Good evening IEL! At last we have a Sunday article, covering every conference’s Week 6 with power rankings and writeups. With just 2 weeks left of league play, t is now more crucial than ever to perform, as failing to do so may cost you a playoff spot and an early end to your season.



  1. Fort Templar (-) 11-3
  2. Clairvoyant (-) 11-3
  3. eNightmare (+1) 10-4
  4. Dormant Esports (+1) 10-4
  5. Delta (-1) 9-5
  6. Tofu and Sons (+1) 9-5
  7. Team Peculiarity (-1) 8-6
  8. Deathmask Gaming (-) 8-6
  9. Hyve Central (+1) 7-7
  10. Eidolon Esports (+2) 7-7
  11. Bad Karma Esports (-2) (6-8)
  12. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-1) 6-8
  13. Lions Gaming (-) 6-8
  14. Puncture (-) 5-9
  15. Ruyter (+1) 4-10
  16. Conquest (-1) 2-12
  17. Triumph (-) 0-14

With only 2 weeks left of Season 6 before the end of league play, it is now the last call for a lot of teams to give it their all if they wish to have a chance at reaching playoffs.

The top of Mu has for a long time seen teams such as Fort Templar and Clairvoyant hold the number 1 and 2 seeds of the league and with their current form, it seems like nothing is to stop them from reaching a comfortable spot in playoffs even securing top 2 which means they will get a bye past the 1st round.

Looking a little bit further down the table we have eNightmare and Dormant Esports. eNightmare didn’t have the best start to the season being 1-4 halfway through Week 3, but after what looks to be their star player Inza – who is currently leading prospect for most average points per game – returned, they really turned their record around for the better, currently on a 7 win streak and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon with the momentum they’ve gathered from all those wins.

Dormant on the other hand have been consistent throughout the whole season and this consistency looks like it will get them a spot in playoffs without having to rely on their winning percentage.

Then we get down to the exciting part because it is in the Top 8 that things are about to get real tense for a lot of teams. From spot 5 to spot 12 in the bracket, all teams sit around with similar records meaning that if any team is to go on a decent winning streak they could nail a playoff spot. 

Delta is the team that seems most likely to be top of the wildcard spots being one of the more consistent teams over the season but still, they just miss out on top 4. This is because they face the team eNightmare that is coming against them with huge momentum and if they don’t watch out, they’re going to be in for a wild ride there. 

After them, we have Tofu and Sons who started the season out really well, but they seem to be slowing down a bit going from being top 2 to being in a wildcard spot. This upcoming week could see Tofu and Sons go ahead as they face Bad Karma and Eidolon Esports, 2 teams that have looked even more inconsistent than Tofu and Sons lately meaning they could get close to a good wildcard spot rather than not being in the top 8 at all.

Finishing in the top 8 we have Team Peculiarity and Deathmask Gaming whoa re inseparable. Week 6 saw Team Peculiarity higher on the table than Deathmask Gaming and looking at week 7 it seems like this will still be the case. Week 7 will be interesting for them as they both face the number 1 seed Fort Templar so what is gonna separate Peculiarity and Deathmask is their 2nd game. Deathmask Gaming plays Lions Gaming and Team Peculiarity play Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL). These 2 games seem to be games that both teams should be capable of handling. 

Just outside of the wildcard spots we have the teams Hyve Central, Eidolon Esports, Bad Karma Esports, and Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL). All sitting with the same record of 6-6. Week 7 could see Hyve Central who started the season 0-4 continue their decent form finishing out the week 7-7, as they face Delta (top team) and Conquest (bottom team) resulting in a 1-1 week unless we see an upset from Hyve, who have proved that they’re able to keep up with top teams, taking Fort Templer to game 5 in week 6 on stream. 

Eidolon Esports seem to have a similar fate as they will face Tofu and Sons (top team) and Triumph (last team) meaning that they will close out the week 7-7 unless we see an upset in their match against Tofu and Sons.

Bad Karma Esports seems to be out of gas lately as they just don’t look as strong as they did earlier in the season, and their schedule doesn’t really help them as in week 7 they’re going to face Clairvoyant and Tofu and Sons, meaning that if Bad Karma don’t find their rhythm, their shot at playoffs could really quickly begone as Clairvoyant are looking to be comfortable in top 2 and Tofu and Sons look to secure a good wildcard spot.

Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) seems to be in the same situation as Bad Karma; they just don’t look consistent enough to keep up with the rest of the conference that is above them on the table. Facing Team Peculiarity and Dormant Esports in week 7 could end up being the dagger that sees Auto Celerity not get playoffs this season.


  1. Nootz
  2. Primal Esports
  3. Prophecy
  4. RL Ireland
  5. Reflux
  6. Team Ascendant
  7. Team Berserkers
  8. Regulars
  9. Disconnected Esports
  10. Built By Us
  11. Elated Esports
  12. Golden Age
  13. Neon Flamingo
  14. Shadow Esports
  15. Galamo Esports
  16. Crossbar Heroes
  17. Juicy eSports

Going into the penultimate week the only thing that on anyone’s mind is playoffs, the grand prize that every team is fighting for, the opportunity to show themselves in the biggest of spotlights, on the grandest of stages and no one wants to miss out. The Omega conference is no difference to this and it will really go down to the wire with so many teams close and hunting for the limited number of spots.
Firstly, let’s talk about the front runners who are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, Nootz and Primal, both of these teams have shown their strength throughout the season and this is boasted by their 10-2 record. However, recently these two teams have made roster changes and although they have both gone unbeaten in the short time they have been together, both teams haven’t been tested and this could be a major downfall for the two top dogs. On the other hand, the continued dominance has been a real obvious sign that they should be able to deal with any test so the only problems they will have is who will take the number 1 spot in the conference.
The more compelling battle in the conference is definitely the best of the rest, with 4 teams on the same record (8-4) and a team 1 win behind, it is bound to go right down to the wire to see who fills up the rest of the automatic places. Of the teams that are 8-4, there is a mix in form, there are two teams who were previous leaders of the conference who have slowly lost form and subsequently dropped down the order, and there are two teams who are on the surge after having a mediocre start to the season. Team Ascendant and Reflux where both previous leaders of the conference and for one reason or another have now been pushed down into the fight for the last playoffs places, these two teams also have the hardest remaining games of the four 8-4 teams with them both playing one of the leaders. The other two teams are Prophecy and RL Ireland; both of these teams were below expectations at the start of the season but now have found form, with RLI only dropping one of their last 6 games and Prophecy going 5 unbeaten. The favourites for the final two playoff spots have to be RLI and Prophecy with Reflux and Ascendant hoping to get a wildcard place, but no one will be able to tell until the last game of the last week so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. Dormant Esports
  2. Hyve Central
  3. Built By Us
  4. Clairvoyant
  5. Eidolon Esports
  6. Bad Karma Esports
  7. RL Ireland
  8. Fort Templay
  9. Shadow Esports
  10. Team Berserkers
  11. Lions Gaming
  12. Galamo Esports
  13. eNightmare
  14. Triumph
  15. Delta
  16. Regulars
  17. Conquest

Eidolon Esports
Eidolon faced Dormant Esports and Bad Karma Esports in week 6, despite the roster problems they faced at the beginning of the week they still took down an in form Bad Karma 3-0. However, couldn’t keep this up and were outclassed by Dormant Esports. Losing 3-0. Many expected Eidolon to be without a fighting chance as they faced such a tough week however their win over Bad Karma has given them a lifeline to make a push for playoffs. In week 7 they face Shadow Esports and Built By Us, they will be expecting to go 1-1 this week but I wouldn’t rule out an upset from the Eidolon boys.

Team Berserkers
After some big roster changes at the end of week 6 which saw Team Berserkers suffer a loss to Galamo Esports and a crucial win over Regulars and heading into week 7 they will face eNightmare and Delta which they should full expect to win both of however it appears to be too little too late for Team Berserkers and it would appear some miracle if they can earn themselves a spot in playoffs.

Lions Gaming
In week 6 Lions Gaming faced Conquest and Built By Us. They weren’t able to spring a surprise as they suffered a heavy defeat to Built By Us however they did defeat Conquest in a convincing 3-0 win. In week 7 they face Dormant Esports and eNightmare, if they can pull off an upset against Dormant Esports they will definitely be on their way to getting playoffs!

The game to watch
Eidolon Esports vs Built By Us
As Eidolon look to scrape into the top 4, Built By Us will be there to stop them as they also push to Join Dormant and Hyve Central and maintain their top 3 status.


  1. Nootz (+1)
  2. Primal Esports (-1)
  3. Juicy eSports (+1)
  4. Golden Age (-1)
  5. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-)
  6. Reflux (-)
  7. Deathmask Gaming (+1)
  8. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  9. Crossbar Heroes (+3)
  10. Elated Esports (-)
  11. Puncture (-1)
  12. Disconnected Esports (-3)
  13. The Neon Flamingo (+2)
  14. Ruyter Esports (-1)
  15. Prophecy (-1)
  16. Tofu and Sons (-)
  17. Team Ascendant (-)

Nootz (10-2)
We begin with the team currently sitting on top of the Zeta Conference. They have been dominant all season, and this was emphasised in week 6 as they didn’t drop a single game. Sweeps over Prophecy and Disconnected Esports place them firmly in the no.1 spot in the conference. They have got fierce competition however, being tied on series win/loss with three other teams. They have a commanding 6-point game win% lead over the second-placed team, but one loss in the final two weeks could well see them knocked off their perch. They’ll be eager to have a flawless end to the season, and keep that momentum going into playoffs.

Primal Esports (10-2)
Biting at the heels of Nootz are Primal. They will be rueing a missed opportunity from last week, as they were dealt their second loss of the season to Auto Celerity. Had they managed to pick up a win in that series, they would be in first place, unchallenged in terms of series win/loss record. Instead they are second, just two positions above the team that just beat them, and have had their winning streak that lasted since their first match of the season broken. They’ll need to pick themselves back up in order to finish strongly this season and compete for the top playoff seeds.

Tofu and Sons (1-11)
We now move away from the fight for playoff positions – in fact we move pretty much as far away as possible. Before week 6, Tofu and Sons were sitting right at the bottom of the table, without a win to their name. But then the unthinkable happened. In a fittingly intense game 5, the plucky roster ground out a win over Ruyter Esports, giving them their first taste of victory. They have soared up the standings (all the way to second-to-last) thanks to this result, and will no doubt be on a massive high. Will this win propel them to further greatness, and see them clinch a playoff spot in one of the greatest comeback stories in IEL history? Well, not unless all four wildcards, and the next 20 teams below that all have to forfeit their playoff spots. But it’s nice to dream sometimes.

Auto Celerity (9-3) vs Juicy eSports (10-2)
We’ve covered the top two teams in the conference in Nootz and Primal, and now it’s two of the teams placed directly below them that are playing each other this week. This is surely the most interesting match in the challenger league this week, and both teams will be eager to push forward in the league whilst knocking the other down a peg. Both are coming into week 7 with 2 wins in the bag from last week, so they will both be confident of being able to get a result here. This should be a good one.

Crossbar Heroes (8-4) vs Deathmask Gaming (6-6)
Whilst AC and Juicy have already confirmed their playoff spots, these are two teams that are still right in the midst of the battle for the playoff spots. Crossbar heroes have had a great run in recent weeks, going from 4-4 at the season’s halfway point to 8-4 going into week 7. They will be keen to wrap up a playoff spot as soon as possible, and beating a team like Deathmask is a good place to start. Deathmask themselves have somewhat turned their season around, and a 3-0 defeat to Reflux last week was the only thing stopping them from putting together a run of 4 wins in a row. They almost certainly need to win all of their remaining matches to make playoffs, so there is no room for error in this series.



  1. Clairvoyant (+1)
  2. Eidolon Esports (-1)
  3. Elated Esports (+1)
  4. Shadow Esports (+1)
  5. Tofu and Sons (-2)
  6. Golden Age
  7. Deathmask Gaming
  8. eNightmare
  9. Hyve Central (+2)
  10. Team Ascendant (-1)
  11. Delta (+1)
  12. Juicy eSports (-2)
  13. Triumph
  14. Built By Us (+2)
  15. Puncture (-1)
  16. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  17. Team Berserkers

This week of the Alpha Conference has thrown up some surprises throughout the conference, so it’s time to review some of the matchups that went on in Week 6. 

Starting off with Clairvoyant vs Eidolon, a matchup which many expected to be a close affair, turned out to be quite the opposite. However, the scoreline of 3-0 to Clairvoyant doesn’t exactly tell the true story as all three games ended with a goal differential of one in Clairvoyant’s favour. This sweep has meant that Clairvoyant have knocked Eidolon from top spot in the conference, the two teams now sharing a win-loss record of 10-2, with Clairvoyant having an advantageous win percentage compared to Eidolon.

Further down the standings, highly rated Tofu and Sons suffered an unlikely defeat in the hands of a Built By Us roster who hadn’t won a series since Week 1. The match went all the way to Game 5, and even staring at defeat after Game 3, with a scoreline of 2-1 in Tofu and Sons’ favour, the Built By Us roster prevailed in the end, causing Tofu and Sons to slip out of the automatic playoff places. 

Elsewhere, Hyve Central also managed to cause an upset by taking down Golden Age in a series that went all the way to Game 5, with Nuxie scoring the only goal in the final game to secure the victory. This defeat means that Golden Age have missed out on an opportunity to join Elated, Shadow and Tofu and Sons on 9 wins and 3 losses, and this loss could prove to be crucial in terms of seeding for playoffs.

With only two weeks of league play remaining, the teams still in contention will have their eyes firmly focussed on making the playoffs, especially those top four places, ensuring their ticket to the playoffs, starting on the 14th of August.


  1. Bad Karma Esports (-)
  2. Galamo Esports (+1)
  3. RL Ireland (-1)
  4. Regulars (+3)
  5. Disconnected Esports (-2)
  6. Conquest (+3)
  7. Fort Templar (-2)
  8. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-2)
  9. Dormant Esports (-1)
  10. Reflux (+1)
  11. Crossbar Heroes (-1)
  12. Nootz (-)
  13. Primal Esports (-)
  14. Ruyter Esports (+2)
  15. Lions Gaming (-1)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-1)
  17. Prophecy (-)

Hello everyone! With 6 weeks of league play already over, there are only 2 weeks left before the playoffs which means we have a good amount of news to cover and it’s time to check out every team’s chances at making playoffs with some predictions from our side. These predictions aren’t going to be statistical, this will depend purely on the remaining matches for all teams, and their performance so far in league play. Without further ado, let’s start talking about that.

Play-off chances prediction
Bad Karma, Galamo, RL Ireland – 100%
Fort Templar – 80%
Disconnected – 70%
Regulars, Auto Celerity – 60%
Conquest, Reflux – 20%
Dormant , Crossbar Heroes, Nootz, Primal, Ruyter, Lions, Neon Flamingo – 0%

Now, about what happened within the Gamma Conference. In first place, it’s Bad Karma and they have secured that spot for multiple weeks in a row. Their first series loss was against Primal that got two new players to their Master Roster. Heading up to this game, Primal started to take advantage within the two first games with two 2-0 wins, however, their opponents managed to give them a challenge and took this series to a game 5, where Primal got a 5-3 win. After this, Bad Karma played against Auto Celerity which ended up in 3 very close games, all of those games were 3-2, but Bad Karma took the win as they continue to show their force in 1st place. Galamo went up against Disconnected and got a sweep over them, and for their next game, they faced Fort Templar on the IEL Twitch channel. That match was a great watch, both teams were going back and forth, it wasn’t possible to see who was going to take the win out of that series, especially in game 4 where you could not watch the first half of the game, but in the 2nd half it went to overtime, and once that ended both teams were 2-2 but in game 5 Galamo secured their win.
We are going to cover a new team that is starting to make some impact, which is Regulars as they are now within the top 4 after getting a FF win over Prophecy and managing to take down RL Ireland in a 5 game series. This team hasn’t really caused any spark within the league besides their massive roster changes, however, they are starting to show that so this can be a team that everyone needs to watch out for. They are close to getting playoffs, and their results have been good recently, so it’s a matter of time to see what will happen to this team. And last but not least, RL Ireland going into this week with a 1-1 record as they faced Primal, in a four-game series which lead to a 3-1 win for RLI. Their other game was already mentioned.

This concludes Week 6’s write up for the Gamma Conference, and as we are almost approaching playoffs, these next 2 weeks are going to be even more intense and exciting than this one, so make sure to pay attention to what happens, since we will be doing that as well.


Interview with Disconnected Prospect Legend Bearded. Bearded has played under ROKS for 2 seasons now.

  1. Introduce yourself and your roster.
    Hey I’m Bearded, I’ve played in the IEL since Season 4 and made playoffs in Season 4 and 5. I’m currently playing with Charlotte, Tezzer, and Sweenii with Charlotte as captain.
  2. What do you think about your results so far?
    Our results this season overall have been far from great. I think they are far from the standard we have. Even with the new roster which I am currently 1-1 with, it’s uncertain whether we make playoffs because of the difficult conference. We are currently 6-6 so playoffs are still within our grasp.
  3. How do you feel about Clappy and myself leaving the team?
    I’m not a fan of it. It is what it is. You leaving is in the past and we need to move on. It’s up to the current roster to hopefully make something from this season and make playoffs because all of the league play results will be gone then.
  4. What’s your opinion on the new DCE roster?
    I think they have potential, they are really good. Yes, they had an unfortunate start by losing but with shimmy as a coach and the practice we have, I think we have a fair shot at playoffs and being a big dog this season.
  5. It’s going to be close, but how do you guys plan to make playoffs
    Well, the only way we can. By winning ALL of our games and specific teams losing games. We have rough weeks to go against teams who are in the same shape as us. They also need to win. So I think the difference-maker is going to be who wants to win more and puts in the effort to.
  6. How do you feel about you getting benched?
    It’s understandable. If you look at my current rank and DSN, it’s not great. After season 5 I’ve been in a slump. After playoffs, I just didn’t play that much. When Clappy and you left I already knew ROKS wanted me to be a sub. I feel this is better for me because I can work on my Rocket League skills more without worrying about messing stuff up for my teammates.
  7. If you guys make it, what are your predictions for playoffs?
    For us specifically, I think they can get really far, especially with the tips shimmy gave them. If they perform on the day the way they need to then I think they have a fair shot. Overall, I think that – on our day – we can win it all, but I feel Nootz also have a fair shot. They are beatable but they are really good. But it’s a hard one this season because it’s so close.

Well that’s it for this week’s interview. I want to thank bearded for answering these questions and wish them the best of luck for the rest of the season. I’m rooting for you guys :D.

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