With the first week having transpired, Season 7 is well and truly underway! We finally get to see this season’s 96 teams compete across 6 conferences in 3 different leagues, and it is shaping up to be a thriller of a season already. Some of the teams have already started to emerge as the teams to beat, others not so much. Though it is pivotal to get a good start of the season, there is still seven weeks remaining, and each team still has 14 games to play for, which is only including league play, so the best is most certainly yet to come!



  1. RL Ireland (+1)
  2. Primal Esports (-1)
  3. Golden Age (+3)
  4. The Neon Flamingo (+8)
  5. eNightmare (+6)
  6. Elated Esports (+10)
  7. Overture (-2)
  8. Team Berserkers (+7)
  9. Shaman Esports (+1)
  10.  Built By Us (-2)
  11.  Aardwolf Esports (-8)
  12.  Team Peculiarity (+2)
  13.  Puncture (-9)
  14.  The Unseen (-5)
  15.  Agitate United (-8)
  16.  Galamo Esports (-3)

As the first week of League Play for the Mu Conference has now passed, it’s now time to review this week’s matches and to look ahead to Week 2.

At the top of the standings, we find only six teams have managed to come out of the first week with an unbeaten record to their names. Most notably, only RL Ireland were able to win both of their series in a 3-0 fashion, leaving them as the team to beat heading into the second week of league play. However, that’s not to say that the other 2-0 teams won’t be snapping at RL Ireland’s heels, waiting for their opportunity to capitalise on RL Ireland’s mistakes, should this opportunity arise in the near future.  

One of the series to watch out for this week is Primal Esports vs Golden Age, with both teams heading into this week having won both of their previous series, walking away from Week 1 with identical win percentages too. Primal will be looking towards Yeast and Eagle to set up plays in offense, much like they did last week, both putting up 0.86 assists per game in Week 1. However, that’s not to say that Golden Age will go down without a fight as their GM and captain Styled will want to replicate his heroic defensive maneuvers vs Built By Us, currently leading the entire Prospect League for saves per game.

Further down the table, Aardwolf Esports will be wanting to kickstart their season properly this time round, after narrowly losing both of their first two series in Game 5s to Elated and eNightmare. They will have to face Team Peculiarity and Puncture this week, with all three teams heading into Week 2 yet to get off the mark, and so this will be the perfect opportunity to do just that. There’s still a lot to play for in the upcoming weeks for the members of the Mu Conference, so be sure to stay tuned to the results feed to see who will come out on top!


  1. CORL
  2. Hyve Central
  3. Tofu and Sons
  4. Dormant Esports
  5. Shadow Esports
  6. Reflux
  7. Fort Templar
  8. Donde Esports
  9. Auto Celerity
  10. Eidolon Esports
  11. Prophecy
  12. Delta
  13. Bad Karma Esports
  14. Zero Fox Gaming
  15. Regulars
  16. Team Ascendant

The first week of the Omega conference has come to a close, and with that we can have a look at the entire first round of games’ results. Six teams went unbeaten in the conference this week, however there is a clear top 3 shining through. Hyve Central, Tofu and sons and CORL all boast a 100% game win ratio. The most impressive of these teams has to be CORL; this is due to the opponents they faced with Auto Celerity and Bad Karma being overcome by the roster lead by prospect veteran Aaron. Tofu and Sons and Hyve Central both cannot be forgotten though, with the Prospect League being so competitive every season, getting a sweep in any match is a great achievement. Thus, it is a huge show of class for a double sweep to come out. Hyve will be looking to emulate their GM Locks’ Season 5 victory in the Prospect League and Tofu and sons will be vying to go better than their playoff exit last season.

There are also 3 other teams who ended the first week without a loss to their name, these are the teams that had popular support to be the top contenders for this seasons title, Dormant, Shadow and Reflux. Reflux have looked to be a top contender with the pickup of Neri, the MVP contender and stat leader in ¾ categories in Season 6 makes any team an automatic threat, he will be looking to go better than his Grand Final loss with Nootz. They proved their class with comfortable victories against Delta and Ascendant. Shadow had the start they would have wanted to have in Season 7; they bested Prophecy in 4 games and then achieved a gracious sweep against Regulars. This momentum has to be carried from this point on. With the backbone of Dormant’s roster consisting of two Season 6 Challenger players, they are set to be a candidate for success this season. Quasi and Psalm individually could boost a team to playoff contention so teamed up there is no limit to what they can achieve. Similarly to Shadow they were victors against Prophecy in a game 5 and then a comfortable sweep against Bad Karma capped off a great week for Dormant. There is no telling what will come in the next few weeks however, and with the opening of the transfer market looming large, the possibilities are endless, so keep watch of this thrilling division!   



  1. Dormant Esports (-) (2-0)
  2. Hyve Central (-) (2-0)
  3. Fort Templar (+1) (2-0)
  4. The Neon Flamingo (+4) (2-0)
  5. Tofu and Sons (+11) (2-0)
  6. Zero Fox Gaming (+6) (1-1)
  7. Aardwolf Esports (-2) (1-1)
  8. Galamo Esports (-2) (1-1)
  9. Golden Age (+2) (1-1)
  10. Overture (-7) (1-1)
  11. Bad Karma Esports (-4) (1-1)
  12. Shadow Esports (-2) (0-2)
  13. Delta (-4) (0-2)
  14. Team Peculiarity (-) (0-2)
  15. Prophecy (-2) (0-2)
  16. Regulars (-) (0-2)

This week has been incredible in the Delta conference, with ups and downs and lots of twists and turns! Teams like Tofu and Sons jumping up a whopping 11 places and on the other hand Overture with a roster change and a drop of 7 places.

Dormant Esports (2-0)

With an expected dominant start, Dormant is looking like the current best team in this conference. Beating Overture with their sub ‘Crispy’ and a win against last-seed Regulars, this team will most likely win all of their matches until Week 4 when they have to play 2nd seed Hyve Central and in Week 5 when they play their cross conference match.

Tofu and Sons (2-0)

Yes, you aren’t dreaming, this is actually a good Tofu and Sons Challenger roster. Despite being a ridiculously low DSN team, this team is exceeding all expectations by beating 15th seed Prophecy and 12th seed Shadow Esports. However, it could be said that they played teams that didn’t challenge them enough so they will definitely need to prove themselves in the coming weeks if they want to keep that 4th seeding. An interesting match to see will be vs Fort Templar next week. Can they keep it up?

Aardwolf Esports (1-1)

This team faced 3rd seed Fort Templar and was supposed to play Golden Age but ended up taking the FF win. Aardwolf have a lot to prove, losing their only game actually played but despite that keeping a rather close game with the top team. They will need to go 2-0 next week as they play 12th and 14th seeds if they want to keep a high spot. 

Overture (1-1)

After losing a top player due to DSN issues, this team seems to be performing a lot worse. They are going to need to step it up and get used to each other before the end of Week 2 or they may lose to Regulars and Prophecy who they play next week. This team could improve a lot, they have max DSN player ‘duts’, Season 6 Challenger playoffs contender for Built By Us ‘Lionrawless’ and season 6 Prospect playoffs contender for Prophecy ‘Kevin999000111’. They look like they have a relatively strong roster, but will they find their chemistry?

Shadow Esports (0-2)

Losing to two of the current top teams, this team is off to a rough start. Top of the teams at 0-2, Shadow Esports have yet to get a win and haven’t performed well under the pressure of top teams. They play Prophecy and Aardwolf Esports this week and these are games they definitely could win, they will be hoping to brush off the losses and push through to get the wins.

Prophecy (0-2)

With Season 5 Prospect Champion ‘Oceanman’ and players ‘Papa’ and ‘Iceyy’ this team has only one notable player on their team. With ‘Iceyy’s’ internet issues they struggle to pull together and play at a high level. We will have to see if they can find their stride and beat some teams, but both of the teams they play this week are higher seeding than them. Hope is very distant for these guys but anything is possible.


Records in power rankings signify predicted records at the end of the week

  1. eNightmare 4-0 (+5)
  2. Competitive Open Rocket League 4-0 (+9)
  3. Auto Celerity 4-0 (-1)
  4. Primal Esports 3-1 (+1)
  5. Shaman Esports 3-1 (+7)
  6. Built By Us 2-2 (-3)
  7. Team Ascendant 2-2 (-3)
  8. Elated Esports 2-2 (-1)
  9. RL Ireland 2-2 (-1)
  10. Reflux 2-2 (-9)
  11. Team Berserkers 2-2 (+4)
  12. Eidolon Esports 1-3 (-4)
  13. Agitate Esports 1-3 (+3)
  14. The Unseen 0-4 (-4)
  15. Donde Esports 0-4 (-1)
  16. Puncture 0-4 (-)

After Week 1 we have 5 teams at the top going 2-0. These teams are:

  1. Shaman Esports
  2. Auto Celerity
  3. Elated Esports
  4. eNightmare
  5. Competitive Open Rocket League

All of these teams had a really good first week and we saw them all dominating their individual matches. Elated Esports did get a FF Win, but nonetheless, they’re 2-0.

eNightmare especially had an amazing Week 1 performance, beating out Primal Esports who is also a top team, and sweeping previously 1st-seeded Reflux, who had a mediocre week 1.

If we look at the 1-1 teams, we should look out for teams like Primal Esports, Built By Us, and Reflux. These 3 teams all had “fine” weeks but couldn’t quite get wins out of both games. As I already said, Primal barely lost out to eNightmare so they could have been 2-0 now but just got unlucky. 

Built By Us lost their first game to Reflux after beating them in the pre-season tourney so they’re probably wondering how that happened, but it doesn’t seem to have affected them at all as they managed to bounce back and beat Eidolon Esports with a quick sweep. 

Reflux is the last team with a 1-1 to watch out for despite having a bad week following their performance in the pre-season tourney. They did beat Built By Us 3-1 but got swept on stream vs eNightmare who were all over them. Reflux were outscored 9-1 in that game and saying that they barely moved out of their half in that game is not an overstatement.  They will surely want to bounce back in Week 2, but looking at their matchups vs Primal and Eidolon they will have to put up a tough fight if they don’t want to finish 2-2.

Coming down to all the teams with the record of 0-2 they will all surely do what they can to correct their horrendous Week 1 performance, and they would also like to attempt to actually play their matches so they don’t need to get all those FF losses that some teams sadly had to get.



  1. Golden Age (+11)
  2. Hyve Central (+12)
  3. Aardwolf Esports (-2)
  4. Auto Celerity (-1)
  5. Regulars (-1)
  6. Shadow Esports (+5)
  7. Agitate Esports (+9)
  8. Shaman Esports (-)
  9. Bad Karma Esports (-3)
  10. Reflux (-1)
  11. Team Peculiarity (+2)
  12. The Unseen (-6)
  13. The Neon Flamingo (+2)
  14. Tofu and Sons (-4)
  15. Zero Fox Gaming (-8)
  16. Primal Esports (-14)

We are underway with the first week of League Play! The start of League Play is always exciting for every team to show their potential, however there is 8 weeks overall, so every team still has a chance to reach far. There were some very interesting moments just from Week 1, let’s get right into it!

At the bottom of the conference, there is Primal Esports who are the 2nd highest DSN team but unfortunately for them, they were denied any opportunities to climb up the rankings since they got swept twice by Hyve Central and Golden Age. It’s a tough start for Primal, but there’s a good chance for them to bounce back next week, who knows what could happen? Talking about interesting upsets, Golden Age and Hyve Central are tied up in 1st and 2nd place with perfect records, which is a very good start for any team. Golden Age already has some experience from Season 5 and last season, since they reached the playoffs and managed to reach 3rd place. This could be a very dominant team, as we saw a very dominant sweep against Primal and another sweep against Reflux which was not as dominant, with all three games just having a 1 goal difference. Hyve Central on the other hand have had some notable changes by adding a 2k player named ZerKoh as well as GM Locks. In terms of performance, the main roster is looking very consistent as they got a comfortable sweep over Primal and another sweep against Team Peculiarity. This could be very good for Hyve Central but it’s only the beginning and there is so much action left to see.

Game to watch

Golden Age vs Hyve Central Tuesday 06/10 20:30

The two current titans of the Alpha Conference will be facing each other in order to see who can establish themselves as the true #1, and who can keep their perfect record. It will be an incredibly hard task to get a sweep over each other, so I’m predicting that neither of these teams are going to have a 100% win rate after this series. In terms of skill both teams are really close, so it is hard to tell the outcome but my prediction is going to be 3-2 for Golden Age.

That will be it for this week, we are really looking forward to check out what is going to happen and how much the rankings are going to be switched! Everything is so close at the moment but next week, there will surely be a good difference between some teams, make sure to stay tuned and see you there!


  1. Elated Esports (+1)
  2. Dormant Esports (+1)
  3. Prophecy (+2)
  4. Donde Esports (+9)
  5. Fort Templar (-4)
  6. Overture (+3)
  7. CORL (+1)
  8. RL Ireland (-2)
  9. eNightmare (+1)
  10. Puncture (-5)
  11. Team Ascendant (-4)
  12. Galamo Esports (-)
  13. Delta (-2)
  14. Eidolon Esports (+1)
  15. Team Berserkers (-1)
  16. Built By Us (-)

Week 1 is over! We have some big changes to the power rankings, especially considering these are the first weeks (so changes are more drastic), so let’s start by the bottom!

In the bottom five, we see pretty much the same teams, with Delta replacing Donde. Delta got swept by Elated and eNightmare (3-0), which introduces them in this list. Besides that, Eidolon went up a position, sweeping BBU (3-0) and losing against RL Ireland (3-1), making Berserkers go down a position after being swept by both CORL and Prophecy.

In the mid-table, We see some big changes: Puncture going down 5 positions,  while Overture got up 3 positions. RL Ireland went down 2 positions, but it was mostly due to other teams, with CORL and Overture getting both two wins, with Overture winning against a team that was higher than them on the table.

As for the top five, Elated gets first place, winning against RL Ireland and Delta (3-1 and 3-0 respectively), with Dormant also going up a position as well due to their wins against Puncture and Galamo (3-2 and 3-0). Prophecy also went up two positions, but the biggest change here is Donde Esports who got two wins, winning against Fort Templar and Ascendant, 1st and 7th seed respectively, with them being seeded 13th, which makes them the biggest change on this rankings. To end it, Fort Templar gained a scrambled win against Galamo (3-2) and lost against Donde (3-1), making them drop four positions.

That’s it for this week! We will see how the next week goes which will have more matches and, quite probably, see some more changes to the rankings.


1) Please introduce yourself and your franchise
Hello, my name is Ruben (Rubenofski) and I’m the GM of Reflux.

2) As the award winner of the GM of the season for Season 6, what are your aims for Season 7?
Just like last season, my goal is to get all teams back into playoffs again and expand the Reflux community. Last season was extremely eventful and showed me both the ups and downs of being a GM. I’ve learnt a lot throughout multiple seasons of being a GM and I’m happy with the spot Reflux is currently in as a community and team-wise.

3) Despite it being early days still how do you feel about your teams starts?
We started off decent going 4-2 in our first week. My Prospect team looks ever so solid for the upcoming weeks and I have great confidence that both the Masters and Challengers can grow throughout the season in order to become playoffs-contending sides.

4) Which of your rosters do you have most confidence in?
For me personally I would say my Prospects look the most dominant. Having signed Neri, Fusical and Dispatchio for the main roster they seem to really have to potential to make it a successful season. With both Neri and Fusical already being on top for respectively goals and assist they seem to outclass most of their opponents currently when on top of their game.

5) As a player who has moved from Challenger and is new to the Master scene how is it adapting to the speed and gameplay of Masters division?
This question goes two ways for me. With the skill ceiling being so incredibly high for really talented players to team together this season, it’s extremely challenging and nowhere near the level I experienced last season in Challenger. I personally miss the time in challenger to be able to miss the ball or make a small mistake every now without getting scored on immediately. However, this also is by far the fastest way to learn how to play the game at a very high level. Teaming with players and playing against players that are most of the time better than you is a great learning experience and I’m curious to see how I look back at my own improvement after the season has ended.

6) Any closing words?

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