Good afternoon IEL! Hopefully you are all alive and well this Monday and this can help you to prepare for the week. Today we have our weekly coverage of the Prospect, Challenger and Master league as league play passes the mid-way point. We’re already halfway through the season, so here’s to 4 more amazing weeks of league play! This article also features a writeup for every single team in the Omega conference to make up for your lost content in Week 0 and 1!



  1. Fort Templar (+3)
  2. Delta (+3)
  3. Tofu and Sons (+3)
  4. Dormant Esports (-)
  5. Bad Karma Esports (-4)
  6. Deathmask Gaming (+1)
  7. Eidolon Esports (-5)
  8. Clairvoyant (-)
  9. Hyve Central (+3)
  10. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-1)
  11. eNightmare (+3)
  12. Team Peculiarity (+1)
  13. Puncture (-3)
  14. Lions Gaming (+2)
  15. Conquest (-4)
  16. Ruyter Esports (-1)
  17. Triumph (-)

The Mu conference is beginning to stable out in the middle week of the season, and with the front runners really beginning to show, which teams will be able to keep up the pace and which will fall off? Talking of the front runners, there are 4 top dogs in the conference, Fort Templar, Dormant, Delta and Tofu and Sons. These teams are all sitting at 6-2 and with similar win percentages, ¾ of them went 2-0 last week with the outlier being Dormant who lost to Fort Templar, perhaps showing the strength and possible potential of the Fort Templar team, and this is the reason I am going to say that my favourite for top spot in the Mu conference is this team after the turn of form they have had in the last few weeks

The teams who are continually losing form at the moment are abundantly clear also, with teams such as Deathmask and Clairvoyant unable to mirror their form from the first 2 weeks and have been slowly slipping down the order and don’t look to be coming up, however there may be so life brought back to the Deathmask roster with the introduction of shapi, who will be looking to make an instant impact. This week is also the week that shows the teams that will definitely not be making playoffs, with triumph and Ruyter both now unable to make playoffs with the general consensus being 10-6 needed for qualification. However, there are still many teams left in the conference who are battling it out for the illustrious spots and they will be fighting hard for it so it is a no brainer to keep your eye on this conference.


  1. Nootz (+5)
  2. Reflux (-)
  3. Primal Esports (-)
  4. Team Ascendant (-3)
  5. RL Ireland (+6)
  6. Regulars (-1)
  7. Prophecy (+2)
  8. Disconnected Esports (-4)
  9. Golden Age (-1)
  10. Team Berserkers (-3)
  11. Elated Esports (+4)
  12. Built By Us (+5)
  13. Crossbar Heroes (+5)
  14. Galamo Esports (-1)
  15. Shadow Esports (-4)
  16. The Neon flamingo (-3)
  17. Juicy eSports (-1)

To make up for your lack of writeups in the first two articles this season, I have decided to treat you with a writeup for each and every team in the conference. Hopefully you enjoy it and will forgive me for neglecting you in the first few articles.

Like the Mu conference, we find 4 teams 6-2, currently occupying the automatic playoff-qualification spots with only separated by 2.15 win percentage. Those teams are Ascendant, Reflux, Primal and Nootz all of which will be hoping to continue their hot streak of performances in order to guarantee themselves said playoff spots.

Team Ascendant (6-2)

In first with 66.67% win percentage we have Ascendant who did not look their greatest last week. Barely edging out Golden Age and losing 3-1 to Prophecy has exposed flaws that haven’t been seen since their 3-1 loss to Team Berserkers in Week 1. They will certainly be hoping to bounce back again as they face RL Ireland and Shadow Esports next week, and it is crucial that they do as the other top teams are hot on their trail.

Reflux (6-2)

In second are Reflux who have recovered from their 3-2 loss to Built By Us in Week 3 as they swept Neon Flamingo and beat Shadow 3-1 last week. Other than that loss to BBU they have frankly been solid throughout and with Ascendant showing signs of dropping off the Number 1 spot could be theirs for the taking. In Week 5 they face Prophecy and Crossbar Heroes. Prophecy is the main threat as they have shown their ability to beat out top teams, and at the time of writing this, they have already beaten Crossbar Heroes 3-2.R

Primal (6-2)

In third are Primal who despite their record do not actually all that great. Being swept by RL Ireland in Week 1 and beaten by Disconnected in Week 3 they have shown that they can struggle against teams that – with their record – they should probably be beating. Saying that, they have beaten out some very august teams in Regulars and Nootz, but they have a 50/50 win-loss rate against decent or better teams which shows that they are quite shaky. Next week they face Crossbar Heroes and Team Berserkers. Crossbar Heroes should be painless, and so should Team Berserkers be as they are currently struggling to perform.

Nootz 6-2)

After their shock-losses in Week 2, Nootz have bounced back well, currently on a 4-game win streak. Within that streak they’ve just edged out Crossbar Heroes, swept RL Ireland and Shadow as well as beating Prophecy 3-1 and they currently look like the Nootz we were expecting ahead of league play. Despite their good run of form, however, they have opted to change their roster with Nootz requesting the release of kevin this Saturday evening. With star players Dynomite and nerivell, they should fare well and it will be interesting to see who they pick up as their third to consolidate them in their so-far successful season. Next week they meet The Neon Flamingo and Golden Age which should be a rather untroubled week, the main thing to look out for being their new third.

RL Ireland (5-3)

Though decent, RL Ireland have failed to display the consistency of some of the top teams this season. Going 3-3 in Week 3, they were not looking great as they were swept by Prophecy and Nootz, beaten by Elated and only just beating Built By Us. Last week, however, it seemed they had finally hit their stride as they beat Disconnected 3-1 and swept Berserkers. Both teams are decent and with both teams being direct competition to their standings, they were significant wins. If they continue to perform at this level, they will unequivocally be a contender for the Top 4 and the Top 4 will look at RL Ireland as a major threat to their playoff chances. Next week, the Irishmen will play Regulars and Team Ascendant in a pivotal week which will test them to their limit. Ascendant are currently looking vulnerable and with Regulars below RLI on win percentage, it will be a crucial week which may determine whether RL Ireland reach playoffs.

Regulars (5-3)

Speaking of Regulars, we have Regulars in 6th who have technically not won a series since Week 3. Losing to Primal 3-1 and getting a forfeit from Juicy, they did not have the greatest of weeks, though I’m sure they would brush 2-6 Juicy aside easily. Week 4 has not been the whole story of their season, though as they have gotten some big wins against Golden Age, Elated, Nootz, and Crossbar Heroes, but they are still not great as they were swept by Shadow and only just edged out Disconnected. Next week, they will be hoping to recover from the loss to Primal as they face RL Ireland and Galamo. Galamo should be light work, but RL Ireland do look menacing with their recent results.

Team Berserkers (5-3)

Team Berserkers looked great at the start of the season but have since cooled down, being swept by Reflux, RL Ireland and – shockingly – Galamo Esports. They have been awful since being swept by Reflux in Week 2, with the only exception being their 3-1 win against Prophecy in Week 3. They have been swept in 3 out of their last 4 series (excluding their FF win against Juicy) and must do something if they are to turn their performances around and get out of their current downward spiral. Next week they face Primal and Golden Age and it appears to be a ardous one as they face two teams of high quality.

Prophecy (4-4)

Prophecy may be mid-table but they have shown plenty of signs that they can move up and push for one of the top spots. They caused a major upset last week against Team Ascendant and also swept RL Ireland in Week 1 as well as taking games off Nootz, Berserkers and Primal. They must build on their win against Ascendant last week as they face Reflux and Disconnected and if they can beat Disconnected and upset Reflux they would be a true threat to the Top 6 if not Top 4 with some teams looking vulnerable.

Disconnected Esports (4-4)

Last week I said that Disconnected had to replicate their performances from Week 3 in order to beat RL Ireland and Golden Age, and they have failed to do so. Losing 3-1 to RL Ireland and 3-2 to Golden Age they were not good enough and will not be happy as they had a golden opportunity to go 5-3 if not 6-2. Next week, they must regroup and perform at their best against Prophecy who have shown their quality. Juicy may very well be a forfeit win and should regardless be a comfortable win.

Golden Age (4-4)

Golden Age maximized their game-time last week with both of their games going to Game 5. They do not bolster any impressive wins yet, however, as their most impressive victory came in that 3-2 win over 4-4 Disconnected last week. They were close to beating 1st place Ascendant as well, but they have not put up much of a fight against the other good teams they faced in Shadow, Reflux and Regulars. Currently they look like a mid-table side and will have to pick it up next week with Berserkers and Nootz being their opponents. Nootz will be a very difficult win to pull off, but they could be more than able to catch Berserkers off guard as they have been performing poorly recently.

Shadow Esports (3-5)

Shadow Esports looked like a top side at the start of the season and if I were to guess their record currently, I would much more likely guess them to be 5-3 than 3-5. Sweeping Golden Age and Regulars as well as beating out Crossbar Heroes they looked good, but then came the losses: 1-3 to Juicy, 2-3 to Disconnected, 1-3 to Galamo, 0-3 to Nootz, and 1-3 to Reflux. They are currently on a terrible losing streak and quite frankly look terrible. With the level they’re playing at right now they are likely to fall even further down and changes must be made to prevent this dramatic collapse they’re experiencing. Next week they will play against Primal and Team Berserkers and it looks likely that they will fall even further down unless they can scrape together a miracle.

Crossbar Heroes (3-5)

Crossbar Heroes may have a worse winning percentage than Shadow and may have lost to them in Week 1, but the future does not look nearly as bleak for them. They may have been swept twice in Week 2, but the three other losses have all gone to Game 5. They also managed to put together some wins against fellow bottom sides Juicy, Elated and Galamo and last week and got to Game 5 against Nootz and Reflux, two of the best teams in the conference. Next week they will be looking to close out those Game 5s as they face Primal and Reflux, (at the time of writing they have already lost to Reflux 2-3). Primal will be of similar difficulty to the Reflux game so if they manage to close out that Game 5, they could walk away with a win here.

Elated Esports (3-5)

They performed great in Week 2 as they beat Disconnected and RL Ireland, but otherwise they have been dreadful. They scraped together 2 game wins in 5 series, and they may have faced tough opposition but that is still not good enough and they must improve and find their quality performances from Week 2 if they are to push for a wildcard playoff spot. It is achievable but unlikely, but next week will be a golden opportunity to break even as they face a struggling Shadow and a woeful Built By Us

Built By Us (2-6)

Built By Us aren’t actually as bad as their record suggests. They were close to beating Berserkers and RL Ireland and even managed to cause a shock upset against Reflux in Week 3. Since they have also racked up their second win as they firmly swept Galamo. Next week they face too of the weaker teams in the conference, Elated and Juicy and they are seriously looking to win both series and go 4-6. Go you BBU.

Juicy eSports (2-6)

Before Week 4 I would say that Juicy need to start winning, after Week 4 I’m saying that they need to start turning up to games! Last week they forfeited both games, and even if it may be a kind deed it will not get them any closer to playoffs and I couldn’t tell you how they’re playing because they aren’t!

Galamo Esports (2-6)

One may see Galamo as a frankly terrible team, and I do not blame them as they currently sit in 16th place with a 2-6 record. That isn’t quite the case, however, as they have managed to step up in the last two weeks, particularly Week 3 where they swept Berserkers and beat Shadow 3-1, results you would expect to see from the top teams. They only showed levels similar to this on stream against Reflux in Week 1 where they held the second-place team to a Game 5 overtime. Last week, they returned to old ways, though, as they were swept by Built By Us and just beat out by Crossbar Heroes 2-3. Next week they face The Neon Flamingo and Regulars and I expect them to go 1-1.

The Neon Flamingo (2-6)

In dead last, though only by win percentage, we find The Neon Flamingo. Unlike the name may suggest they have not been flying, in fact they have been very, very bad. In their last four series they have not won a single game and they are currently on a 6 game losing streak. Next week they may have a chance to win a game as they play Galamo, but I suspect even they may be too strong for this side to beat.



  1. Dormant Esports (-)
  2. Hyve Central (-)
  3. Fort Templar (+2)
  4. Eidolon Esports (+2)
  5. Built By Us (-1)
  6. Clairvoyant (+3)
  7. Bad Karma Esports (-4)
  8. RL Ireland (+3)
  9. Lions Gaming (-1)
  10. Regulars (+3)
  11. Shadow Esports (-4)
  12. Galamo Esports (-)
  13. Triumph (+1)
  14. Team Berserkers (-4)
  15. eNightmare (+2)
  16. Conquest (-)
  17. Delta (-2)

Fort Templar

Fort Templar started week 4 with a refurbished roster. After acquiring R00FE who was a key part to Dormant Esport’s initial invincibility, they went into week 4 facing against Regulars and Eidolon Esports. They took down Regulars in a convincing 3-0 victory however faced a tougher challenge against Eidolon Esports, after taking it to game 5 Fort Templar were able to outclass the experience of Flamesword’s roster with raw mechanical ability and were the superior team, shown by taking the 3-2 win. Fort Templar will be looking to nick those top two spots off of Dormant Esports and Hyve Central but will face a difficult challenge there.

Dormant Esports

After the end of week 3, to many specator’s surprise the invincible roster that went 6-0 was altered, despite many being skeptical about this roster change they were able to take down Team Berserkers 3-0 and also demolishing Built By Us 3-0. With AndasAP yet to play a game for the side, they will be looking to continuing their unbeaten record within IEL however face two difficult games this week as they face Clairvoyant on stream at on Monday night at 8pm BST and they also face Bad Karma who currently hold a strong 6-2 record despite recently releasing one of their players. Who knows what is in store for these two matches as both underdogs will be looking to cause an upset.

Eidolon Esports

After a week 3 full of mixed emotions after a close game led to a loss against Fort Templar and a convincing win over Galamo Esports they currently stand at 5th in the league table. In week 4 they face against Delta and Conquest, they should be expecting to win both games and if not they need to seriously re-evaluate, however, this week with their new and improved roster is a good chance to gel with each other and begin that push for a top four spot.

Game to watch

Hyve Central vs Built By Us

As Hyve Central look to keep up with Dormant Esports hoping for a slip they face a mighty struggle in Built By Us who will also be looking to guarantee themselves a spot in playoffs.

(This game will take place at on Wednesday at 8pm BST)


  1. Golden Age (-)
  2. Juicy eSports (+1)
  3. Primal Esports (+2)
  4. Nootz (+2)
  5. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-1)
  6. Reflux (-1)
  7. Elated Esports (-)
  8. Team Peculiarity (+1)
  9. Crossbar Heroes (-1)
  10. Prophecy (-)
  11. Disconnected Esports (-)
  12. Deathmask Gaming (+1)
  13. Puncture (-1)
  14. Ruyter Esports (-)
  15. Team Ascendant (+2)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-1)
  17. Tofu and Sons (-1)

Match Previews:

Elated Esports (4-4) vs Team Ascendant (1-7)

This matchup may look very one-sided on paper, but it could well turn out to be closer than the teams’ records suggest. Team Ascendant picked up their first win of the season last week over Tofu and Sons. They impressed in their other game as well, only narrowly losing 3-2 to Auto Celerity, one of the top teams in the Conference. Elated’s week consisted of two mediocre results: a 3-1 win against Crossbar Heroes, and getting swept by Reflux. Ascendant will be hoping they can cause an upset this week.

Auto Celerity (6-2) vs Nootz (7-1)

Featuring two of the top teams in the Zeta Conference, this is a matchup to watch out for, and one that could be a huge boost for the winner’s season. Auto Celerity had a fairly showing last week by their standards, only beating the then-bottom team in the conference in game 5, and losing to Deathmask Gaming who sit at 3-5. They’ll be hoping to prove they still belong in the playoff spots against Nootz, who show no signs of letting up having won their last 6 series.

Team Writeups:

Juicy Esports (7-1)

Juicy lost their one series this season back in week 2, and aside from that have been a dominant force this season. They cemented this in week 4 by not dropping a single game, and thanks to this they sit on top of the table going into this week’s games. They have a winnable series against The Neon Flamingo, and a huge clash with another 7-1 team, Golden Age. If they can come out of this week with two more wins under their belt then that almost guarantees playoffs, and we are surely looking at potential contenders for the Challenger League title this season.

Puncture (3-5)

This team finds themselves with a negative record for the first time this season, having lost both their week 3 games after going 1-1 in every week prior. In two disappointing results, they fell in a game 5 to The Neon Flamingo, and got swept by Disconnected Esports. If they want to make a comeback this season and push for playoffs like the Puncture prospect team spectacularly did last season, they need to be winning series like those. The addition of Utopia in a roster move could prove useful this week, as they hope to defeat Reflux and Ruyter Esports.



  1. Eidolon Esports (+1)
  2. Clairvoyant (+1)
  3. Tofu and Sons (+1)
  4. Deathmask Gaming (-3)
  5. Elated Esports (-)
  6. Shadow Esports (+1)
  7. Team Ascendant (+1)
  8. Juicy eSports (+2)
  9. eNightmare (-3)
  10. Golden age (+3)
  11. Hyve Central (-2)
  12. Built By Us (-1)
  13. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  14. Team Berserkers (+3)
  15. Puncture (-1)
  16. Triumph (+1)
  17. Delta (-2)

We’ve reached mid-season, which means the first half is over! With this, we have the power rankings, and we’ll do it differently this week: we will go by the ups and downs instead!

Starting with the ones that fell the most, we have eNightmare and Deathmask Gaming. Both of these teams went down three positions, with eNightmare winning against Delta (3-1), but getting swept by Golden Age (3-0), that combined with the wins from the other teams was the reason for this fall. Deathmask losses to the bottom team in the power rankings last week as well as Juicy, who were 10th caused they’re great fall.

Hyve Central went down two positions since although they won against Peculiarity, the other teams like Juicy and Golden Age had wins against teams higher in the rankings. Delta also went down, with no wins this week, losing against eNightmare (3-1) and having a close match but still losing against Clairvoyant (3-2).

Built By Us, Puncture and Peculiarity all went down a position with no wins this week, also having a smaller drop due to losses from teams in the last positions and being closer to the bottom.

As for the ups, Eidolon, Clairvoyant, Tofu and Sons, Shadow Esports, Team Ascendant and Triumph all went up a position, with some interesting wins: Shadow over Clairvoyant (3-1) and Triumph over Team Ascendant (3-1).

The more impressive come from the ones that went up the most: Juicy, Golden Age and Team Berserkers, with Juicy and Berserkers winning against Deathmask (3-1), Berserkers were last on the power rankings last week, and Juicy was 10th, so keep that in mind! Golden Age beat Built By Us and eNightmare, which made them get up three positions. To wrap it up, we have Elated, that ended up in the same place, with the wins against Built By Us and Puncture being decisive to keep them in 5th.

That’s it for this week! Remember we are done with one half, with the next half deciding who goes to play-offs, and who doesn’t, so stay tuned for the next weeks!


  1. Bad Karma Esports (-)
  2. Disconnected Esports (+3)
  3. Galamo Esports (-)
  4. Fort Templar (-)
  5. RL Ireland (-3)
  6. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-)
  7. Conquest (+3)
  8. Crossbar Heroes (+5)
  9. Nootz (-1)
  10. Regulars (-1)
  11. Dormant Esports (+1)
  12. Primal Esports (-1)
  13. Reflux (-6)
  14. Lions Gaming (-)
  15. The Neon Flamingo (+1)
  16. Prophecy (-1)
  17. Ruyter Esports (-)

Week 4 has come to an end in this conference which means half of league play was already played out and our beloved power rankings had some changes which started to spice the competition up in the Gamma Conference. Let’s start talking about that!

Last week, we could tell the top 5 was very close in terms of percentages and records, and it didn’t there yet! Disconnected Esports lurked into 2nd place all the way from 5th after a powerful performance that will be covered later in the article. With this change in the top 5, from 2nd to 4th place there is a 3,03% difference between Disconnected – Galamo – Fort Templar. Just one game out of an entire series can make a difference, with all these teams holding a 6-2 record, and taking the fact of Bad Karma still remain undefeated with an 8-0 record and 85,71% they are looking comfortable. However, this top 4 is looking intense especially with RL Ireland and Auto Celerity very close to getting there. These teams will need to play at an incredible level if they want to maintain their spot at the top.

Now, let’s investigate further into what happened in this week’s series. Bad Karma are still showing their power by managing to get a confident 3-1 win over Reflux and a FF Win over Ruyter. They got a new Master roster, which hopefully for them turns their bad record into something decent. Moving on, we had a clash of two titans as Galamo faced RL Ireland. Both teams had a lot on the line going into this series, which showed with a lot of action. RL Ireland started off looking very strong with some powerful plays which helped them take the two first games, but in the end, it went all the way to a Game 5 as Galamo kept their cool and got a reverse sweep. It’s always interesting to see one of those! It’s not their only win, however as before this match Galamo had already won 3-1 over Nootz.

Disconnected Esports, so far this team is far from being disconnected with each other! They managed to get a sweep on stream against Lions Gaming. Every game in that series was close but this team showed that they can play under pressure and create some really good chances when needed to make some good shots. After this series they beat Primal Esports 3-1 which puts them in a very good spot. Fort Templar, this fort still isn’t damaged! Dormant Esports were very close in damaging it as they took 2 games from them and at some point, we were expecting a sweep but in the end Fort Templar managed to show their skills and got rewarded with a nice reverse sweep. Regulars also went up against them and were defeated 3-1. Despite this, the fort will need to have a lot of cement on it, because next week they will have a hard challenge ahead of them.

Overall in Week 4 of the Gamma Conference, the bottom/middle part is looking close, since the team that is in 8th place only has a 4-4 record and the 15th place has a 2-6 record. It’s anyone’s game to get a good position and the stakes are high! For now that’s going to be it, see you all next week!

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