Good evening IEL, hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! This week we yet again have power rankings for every conference of the Prospect, Challenger and Master leagues, and even a writeup for the Omega conference! That’s right, you finally get your long-awaited writeup mentioning every team!



  1. Clairvoyant (+1)
  2. Eidolon Esports (+9)
  3. Deathmask Gaming (-2)
  4. Bad Karma Esports (+5)
  5. Dormant Esports (+3)
  6. Puncture (+5)
  7. Delta (-3)
  8. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-4)
  9. Fort Templar (+7)
  10. Conquest (-7)
  11. Tofu and sons (+3)
  12. Team Peculiarity (+1)
  13. Ruyter Esports (-1)
  14. Lions Gaming (-8)
  15. eNightmare (-8)
  16. Hyve Central (+1)
  17. Triumph (-2)

The week started off with Deathmask sweeping Triumph, followed with some fairly even matches, especially Delta vs Auto Celerity where Delta pulled through a rough win against the former champions. Auto Celerity came back with a 3-0 sweep against last placed-Triumph. Tofu and Sons did great work against conquest winning without dropping a game. Clairvoyant are still defending 1st place with 2 wins this week. They did struggle against Delta so are they going to lose next week?


  1. Golden Age (+5)
  2. Team Ascendant (+14)
  3. Shadow Esports (-1)
  4. Reflux (+7)
  5. Primal Esports (-2)
  6. Team Berserkers (+3)
  7. Nootz (-6)
  8. Prophecy (-3)
  9. Disconnected Esports (-5)
  10. Regulars (-)
  11. RL Ireland (-3)
  12. Juicy eSports (-)
  13. Elated Esports (-)
  14. The Neon Flamingo (-7)
  15. Built By Us (-1)
  16. Crossbar Heroes (-1)
  17. Galamo Esports (-)

After two of weeks of gameplay, the Omega conference is extremely close. Week 3 should help determine where some of the teams truly belong and the standings should start taking shape.

At the top of the conference, there is a 6-way tie of teams with a record of 3-1. Team Ascendant hold the highest winning percentage after sweeping Built By Us and Galamo as well as beating Reflux 3-1. However, losing to Team Berserkers shows that they do not have an edge above the other 3-1 teams. This part of the table is extremely close as Ascendant – who lost to Team Berserkers – beat Reflux who swept Berserkers. Golden Age are also looking good, but have not shown their true quality, only beating lower teams and being swept by a top team in Shadow. Currently there does not seem to be any way of separating them, but with Week 3 holding fixtures such as Reflux-Golden Age and Primal-Disconnected, it should become clearer who is better than who.

In the middle of the pack, we find 8 teams with a record of 2-2. The biggest talking point has to be Nootz who – after being tipped to replicate Auto Celerity’s showing from Season 5 and winning the whole league – have failed to live up to expectations. Even with star players Dynomite and nerivell, they have failed to deliver which shows that this is a team game rather than an individual one. After falling to Regulars and Primal they do not look like the untouchable team they were made out to be, but it is certainly not over yet as they still have 12 series to play for.

Prophecy is at the top of the middle by winning percentage and have shown that they can be above the other middle teams after beating Primal and RL Ireland. They did just about fall to The Neon Flamingo in Week 1, which shows their vulnerability.

Disconnected Esports have shown quality but must close out series next week as they face top sides Shadow and Primal.

RL Ireland have not shown much promise, losing to Prophecy and Regulars, two mid-table teams and must perform next week against Nootz and Built By Us.

Regulars have shown that they have quality after beating Nootz and Crossbar Heroes as well as getting to Game 5 with Disconnected Esports and will be looking to upset the untested Golden Age next week.

The Neon Flamingo just edged out Built By Us and Prophecy in Week 1, but after losing to RL Ireland and Berserkers in Week 2 they don’t look too threatening.

Elated Esports have not been great, but caught Disconnected and RL Ireland off guard last week and will be looking to continue their hot streak against Regulars and Prophecy.

At the very bottom, we have Built By Us, Crossbar Heroes, and Galamo, none of which have been able to pull off a series win. BBU look the best after getting to Game 5 against Neon Flamingo and Berserkers, and losses to top teams Prophecy and Ascendant last week means that they should have easier games ahead.

Crossbar Heroes don’t look absolutely hopeless either as they managed to get Shadow and Regulars to Game 5, but being swept by Disconnected and Golden Age shows they are not ready for the top. Galamo have showed some promise, with the dramatic Game 5 overtime nailbiter of a series on stream against Reflux highlighting their ability to come close against better teams. Otherwise, however, it has not been great as they were swept by Team Ascendant and lost 3-1 to Golden Age and Juicy. They must pick up their pieces and outdo themselves if they are to stand any chance against Team Berserkers and Shadow Esports next week.



  1. Hyve Central (+1)
  2. Bad Karma (-1)
  3. Dormant Esports (+1)
  4. Built By Us (+2)
  5. Eidolon Esports (-)
  6. Fort Templar (-3)
  7. Shadow Esports (+7)
  8. RL Ireland (+5)
  9. Clairvoyant (-)
  10. Team Berserkers (-2)
  11. Lions Gaming (-)
  12. Regulars (-5)
  13. Galamo Esports (-3)
  14. Delta (+3)
  15. Triumph (-3)
  16. eNightmare (-1)
  17. Conquest (-)

For this week, Hyve take the edge over Bad Karma to clinch the top spot on the power rankings. Hyve have had a tougher week than Bad Karma facing off against Eidolon Esports on stream. However, even with Bad Karma having a far easier week facing eNightmare and Galamo Esports, they still kept the same record as Bad Karma, giving them the edge.

The rest of the teams that make up the top 5 are Dormant Esports, Built By Us and Eidolon Esports.

Dormant are the only roster left with a 4-0 record outside of the top 2 which was well earned as their stream game against Fort Templar suggested. The one player who has stood out for them is tburger who scored a nasty double tap which contributed to the denial of a reverse sweep. Then we have Built By Us, who have redeemed themselves after a very disappointing week 1 record. With the big 3 of Lionrawless, Bryn and Drumzorz all stepping up this week to bring them to a 3-1 record. Finally we have Eidolon Esports. Eidolon took a blow when they lost 3-2 on stream against Hyve Central, but they have managed to keep a solid 2-2 record which lands them a spot in the top 5.

Then in the middle of the pack we have a team that has made a huge jump up in the power rankings this week in the form of Shadow Esports. The team that took home the title in challenger last season seemed to have dropped off, but a great week 2 comeback bailed themselves out of a sticky situations and they will look to carry their momentum into week 3. Another large jump also occurred with RL Ireland as they moved up 5 positions this week.

A team that has had a poor week is Regulars as they drop into the lower half of the table and fall by 5 positions in the power rankings.

Finally, the two teams yet to get a win are eNightmare and Conquest. Conquest is the team I will focus on as their season looks doomed after they lost their high DSN player Malice recently, the big question over the head of Ard is if he can find an admirable replacement before it is too late.


  1. Golden Age (+1)
  2. Juicy eSports (+2)
  3. Elated Esports (-)
  4. Primal Esports (+9)
  5. Reflux (-4)
  6. Nootz (-1)
  7. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (-)
  8. Crossbar Heroes (-)
  9. Team Peculiarity (-3)
  10. Puncture (-)
  11. Ruyter Esports (-2)
  12. Disconnected Esports(+4)
  13. Deathmask Gaming (-2)
  14. Prophecy (+1)
  15. The Neon Flamingo (+2)
  16. Team Ascendant (-4)
  17. Tofu and Sons (-3)

Primal Esports (3-1)

Sitting level on W/L and game % with the top two spots, this team surged towards the top of the table in week 2. They picked up sweep wins over Deathmask Gaming and Team Peculiarity after going 1-1 in the first week. Their series against Peculiarity was a fairly well-fought affair with all 1-goal games. This came after an emphatic win in their other game, conceding only two goals in three games.

Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (3-1)

In a similar start to the season as Primal, Auto Celerity achieved two wins in week 2 to make a 3-1 record in total. Their player Joel is leading the challenger goalscorer table with 30 goals so far, so this team has some serious firepower. They dropped just one game to The Neon Flamingo, and swept Puncture this week, so are certainly a team who could do very well in the rest of league play.

Disconnected Esports (2-2)

This team’s fortunes have changed dramatically over the course of week 2. Before the games they sat winless, having fallen 3-1 in both their week 1 matches. In their first game of the week, they reversed this scoreline and took a 3-1 victory against Tofu and Sons. They then used this momentum and comfortably beat Team Ascendant without dropping a game. This resurgence could continue in week 3, so watch out for this team.

Prophecy (1-3)

Prophecy are a team that can be slightly frustrated with their season so far. After losing two very close series in the first week, they lost yet another game 5 to Crossbar Heroes in their first game of this week. They fought back from these results to take a game 5 win of their own in their match with Elated Esports. They sit near the bottom of the table now, but they have only suffered narrow losses so far, so they could definitely turn their season around in the weeks to come.



  1. Eidolon Esports (-)
  2. Deathmask Gaming (+1)
  3. Clairvoyant (-1)
  4. Elated Esports (+1)
  5. Hyve Central (-1)
  6. Tofu and Sons (+2)
  7. Team Ascendant (+2)
  8. Built By Us (-2)
  9. eNightmare (-2)
  10. Shadow Esports (-)
  11. Team Peculiarity (+2)
  12. Juicy eSports (+2)
  13. Puncture (-2)
  14. Golden age (-2)
  15. Team Berserkers (+2)
  16. Delta (-1)
  17. Triumph (-1)

Week 2 has finished, and for this week, we had less changes in the ranking compared to last week, with those being small as well.

This time, we start at the bottom: Delta, Triumph and Berserkers are in the bottom three, with none of the teams winning. However, Berserkers has a higher winning percentage than the other two, also going against some hard teams in the last 4 matches, which put them on top of the other two winless teams.

A bit above the bottom teams, Golden Age and Puncture both dropped 2 positions, mostly due to Team Peculiarity’s win over Built By Us (3-2) and the wins Juicy had over eNightmare and Delta (3-0 and 3-2 respectively). Peculiarity and Juicy both had increases and are now closer to the top 10.

In the mid-table, We saw Tofu and Sons and Ascendant to get higher, with Tofu and Sons beating eNightmare (3-0) and Golden Age (3-2). As for the ones that fell in the table, this was mostly due to them not winning a single series, with one of the losses from both of the teams being against a lower ranked team.

In the top 5, Eidolon continue very strong with sweeps against Shadow Esports and Triumph, maintaining their first place in the league and rankings. Deathmask won against Clairvoyant (3-2), which made them get into the second place of the rankings, with the win against Delta also being essential to get above Clairvoyant, which was placed second last week.

To end it, Elated won both of their series continuing their unbeaten run this season, tied with Eidolon in the first place, showing that they are going to be one of the toughest teams of this conference. Hyve Central lost against Elated (3-1), however, they won against Built By Us (3-1), making them drop a position which was influenced mostly by the loss against Elated.

That’s it! We will see how next week goes, but it’s going to get clearer which teams are weaker and which ones are stronger as time goes on.


  1. Bad Karma Esports (+1)
  2. RL Ireland (+1)
  3. Galamo Esports (+1)
  4. Fort Templar (-3)
  5. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) (+3)
  6. Disconnected Esports
  7. Primal Esports (+7)
  8. Conquest (+3)
  9. Regulars (+3)
  10. Nootz (+3)
  11. Dormant Esports (-2)
  12. Prophecy (+4)
  13. Lions Gaming (-8)
  14. Ruyter Esports (+1)
  15. Crossbar Heroes (-5)
  16. The Neon Flamingo (+1)
  17. Reflux (-10)

Another week of league play has passed in a flash, and it’s time to review this week’s matchups. At the top of the table, we find Bad Karma and RL Ireland, both of which remain undefeated with a perfect 4-0 record heading into Week 3. Bad Karma swept both Crossbar Heroes and The Neon Flamingo to take the top spot in the conference, with RL Ireland beating Disconnected Esports and Lions Gaming to maintain their unbeaten streak.

Next up, we find a Galamo roster who went 2-0 in this past week, sweeping Lions Gaming and defeating Regulars in four games to claim their spot as a firm contender for the top spots in the Gamma Conference with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, only losing in 5 games to Bad Karma in Week 1. Auto Celerity also find themselves with a record of 3-1 after narrowly making it past Dormant Esports and Ruyter Esports, carrying on their streak of all of their series going all the way to Game 5. A whole host of teams are currently left with 2 wins and 2 losses, including last week’s first place team Fort Templar, along with six others such as Primal and Conquest.

Despite only being two weeks into league play, all of the teams in the Gamma Conference have picked up a win, unlike the Alpha Conference, where three teams remain without a series win to their name. This could foreshadow a tight season with lots of drama and upsets, so be sure to stay tuned to find out what happens in the forthcoming weeks!

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