Week 2 has passed as we progress further into the seventh Season of the IEL. We now start to see which teams set themselves apart from the others, and players will start to feel the pressure of challenging for Playoffs. It’s still early stages, however, and anything is still possible, especially in the IEL.



  1. RL Ireland (-)
  2. Primal Esports (-)
  3. The Neon Flamingo (+1)
  4. eNightmare (+1) 
  5. Overture (+2)
  6. Puncture (+7)
  7. Golden Age (-4)
  8. Shaman Esports (+1)
  9. Elated Esports (-3)
  10.  Built By Us (-)
  11.  Aardwolf Esports (-)
  12.  Team Peculiarity (-)
  13.  Team Berserkers (-5)
  14.  Galamo Esports (+2)
  15.  The Unseen (-1)
  16.  Agitate United (-1)

RL Ireland (4-0)
The only team in the entire league across all three tiers to remain perfect, with a 100% win percentage to their name, and after sweeping their first four series in succession, they’ll face much stronger opponents this week, facing Overture and unbeaten Primal Esports to see who comes out of Week 3 with their unbeaten record still intact.

The Neon Flamingo (4-0)
Heading into this week as one of the four remaining unbeaten teams, The Neon Flamingo will be wanting to send a message to their Mu Conference colleagues by taking down their next two opponents, Agitate United and Aardwolf Esports, two teams that are currently sat quite low down in the standings. This could prove to be an excellent opportunity for The Neon Flamingo to push themselves higher up the standings, should their rivals slip up against theoretically harder opposition.

Puncture (2-2)
Puncture managed to bounce back from a disappointing Week 1 performance that saw them start off their season with two losses, by managing to take down Overture and Aardwolf last week to head into Week 3 with a record of two wins and two losses. In Week 3, they’ll come up against an eNightmare side that are yet to lose a series this season and Team Berserkers, which could prove difficult for Puncture to come away with two more victories this week.

Elated Esports (2-2)
After winning their first two series in Week 1, Elated will be feeling let down with themselves after narrowly losing to eNightmare and being swept by The Neon Flamingo, leaving them with a 2-2 record heading into this week. They’ll be facing Overture and Team Peculiarity this week, and Elated will be wanting to come away with the victories in both of these match-ups to send them higher up in the standings.

Game of the week: RL Ireland vs Primal Esports
The time has come for these two rosters to come face to face for the first time this season, with the potential to see more match-ups in the playoffs, provided that they both make it that far. RL Ireland will be coming into this match full of optimism, considering they haven’t lost a single game so far this season, and although they will have to play Overture beforehand at 7pm, it is likely that they will be heading into this series with their unbeaten record still intact. Primal, on the other hand, will be looking to cause an upset in this fixture as many people consider RL Ireland to be the favourite to take the victory here. This series could prove to be crucial at the end of the season when the final league positions are being decided, and so both teams will be giving it their all to be victorious on Thursday night. 
Prediction: RL Ireland 3-2 Primal Esports


  1. Shadow Esports
  2. Reflux
  3. Hyve Central
  4. Auto Celerity
  5. Dormant Esports
  6. Regulars
  7. Ascendant
  8. Fort Templar
  9. Donde Esports
  10. CORL
  11. Tofu and Sons
  12. Prophecy
  13. Zero Fox Gaming
  14. Eidolon Esports
  15. Delta
  16. Bad Karma

Week 2 of the Omega conference has had an expected shakeup in comparison to Week 1, typical of the Prospect league. However, with all the movement there are two teams that have been identically brilliant in both weeks of this season’s league play, these are Shadow and Reflux. Both teams sit top of the table at 4-0 with above 80% win percentages. Reflux is not a shock to see at the top of the table, after the pre-season prediction showing them coming first in the division, but Shadow is defying all expectations. It has to be said, Shadow were not meant to be a nobody team, they were predicted to be battling for playoffs but no one could expect the powerhouse team they are clearly becoming. This could not be more proven by their significant 3-0 sweep of predicted front runners Dormant.

Moving away from continuity, we can now look down the table to the chaos that is the battle for the other automatic playoff spots. There are three teams sitting at 3-1 in the conference, although, they are all in different situations. Hyve Central are placed 3rd with Auto Celerity 4th and Dormant just behind. Starting with the lowest, Dormant will be feeling underwhelmed after this week after suffering the aforementioned sweep to Shadow. As a team that some thought would finish 16-0 this has to be a reality check that they will need to get over if they are going to achieve the heights that some thought they would. On the other hand, Auto Celerity will be over the moon with the weeks that they have had. After their steady 1-1 start, they needed the 2-0 week to put themselves in early contention and that is exactly what they have done and they need to build off this to get the chance they need in the playoffs. Finally, Hyve Central will have mixed feelings about this week. They obviously sit 3-1 in the rankings but they have only actually played 3 games and won all of them. This is due to them having to forfeit one of the games this week, against Fort Templar. They have to be pleased with their actual 100% record in the league although they have to hope this is just a one off and this will not be an pattern that will plague their season.

The game to watch in Week 3 will be Reflux vs Hyve Central. This is because one of the teams in this encounter will be beaten in game for the first time in league play, with Hyve’s only loss being a forfeit. This is set to be possibly a turning point game in the season and could show the early sign for the best team in the Omega division. 



  1. Dormant Esports 4-0 (-)
  2. Fort Templar 4-0 (+1)
  3. The Neon Flamingo 4-0 (+1)
  4. Hyve Central 3-1 (-2)
  5. Tofu and Sons 3-1 (-)
  6. Overture 3-1 (+4)
  7. Shadow Esports 2-2 (+5)
  8. Aardwolf Esports 2-2  (-1)
  9. Galamo Esports 1-3 (-1)
  10. Regulars 1-3 (+6)
  11. Delta 1-3 (+2)
  12. Golden Age 1-3 (-3)
  13. Zero Fox Gaming 1-3 (-7)
  14. Bad Karma Esports 1-3 (-3)
  15. Team Peculiarity 1-3 (-1)
  16. Prophecy 0-4 (-1)

Another week in the Delta conference passes and this time includes some massive changes in the lower end, including the biggest difference with Zero Fox Gaming losing to Delta and Regulars, resulting in a 7 place drop! Can they bring it back, and are Regulars on the up and out?

Fort Templar (4-0)
Fort Templar have had another strong week, getting the better of Tofu and Sons and Golden Age. Ending Tofu and Sons’ win streak shows the pure dominance of this team and they should continue this throughout the season. However, they are on the look out for 2 replacements! This could be detrimental for the team due to their commitment issues but as it currently stands this team does look like they could win the whole thing. Will Fort Templar struggle with a new roster on the horizon, will they continue their win streak or will they manage to overthrow the massive powerhouse of Dormant Esports?

Hyve Central (3-1)
After sweeping Bad Karma but losing to The Neon Flamingo – a game they arguably should have won – Hyve Central are looking to be at the lower end of the top spots in Delta. Despite Semtex being top of total goals and shots, this team hasn’t got the better of the top teams. They play Regulars and Team Peculiarity next week so should be looking towards a very impressive 5-1 record. The week after however, will be where they need to prove themselves against top dogs Dormant Esports.

Shadow Esports (2-2)
After beating Aardwolf Esports in game 5 and Prophecy in a sweep Shadow Esports looks to be sitting comfortably in a potential playoffs wild card spot. These guys have proven to be consistent vs bottom teams and keep it close with top teams, making them a perfect candidate for a middle of the pack team. However, they will need to step it up if they want to keep on par with the top and could potentially upset Dormant Esports as we have seen in the past unbeaten teams crumble vs lower teams as they chase the perfect record. Could this be one of those examples?

Regulars (1-3)
Going up 6 spots, we have Regulars. A surprise win over Zero Fox Gaming who seemed to be chasing the top has led to them going up a decent amount. As they begin to prove their worth by keeping a close game with 6th spot Overture this team still has the potential to turn it around in time for playoffs. This week they have managed to keep up with some of the better teams and will look to continue or even better their form in the coming weeks. All former members of Season 6 Deathmask Gaming (8-8) these guys have proven to be near capable of making playoffs and will look to do even better this season.

Prophecy (0-4)
Another unfortunate week for Prophecy leads to the release of Iceyy and Papa, leaving the only players on the roster to be Oceanman and GM StockoGaming. The new roster will either make or break this team but to be honest, I don’t think it could get much worse for these guys. Nevermind, it definitely can, as they have to face the two top teams, Fort Templar and Dormant Esports this week. I don’t see these guys winning a single game this week but hopefully their new roster can turn this team around for playoffs capability.


Records in power rankings signify predicted records at the end of the week

  1. Auto Celerity 6-0 (+2)
  2. Reflux 5-1 (+8)
  3. eNightmare 5-1 (-2)
  4. Competitive Open RL (CORL) 4-2 (-2)
  5. Primal Esports 4-2 (-1)
  6. Elated Esports 4-2 (+4)
  7. Team Berserkers 4-2 (+5)
  8. Shaman Esports 4-2 (-3)
  9. Team Ascendant 3-3 (-2)
  10. Agitate United 2-4 (+3)
  11. Eidolon Esports 2-4 (+1)
  12. Built By Us 1-5 (-6)
  13. RL Ireland 1-5 (-4)
  14. Puncture 1-5 (+2)
  15. The Unseen 1-5 (-1)
  16. Donde Esports 1-5 (-1)

The Zeta conference is in for a treat today as 7 of the 16 teams have a a writeup dedicated to them. Each team looks to improve their records as the teams are getting established and look towards pushing for Playoffs.

Auto Celerity (4-0)
AC is looking very strong at the start of this season going 4-0 within the two first weeks and they will look to put this into a record of 6-0. Going into Week 3, they face Agitate United and CORL. CORL will probably be the tougher match-up here as they sit with a better record of 3-1 as of right now. Agitate United could maybe upset AC, though as they had a 2-0 week last week and a roster change, this could be what gets them the upper hand vs Auto Celerity. I still think AC will clutch up both wins this week as they have looked really good when they use the main roster.

Competitive Open RL (CORL) (3-1)
Despite having a solid record of 3-1, CORL have not been convincing enough at all. Week 1 saw them barely edge out Team Ascendant and Team Berserkers 3-2, which is decent, but going to Game 5 against bottom-side Ascendant is not sufficient if you are to challenge for Playoffs. Last week saw them beat The Unseen 3-1 which is a good result, however, losing 3-1 to Donde Esports is dreadful. Donde currently sit last in the conference, and outside of their series against CORL, they only won one game in three series. CORL must improve next week as they face Auto Celerity and Eidolon Esports, two stellar teams.

Team Berserkers (2-2)
Team Berserkers appear to be the best of the 2-2 teams, not only because they have the best winning percentage, but also the performances they’ve had. Taking CORL to Game 5, sweeping The Unseen and sweeping Team Ascendant is impressive but they must take more series as they slipped up in Game 5 last week against Eidolon. To move up the table and contend for a Playoffs spot, they must shift those close series to their favour, which they seem more than capable of. They look to a painless week next week as they face bottom sides Built By Us and Donde Esports.

Primal Esports (2-2)
Primal has had a decent start to their season going 2-2. Their two losses came from their game against eNightmare in which they lost 3-2 to and against Reflux where they lost 3-1. Looking at these losses we have to keep in mind that both eN and Reflux are top teams so taking 2 losses early in the season is not bad at all. Primal is going into Week 3 facing Built By Us and Agitate United.
This week could easily see Primal go 2-0, but if Agitate performs with their new roster this could be what puts Primal at a mediocre 3-3 record.
Primal Esports-Agitate United will definitely be a match to watch out for if it ends up being on stream.

Team Ascendant (1-3)
Team Ascendant are not looking their best at the start of this season sitting with a record of 1-3, but this week could be the turning point for them. In Week 3 they face RL Ireland and The Unseen who, like Ascendant, sit with a record of 1-3.
The reason they could look to have a better week than the other 1-3 teams is that they’ve been able to take top teams Auto Celerity and CORL to Game 5.
If they can manage to find this sort of form against RLI and The Unseen they should have a decent week going 3-3, and from this point on they can look to have a way better season.

RL Ireland (1-3)
RL Ireland look quite promising even with a sub-par record of 1-3. They appear to be plagued by inconsistency, but when they perform they can do some substantial damage. In Week 1, they took Auto Celerity to Game 5, and sweeping Donde is a good sign even though Donde are currently bottom. They need to perform like this in all of their series, however, as they currently only do well in half of their series. Next week, they face Elated and Team Ascendant. The Ascendant clash is crucial as two 1-3 teams look to push up the table, and though Elated are 3-1, RLI is capable of upsetting them as they’ve shown signs of brilliance already. 3-3 is within reach, 2-4 is likely, 1-5… it is what it is.

The Unseen (1-3)
Similarly to Ascendant, The Unseen are not having a great start to the season, going 1-3. Their winning percentage is not looking the best either as they’ve been swept twice, lost one game 3-1 and winning 3-2 in the series they did win against Built By Us. These sorts of games are really dragging the percentage down and they will surely want to change this from now on.
The reason The Unseen could look to change their record from now on is that they’ve decided to get rid of Jeffrey and they’re now looking for a new player. If this player fits into the roster better than Jeffrey, they could look to turn their season around for the better.

Game of the week: Primal Esports vs Agitate United

As previously mentioned, the match to watch this week will most definitely be Primal Esports vs Agitate United. They’re currently both sitting with a record of 2-2, and with Agitate’s roster-change we could have a really good game on our hands.
If Primal Esports can perform as they did in both the games they’ve won this season I see them winning this as the scoreline suggests it was quite comfortable for them. On the other hand, Agitate come in having won their last two games, and will want to continue this streak. We can only hope this game makes it on stream as it looks to be an exhilarating clash!
Primal Esports 3-2 Agitate United



  1. Golden Age (-) 
  2. Auto Celerity (+2) 
  3. Bad Karma Esports (+6) 
  4. Aardwolf Esports (-1) 
  5. Reflux (+5) 
  6. Hyve Central (-4) 
  7. Regulars (-2)
  8. Agitate United (-1)
  9. Team Peculiarity (+2)
  10. Shaman Esports (-2)
  11. Shadow Esports (-5)
  12. The Unseen (-)
  13. Tofu and Sons (+1) 
  14. Primal Esports (-1) 
  15. Zero Fox Gaming (-) 
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-3)

Hello there, and welcome to the second week in the Alpha Conference! We are coming to a time where every team is starting to gain a certain experience and some teams have even decided to make early roster changes. There were a couple of interesting games due to some slip-ups among the top and mid-table teams, with five teams going down in their positions.

Golden Age (4-0)
Currently staying in 1st place, Golden Age is looking confident enough to make a statement to show every team that they want to have a dominant performance. Last week, we made a prediction on one of their games against Hyve Central, that Golden Age would take a 3-2 win, these teams were at the same record fighting for the 1st place spot and in terms of DSN very close to each other. It was a close game in most series, however this team managed to take down Hyve with a 3-1 win. Their other series was against Neon Flamingo and they decided to use their sub and still managed to get another 3-1 win. However, keeping the 1st place could be a hard task for them, as there are still many teams left to face.

Auto Celerity (4-0)
At the moment, Auto Celerity and Golden Age are the only teams with the perfect 4-0 record, but Auto Celerity iis one of the highest rated teams in terms of DSN, which seems to be paying off for them. Their opponents last week were The Unseen and Shadow Esports, both of which they comfortably beat 3-1. However, there will be many more obstacles to be faced especially after Week 5, as they will be facing some big teams that are currently on the top.

Bad Karma Esports (3-1)
About this team, Bad Karma is looking very comfortable as all of their wins thus far have been sweeps, and they only have one loss, which came against Aardwolf. We have seen in previous seasons throughout IEL that Bad Karma can go far depending on how things play out. Last week, their opponents were Shaman Esports and Tofu and Sons which ended in 2 clean sweeps from their side.

Game to watch: Reflux vs Hyve Central
Both of these teams in the Alpha Conference are looking to get into the Top 4 with Reflux in 5th Place and Hyve in 6st place. For the team that comes out on top after this game, the chances of getting into the Top 4 are looking big, so in order to maintain a good record, we should see these teams giving everything they got to stay at the top and making a name for themselves.
Prediction: Reflux 3-1 Hyve Central

There is so much more action left to go as there is six weeks left of League Play. Right now, every team is close to each other which shows that we are really interested in seeing who is going to rise up and who is going to fall into the shadows! Thanks for reading, and as always, make sure to stay tuned, see you next week!


  1. Elated Esports (-)
  2. Prophecy (+1)
  3. Dormant Esports (-1)
  4. Fort Templar (+1)
  5. Overture Esports (+1)
  6. Donde Esports (-2)
  7. Competitive Open RL (CORL) (+1)
  8. RL Ireland (-)
  9. eNightmare (-)
  10. Galamo Esports (+2)
  11. Team Ascendant (-)
  12. Puncture (-2)
  13. Built By Us (+3)
  14. Eidolon Esports (-)
  15. Delta (-2)
  16. Team Berserkers (-1)

And Week 2 is over! Here we go for another week, this time, a bit different than usual! First off, not much of a change in power rankings, with the biggest change being Built By Us who went up 3 positions, the rest not having moved more than two positions.

Elated Esports (4-0)
On top of the power rankings, we have Elated Esports, composed by Thms, Brad, ItsCalski and, the most notable name, Zee9. This team seems to be one of the teams that has a big chance of reaching the next stage, with no series lost until now, let’s see if they can keep up with it!

Built By Us (1-3)
The team composed of CammyB, Kingy, Nostic and Joel had a rough start, being swept two times in the first week. On this second week, though, they got their first win against Puncture. The other game ended up in a loss against RL Ireland by a single game as they had an overall good week, against two teams that are, on paper, stronger than them.

Game to watch: Dormant Esports vs Fort Templar (2-3)
One of the series that was expected to be one of the most exciting for sure! Two teams at similar levels, with Fort Templar being higher when it comes to overall DSN, and it ended up going all the way to Game 5!
The first three games were more in Dormant’s favour, winning the first two with more shots than Fort Templar. The third game also had more shots from Dormant, however, Fort Templar scored after Dormant every time, except for in overtime, in which Fort Templar took the win.
From there on, Fort Templar changed the momentum that Dormant had, and started beating them as they won with a two goal advantage. Contrary to the first two games, Fort Templar wasn’t able to get a single goal on Dormant’s net, quite impressive the comeback that we got here!
As for team MVPs, Capra (from Dormant) and Haregan (from Fort Templar) had the most team MVPs, getting three. Bope got two MVPs in the games that Dormant won, and Pjoes got two in the second loss and first win of Fort Templar.

With this we end Week 2, let’s see how it goes next week!


1) Please introduce yourself and your franchise.
I am Teather, the most toxic GM of Primal Esports which is a long-standing franchise in the IEL.

2) What are your aims for this season?
I want all my players to have fun and finish where we did last season. If we could win one of the playoffs that would be nuts.

3) Coming off an impressive season last season, are there any skills you learnt that you have used this season?
It was a good season but having DaSnake from Challenger we should have won it all. Go ball, go demo, go boost. Literally all there is to it.

4) Which of your teams do you back the most to go the whole way?
That would be telling (heard The Yellow Krab is pretty good)

5) As a non-playing GM does that make your job harder as a GM?
No, it makes things easier as I have 3 really good captains!

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