Ladies and Gentlemen, Season 7 is finally upon us! With League Play commencing tomorrow, we take a look at some of the conferences and find out who to look out for in the coming months. We will also have a closer look with one of the new GMs, Brun who is managing Aardwolf Esports this season. One thing to note with the writeups, and particularly the power rankings is that we cannot base them off anything but DSN, scrim results and pre-season tournament results, so please do not be offended if your team is ‘badly ranked’.

With that, let’s get into the first article of Season 7!



  1. Primal Esports
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Aardwolf Esports
  4. Puncture
  5. Overture
  6. Golden Age
  7. Agitate Esports
  8. Built By Us 
  9. The Unseen
  10.  Shaman Esports
  11.  eNightmare
  12.  The Neon Flamingo
  13.  Galamo Esports
  14.  Team Peculiarity
  15.  Team Berserkers
  16.  Elated Esports

It’s that time of the season again, with the anticipation building from all of the players and teams alike, eagerly awaiting to get the season underway. In the Mu Conference, all of the sixteen teams will be wanting to make it through to the playoffs to be in with a chance of crowning themselves IEL Season 7 Prospect Champions. 

One of the preseason favourites will be RL Ireland, who managed to reach the grand final of the preseason tournament, only to fall short against an Auto Celerity side that looked unstoppable on Tuesday. Dave Forehead will be wanting to replicate his Masters’ successes in Season 4 and Season 6, and alongside new teammates JengaBenga, GraHa and HeaT Zyno, they’ll be looking to go all the way this season.

Another team to look out for is Primal Esports, with IEL veteran Teather as GM, she’ll be wanting to guide her prospect roster towards the prospect crown this season. Captaining their roster will be Eagle, and he will want to replicate their performance in Season 6, where they managed to finish in third place, being eliminated by eventual champions Fort Templar. 

Other teams to keep an eye on are Aardwolf Esports, Puncture, Overture and Golden Age, as these teams have already proven themselves in some form to be considered as one of the best in the division. Be sure to cheer on your favourite players and teams in the Mu Conference, I’m sure that we are in for a thrilling season ahead.


Regrettably, there is no coverage of the Omega conference this week. This will not be a permanent thing and you should look forward to a writeup next week!



  1. Dormant Esports
  2. Hyve Central
  3. Overture
  4. Fort Templar
  5. Aardwolf Esports
  6. Galamo Esports
  7. Bad Karma Esports
  8. The Neon Flamingo
  9. Delta
  10. Shadow Esports
  11. Golden Age
  12. Zero Fox Gaming
  13. Prophecy
  14. Team Peculiarity
  15. Regulars
  16. Tofu and Sons

The Delta Conference is packed with teams that are aching to show off their skills in the season. The team that has asserted their dominance early on is Dormant Esports, who triumphed in the challenger pre-season tournament. Even putting aside my personal bias, Dormant have a strong roster, with last season’s challenger champion tburger hoping to make it 2 in a row, and Francesko being another notable player. Other teams that are likely to do well include Hyve Central, coming in at just 1 DSN under the team cap, and Overture, with their captain being 2-time IEL hall of famer Lionrawless.

There are also some teams that may struggle in Season 7. Tofu and Sons are just 7 DSN above the minimum team cap, and Regulars, with their highest DSN player coming in at just 1569. Quite a few teams have all 4 of their players with higher peaks than these two rosters. Of course anything is possible, and upsets can always be caused in IEL.

There are a number of teams who will be hoping to exceed expectations and make a push for the top spots. The brand new franchise Aardwolf esports could be a dark horse in Delta, as well as Galamo Esports, with a fairly high DSN team. Every team will be hungry for success, so we will have to wait and see what transpires in week 1, and the season as a whole.

Games to watch in Week 1

  • Dormant Esports vs Overture
  • Fort Templar vs Aardwolf Esports
  • Golden Age vs Team Peculiarity


Week 0 power rankings are based on DSN and pre-season tourney

  1. Reflux
  2. Auto Celerity 
  3. Built By Us
  4. Team Ascendant
  5. Primal Esports
  6. eNightmare 
  7. Elated Esports
  8. Eidolon Esports
  9. Competitive Open Rocket League
  10. RL Ireland
  11. The Unseen
  12. Shaman Esports
  13. Agitate Esports
  14. Donde Esports
  15. Team Berserkers
  16. Puncture

This season of IEL sees the Zeta Conference stacked with a lot of good teams.

At the top of Zeta lies Reflux. Reflux is one of the teams with a lower DSN total, they did really well going to the final of the pre-season tourney before eventually falling to Dormant Esports. Reflux was even playing with their “sub” LukeP as they had some issues which led to them not being able to sign their main player. Reflux performing like this with a sub is very promising for them especially if they can keep up their form. They are definitely going to be a contender for the top and with a sub like LukeP who performed very well in the pre-season tourney, they should be confident heading into the Week 1.

Right behind Reflux we have Auto Celerity and Built By Us. Auto Celerity also had a good pre-season tourney, losing out to Reflux in the semifinals and with one of the higher DSN totals, it looks like Auto Celerity is going to have a good season if they can keep playing like they did during the tourney.

Built By Us on the other hand didn’t make playoffs in the pre-season tourney but they were the only team other than Dormant Esports to actually beat Reflux, so if they can manage to find that sort of form this season they should be good to go.

Right behind BBU, we have Team Ascendant as the last of the Top 4 teams. Team Ascendant has a really high DSN total which could indicate that they have good players in their roster, and with GM and previous master player Kross coming down into Challenger, he might just be a step ahead of the other teams now that he’s gotten used to tougher games.

From 5-8th place, we have Primal Esports, eNightmare, Elated Esports, and Eidolon Esports. Primal and Elated look to have some good rosters, with Primal having 3 playoff contenders from last season’s Challenger league on their team, one being the eventual winner the_yellow_krab though he was a sub for Dormant.
Eidolon Esports did also have a fine pre-season tourney only losing out to Reflux but we will have to see if they can keep winning games as they did in the tourney.
Just outside the top 8, we have Competitive Open Rocket League who had a decent pre-season tourney run which proved they can definitely be good but they must keep it up.

The reasoning for the low placement of The Unseen is based on their tourney performance.
Despite having the highest DSN total in all of the challengers, The Unseen went 0-2 in the preseason tourney losing to Eidolon Esports and The Neon Flamingo. If they want to be higher on the table they have to perform better than that, which should be expected by the team with the highest DSN total.

Everyone below 12th is decided by DSN as none of the teams partook in the pre-season tourney so it’s hard to judge as there’s not a lot to go off.



  1. Aardwolf Esports 
  2. Primal Esports 
  3. Auto Celerity 
  4. Regulars 
  5. Bad Karma Esports 
  6. The Unseen
  7. Zero Fox Gaming
  8. Shaman Esports 
  9. Reflux 
  10. Tofu and Sons
  11. Shadow Esports
  12. Golden Age 
  13. Team Peculiarity 
  14. Hyve Central 
  15. The Neon Flamingo 
  16. Agitate Esports 

Taking a closer look at the Alpha Conference, there are some very powerful teams that are looking to show their potential, and we can also see that there is a few new names in the league (Aardwolf Esports / The Unseen / Shaman Esports / Agitate Esports). So it’s safe to say, besides all the great action that is going to happen, there will also be a surprise factor throughout league play in all of these teams.

In terms of DSN, the leaders are Aardwolf Esports led by GM Brun who have a surprising 7259 DSN, which means they are one number below the maximum cap. But what makes this roster so expensive? Well, this roster has the following DSN Kingjs 2013 / C4.DEN 1801 / Legend 1766 / Kian. 1679. They played in the pre-season tournament without their main roster and didn’t make it to the playoffs, however, who knows what damage this team is going to make.

Right behind them, we have Primal Esports 7253 / Auto Celerity 7251 / Regulars 7248 / Bad Karma 7240 / The Unseen + Zero Fox Gaming 7239. The first three teams were in the same conference last season and had decent records, with AC almost reaching playoffs. It seems they are once again looking to make a big impact and this time, they will be attempting to reach playoffs.

Currently, it is very hard to make predictions. There are many different names and no league play games have been played. However, the pre-season tournament is underway and in the 2nd Stage, Reflux / Shadow / The Unseen / Zero Fox Gaming are involved, and it will be good practice for them before league play. We can’t wait to see all the ups and downs within the Alpha Conference, so stay tuned, and see you next week with coverage of Week!


Numbers signify total DSN

  1. Fort Templar – 7259
  2. Elated Esports – 7254
  3. Dormant Esports – 7253
  4. Prophecy – 7252
  5. Puncture – 7251
  6. RL Ireland – 7244
  7. Team Ascendant – 7241
  8. CORL – 7227
  9. Overture – 7221
  10. eNightmare – 7211
  11. Delta – 7189
  12. Galamo Esports – 7184
  13. Donde Esports – 7179
  14. Team Berserkers – 7119
  15. Eidolon Esports – 7079
  16. Built By Us – 7065

Here we are for another season of the IEL! Naturally, in Week 0 we will use DSNs to sort the power rankings in the beginning, so we can also have an idea of each team’s firepower!
Starting from the top, Fort Templar is the clear favourite to win this conference, with the DSN pushed very close to the limits. We also have Elated, Dormant, Puncture and Prophecy behind first place by a few points but still very close to the limit as well!

Mid-table, we find RL Ireland, a team that has a good past in the Master league, even winning last season, followed up by Team Ascendant, CORL, Overture, eNightmare and Delta.

Finally, for the bottom teams, we have Galamo Esports, Donde Esports, Team Berserkers, Eidolon Esports and Built By Us. The last two teams don’t even reach the 7100 barrier, so it’s going to be interesting to see their performance as they are certain underdogs along with the other bottom teams.

Since we don’t have any matches yet, this is pretty much it for this week. Good luck to the teams for week 1!


Please introduce yourself and your franchise.
Hey, I’m Brun and my franchise is Aardwolf Esports.

It’s your first season as a GM, what are your aims heading into the season?
My aim heading into the season is to get all of my teams into playoffs and have a great time doing so.

Unfortunately, you had a very tight time-constraint to put together three teams, how difficult was it, and do you think you can still do well, despite that obstacle?
It was very difficult to build three teams in 2 days, but luckily I had the help of my staff and were able to build rosters with some great people and teams that I am very confident in.

Which of your teams should we look out for coming into the season?
My masters are for sure the ones to look out for, although they didn’t perform in preseason tournament, with bubble player KingJs at their side i believe they have the potential to be top of their conference. Also, my challengers may not seem like a strong team at first glance, but we have only lost one scrim so far and are looking quite dominant.

Any closing words?
I’m super happy to be GM and i hope to have a great time this season leading my teams to victory!

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