IEL Season 5 Week 8 | Stream Previews

Some of these previews have already been played, but they were sent to the casters for some talking points, so feel free to have a sneak-peak at what they were looking at. There are still some remaining games on stream that are previewed here, so give it a read to better your knowledge on the teams for the streams!




Tuesday evening we will see a clash between the Gamma powerhouses Eidolon Esports and The Swanky Squad. It is promising to be a game of high quality with Eidolon placed 2nd and Swanky Squad at 5th and it might decide the seeds each team gets.

The Swanky Squad come into this game as the slight underdog as they are placed 5th with a record of 9-5. Last week they beat two of the lower teams, Prophecy and Juicy, and will be looking to continue their win streak into the last week of league play. It is crucial for them to win both games next week to get the best possible seed heading into playoffs. Although the series scores from last week suggest they won the series comfortably, it was actually very close with 6 out of 7 games being one-goal games. They must try to keep those close games in their favour to beat Eidolon. Eidolon Esports have had a great season, going 11-3 and currently sat in 2nd place they are comfortably within a playoff spot. Last week was a success as they swept Conquest and just edged out Team Berserkers in a 5-game series. Coming so close against Berserkers may be worrying as they are placed lower than The Swanky Squad, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.


The very final game of league play in Season 5 will take place between DéjàVu and Primal in the Alpha conference of the Master League and will surely be an electrifying clash. Both teams are currently placed at the top of the table, DéjàVu in 1st and Primal in 3rd. DéjàVu have had a season to remember as – ahead of the final week – have gotten the better of their opponents in 12 out of 14 games, and with a remarkable winning percentage of 70%, sit on the very top of the Alpha conference. Last week, they lost to Hit or Miss which was a substantial upset, however, they did well to fend off Austrian Force. In that Austrian Force-series, NuggeT was the main man as he bagged himself 8 goals 5 assists, and with the whole team scoring 5 goals in 3 out of 4 games, they are absolute unit offensively. Primal did not have a good week as they suffered defeats to Auto Celerity and R5. Both of those teams are of considerable quality, however, if Primal wish to have a chance against DéjàVu they must be able to win such games. They do have a record of 11-3 and as two of the three losses occurred last week that may not have accurately reflected their true quality. Last week they conceded 2.9 goals per game which is not going to be good enough against DéjàVu. Against R5, Feral was their most valuable player as he scored 8 out of the team’s 13 goals and he must be backed up this Friday. This top-of-the-table clash is shaping up to a belter of a series and with the team’s playstyles is bound to be an entertaining one.



Tonight’s challenger-clash takes place in the Delta conference and will be decisive for who gets the last few wildcard spots. A must-win game for Galamo and a chance for eNightmare to redeem themselves. Heading into this game, Galamo Esports are placed 7th and have a record of 9-6. They currently sit rather safe in a wildcard playoff spot, but a win today is pivotal if they are to obtain it. If they were to lose, Reflux is knocking on the door and may just snatch their spot. Galamo are currently coming out of a decent week where they beat Clairvoyant and lost to CrossFade. This week, they have already played against Vinctio where they got all the way to game 5, which is a good sign heading into the final game tonight. In their games, they tend to have a rather well-rounded playstyle with no player scoring way more than the others. One mishap with their gameplay, however, is that they can tend to let games go out of hand. In the last two games against Clairvoyant last week, they conceded 10 goals (5 goals conceded per game). They must sort this out against eNightmare tonight. Although eNightmare are currently 12th in the, they are a team of great quality. Currently, with a record of 7-8, they will be looking to shake the ground against Galamo who are still in contention for playoffs. They had a good start to league play but unfortunately dropped off in the middle of the season. However, they have come back since and were close to snatching a playoff spot before last week where they ruined their chances. In that last week, they lost to Vinctio and – woefully – Lions, which was a huge blow for the mid-table side. Yesterday, they played against CrossFade who are currently 2nd. In that game, they managed to get to 5 games which is a great sign. If they are able to perform like that against a team of CrossFade’s calibre, they certainly stand a chance against Galamo. In that series against CrossFade, Andyux was their top scorer as he scored 6 out of their 9 goals. Andyux will need support from his teammates upfront, and they will overall need to create more chances and score more goals as they lacked that yesterday.



The Swanky Squad 2-3 Eidolon Esports

DéjàVu eSports 3-1 Primal Esports

Galamo 3-2 eNightmare



Prospect Reflux (5-10) vs The Swanky Squad (5-10) – Wednesday 7pm BST

These two teams sit on the same win-loss record in the Omega Conference, so the first match of tonight’s stream should be a tight one. It’s both of their last matches of the season, and despite not having anything tangible to play for, both of these teams will be eager to end on a high and secure the most respectable finishing record possible. Both these teams lost earlier in the week, for Reflux this came in the form of a sweep by RL Ireland. Meanwhile The Swanky Squad took a game from Primal Esports, but ultimately couldn’t get the win in the series against the playoff hopefuls. Finishing their respective seasons on a positive result will be important to both these teams, so tune in for what should be an entertaining matchup!

Crispy predicts:

The Swanky Squad 3-2 Reflux



Team Berserkers (9-6) vs Nootz eSports (4-10) – Wednesday 9pm BST – MattyMooMoo

Team Berserkers will be coming into this series with only one objective on their minds. To win. As it stands, Team Berserkers would be heading through into the playoffs, due to their favourable win percentage when compared to Lions Gaming and Puncture, the two other teams with 9 wins and 6 losses at the moment. A 3-0 sweep of Nootz would confirm their place as one of the 4 wildcards going through to the playoffs, and with Nootz forfeiting both of their matches last week, a sweep is looking more and more likely as time goes by. I predict that Team Berserkers will indeed pull off a 3-0 sweep over Nootz as Team Berserkers will be hungrier than ever to get the victory in the series.


The Thursday stream previews will be posted here either tonight or tomorrow pre-stream. Make sure to check back for them!

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