season against eNightmare. 

Prediction: The Neon Flamingo 3-2 eNightmare


  1. Reflux (+1)
  2. Shadow Esports (-1)
  3. Dormant Esports (+2)
  4. Auto Celerity (-)
  5. Tofu and Sons (+6)
  6. Prophecy (+6)
  7. Fort Templar (+1)
  8. Regulars (-2)
  9. Team Ascendant (-2)
  10. Hyve Central (-7)
  11. Bad Karma Esports (+5)
  12. Zero Fox Gaming (+1)
  13. Competitive Open RL (CORL) (-3)
  14. Donde Esports (-5)
  15. Eidolon Esports (-1)
  16. Delta (-1)

Reflux (5-1)
The pre-season favourites are back at the top of the league, despite going 1-1 this week. Their unbeaten run was ended; however results around them went their way meaning they are back in that elusive number one spot. Their defeat this week was a shock as it didn’t come against one of the top teams in the division; however it was against the struggling Zero Fox Gaming (2-4). Although the game was played without star player Neri, this has to be the sort of game that they win if they want to stay in the top spot.

Shadow (5-1)
Similarly to Reflux, Shadow lost their first series this week, as well as this their loss was to an equally underwhelming opponent in Bad Karma (2-4). Their loss was also a game played with their sub, proving how you can never underestimate a team in the Prospect League as you will be punished. They will be feeling hard done by to lose their top spot due to win percentage but their fate is still in their hands and they are still in a prime position to get to playoffs in the highest position possible.

Dormant (5-1)
Shock news came out of Dormant this week, with the announcement that Quasi would be dropped from the roster and the replacement brought in would be LukeP. It was thought that Psalm and Quasi would be the unstoppable duo of the league and this new pairing is also worthy of that title. The results from the week back this up as a 2-0 week brings them back on par with the leaders and their win against Auto Celerity is huge in the race for the top 2 playoff spots.

Auto Celerity (4-2)
Another transfer within the top teams was EpgTV re-joining Auto Celerity after his, now rescinded, ban at the start of the season. Their week, however, was not one that they would have hoped for with the aforementioned loss to Dormant meaning they went 1-1. However, with the middle of the conference being so close, they are still in that last automatic playoff spot.

Prophecy (3-3)
Prophecy are for sure one of the most experienced teams in the league, with season 4 veterans Roast and Deadeye teaming up with Wicky. This is a team that was underperforming for the calibre of players that they hold, although this week they showed their full potential, going 2-0 and beating the defending champions Fort Templar. They need to build off this momentum and continue in search of the playoff places.

Hyve Central (3-3)
Last week I spoke about how the forfeit cannot become a recurring theme of Hyve’s season; however it seems to be the case. Another forfeit this week, paired with a 0-3 sweep has set them back a long while in what was a search for the Top 2 but now, with them dropping down to 9th, they should be looking just to stay in contention for playoffs. It has to be hoped that these forfeits are not going to happen anymore, but with the way it is going it looks to be a bumpy ride for Hyve.



Records in power rankings signify predicted records at the end of the week

  1. Dormant Esports 8-0 (-)
  2. The Neon Flamingo 7-1 (+1)
  3. Fort Templar 6-2 (-1)
  4. Overture 6-2 (+2)
  5. Aardwolf Esports 6-2 (+3)
  6. Hyve Central 5-3 (-2)
  7. Shadow Esports 5-3 (-)
  8. Tofu and Sons 3-5 (-3)
  9. Regulars 4-4 (+1)
  10. Bad Karma Esports 4-4 (+4)
  11. Delta 2-6 (-)
  12. Golden Age 2-6 (-)
  13. Zero Fox Gaming 2-6 (-)
  14. Team Peculiarity 2-6 (+1)
  15. Galamo Esports 1-7 (-6)
  16. Prophecy 1-7 (-)

Dormant Esports (6-0)
The only team in the Challenger League who are yet to be defeated. Tburger is back at it again with the undefeated Challenger roster, and they really do look unstoppable at the moment. Last week, they beat bottom sides Zero Fox Gaming and Prophecy 3-1 respectively, which is a good sign for a dominant team who will look to do one better than the Dormant Challenger of last season and finish with a perfect 16-0 record. Next week, they face Tofu and Sons and Hyve Central. Tofu and Sons are currently mid-table with a negative winning percentage, and Hyve Central sit in 5th place with a record of 4-2. Hyve were the only team to beat Dormant last season, and will look to yet again end the unbeaten streak of Dormant.

Aardwolf Esports (4-2)
Aardwolf look fairly strong at the moment, just coming off a perfect week in which they swept Tofu and Sons and top side The Neon Flamingo. They have proven to be a top side throughout the season, with both of their losses being close 5-game series against top sides Fort Templar and Shadow Esports. In order to improve, they must turn more of these games against the top teams in their favour, but they won’t have to do that just yet, as they face two struggling teams in Delta and Prophecy next week.

Tofu and Sons (3-3)
Tofu and Sons currently sit in the middle of the pack with a 3-3 record. It started so well for TofuElliot’s boys as they went 3-1 after two weeks, only losing to top side Fort Templar, but last week was frankly abysmal as they were swept by Overture and Aardwolf, not winning a single game. They have to improve next week, which may prove difficult when they face unbeaten Dormant, but Golden Age should be a comfortable win. I predict them to go 4-4.

Golden Age (1-5)
Golden Age’s Challenger roster currently hold the second worst winning percentage in all of IEL. The second worst out of 96. 95th best winning percentage. That is terrible. The fact that they were able to take Team Peculiarity to Game 5 in Week 1 is astonishing, as they have only been able to take one game in 5 series since then. Two forfeits, two 3-0 losses, one 3-1 loss and one 3-2 win. Next week they will face Tofu and Sons and Hyve Central (if they don’t forfeit that is).

Game to watch: Fort Templar vs The Neon Flamingo
This week’s game to watch is between 2nd place Fort Templar and 3rd place The Neon Flamingo. With both teams sitting at the top of the Delta conference with 5-1 records it looks to be a thrilling top of the table clash! Fort Templar didn’t have the most convincing of weeks last week as they managed to lose 3-2 to bottom team Prophecy which will surely hurt their confidence. The Neon Flamingo weren’t great either, as they were swept by Aardwolf. Fort Templar come into the game with a new roster, having replaced srecko57 and Vladimir with Jeffrey and Static.

Both teams will be hungry to come back from poor weeks as they look to retain their top spot!

Prediction: Fort Templar 2-3 The Neon Flamingo


  1. Reflux (+1)
  2. Auto Celerity (-1)
  3. eNightmare (-)
  4. Insanely Mechanically (+6)
  5. Shaman Esports (+3)
  6. RL Ireland (+7)
  7. Team Berserkers (-)
  8. Competitive Open RL (-4)
  9. Eidolon Esports (+2)
  10. Elated Esports (-4)
  11. Primal Esports (-6)
  12. Built By Us (-)
  13. Donde Esports (+3)
  14. The Unseen (+1)
  15. Team Ascendant (-6)
  16. Puncture (-2)

Another week in the Zeta conference passes and we have a lot of surprise losses and wins! Auto Celerity lost their first match this week to Insanely Mechanically so they will definitely be a team to look out for. On the other hand, we have teams like Team Ascendant who have dropped 6 spots this week.

Reflux (5-1)
Reflux have had a cracking week this week, going undefeated beating Puncture and The Unseen. Despite them being quite low on the power rankings, Reflux have shown their dominance and look to continue their unbeaten streak.

Insanely Mechanically (4-2)
Insanely Mechanically – formerly known as Agitate United – have seemed to have picked things up this week, beating former top team Auto Celerity in a sweep! This team is looking to make a surprise run and is definitely a playoffs capable team.

Elated Esports (3-3)
This week hasn’t gone great for Elated, losing one game and winning the other. This might not seem to be that bad at first, but 2 of their players are leaving the roster which means this team could face extreme difficulty in the foreseeable future.

Puncture (1-5)
Puncture are looking to be at the very bottom of the pack after this week, only winning a single game in 2 series. This team is very unlikely to make playoffs as they have to win all but one of their games over the next few weeks. Will they pick it up or will they continue their descent?

Game of the week: eNightmare vs Insanely Mechanically

Two of the highest ranked teams face each other and Insanely Mechanically are coming into this one strong after sweeping Auto Celerity. Can they perform wonders again or will they crumble to the higher record team?

Prediction: eNightmare 1-3 Insanely Mechanically



  1. Auto Celerity (+1) 
  2. Golden Age (-1)
  3. Reflux (+2)
  4. Aardwolf Esports (-)
  5. Regulars (+2)
  6. Bad Karma Esports (-3)
  7. Hyve Central (-1)
  8. The Unseen (+4)
  9. Team Peculiarity (-)
  10. Shaman Esports (-)
  11. Insanely Mechanically (-3)
  12. Tofu and Sons (+1)
  13. Primal Esports (+1)
  14. Zero Fox Gaming (+1)
  15. Shadow Esports (-4)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-)

Another week of the Alpha Conference is over, there were few changes overall in the standings, however, we can see teams trying to perform to their full potential and secure a solid record. For this week, six teams will get their own writeups and there is a massive game to watch!

Auto Celerity (6-0)
So far this team is the only one with a perfect record which is very good. One step closer to making the playoffs, if their results continue like they have for just a few more weeks, their playoffs spot will be secured. The question is: Can they continue this amazing streak? Last week they played against Neon Flamingo and Shaman, which ended up in two close 3-2 wins for Auto Celerity. The results were very far away from the expected, especially against Neon Flamingo, and they will face Zero Fox and Reflux next week, two teams that are both in the Top 3.

Golden Age (5-1)
Golden Age is sitting in 2nd place with a solid 5-1 record. This roster has some experience playing together in the past, and their engine was still running last week with a comfortable 3-1 win against Shadow, however, they had a tough match against Peculiarity. The series went on for 5 games, but in the end Peculiarity was slightly better than Golden Age and secured the series. Besides that, they face Tofu and Sons and Insanely Mechanically next week, which could be very good for GA.

Reflux (5-1)
Throughout League Play, Reflux has come out of nowhere to the top and showed that they are a powerful team that is capable of making a great impact. The question for them is going to be: Will they be able to maintain their momentum? There is plenty of series left and the tables can be turned in the blink of an eye. This week they played against Hyve and Insanely Mechanically. There weren’t any chances given to Insanely Mechanically as they got swept, however, heading into the Hyve series, the battle for Top 4 was on the line. We predicted Reflux to win 3-1, but that series ended in a 3-2 win for Reflux.

Aardwolf Esports (4-2)
One of the new franchises in IEL and the highest DSN team in the Master League. Aardwolf is showing that their roster can get some decent results. This week they went against Shaman and got a 3-1 win, against Hyve they used their sub, which ended up being a very close series where they lost 3-2.

The Unseen (3-3) 
This team has shown decent potential and The Unseen is a hidden gem in the Alpha Conference. There is plenty of time left to decide their fate. Besides being 1-3 last week, their main roster is trying to show that they don’t want a negative record with a good sweep over Insanely Mechanically and a tough but needed 3-1 win against Bad Karma. 

The Neon Flamingo (0-6)
It is incredibly hard at this point to tell what teams will make into playoffs, but with The Neon Flamingo not having a single win yet, their playoffs chances are looking bleak. Something magical is going to be needed for this roster to have some changes and gain motivation. This week was their best week so far, they were very close to beating Auto Celerity and Primal Esports with one of their Prospect players, which is very interesting because this was their best results so far but also questionable, how does a Prospect player have this much impact? No one knows, but next week they are going to need a miracle.

Game to watch: Auto Celerity vs Reflux

The battle between two powerful teams is going to take place. There is a lot on the line especially for Auto Celerity as they will be looking to continue their glory in 1st place and shut down Reflux’s winning streak. The main rosters for both sides are great so it is incredibly hard to tell who is going to take home the win. However, 3rd-place Reflux will come out with great momentum and despite having a perfect record, it will be a big challenge for Auto Celerity and this series is going to be intense.
Prediction: Reflux 3-2 Auto Celerity


  1. Elated Esports (-)
  2. Dormant Esports (+1)
  3. Prophecy (-1)
  4. Fort Templar (-)
  5. Overture Esports (-)
  6. Galamo Esports (+4)
  7. Competitive Open RL (CORL) (-)
  8. RL Ireland (-)
  9. Donde Esports (-3)
  10. eNightmare (-1)
  11. Eidolon Esports (+3)
  12. Delta (+3)
  13. Team Ascendant (-2)
  14. Team Berserkers (+2)
  15. Built By Us (-2)
  16. Puncture (-4)

One more week ended, one more week to cover! Week 3 ends, Week 4 begins, but first, we’ll take a look at Week 3! Galamo, due to their wins, had the biggest improvement in the power rankings, beating Overture and Team Ascendant, climbing 4 positions. On the other hand, we have Puncture who went down right to the bottom, not winning a single series until now! There was only one change in the Top 5, mid and bottom having lots of them, some for the worse and others for the better. Let’s take a look at two teams, and a game to watch next week!

Dormant Esports (5-1)
This team, composed by Marmoan, bope, Capra and Bryn, got the best results this week, sweeping Built By Us and Donde, and keep their momentum, with only a single loss, being it against Fort Templar last week (3-2).
This team might be the second most dominant team in this conference, only behind Elated. It will be interesting to see how they will play against them in a few weeks, but if they continue this momentum, it’s for sure one of the hardest teams to beat this season.

eNightmare (2-4)
Composed by MyLilPwny, Trashly, ZyApe and JtoPrey, this team got no wins this week, losing to both RL Ireland and CORL. They currently have two wins, against Team Berserkers and Delta. They seem like an interesting team, which, even though is having a bad start may be able to turn their season around, we’ll see!

Game of the week: Prophecy vs Elated Esports
This was for sure the game of the week! Two teams that had no losses in this season went against each other, and like last week, the game went to Game 5. Elated started strong, with two consecutive wins at 4-1 and 5-0, however, Prophecy got two 1-0 wins which led the series to a a Game 5, where Elated was stronger and ended the series with a 2-0 win. Xynal and Zee9 had the most team MVPs, with Xynal getting four and Zee9 getting three.

Game to watch: Prophecy vs RL Ireland
On paper, one of the most interesting games: one of the top teams of this season vs the Champion of the last. It’s going to be an interesting series that can go either way, however, Prophecy seems to have the best record at the moment. Despite this, RL Ireland went up against Elated and Overture for example, while Prophecy have only played against Elated, with a better result (2-3 loss, over the 1-3 loss from RL Ireland)

Prediction: Prophecy 3-2 RL Ireland

With this we end Week 3 of the Gamma conference, see you next week!


Please introduce yourself and your franchise

Hello, my name is José Brandão, most best known as Brandão. I am 22 years old, I’m from Portugal and I’ve played Rocket League since the release in 2015. I’ve already been on Eidolon for few years now, and I know Francesko well who, for those who don’t know, was the past GM for Eidolon. He was the best GM I have met, he was very committed with his work but at one point he didn’t want to continue being a GM so I took his place, and now here I am. Eidolon is a well known franchise inside IEL, we’ve taken part in the IEL since Season 5, and aside from that, Eidolon participated in a lot of tourneys and leagues.

What are your hopes and expectations for this season in your first season as a GM?
This being my first season as a GM, I feel many responsibilities but I like what I do inside Eidolon a lot. I’ve already been the captain of a team inside Eidolon for a few years before we joined the IEL and when Fran (Francesko) asked me about joining the IEL I brought my team in. This season I think I’m adapting into the GM role, but I think I am doing fine, first with the tryouts and now making sure the captains schedule their games, as well as me. So in general I think it’s going to be a good first season as a GM.

Which of your teams do you think has the biggest chance in winning it all?
For this season, the Master and the Challenger teams are doing well already, and I think they have the potential to go to playoffs and maybe win it all. About my team, the Prospect one, we had a difficult start but i think we can recover in time to get to playoffs.

You narrowly missed out on playoffs last season as an Eidolon Prospect player, are you expecting to be there this season?
As I said before, I think we can reach playoffs this season with hard work and dedication from everyone. Compared to last season, we are a bit behind but everything can go back as expected quickly.

There was a quick turn-around between this season and last, how did this affect your ability to form 3 rosters?
I didn’t have many problems forming the teams cause I already had my team completely solved and the captain for Master as well, I just needed him to try out some people and get a full roster for Challenger, which was very fast with many people wanting to try out for the team.

Any further comments?
I’d just like to thank Mutschuk for giving me this opportunity to be a GM and tburger for the invitation for this interview, thank you everyone and see you on the field!

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