Good evening IEL! Today we have a Monday-night Week 3 article featuring power rankings and writeups for every conference of the Prospect, Challenger, and Master leagues. With the first roster changes occurring you should also expect an article highlighting transfers in the coming week, so look forward to that!



  1. Bad Karma Esports (+3)
  2. Eidolon Esports (-)
  3. Dormant Esports (+2)
  4. Fort Templar (+5)
  5. Delta (+2)
  6. Tofu and Sons (+5)
  7. Deathmask Gaming (-4)
  8. Clairvoyant (-7)
  9. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-)
  10. Puncture (-4)
  11. Conquest (-1)
  12. Hyve Central (+4)
  13. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  14. eNightmare (+1)
  15. Ruyter Esports (-2)
  16. Lions Gaming (-2)
  17. Triumph (-)

The Mu conference has seen some large switch-arounds after some teams have picked up form and others have lost it and the table reflects that. The first team to talk about is Bad Karma Esports; this team seems to be the frontrunners of the conference after their continued success within all the weeks and only 1 loss so far. These boys are the favourites for the top spot at the end of the season and when the time for playoffs occurs. The other front runners in the division are Dormant and Eidolon both also at 5-1, Dormant are a real standout in this bunch as their team was only put together on deadline day and this bunch of players assembled at the last second have done extremely well to be in the position that they are in. Some of the teams that have lost form are Clairvoyant who have had a huge fall from grace dropping 7 positions after going 0-2 in week 3 after going unbeaten in the previous 2 weeks. It will be a test for Clairvoyant to come back from this disastrous week that has set them back to outside the playoff spots after being the only team to go unbeaten in the entire prospect league. The other team that has fallen from a good position is Conquest, they were the surprise top team after hopping into the 3rd position, but just like Clairvoyant they went 0-2 and have dropped down out of the playoff spaces. There are sure to be many new changes in the conference next week also so make sure to stay tuned into the results.


  1. Team Ascendant (+1)
  2. Reflux (+2)
  3. Primal Esports (+2)
  4. Disconnected Esports (+5)
  5. Regulars (+5)
  6. Nootz (+1)
  7. Team Berserkers (-1)
  8. Golden Age (-7)
  9. Prophecy (-1)
  10. Shadow Esports (-7)
  11. RL Ireland (-)
  12. Galamo Esports (+5)
  13. The Neon Flamingo (+1)
  14. Elated Esports (-1)
  15. Juicy eSports (-3)
  16. Built By Us (-1)
  17. Crossbar Heroes (-1)

Following Week 3, the Omega conference is as close as ever with only one team with a unique record and 10 out of the 17 teams sitting on records of 3-3 and 4-2.

Team Ascendant (5-1)

At the top, we find Team Ascendant who are the only team at 5-1 and the only team with a unique record. They proved their worth as early as Week 1 where they beat two of the top teams Team Berserkers and Reflux, and since getting those crucial wins, they are not showing any signs of budging. Next week they face Prophecy and Golden Age, both mid-table teams, and they must keep their heads cool and maintain their focus to avoid dropping any points.

Disconnected Esports (4-2)

Disconnected Esports may have struggled at the start of the season, failing to convincingly take a series, but in Week 3 they truly stepped up and have shown their true quality. Getting the best of mid-table side Shadow and beating top team Primal 3-1, they showed that they can not only win games but also compete with the very best. Next week they face RL Ireland and Golden Age, both of which sit on a record of 3-3, and they will have to replicate their results from last week if they are to win both games and gather a record of 6-2.

Juicy eSports (2-4)

Juicy have not had a great start to the season, finding themselves on a record of 2-4. Last week, they lost to 1st place Team Ascendant and – woefully – Crossbar Heroes who gained their first win of the season. That series was far below par as Crossbar Heroes kept them to a 4-game series, brushing them aside with relative ease. They need to find their form from when they beat Shadow because otherwise, they will struggle to get any wins. Next week, they face 4-2 Team Berserkers and Regulars in a week which will push them to the extent of their abilities.



  1. Dormant Esports (+2)
  2. Hyve Central (-1)
  3. Bad Karma Esports (-1)
  4. Built By Us (-)
  5. Fort Templar (+1)
  6. Eidolon Esports (-1)
  7. Shadow Esports (-)
  8. Lions Gaming (+3)
  9. Clairvoyant (-)
  10. Team Berserkers (-)
  11. RL Ireland (-3)
  12. Galamo Esports (-1)
  13. Regulars (-1)
  14. Triumph (+1)
  15. Delta (-1)
  16. Conquest (+1)
  17. eNightmare (-1)

Bad Karma

Bad Karma Esports had a week full of mixed results, suffering a hefty loss to Triumph with their sub (Axeltoss) and beating Regulars 3-1. Going into this week they were fully expected to go 2-0 over their opponents however doubts over whether Axeltoss is strong enough to maintain their solid record must be looming over them. Despite this they go into week facing against Hyve Central and Shadow Esports, this will be a week where the roster will either crumble or strengthen. Two tough opponents in which they could be looking to beat both but both games could go either way.

Hyve Central

Hyve Central faced off against Clairvoyant and Delta in week 3, a week where they fully expected to win both games, despite this, Clairvoyant pulled off a surprising victory, beating Hyve Central 3-1 as complete underdogs. Going into week 4, with nerves hanging over from week 3, Hyve will face against Team Berserkers in which they will expect to beat and against Bad Karma, a game which could go either way for both teams. Hyve, although losing their invincible record which is currently only still held by Dormant Esports, are still a scary team to face and unless they don’t show up on the day any team in the division will have an extremely tough game against these players.

RL Ireland

RL Ireland had a slow start to Season 6 by going 0-2 in week 1, they pulled their record back by going 2-2 and then went into week 3 facing some of the toughest opponents in the league. They suffered a heavy defeat to Eidolon Esports which wouldn’t have helped as their main main ‘Solo’ wasn’t able to play. A close game against Dormant Esports in which they took them to a game 5 over however penultimately taking another loss. Going into week 4, there will be questions asked of RL Ireland however they are fully capable of beating both Lions Gaming and Shadow Esports.

Game to watch – Hyve Central vs Bad Karma Esports

This match will be shown live on Bad Karma’s twitch channel and has quickly taken the name of “The Battle for 2nd Place”.


  1. Golden Age (-)
  2. Primal Esports (+2)
  3. Juicy eSports (-1)
  4. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (+3)
  5. Reflux (-)
  6. Nootz (-1)
  7. Elated Esports (-4)
  8. Crossbar Heroes (-)
  9. Team Peculiarity (-)
  10. Prophecy (+4)
  11. Disconnected Esports (+1)
  12. Puncture (-2)
  13. Deathmask Gaming (-)
  14. Ruyter Esports (-3)
  15. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  16. Tofu and Sons (+1)
  17. Team Ascendant (-1)

Firstly, we’ll take a look at some of the teams that had notable performances in Week 3.

Elated Esports (3-3)

This team were placed in the higher end of the table after week 2, but a disappointing week 3 performance has resulted in a firmly mid-table position at this point in the season. Elated suffered a poor 3-1 defeat to Deathmask Gaming in their first game of the week, which was followed by failing to take a single game off Puncture. This team can definitely perform on their day, as they are the only team to have beaten Auto Celerity this season. They will hope to find that form in the coming week and make sure the last two series were just a blip.

Deathmask Gaming (2-4)

Deathmask have had an interesting season so far. On the one hand, their 2-4 record and position at 13th in the table is nothing to write home about. But they are showing a few signs of turning this form around, and genuinely becoming contenders for the playoff spots this season. They picked up a win over the aforementioned Elated Esports side last week, and certainly played their part in taking down that team who were in the higher end of the table at that time. Their other match saw them lose in a hard-fought game 5 series against one of the league’s top teams, Juicy Esports. All this definitely shows that they have potential to be much higher in the league than they currently are placed. Next I’ll go over a couple of the key matchups to watch out for this week.

Team Ascendant (0-6) vs Tofu and Sons (0-6) Some would say this is the biggest matchup of the season. All eyes will certainly be on this clash as these two fight to avoid the bottom spot in the conference. Tofu and Sons boast a dreadful 31% game win ratio, with Ascendant undercutting them with a dismal 14%. Half of the former’s series so far have been lost in a game 5, so they will be hungry to put aside those demons and take their first victory of the season. You can catch this matchup on the IEL twitch at 8pm BST this Wednesday, and see which of these teams will get their first win of the season, and who will become the only winless team in the Zeta Conference.

Primal Esports (5-1) vs Reflux (4-2)

Primal are on a hot streak at the moment, having swept 3 of their last 4 series. However the game in that group in which they failed to shut out their opponents was a close game 5 victory over the very low-placed Tofu and Sons. This shows that they do have weaknesses that can be exploited, and reflux will hope to take advantage of that. Reflux themselves also beat Tofu and Sons 3-2 in their match all the way back in week 1, and have kept a steady winning record ever since, currently sitting in the playoff wildcard positions. Both of these teams will want to push on towards the very top spots in the table, so this should be a good one.



  1. Deathmask Gaming (+1)
  2. Eidolon Esports (-1)
  3. Clairvoyant (-)
  4. Tofu and Sons (+2)
  5. Elated Esports (-1)
  6. eNightmare (+3)
  7. Shadow Esports (+3)
  8. Team Ascendant (-1)
  9. Hyve Central (-4)
  10. Juicy eSports (+2)
  11. Built By Us (-3)
  12. Team Peculiarity (-1)
  13. Golden Age (+1)
  14. Puncture (-1)
  15. Delta (+1)
  16. Triumph (+1)
  17. Team Berserkers (-2)

Here we are for another analysis of this week’s games! Starting with the top 5, Deathmask are on top of the power rankings, winning both of their matches. Meanwhile, Eidolon had a loss against eNightmare, the first loss for them this season, which made them drop a place in the rankings. Elated didn’t win a single match this week, dropping a position while Tofu and Sons won both of their games, putting them in the top 5.

As for the mid-table, the biggest climbs go to eNightmare and Shadow, with the former winning both of their series, one of them against Eidolon (3-2). Shadow only swept Built By Us, but they benefit from Hyve and Ascendant’s losses as well (with Ascendant dropping a position and Hyve losing to Delta, struggling to win). Hyve had the biggest drop in this week’s power rankings, with a drop of four positions, which is followed by Built By Us, dropping three positions. Juicy swept Elated, a Top 5 team, but also got swept by Triumph, which could’ve been detrimental to the power rankings, but the losses of Built By Us and Peculiarity helped in that regard.

At the bottom, Golden Age’s two wins against bottom teams made them get up a position, with Delta and Triumph also getting that benefit due to their first wins. Berserkers dropped to last again, still yet to get a win. Puncture also dropped, however, one was a game against a team that has a higher position in the rankings, so that can be a consideration for next week’s power rankings, depending on how they do.

That’s all for this week! We will see how the next one goes, and what impact it will have on the league tables.


  1. Bad Karma Esports (-)
  2. RL Ireland (-)
  3. Galamo Esports (-)
  4. Fort Templar (-)
  5. Disconnected Esports (+1)
  6. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-1)
  7. Reflux (+10)
  8. Nootz (+2)
  9. Regulars (-)
  10. Conquest (-2)
  11. Primal Esports (-4)
  12. Dormant Esports (-1)
  13. Crossbar Heroes (+2)
  14. Lions Gaming (-1)
  15. Prophecy (-3)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (-)
  17. Ruyter Esports (-3)

Another week of league play has come to an end, and there are some interesting matches to review, let’s get into it!

Related to the top franchises, the top 4 standings didn’t change compared to last week, however, from 3rd to 5th place there is a 3,68% difference between the teams. Bad Karma still remains undefeated with a 6-0 record, sweeping Lions Gaming and beating Nootz 3-1 last week. Bad Karma is continuing to show their power so far in this conference. There hasn’t been any team besides Nootz and Galamo that have been able to take any games off them. Will this unbeatable record continue throughout the season? We will not know until the end of the season, this could be an interesting talking point to look out for.

Talking about being dominant, we have RL Ireland and Galamo. Both teams had some good results which showed that they want to keep their spot on the top 4. Both teams did an interesting decision in bringing in their wildcard substitute player. However, RL Ireland decided to use it on both of their games, managing an amazing sweep over Dormant Esports and a very close battle against Crossbar Heroes, which ended in a Game 5 win for CH. This puts them at 5 wins and 1 very close loss so the other teams in the conference need to watch out for them. Galamo only used their wildcard once against Neon Flamingo which turned out in a 3-1 lost.

After that game it was Ruyter Esports’s turn, they had a solid lineup going forward not to mention that Game 1 was a close one but in the end they got swept by Galamo, which helped them get a 4-2 record. All of these teams are holding a good record but Fort Templar is still holding down their fort quite well, with a 2-0 this week which turned their record from 2-2 to 4-2. The wins were against Conquest – where it ended up in a very close/solid reverse sweep win – and Neon Flamingo, where their neon was removed by losing in 4 games to Fort Templar.

Overall in Week 3 of the Gamma Conference, there were a couple of interesting upsets and some teams lurking in the rankings, however, this can all be easily changed as there are seven teams with a 2-4 record and four teams with a 4-2 record. It has literally been a roller coaster of emotions for all these teams, and we can’t wait to cover what will happen these next upcoming weeks! That’s all for this week, thanks for reading and make sure to stick around to pay attention to this journey.

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