Final Standings

  1. eNightmare (+1) 12-4
  2. Fort Templar (-1) 11-5
  3. Dormant Esports(+1) 11-5
  4. Clairvoyant (-1) 11-5
  5. Tofu and Sons (-) 10-6
  6. Delta (-) 10-6
  7. Hyve Central (+2) 9-7
  8. Team Peculiarity (+2) 9-7
  9. Puncture (+1) 9-7
  10. Deathmask Gaming (-2) 8-8
  11. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (+1) 7-9
  12. Bad Karma Esports (-2) 6-10
  13. Lions Gaming (+1) 6-10
  14. Eidolon Esports (-2) 6-10
  15. Ruyter Esports (-) 5-11
  16. Conquest (-) 4-12
  17. Triumph (-) 1-15

We have now finished Week 8 and that means that this season’s league play is over and done with. We had a very interesting last week in Mu as some results didn’t end up like we all maybe would’ve expected.

At the top of Mu, we saw a change in the #1 spot as eNightmare went ahead and beat both Clairvoyant and Fort Templar who for large parts of the season have dominated the conference. 

eNightmare beat Clairvoyant 3-0 and Fort Templar 3-1 which just shows their brilliance and why they deserve the top spot in Mu. Their 11-series win streak is in every way deserved as they since the middle of Week 3 have dominated every team they’ve played. 

Fort Templar fell to eNightmare but it doesn’t look like it affected them too much as they pulled out Scarabs and Mercs in game 3 on stream vs eNightmare. This could be Fort Templar just enjoying their last league game or it could be them knowing they’ve been beaten and they just wanted to make it look like they didn’t try. Either way, I’m sure everyone sees eNightmare as the better team now.

Dormant had a good week as they beat both opponents to finish with an 11-5 record to secure a strong #5 seed in playoffs.

Clairvoyant make the top 4 in Mu even though they lost out to eNightmare in the final week of league play. With their record of 11-5 and as the #8 seed they also come into playoffs in a fine position.

Tofu and Sons had an ample Week 8 as they beat Hyve Central, but lost out to Team Peculiarity.

They only really needed 1 win this week to qualify for playoffs either way, but the fact that they got it by beating Hyve Central made it even better for them as they crushed Hyve’s playoff-dreams as that took their loss tally up to 7. That may also be why they lost to Team Peculiarity, already having qualified for playoffs so they didn’t need to do any more.

Moving on to our last playoffs team from the Mu conference, we have Delta, who managed to clutch out both their games in Week 8 vs Bad Karma Esports and Team Peculiarity. They beat Bad Karma with a quick sweep but the Team Peculiarity match was a real nail-biter of a Game 5-series.

Hyve Central didn’t make playoffs and it has been a very unfortunate season for them. They went 0-4 in the 2 first weeks, which is not an ideal start, but after their roster changes, they went 8-2 finishing 8-6 at the end of Week 7. They had only lost out to Clairvoyant and Fort Templar, so it looked likely that they were going to secure the playoffs spot. They came into Week 8 needing a 2 wins, but a 1-1-week could’ve been fine if other games would’ve ended up differently. They met Tofu and Sons in their final game to make it 10-6 but they couldn’t quite manage the job, and since Delta beat Team Peculiarity there was one 10-6 team too many meaning Hyve Central sadly lost out on playoffs on goal difference.


Final Standings

  1. Primal Esports (+1)
  2. Nootz (-1)
  3. Team Ascendant (+2)
  4. RL Ireland (-1)
  5. Prophecy (-1)
  6. Reflux (-)
  7. Regulars (+1)
  8. Built By Us (+2)
  9. Team Berserkers (-)
  10. Disconnected Esports (-3)
  11. Elated Esports (-)
  12. The Neon Flamingo (+1)
  13. Crossbar Heroes (-)
  14. Golden Age (-)
  15. Shadow Esports (+1)
  16. Galamo Esports (-1)
  17. Juicy eSports (-)

With the final week of League Play coming to an end, we take a look at the teams that qualified for playoffs.

Primal Esports (14-2)
Primal have had nothing short of a great season, their #1 seed in playoffs displaying just that. Currently on an 11-game win streak, they are enjoying life as the top dogs heading into playoffs. Their final week was more than a comfortable one for them as they didn’t have to play, being given two forfeit wins from Juicy and Galamo. They will head into playoffs hoping to extend their unbeaten run and will look to snatch the title of Season 6 Prospect Champions, and I back them to do so!

Nootz (12-4)
Nootz did not have nearly as comfortable of a final week as they had to face Reflux and Team Ascendant, and the difficulty showed as they failed to win any of the series. Saying that, both games went to Game 5 and with playoffs already secured, the will to win may have been absent for them. Despite their lackluster Week 8 performance, they are undoubtedly a top team and will be one of the primary contenders to take the title this weekend!

Team Ascendant (12-4)
Staying in the top throughout the season, Ascendant certainly deserves 3rd place. After the first few weeks had played out they looked like the #1 team in Omega, but Nootz and Primal caught up to them and established themselves as the clear Top 2. Though in third, they still have great quality and as all of the top teams, they could beat any teams on a good day and will look to get the best out of their team heading into playoffs.

RL Ireland (12-4)
Also 12-4, we have RL Ireland who sit neatly in 4th place, only behind Team Ascendant on 0.25 win percentage. They started the season looking like a mid-table side, but have since picked up the pace, and currently on a 5-win streak have established themselves as one of the top teams. In Week 8, they just about beat 14th-place Golden Age, and with a FF win from Juicy they it wasn’t an outstanding week for them.

Prophecy (11-5)
Similarly to RLI, Prophecy started the season as a mere mid-table side, mingling alongside the likes of Disconnected and – at the time – Golden Age. Since, however, they have signed kevin and are a new team. In their final week, they swept Golden Age and beat Shadow 3-1, which suggests they are better than RLI.

Reflux (11-5)
It is outrageous for an 11-5 team to be 10th seed in playoffs (same goes for Prophecy at 9th seed), and Reflux will feel that they deserve a better seed, having had a great league play. After being put in a difficult position with their sub leaving with just three weeks left, they were struggling, but they managed to see it through with a great Week 8 as they beat 2nd place Nootz with their new sub as well as picking up a sweep against Elated.



Final Standings

  1. Dormant Esports (-)
  2. Hyve Central (-)
  3. Built By Us (-)
  4. Fort Templar (+2)
  5. Bad Karma Esports (+2)
  6. RL Ireland (-1)
  7. Clairvoyant (-3)
  8. Eidolon Esports (-)
  9. Lions Gaming (+1)
  10. Shadow Esports (-1)
  11. Team Berserkers (-)
  12. Galamo Esports (+1)
  13. Regulars (-1)
  14. Triumph (+1)
  15. Delta (-1)
  16. eNightmare (-)
  17. Conquest (-)

Playoff Teams from the Delta Conference
Dormant Esports (15-1)
Hyve Central (14-2)
Built By Us (11-5)
Fort Templar (11-5)
Bad Karma Esports (11-5)
RL Ireland (10-6)

Dormant Esports
Dormant Esport’s unbeaten run to take the IEL record of being the first team to do an unbeaten season was stripped away from them 2nd placed Hyve Central beat them in a game 5 match. The game ended up going down to 1 goal in game 5 however Hyve Central edged it and managed to take Dormant Esports 3-2. Going into playoffs, Dormant Esports will back themselves as the first seed however nerves rest over them as both conferences know that they can now be beaten!

Hyve Central
Hyve Central’s mission in week 8 was to take down the top dog. Safe to say they completed this mission, a close match saw Hyve Central take the victory over Dormant Esports and heading into playoffs this new Hyve Central roster, consisting of Semtex, OllieWeb and Nostic will be confident they can take anyone. A huge confidence boost for them which also solidified them the 2nd seed from both conferences will surely prove vital and being on the opposite side of the bracket from Dormant Esport’s they will be confident as ever to take it all the way.

Built By Us
Built By Us’s final few weeks remained unsurprising and uneventful however despite their 3rd placed finish in their division they only secure 7th seed as the other conference ended up being so close. A team who have stuck together since the beginning and their companionship and trustiness in each other is a huge step into making big plays in playoffs. Who can know what they will achieve as they face a tough start against Reflux? However, should they win that they will be confident to take down most teams across Challenger league.

Fort Templar
A team full of roster changes. ItsMagik however, captain of the side, remained throughout all these roster changes and still managed to make playoffs. It started with, Magik, Pilbeam, Lime. Lime was removed and in came Twiggy. After a short while it became Magik, Rvfrsh, Twiggy. Twiggy was then replaced with ROOFE and after this roster change 5p3nce came in for Rvfrsh who was removed and finally it ended up being Magik, Haregan and Azza. This team who no one is sure of has done well in the final week of this season however who is to know what they will produce in playoffs. (Transfers taken from IEL spreadsheet, apologies for any missed transfers).

Bad Karma Esports
Bad Karma Esports, after their roster change which saw steblood replaced with Tyla (Ex Master league winner) it appears that Bad Karma fell off their momentum however picked it up in the final week. A team who no one can be sure of how they will do will be looking to cause some upsets as all 3 members have won a division’s playoffs however, they are yet to do so together. Will this be their chance?

RL Ireland
RL Ireland went into week 8 very confidently however after losing out to Bad Karma Esports in game 5 they were left slightly disappointed as they lost their chance at being a top 8 seed for playoffs. Now as seed 12 they have a mountain to climb if they want to boss playoffs. However, a team full of experience should be looking to cause upsets and I have no doubt they will. Who they play and how they play will completely determine how they do in this season’s playoffs.


Final Standings

  1. Juicy Esports (-)
  2. Nootz (-)
  3. Primal Esports (-)
  4. Golden Age (-)
  5. Auto Celerity (-)
  6. Reflux (-)
  7. Disconnected Esports (+4)
  8. Deathmask Gaming (-)
  9. Crossbar Heroes (-2)
  10. Elated Esports (+2)
  11. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  12. Puncture (-3)
  13. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  14. Ruyter Esports (-)
  15. Prophecy (-)
  16. Tofu and Sons (-)
  17. Team Ascendant (-)

It was an action-packed end to the season in the Zeta Conference, with the fight for playoffs going right down to the final games. There was also the battle for the highest seeding amongst the teams already qualified, so a lot to play for in the final week of the season.

Auto Celerity (11-5)
Being one of the teams in the wildcard positions going into week 8, AC needed to get good results in their final two fixtures to cement themselves in the playoffs. And get good results they did – they swept both of their series in emphatic fashion. In fact, they only conceded a combined 6 goals in both matches put together, so they will take a huge momentum boost into playoffs, which they will hope to translate into results.

Golden Age (13-3)
Having already qualified for playoffs along with three other teams in the Conference, Golden Age came into the week looking to put in some good performances to push them towards playoffs. They did achieve two victories in week 8, but it might not all be as perfect as it seems. Straight off the bat, they dropped a game to one of the league’s lowest teams, Ruyter, and had to come from behind to take the series. Then in their other match, they only narrowly avoided getting reverse swept by the mid-table team Deathmask in a game 5 overtime. If they want to go far in playoffs then they’ll need to get better results than that, as they are up against some stiff competition.

Crossbar Heroes (8-8)
We’ve talked about one of the teams who were fighting for a playoff place in the final week, and now we go onto another. Unfortunately for Crossbar Heroes, their fate went the other way to Auto Celerity, and they missed out on a playoff spot. With the fixtures they had it was always going to be tough however, and they lost 3-1 to two of the top dogs of the Conference respectively, Nootz and Primal Esports. In fact, all four of the already-qualified teams in the Zeta Conference won both of their week 8 matches, so CH were not alone in being beaten by tough opposition.

Reflux (11-5)
From a team who missed out on playoffs in the final week, to a team who clinched their spot by winning their final two matches. Reflux knew that if they were victorious in their clashes with The Neon Flamingo and Elated Esports, then a playoff spot would be in the bag. They emphatically secured this spot by beating The Neon Flamingo 3-1, and taking a sweep victory over Elated. This should give them confidence going into playoffs, but they may be up against some tough initial opposition there, because they have the worst record of all the teams to make playoffs from the Zeta Conference.



Final Standings

  1. Eidolon Esports (+1)
  2. Clairvoyant (-1)
  3. Elated Esports (-)
  4. eNightmare (+3)
  5. Golden Age (-1)
  6. Deathmask Gaming (+2)
  7. Shadow Esports (-2)
  8. Delta (+2)
  9. Tofu and Sons (-3)
  10. Team Ascendant (+1)
  11. Hyve Central (-2)
  12. Juicy eSports (-)
  13. Triumph (-)
  14. Puncture (+1)
  15. Built By Us (-1)
  16. Team Peculiarity (-)
  17. Team Berserkers (-)

Here we are for the last week of league play! Everything is now decided, which means we also know the teams that have qualified for the playoffs!

Before getting into the qualified teams, let’s start with the power rankings, starting from the bottom: there has pretty much only been one change, with Puncture beating Built By Us 3-1, a win that takes them above their opponents in the league table.

As for the mid-table, Tofu and Sons experienced the biggest drop, due to the losses against Hyve Central and Deathmask and also due to the wins of the teams below, Delta, Deathmask and eNightmare.
Delta and Deathmask move up two positions, while Hyve Central and Shadow fall the same number of positions. To end it, Team Ascendant gets up one position, thanks to the wins against Shadow eSports 3-2 and Team Peculiarity 3-0.

For the Top 5, Eidolon gets the top spot again, while Clairvoyant moves down one position, having a worse week than Eidolon, who took two wins. Golden Age dropped one position, and to end it all, eNightmare climbed up three positions, winning against Built By Us 3-0 and Clairvoyant 3-1.

With this, we finish League Play of this season of IEL, and we have our eyes peeled for playoffs!
Good luck to the teams that qualified from the Alpha conference: Eidolon, Clairvoyant, Elated, eNightmare, Golden Age and Shadow eSports.


Final Standings

  1. Bad Karma Esports (-)
  2. Galamo Esports (-)
  3. Reflux (+2)
  4. Conquest (-)
  5. Disconnected Esports (+1)
  6. RL Ireland (-3)
  7. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-)
  8. Dormant Esports (+1)
  9. Fort Templar (+1)
  10. Primal Esports (+2)
  11. Nootz (+2)
  12. Regulars (-4)
  13. Crossbar Heroes (-2)
  14. Ruyter Esports (-)
  15. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  16. Prophecy (+1)
  17. Lions Gaming (-1)

Hello there, this is going to be our final article covering this season’s league play with Week 8 coming to an end, which means the playoffs will be happening. In the Master League, it will be from the 14th to the 16th of August. This is going to be a very special moment, since we have some very good teams who qualified. Now, about last week’s predictions on who was going to get to playoffs we got 3 out of 6 teams right. Bad Karma and Galamo stayed in the same positions and instead of 4th, Reflux moved to 3rd Place. In 4th place, we have Conquest, and in 5th/6th place there is Disconnected Esports and RL Ireland. 6 teams in both conferences managed to get the playoffs spots. Now, let’s start covering the final week’s games.

The first team Bad Karma went up against is Dormant, which did a very surprising move and included their Challenger roster against BK. This challenger roster had a very good record of 15-1 so two situations that maybe happened were their team wanted to have a big challenge and face this powerful team in Masters or as Dormant could not make playoffs, they didn’t want to play their original roster. Anyways, it was a nice try but in the end, it didn’t work out since they got swept. After this series, Bad Karma went up against Conquest to decide if Conquest would be able to make playoffs or not, as this team needed to take down at least either Bad Karma or Galamo. This was a very intense series with both teams scoring 12 goals on each other, a tough battle in a five-game series, however, in Game 5, Conquest managed to take the win. Because of this, Conquest already had a playoffs spot in the bag before their next series against Galamo. 

Their goal was to get a better seed and stay in 2nd or 3rd place. This game was the last game of League Play streamed on our twitch channel, so the viewers could see how much action there was on the field. The stakes were high since the 2nd place in the Gamma Conference was on the line! Both teams made a lot of fantastic plays and showed their great talent, but Galamo had an advantage heading into the series with a higher record than Conquest and they had also already won against Prophecy which helped them out in their quest of securing the 2nd place spot as they got a 3-1 win over Conquest.

Now it’s Reflux’s turn! In 3 weeks they managed to come from 10th to 3rd place with a 7-win streak and showed us a fantastic comeback with very small odds in getting playoffs. Heading into Playoffs, they are looking like a very powerful team which every team should watch out for, because their motivation is looking really high. This week, Reflux only needed to play one series against RL Ireland, since Ruyter decided not to play and give a FF win. Reflux had a lot of pressure heading into this game, with their opponents having been in the Top 4 for many weeks, amassing some very good performances. The series was streamed and decided who would get into the Top 4 and if Reflux lost they could had a decent chance of not getting into playoffs. Out of the entire conference, this was the game with the most stakes on the line. So what happened?
The first game was very close but Reflux took the win, in Game 2 RL Ireland wasn’t very comfortable but they fought back with some solid defense which was enough to hold back Reflux’s pressure, in Game 3 we can say that Reflux observed what they were doing wrong and managed to break RL Ireland’s defense completely and secured a big 5-2 win. In Game 4, Reflux placed a great number of shots in RL Ireland’s goal which was a very good move, as it helped them to take the win and secure the ultimate comeback. However, RL Ireland is still in playoffs so they still have a good chance of pulling off a great result in there.

Thank you for reading this week’s writeup, and we are heading into playoffs which will be from 14th to 16th of August for the Master League, the Prospect and Challenger League being from the 7th to the 9th of August. What team will take the title of the IEL Season 6 Master Champions? We will have to wait to see who will fall down and who will rise up! From our side we wish the best of luck to every team involved especially the ones in our conference. We will see you all in Playoffs, and make sure to tune in for those games at our twitch as they will be fantastic as always.


This week, SnUwU interviewed Teather, the GM of Primal Esports and the Captain of their Prospect roster. They head into playoffs as the #1 seed and will face either Clairvoyant or Prophecy in their first game.

1. Introduce yourself and the roster you play with.
I am Teather, and I have been the GM of Primal Esports since Season 3. My team is Siyenide, who is a newer player to IEL having only played a little bit of Season 4 before, and Eagle who is one of the vets. This season’s roster has been changing quite a lot but I am really happy with where we ended up.

2. How do you feel about playoffs?
I think we have a good chance in playoffs as a lot of the other teams have newer player who have never played in playoffs before. Eagle and I made it to playoffs before and I have been to the lower bracket finals so I think I can keep my cool in-game.

3. What’s the secret to dominating so hard?
It’s the way you play scrims. Most teams just kind of “play the game” you have to focus on improving in the scrims. I think it also helps that we all have league experience and so we don’t get stressed in matches.

4. What’s something you guys need to work on heading into playoffs?
No comment.

5. How far do you think you will go in playoffs?
All the way baby!

6. Who do you think is going to take it all?
Primal Esports for Prospect and Challenger!

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