Good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a great Monday! For the very first article of Season 6, we have power rankings for each of the conferences in the Prospect, Challenger, and Master Leagues. (Olympus will come later). These power rankings are more than likely going to be incorrect and are purely based on opinions, scrims, DSN, and the pre-season tournaments. We also have an interview with the newest GM in the IEL, tburger. Please enjoy!


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  1. Clairvoyant
  2. Deathmask Gaming
  3. Bad Karma Esports
  4. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL)
  5. Fort Templar
  6. Puncture
  7. Eidolon Esports
  8. eNightmare
  9. Hyve Central
  10. Triumph
  11. Ruyter Esports
  12. Tofu and Sons
  13. Lions Gaming
  14. Team Peculiarity
  15. Delta
  16. Conquest
  17. Dormant Esports


With the increased cap for this season, the prospect division looks stronger than ever, with most players being in the 1300-1400 DSN range, this installment of the prospect division is looking to be the highest quality and most competitive to date. Focusing on the Mu conference, the general consensus of the community seems to be that this side of the division is the weaker of the two; however, that doesn’t mean that they are not still some great teams and players lurking within the conference.

While it could be argued that the omega conference has the predicted powerhouse teams in the division; however that doesn’t mean there is nothing in the Mu conference. Two top teams in Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) and Bad Karma Esports reside in Mu and although they have a full new roster they will be looking to emulate the success of the prior season. Bad Karma have brought in the duo of Tani and Borisah to play alongside Buddha and finally, Crusader who has come down from challenger for this season, and this can only be seen as a positive for this team who look very strong on paper. Staying in the same lines, Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) are looking to replicate the championship of last season with the likes of Zukrooo who is one of the highest prospect players DSN-wise. This team will certainly be looking to take over from the monumental season that was had last season.

Another strong team in this conference is definitely Clairvoyant, the winners of the preseason tournament are looking strong this season with GM Crazi back playing and looking to add to last season’s core of Deadeye who himself will be looking to finally get the positive results he wants in the Prospect division. There will certainly be other competing teams in the Mu conference with other front runners looking like the Tutan lead Deathmask Gaming, last season’s playoff contenders in Puncture and the new franchise Fort Templar.




  1. Nootz
  2. Disconnected Esports
  3. Primal Esports
  4. Prophecy
  5. Golden Age
  6. Built By Us
  7. Reflux
  8. Shadow Esports
  9. Elated Esports
  10. Team Berserkers
  11. The Neon Flamingo
  12. Regulars
  13. RL Ireland
  14. Juicy
  15. Crossbar Heroes
  16. Team Ascendant
  17. Galamo Esports


Unfortunately, there is no writeup for the Omega conference this week, but we have provided power rankings!





  1. Built By Us
  2. Clairvoyant 
  3. Fort Templar 
  4. Team Berserkers 
  5. Eidolon Esports 
  6. Hyve Central 
  7. Dormant Esports
  8. Galamo Esports 
  9. Bad Karma Esports
  10. Lions Gaming 
  11. Regulars 
  12. RL Ireland 
  13. Shadow Esports
  14. eNightmare
  15. Conquest
  16. Triumph 
  17. Delta


Just like in season 5, the Delta conference is looking highly competitive with a lot of teams in that conference already proving themselves to be fierce competitors. 


At the top of the Delta conference lies Built By Us. They took a lot of people by surprise when they won the challenger preseason tournament. And with Chung recently acquiring the services of Drumzorz, this roster looks deadly. 


The teams on the heels of BBU are Clairvoyant and Fort Templar. Clairvoyant’s challenger roster has got one thing that many other rosters don’t have at this stage, and that is high level chemistry. With Kingy, Jake and Domlongy being teammates for a very long time, we can expect them to be punishing teams early on in league play with their superior chemistry and smoother rotations, and as for Fort Templar, one player in particular who goes by the name of Magik turned heads last season, taking his Auto Celerity challenger roster from an 0-5 record, to a playoff spot. And impressively, they ended up finishing 3rd in challenger, so Magik will be looking to have an even better this season with Fort Templar. 


In the hunt for top 3 status is Team Berserkers, Eidolon Esports and Hyve Central. Team Berserkers were the first team to secure a win this season for challenger when they beat RL Ireland 3-1 on Sunday, they will be looking to build off that in the coming days. Eidolon on paper looks like a one man team with CammyB having a DSN of 1598, so as long as Cammy lives up to his expensive price tag, Eidolon could be looking at a top 5 finish. Just outside the top 5 are Hyve Central, who boast a total DSN of 6097, they will be looking to show why they’re one of the highest DSN teams in the league with a good start to the season.

In the middle of the pack we have teams such as Bad Karma Esports and Lions Gaming. Bad Karma go into this season with 2 league champions in Kiiers and Sup3rm4nX, the big question is if they can  carry across the winning reputation that Bad Karma have over to season 6. Just behind Bad Karma in the power rankings are Lions Gaming, Lions could surprise some people if they can maintain a winning form as they have showcased their ability to take down teams such as Eidolon Esports during the preseason. 


The 3 teams at the bottom of the Delta conference are Conquest, Triumph and Delta. 

Going into the season, Conquest are looking to redeem themselves after a poor showing in season 5, finishing dead last in the franchise standings, this roster seems heavily reliant on Malice, who has come down from the master division and is looking to cement himself as a force to be reckoned with this season. And finally, as for the bottom two teams (Triumph and Delta) the main reason for their low power rankings is due to the low DSN total each roster posses, with both rosters only having a single player over 1500 DSN.




  1. Crossbar Heroes
  2. Disconnected Esports
  3. Reflux
  4. Deathmask Gaming
  5. Team Ascendant
  6. Golden Age
  7. Ruyter Esports
  8. Team Peculiarity
  9. Elated Esports
  10. The Neon Flamingo
  11. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL)
  12. Puncture
  13. Juicy eSports
  14. Primal Esports
  15. Prophecy
  16. Tofu and Sons
  17. Nootz


For this writeup, I’ll be outlining a few teams to watch out for, as well as giving previews of some key matchups coming up in the first week of action.


Crossbar Heroes

This team has gone all out in terms of DSN, and they should be a formidable force in the Zeta Conference. Going for a substitute (C_Submerged) with almost minimum DSN, they have a main roster all with DSNs above 1540. ItsCalski and captain crexioN both reached the playoffs with their respective teams last season and Lovelycans was an IEL Champion in season 4, so there is a lot of IEL pedigree in this roster. They will be hoping to assert their dominance this season, and a week 1 matchup with the aforementioned Team Ascendant will give them a good chance to do that.


Team Ascendant

Another team who nearly maxed out on DSN, this team fits in just 6 below the upper team cap. The roster itself is fairly evenly spread out, with the highest and lowest players being just 89 DSN apart. The main roster for the season will consist of Azazel, who was part of Eidolon’s dominating league play performance last season, the team captain NeoN, and Stypher. They will be backed up by surely the best challenger substitute the league has ever seen, Crispy. NeoN, Stypher and Crispy made up the Team Ascendant roster that reached playoffs back in Prospect Season 4, so this team will hope to relight that fire and put in a good performance this season.


Tofu and Sons

A brand new franchise for season 6, this team will be eager to make an impression. Fathering the team is the GM TofuElliot, who after losing in the Challenger League Grand Final last season, will be hoping to go one better and win it all this time around. Joining him is Beastbound, who also made Challenger Playoffs last season with Auto Celerity. Completing the team is Colin and Jacob. With week 1 clashes with Reflux and Team Peculiarity, this team will hope to make an impact on the Conference.


Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) vs Prophecy

Both of these teams have main rosters with DSNs of over 1500, so we should be in for a fairly evenly-matched contest in this one. Auto Celerity were champions of the prospect league last season, so they’ll be eager to use that winning formula in challenger this season, and Prophecy should be a good test for them in the first week.


Disconnected Esports vs Golden Age

One new franchise for season 6, and one rebranded franchise. Disconnected GM Roks is also the captain of the challenger team, and after losing in the Grand Final for the past two seasons, he will surely be wanting to go one better this time. Golden Age awaits them in the first week, and captain Keryx will be wanting to get his season off to a good start and do well for this first-time franchise run by his season 5 prospect league teammate Styled.


Nootz vs Primal Esports

Two returning franchises, both of these teams will be wanting a good season 6 performance. Nootz’ roster has one player, Mizery, standing 100 DSN above the next highest player in the team, so he will be hoping to get the carry and win the game for the team. Primal have a more evenly spread out roster, and DaSnake is definitely a player to watch – his season 4 team, Insanity Prospect, had one of the best league play performances ever in IEL, so there is clear potential in this team. This should be a matchup to watch out for in the first week.


Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL) 3-2 Prophecy

Disconnected Esports 3-2 Golden Age

Primal Esports 3-1 Nootz






  1. Eidolon Esports – 6975 
  2. Deathmask Gaming – 6972
  3. Hyve central – 6931
  4. BBU – 6907
  5. Clairvoyant – 6904
  6. Tofu and Sons – 6894
  7. Puncture – 6893
  8. Elated Esports – 6868
  9. Shadow Esports – 6867
  10. eNightmare – 6851
  11.  Team Ascendant – 6823
  12. Delta – 6822
  13. Triumph – 6814
  14. Golden age – 6785
  15. Team peculiarity – 6757
  16. Juicy eSports – 6755
  17. Team Berserkers – 6733


For the Alpha division, the top dogs are Eidolon, Deathmask Gaming, Hyve Central, Built By Us and Clairvoyant, all of them with 6900+ DSN rosters. Hyve Central and Clairvoyant reached the pre-season tournament finals, with Hyve winning it all and Clairvoyant being top of the group where Eidolon was, which ended behind this team, so it’s going to be interesting to see how these teams will do in league play. As for the mid-table teams, they will look to get that wildcard spot to go to playoffs or even a direct qualification spot, those being Tofu and Sons, Puncture, Elated Esports, Shadow Esports and eNightmare, all of them with a 6850+ DSN roster. As for the bottom teams, it will be interesting to see their performances and how they will do, but on paper, they are at the bottom of the barrel.

Team Peculiarity is going to be an interesting one, they ended up second in the pre-season tournament group stage, finishing behind Hyve Central and higher than Tofu and Sons and Golden Age, winning against both of these teams, so they can well be a hard team to deal with.

For now, we can only do predictions, as we only saw these teams doing scrims and the pre-season tournament, so when league play starts, we will have a better idea of the quality of the teams.




  1. Bad Karma Esports
  2. RL Ireland
  3. Reflux
  4. Fort Templar
  5. Crossbar Heroes
  6. Dormant Esports
  7. Auto Celerity (UK Uni RL)
  8. Lions Gaming
  9. Disconnected Esports
  10. Galamo Esports
  11. Nootz
  12. Conquest
  13. Regulars
  14. Ruyter Esports
  15. Primal Esports
  16. The Neon Flamingo
  17. Prophecy


Heading into the first week of League Play, all of the teams in the Gamma Conference will be looking to prove themselves in this early stage of the season, to put them in a good position for the rest of the season. However, by signing players that have already experienced success in IEL, some teams will already have an edge over those that have chosen to sign new talent from the free agency pool. One of the teams that have signed experienced players is Bad Karma, with Season 4 finalist NuggeT and last season’s third-placed finisher Crusher teaming up with Brad and DLynch for this upcoming season. Another team to watch out for this season will be RL Ireland as they only fell short last season in the grand final to Bad Karma, after winning the master league in season 4. They will be relying on familiar face Jxffa to help guide them to their second master title.


Looking towards the middle of the pack, we find teams like Nootz, who have chosen to acquire SlenderMoss, a player highly rated by many people, however this has come at a cost of only being able to afford three lower DSN players to complete their roster. Captain and GM BubbleZ led his challenger team to a surprise third-placed finish in the playoffs last season, and he’ll be looking to take his new roster even further this time. Primal Esports, who were at the top of their conference last season, however fell short in the playoffs, and with captain Solarr’s years of experience in the IEL, he’ll be wanting to guide his players towards the title.




For the first interview of Season 6, I sat down and had a chat with tburger, the GM of the newest franchise, Dormant Esports. Dormant were a late addition to the long list of franchises, replacing R5 Esports just days before roster lock. In this short interview, he talks about putting together three teams in three days, Dormant’s aims for the season, and sends a threatening message to his opponents.


andasAP: Please introduce yourself and your franchise.


tburger: Hi, my name is tburger and I’m the GM of Dormant Esports.


andasAP: It’s your first season as a GM, what are your aspirations heading into the season?


tburger: Well, I’d like all my teams to win playoffs obviously, but being realistic, I’d like all my teams to be competing for playoffs spots. My main goal for the season is to give players experience playing at a high level and experience competing.


andasAP: Unfortunately, you had a very tight time-constraint to put together three teams, how difficult was it, and do you think you can still do well, despite that obstacle?


tburger: It wasn’t easy, to be honest, and it was probably the most stressful weekend of my life. But then again, I was quite happy to take on the challenge and it was honestly quite fun. I think all three of my rosters have strong players in them and are determined to do the best of their ability, and of course, being the GM, I will back them completely as much as I can and as much as they need me.


andasAP: Which of your teams should we look out for coming into the season?


tburger: My challenger team have shown through scrims that we are a force to be reckoned with although I’m not trying to do a Reflux Season 3, although both the master and prospect teams have shown some serious potential by demolishing some strong teams which I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Both of those teams are definitely underdogs but will be looking to nick some of the top spots over the top franchises in their respective leagues.


andasAP: Any closing words?


tburger: Just to check, I’m not liable for any emotional damages when we beat you guys this season, right?


andasAP: Haha, of course not.


tburger: Best to luck to everyone this season, I’ve got a good feeling it’s gonna be a special one.


andasAP: Thanks for your time, best of luck with the season! Much appreciated other than that Reflux Season 3 reference…


tburger: Hahahaha, I’m sorry I just had to bring it up.

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