As 5 weeks of gameplay has passed, we take a look at the different conferences and how the last few weeks went. Unfortunately, we are lacking writeups for the Mu and Alpha conference, but they will return next week and you do have the power rankings!



  1. Fort Templar (-)
  2. Dormant Esports (+2)
  3. eNightmare (+8)
  4. Delta (-2)
  5. Deathmask Gaming (+1)
  6. Clairvoyant (+2)
  7. Bad Karma Esports (-2)
  8. Team Peculiarity (+4)
  9. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (+1)
  10. Lions Gaming (+4)
  11. Tofu and Sons (-8)
  12. Hyve Central (-3)
  13. Eidolon Esports (-6)
  14. Puncture (-1)
  15. Conquest (-)
  16. Ruyter Esports (-)
  17. Triumph (-)

Unfortunately we do not have a writeup for the Mu conference this week, but you can surely expect a one coming your way next week! Also, apologies if you strongly disagree with the power rankings and they’re all “incorrect”, but as a Challenger seeing this conference for the first time and looking through games, this is what I could gather.


  1. Nootz (-)
  2. RL Ireland (+4)
  3. Primal Esports (-)
  4. Reflux (-2)
  5. Prophecy (+2)
  6. Team Ascendant (-2)
  7. Golden Age (+2)
  8. Disconnected Esports (-)
  9. Regulars (-3)
  10. Team Berserkers (-)
  11. Galamo Esports (+3)
  12. Built By Us (-)
  13. Crossbar Heroes (-)
  14. Shadow Esports (+1)
  15. Elated Esports (-4)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  17. Juicy eSports (-)

RL Ireland (7-3)

RL Ireland are on a 5 game win-streak, and after sweeping Ascendant and not as convincingly beating out Regulars last week they are surely a forced to be reckoned with. They currently sit in 5th place, only behind 3rd and 4th place by winning percentage. With Primal and Reflux above them both showing signs off dropping off, RL Ireland will be looking to get the highest seed possible heading into playoffs. In Week 6, they play against Crossbar Heroes and Reflux, the latter game being a crucial one as it could decide who gets second place in the conference.

Regulars (5-5)

Though Regulars looked from the start, their true colours have shown as they have established themselves as a mid-table side. With a completely even record, they are the definition of average as they currently sit in 9th place. Last week they were nothing short of mediocre as they failed to get a series win. It wasn’t all bleak, however, as they managed to get to Game 5 against a hot team in RL Ireland, but losing to Galamo is not going to cut it if Regulars are to contend for the wildcard playoff-qualification spots. Next week, they face Prophecy and Reflux in what looks to be a highly challenging week. With Prophecy looking better and better after signing kevin, they will be difficult, and so will 3rd-place Reflux.

Galamo Esports (4-6)

Galamo have shown tendencies of quality, however, it will not be enough to get anywhere near playoffs. Last week, they did go 2-0 as they swept Neon Flamingo and – impressively – Regulars. Though that win has shown what they can do, their poor results earlier in the season has practically killed their hopes of making playoffs. Though it is mathematically possible, it is less than plausible with the quality of opposition they are yet to face. Next week, they meet Prophecy and Disconnected, both of which look almost impossible on paper.



  1. Dormant Esports (-)
  2. Hyve Central (-)
  3. Built By Us (+2)
  4. Fort Templar (-1)
  5. Bad Karma Esports (+2)
  6. Eidolon Esports (-2)
  7. Clairvoyant (-1)
  8. Lions Gaming (+1)
  9. Shadow Esports (+2)
  10. Team Berserkers (+4)
  11. RL Ireland (-3)
  12. Galamo Esports (-)
  13. Regulars (-3)
  14. Triumph (-1)
  15. Delta (+2)
  16. eNightmare (-1)
  17. Conquest (-1)

Built By Us (7-3)

Built By Us took down Conquest in a convincing win however they pulled of the biggest upset of all by absolutely destroying Hyve Central 3-0 on the IEL stream. This shock upset has earnt them the 3rd spot in the power rankings and they should be hoping to solidify their push for playoffs with another tough week facing Fort Templar and Lions Gaming. They are on a roll and should they continue it will be looking to earning a top seed for playoffs.

Fort Templar (6-4)

Fort Templar faced Lions Gaming and eNightmare in their week 5, this caused a huge shock as one of the teams regarded as top four dropped 2 series losing 3-1 to Lions Gaming and 3-2 to eNightmare. Going into week 6 they have possibly the hardest week for any team in this league facing against Hyve Central and Built By Us, should they get 1 win out of the 2 they will be in strong contention for finishing in the top four to guarantee a spot in playoffs.

Lions Gaming (5-5)

Lions Gaming have a tough schedule ahead of them, facing very tough teams until the end of the season. In week 5 they beat Fort Templar but suffered a heavy loss to Bad Karma eSports. In week 6 they go against Built By Us and Conquest, they can hope to go 2-0 off of this week however will be at least expecting to beat Conquest. Like many others in this conference, they will be battling against many for a playoff spot and only the strongest will make it.

Game to watch

Built By Us vs Fort Templar

As both teams battle for a place to join Hyve Central and Dormant Esports in the top 3 this match should be a thrilling watch.


  1. Primal Esports
  2. Nootz
  3. Golden Age
  4. Juicy eSports
  5. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL)
  6. Reflux
  7. Team Peculiarity
  8. Deathmask Gaming
  9. Disconnected Esports
  10. Elated Esports
  11. Puncture
  12. Crossbar Heroes
  13. Ruyter Esports
  14. Prophecy
  15. The Neon Flamingo
  16. Tofu and Sons
  17. Team Ascendant

Primal Esports (9-1)

Primal Esports currently hold the second best record in the Challenger league and will be hoping to keep it that way. Last week was not the most convincing one for the #1 team. They comfortably pushed Disconnected aside, but the Elated game on stream was a bigger problem for them as they only just took the win in a thrilling 5-game series on stream. Next week is the most pivotal of weeks as they face Auto Celerity and Golden Age, both of which are top teams. Golden Age will be a game gargantuan in importance as they are also 9-1, and the game could decide who gets the 1st place in the Zeta conference.

Deathmask Gaming (6-5)

Deathmask are in a good spot and will be hoping to build on it to push for a playoffs spot, if not automatically, then through the wildcard spots. They are not alone, however, with Reflux, Team Peculiarity and Crossbar Heroes all 6-4. The 7th-place team recently acquired the ex-Bad Karma player steblood and at the time of writing have already taken their first game of Week 6 as they swept Puncture, a decent side. In their other game this week, they face Reflux which will be a huge game with the teams in direct competitions for playoff-qualification. That game could very well decide their hopes of making playoffs.

Disconnected Esports (4-6)

Disconnected have not had a great season thus far and they do not look likely to make playoffs as they must win all of their remaining games to have a good chance of doing so. In typical ROKS-fashion, he has dropped the entire roster, but unlike last season where he made 2nd place with DéjàVu, it doesn’t look like it will work. Last week, they lost 3-1 to Primal and swept bottom-side Prophecy, and though it was a decent week it’s not good enough for their situation. Next week, they face Nootz and Auto Celerity in a week that will test their ambitions to the fullest as beating both of the top teams is necessary, however, difficult it may be.



  1. Eidolon Esports (-)
  2. Clairvoyant (-)
  3. Tofu and Sons (-)
  4. Elated Esports (+1)
  5. Shadow Esports (+1)
  6. Golden Age (+4)
  7. Deathmask Gaming (-2) 
  8. eNightmare (+1)
  9. Team Ascendant (-2)
  10. Juicy eSports (-2)
  11. Hyve Central (-)
  12. Delta (+6)
  13. Triumph (+3) 
  14. Puncture (+1) 
  15. Team Peculiarity (-2)
  16. Built By Us (-5)
  17. Team Berserkers (-3)

Unfortunately there is no writeup for the Alpha conference this week, but you can expect one coming your way next week!


  1. Bad Karma Esports (-)
  2. RL Ireland (+3)
  3. Galamo Esports (-)
  4. Disconnected Esports (-2)
  5. Fort Templar (-1)
  6. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-)
  7. Regulars (+3)
  8. Dormant Esports (+3) 
  9. Conquest (-2)
  10. Crossbar Heroes (-2)
  11. Reflux (+2) 
  12. Nootz (-3)
  13. Primal Esports (-1)
  14. Lions Gaming (-)
  15. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  16. Ruyter Esports (+1)
  17. Prophecy (-1)

There’s only 3 weeks left of the season as week 5 comes to an end. There was some very important series that made significant impact on the power rankings and there is so many games to cover, so let’s get right into the news!

For this week at the top, there was an interesting upset that we haven’t seen anything like until now, RL Ireland managed to be the first team to defeat Bad Karma. This was a very scary series with the two top teams facing each other to see who could extend their record, but in terms of pressure it was very minimal since both teams already had a comfortable record. Now about the game itself, there was a lot of non-stop action going which ended up in a very close sweep, all games having a 2-1 score so you could bet that there was some tension going on in both sides. It would be extremely difficult for Bad Karma, to be undefeated for the rest of the season even though they did a good job and this loss did absolutely nothing to them, since after this game they took down Fort Templar with a 3-2 win even though in Game 3, they somehow managed to lose 10-1 without a single player disconnecting which is quite unexpected in a series like this one. Bad Karma’s record stays at 9-1 with a 75% win rate. Also, this game 3 is holding the record of the game with the biggest goal difference (9) in masters or even in Season 6. 

RL Ireland, besides the Bad Karma sweep they got another one over Conquest, which puts them in a very good spot with a 7-2 record with a 65,85% win rate, however there is a team very close to them which is Galamo. They are currently just 0,85% behind RL Ireland, with their first game being against Reflux who performed very well and took  Galamo all the way to a game 5 OT and get the win over them. After this, Galamo went up against Auto Celerity in what we can say was a questionable game, this was streamed on the Galamo channel and we saw that AC was just not on their normal performance which led into lots of difficulties and them getting swept. 

We also had one more interesting match as Disconnected Esports and Fort Templar faced each other. As expected this series was very close. It went to a game 5 and both teams went all-in but in the end Fort Templar kept their walls up and didn’t allow Disconnected to enter in their fort as they got a 3-2 win. However, both these teams are still close with a 6-2 record, since Disconnected had a 3-1 win over CH and Fort Templar lost 3-2 against the big dogs over at Bad Karma.

So far this conference has been very exciting to cover, there is always a good amount of upsets and interesting results so we can’t ever predict what is going to happen. Having some mystery involved is always good to spark up the team’s confidence, so hopefully that doesn’t stop. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for next week’s article!


1. Introduce yourself and the franchise you play for.

My name is Styled and I am the GM for Golden Age

2. What are your current expectations for all your teams?

I’m expecting 2 of the 3 teams to make playoffs, since the prospects have a hard time at the moment

3. Looking at your teams, who do you think has the best chance to go all the way?

Honestly, the Challenger team has chances to make it all the way since they’ve been doing good in league play so far, even in the hardest games they’ve had

4. What did you expect from the beginning of the season and do you think you’ve kept up with your goals?

I was expecting to have a fairly decent season, maybe all teams in playoffs and so far, it’s looking good

5. As a prospect player for Golden Age, how do you feel this season has gone and what do you hope for the remainder of the season?

It’s been decent, I was expecting us to do better, but roster issues have brought the team to where it is now, and for the remainder of the season I hope Khrolik will be able to actually score open nets and bring us in playoffs

6. Any Closing words?

I hope everyone’s had an absolute blast of a season so far and I’m eager to see which teams are going to make it to playoffs and go all the way to win them, i’m sure hope it’s my players who win it though.

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