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MASTER – MattyMooMoo




1. Auto Celerity (+2)
2. DeJaVu Esports
3. Primal Esports (-2)
4. RL Ireland
5. R5 Esports (+1)
6. Puncture (-1)
7. Shadow eSports
8. Lions Gaming
9. Built By Us (+1)
10. Austrian Force (-1)
11. Reflux (+1)
12. Hit or Miss Esports (+3)
13. King of the Alps (-2)
14. Vinctio (-1)
15. ASN Esports (-1)
16. nTice Esports

Going into the final week of the season, there have been many position changes in the standings, including long-standing leaders Primal dropping out of the Top 2 positions, leaving DeJaVu and Auto Celerity to slot into first and second place respectively. But that’s not to say that it was plain sailing for those two teams either, as DeJaVu lost 3-1 to a struggling Hit or Miss roster who had only won one other series (excluding forfeits) prior to their victory vs DeJaVu. Auto Celerity, on the other hand, had a stellar week, sweeping Primal and then going on to beat Puncture 3-1, to put them in a promising position heading into the final week of league play, with a favourable win percentage of 72.55% to reinforce their status as one of the best teams in the league.

Looking at the wildcard positions, we find Shadow, Puncture and Lions Gaming all sharing a win-loss record of 8-6, however, when compared to their Gamma Conference rivals, only Puncture would qualify for a wildcard spot as the teams in the Gamma Conference have favourable win percentages when compared to the Alpha Conference. Looking ahead into this week, Puncture and Shadow seem to have easier games than Lions Gaming, who have to face an RL Ireland team who haven’t lost since Week 4, therefore it will be a tough ask to overcome them.

My series to look out for is DeJaVu vs Primal, which could potentially decide who gets an all-important bye into the quarter finals of the playoffs, meaning that both teams will be giving it their all to try and claim that Top 2 spot in League Play. As for my predictions for the final standings, I predict that DeJaVu will come out on top in their series versus Primal and clinch one of the Top 2 spots, and joining them in the Top 2 will be Auto Celerity as they have been on form as of late, and don’t look like slowing down any time soon. RL Ireland should comfortably finish in the Top 4, and for the wildcard places, I think that only Puncture will make it into the playoffs due to their advantageous win percentage compared to the other teams, such as Shadow and Lions Gaming.


1. Bad Karma eSports
2. Eidolon Esports (+2)
3. Clairvoyant
4. Nevo (+3)
5. Royals (-3)
6. Galamo Esports (-1)
7. The Swanky Squad (+1)
8. Team Berserkers (-2)
9. The Squids
10. eNightmare (+2)
11. CrossFade (-1)
12. Juicy Esports (-1)
13. Nootz eSports
14. NoHope Esports (+2)
15. Prophecy (-1)
16. Conquest (-1)

Week 7 of League Play has passed, and what a week it has been. Bad Karma vs Royals was easily the series of the season, with Royals almost being able to pull off the reverse sweep, until Nox scored the winning goal nearly 2 minutes into Game 5 overtime to continue Bad Karma’s perfect streak of 14 wins and 0 losses and securing them the No.1 seed going into playoffs. Following their loss against Bad Karma, this meant that Royals have lost their last four series in a row, leaving them fourth in the standings with a win-loss record of 10-4. Replacing Royals in second position is Eidolon, who are sitting in a promising position with a win-loss record of 11 wins and 3 losses, and considering they haven’t lost since Week 4, Eidolon look in good shape to take the remaining spot in the Top 2 positions.

Further down the table, in the potential wildcard positions, Nevo look like they have found their form and are now on a six series winning streak, stretching all the way back to week 4, when they got swept by Eidolon. Both of the teams with win-loss records of 9-5 at the moment (The Swanky Squad & Nevo) are in a favourable position when compared to their Alpha Conference counterparts, as none of the teams in their wildcard positions have won nine series so far.

As for my predictions for how the standings will look at the end of the week, I believe that Eidolon will join Bad Karma in the Top 2 due to their win-loss record, with Clairvoyant and Royals close behind in 3rd and 4th place respectively. With the wildcard teams, I am predicting that The Swanky Squad, Team Berserkers and Galamo Esports will qualify for the playoffs as Nevo face a tough week, facing both Bad Karma and Royals to finish their season.






  1. Shadow eSports
  2. Vinctio
  3. CrossFade
  4. Auto Celerity
  5. Built By Us
  6. Reflux
  7. Galamo Esports
  8. Clairvoyant
  9. Bad Karma eSports
  10. ASN Esports
  11. RL Ireland
  12. eNightmare
  13. Juicy eSports
  14. Lions Gaming
  15. Nevo
  16. Conquest

In the Delta conference, Week 7 was the week of the upsets as we saw the most glorious results go by. Checking #challenger-scores in the discord server this week was a bolt out of the blue, with Shadow losing both series and Nevo miraculously beating CrossFade. It was certainly a week for the books and it will be interesting to see how this affects the team’s chances to make playoffs.

At the top of the Delta conference we yet again have Shadow, however, this time I will not be praising them for sweeping both series. That’s right! Shadow lost… twice! It was not a good week at the job for Shadow as they lost to 1-3 to both Auto Celerity and Built By Us. They did use their sub and played against good teams which may explain their shock losses, but nevertheless, a loss is a loss and Lozza and his boys will not be content. In second, Vinctio have finally progressed beyond third place as CrossFade dropped games. They look very strong at the moment and beating eNightmare and ASN last week has only helped with that. Next week, they face Galamo Esports and CrossFade in a game that will likely decide the 2nd seed from the Delta conference. Speaking of CrossFade, they did not have the best of weeks as they somehow lost to Nevo, the current 14th place. Nevo have failed to do anything noteworthy throughout the season but somehow managed to startle CrossFade in the penultimate week. CrossFade must be on the top of their game next week as they face Vinctio and eNightmare.

Right behind the top 2, we find Bad Karma who will be on tenterhooks ahead of the last week. This week, they lost 1-3 to BBU before just edging out Juicy 3-2 and next week will not get any easier as they face Reflux and Auto Celerity who are on a hot run of form. If they do lose both games next week, they are likely to lose out on their playoffs spot which is why they are 9th in my power rankings despite being 3rd. Galamo, currently 5th with a record of 9-5, will be in a similar state of mind as they face eNightmare and Vinctio next week. With a large bunch of teams right behind them threatening to overtake them, they must try to win both games to get playoffs.

Behind the Top 5, we have 5 teams with a record of 8-6 only separated by goal difference branching from 6th to 10th. Auto Celerity have come out of nowhere after being last at the start of the season and worked wonders last week as they beat Shadow and Reflux. This is a spectacular comeback and beating Shadow, albeit with their sub, is quite the achievement. If Auto Celerity win both series next week they must be mentioned in the candidates for the top teams. Built By Us have recovered from their lackluster performances in Week 6 and beat Bad Karma and Shadow last week to move up the table. Both of those teams are of the very best and this proves BBU’s ability to hang at the top. Next week they face RLI and Conquest in a decisive do-or-die week. Clairvoyant had a mediocre week as they swept Lions and lost to Galamo. Next week they face Nevo and ASN which should be two very winnable games considering the quality of the teams involved. Reflux are in 8th and have two must-win games coming up. Next week, they face Bad Karma and Juicy which are two very winnable games for them. In 10th, RL Ireland are barely in the positive with a win percentage of 51%. The Irish swept Juicy and Conquest last week and will have a tough last week as they face BBU and Shadow.

Behind the 8-6 pack, we have the teams who can no longer qualify for playoffs. ASN and eNightmare are 7-7 and it is especially unfortunate for ASN who lost to last-place Lions last week. This loss fully eliminated their chance of playoffs and they will be kicking themselves for the early exit. Juicy eSports are 6-8 and did not have a good week as they were swept by RLI and lost to Bad Karma. Next week they face Reflux and Auto Celerity and will be looking to get a consolation win. Nevo may not have had the best season, but at least they managed to beat CrossFade last week. It was quite the upset and they have something to celebrate at the end of the season. Lions managed to bag themselves their second win of the season as they beat eNightmare, which killed their hopes of playoffs. Conquest are like fish on land as they were swept by Reflux and RL Ireland last week. Next week is no easier as they face Auto Celerity and Shadow.


  1. Eidolon Esports
  2. DéjàVu eSports
  3. NoHope Esports
  4. Team Berserkers
  5. Nootz eSports
  6. Hit or Miss eSports
  7. Primal Esports
  8. King of the Alps
  9. Puncture
  10. The Swanky Squad
  11. nTice Esports
  12. Prophecy
  13. Royals
  14. R5 Esports
  15. The Squids
  16. Austrian Force

Week 7 in the Zeta conference was also full of surprises as we saw Primal losing both series, NoHope coming back with their new roster and Berserkers struggling.

At the top of the conference, Eidolon have stayed consistent getting two big wins last week which brought them up to a record of 11-3. Not only did they sweep nTice, but they also swept 3rd place Team Berserkers who have been 1st for most of the season. Francesko and his boys have a much easier week coming up as they face The Swanky Squad and rock-bottom Austrian Force. In 2nd, DéjàVu are making movements with Berserkers dropping games, and after beating Hit or Miss and Royals are running away with 2nd place. Next week they face King of the Alps and Nootz which are two very stellar teams so it will certainly be a challenging week. Right behind in 3rd, Team Berserkers are on the ropes. Being swept by Eidolon and losing to Puncture is not going to cut it if they are to preserve their automatic qualification spot. Next week they face Primal and NoHope who are both very strong teams. Speaking of NoHope, it looked like they pulled it back together with the new roster as they swept Primal last week, right after they were swept by Austrian Force. In that game against AF, one of their players left in game 2 which is highly unprofessional, and it leaves a major question mark on which NoHope we will see next week, the one that sweeps Primal or the one that leaves in the second game.

Behind NoHope on goal difference, Nootz, Puncture, and Primal are battling it out to try and get into playoffs, which is difficult with the quality of the Delta conference. As it stands ahead of Week 8, the Zeta conference will only get 1 out of the 4 wildcard spots and it will be a slugfest to see who will get it. Nootz had a great week as they swept Prophecy and got a momentous 5-game win against King of the Alps, who are direct competitors for a playoff spot. Next week they face Royals and DéjàVu. Puncture also had a very good week as they beat The Swanky Squad and – amazingly – Team Berserkers. The Berserkers game went to 5 games but that win is a great step forwards ahead of the last week where they face NoHope and Primal. Primal Esports had a terrible week last week. They were swept by the 3-man question mark which is NoHope and failed to recover as they lost to nTice 1-3. This was a huge blow for their playoffs ambitions as they lost their Top 4 spot and must play against Team Berserkers and Puncture next week, which are both great teams.

At 7-7, King of the Alps and Hit or Miss are still clawing onto their last hope of playoffs. King of the Alps were kindly given a FF win by The Squids, but failed to win against Nootz, which was a crucial game to get playoffs. They are highly unlikely to get playoffs now but they can pray for it as they face DéjàVu and Royals next week. Hit or Miss were also given a FF win from The Squids and came close against DéjàVu, which would have been huge for them. Next week they face R5 and Prophecy and they could be strong contenders to make playoffs if all goes their way. Right behind with records of 6-8, Prophecy and The Swanky Squad sit in utter disappointment as they have lost out on their chances to make playoffs. They will look to cause some mayhem next week with Swanky Squad facing Eidolon, which could have an effect on the top.

Royals and nTice sit with records of 5-9 and are also out of playoffs contention, but at least they are making an impact on the league, with nTice beating Primal 3-1 last week. Royals could try to decide the playoffs teams as they play both Nootz and King of the Alps next week. It’s all over for R5, The Squids and Austrian Force and they can now choose between trying to get an upset win or, as The Squids have opted to do, kindly gift people FF wins! Nice gesture.






MU – TheProspect
  1. Auto Celerity
  2. Hit or Miss eSports
  3. Bad Karma eSports
  4. Juicy eSports (+3)
  5. Nootz eSports (+1)
  6. Vinctio (-1)
  7. Eidolon Esports (-3)
  8. Puncture (+1)
  9. Built By Us (+3)
  10. Lions Gaming (-2)
  11. King of the Alps (-1)
  12. Clairvoyant (-1)
  13. ASN Esports (+1)
  14. The Squids (-1)
  15. eNightmare
  16. Royals


Hit or Miss eSports (12 – 2)
This has been a relatively easier week for Hit or Miss. Getting two solid 3 – 0 scorelines versus Built By Us and The squids. They seem to have almost secured their top 2 spot, however, they are yet to play their rivals in Auto Celerity. On the flipside, their second match of week 7 is against the bottom of the table eNightmare. They should be solid against eN and you can also bet they will be very motivated to beat AC. They are also hoping for the 3rd place Bad Karma eSports to maybe slip up a bit.

Vinctio (8 – 6)
Looking to secure their playoff spot the Vinctio guys have a rough week ahead of them. They are facing Bad Karma eSports and you can bet money they are looking to take them all the way. A win versus them will almost solidify their spot, however, they should also be careful against Eidolon Esports, who is definitely looking to get out of their 7 – 7 scoreline. An important week for the whole middle of the table teams as many have close scores, being separated merely by win %.

Nootz eSports (8 – 6)
Tied with Vinctio at 8 – 6 Nootz will be having mixed feelings from the past week. Getting the sweep against Clairvoyant was definitely a good feeling, however dropping the series against King of the Alps, who have been a shaky team this season, definitely made them worry a bit about their playoff spot. The push will be needed from them at least for their series against Puncture, who is just under them in the standings. The other game they have they should win easily on paper, facing the Royals. That should be an easier game on paper but upsets have not been unheard of this season, so the Nootz team should be bringing their A-game!



OMEGA – Stocko
  1. Prophecy
  2. R5 Esports (+1)
  3. Galamo Esports (+1)
  4. DéjàVu eSports (-2)
  5. Austrian Force
  6. Primal Esports (+1)
  7. RL Ireland (-1)
  8. Shadow eSports
  9. CrossFade (+1)
  10. The Swanky Squad (-1)
  11. nTice Esports
  12. Team Berserkers (+2)
  13. Nevo
  14. Reflux (-2)
  15. NoHope Esports
  16. Conquest


Prophecy have finally secured the top spot with one week remaining in the Omega Conference by beating NoHope and nTice but come up against their final challenge of Austrian Force in the final week who themselves are attempting to secure play offs.

The three teams behind them trying to grab the second seed or even potentially the first seed if prophecy slip up are R5, Galamo and Dejavu. 3 teams on a record of 11-3 with only win percentage splitting the 3 teams! Galamo have to play R5 and Dejavu this week, looking at the recent form of all 3 teams it looks like R5 will get the win vs Galamo and Galamo will beat Dejavu.

I’m the Omega league it looks like 3 teams have the chance of gaining a wildcard position. Those teams being Austrian Force, Primal and RL Ireland however Primal and RLI do have to face off against each other so the winner of that will put the others in the better position for a wildcard position. Primal have done a fantastic job coming back from dropping the whole of their roster who left due to a poor run of form. Sweenie and The Yellow Krab have been playing for two years now and it can be seen in the way they play!
A very dangerous team and underdogs fighting for play offs.





Eidolon Esports (7-7) vs Vinctio (8-6)

Eidolon were once in a very strong position to finish in the automatic playoff spots, but have fallen dramatically and now find themselves placed 7th in the Mu Conference after winning only one out of their last six series. If they are to have any chance of salvaging a wildcard spot, they must win both of their series in week 8, which makes this clash with Vinctio a crucial match. Vinctio have had something of an opposite season to their opponents in this game – they were a mid-table team until recently, where they have pushed on. However last week they had one of the strangest sets of results imaginable – they beat Auto Celerity, making them the only team to do so all season, but they then fell in a game 5 to Built By Us, which really should have been a routine win for any team with playoff aspirations. With both teams showing inconsistency over the course of the season, this should be a match to keep an eye on.

Nootz Esports (8-6) vs Puncture (7-7)

I’ll try not to be biased as Nootz is in fact my own team, but since I (Crispy) joined the roster, Nootz have surged up the table, only dropping 2 individual games with the main roster. Some troubles with the sub are the only thing derailing the team – and a 3-1 loss to KoA last week with the sub means that playoffs spots are tightly hung in the balance for lots of teams in the Mu Conference. This series will be played main roster to main roster however, and should be interesting as Puncture need to win in order to have any chance at making playoffs. Puncture themselves have only lost one series in the last three weeks, and are hoping to cap off what would be an extraordinary comeback story in the final week of the season by winning both their matches. these high stakes for two teams in excellent form make this a hotly contested game.

Auto Celerity (13-1) vs Hit or Miss eSports (12-2)

While both of these teams have long since secured their playoff spots, this will no doubt be an important match for all concerned – not just for bragging rights, but also potentially to decide the seedings for playoffs. After going undefeated for six weeks of the season, Auto Celerity will now be trying to avoid losing their second series in two weeks, and Hit or Miss will certainly be dangerous opposition for them, having only lost two series so far themselves. AC will be wanting to send out a statement prior to playoffs that they are still the dominant team in Prospect by beating the team snapping at their heels, and HoM will want to go from being that team snapping at the heels of the top dogs to snatching their first-placed position in the final week of league play.

Bad Karma eSports (11-3) vs Vinctio (8-6)

Bad Karma find themselves in a strange position going into the last week – they have comfortably secured their ticket to playoffs, but cannot finish the season any higher than they are currently placed. They will still want to finish with as good a record as possible however, and here they have a chance to rain on Vinctio’s parade and stop them getting playoffs, if that can be any motivation for getting a win in this fixture. As previously mentioned, this resurgent Vinctio team currently sit in the playoff spots – however with the Prospect wildcard places being as close-fought as they are, only a 2-0 week will completely secure their ticket to playoffs. Bad Karma will be a great challenge for them however, and a win here would not only greatly increase their chances at making playoffs, but also send out a great message to the rest of the league that the win over Auto Celerity wasn’t a fluke, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Crispy predicts:

Vinctio 3-1 Eidolon Esports

Nootz Esports 3-1 Puncture

Auto Celerity 3-1 Hit or Miss eSports

Bad Karma eSports 3-1 Vinctio





This is it, the final week of league play, and the standings could not be closer in the Omega conference, with 5 teams battling for 4 automatic playoff places the results this week are of the upmost importance, especially with some notable playoff contenders facing off against each other. Of the aforementioned games one of the most important and influential games for the final standings is undoubtedly the matchup between Déjà Vu and Galamo, both teams are sitting on the same Win to Loss ratio with a record of 11-3 and are positioned in the 3rd and 4th automatic playoff spots, with hopes of finalising their spots as a middle seeded teams in the playoffs or perhaps making a last minute jump into the top two positions in the conference ensuring a high seed and a bye into the winners second round in playoffs . Of course this is a highly desirable position to be in going into playoffs due to the advantage that it gives to the team and will provide much motivation to both the teams to have a 2-0 week, but only one of the two teams can win this game.

Throughout the season Déjà vu has been a fairly consistent outfit, they have seen very good results all the way through league play with their only losses coming to the top two in their division, Prophecy and R5, and the cross conference matchup that saw them swept by Auto Celerity, although most teams have experienced the same fate against the Mu number 1. With an easy win expected against the struggling Crossfade, Galamo will be the final test before playoffs for this Déjà vu Prospect roster.

Galamo have been a strong suit for the entire season, they have a solid place in playoffs as of the start of the week and they will be looking to finish the season strong and push for the number 2 spot in the conference. This could be achieved with a 2-0 week, although their week consists of games against, of course, Déjà Vu and R5 meaning that it is an extremely difficult week. The Galamo boys will therefore have to really push this week to achieve their goal of a perfect week and a spot in the second round of the playoffs.
The game itself is an impossible one to call with the teams obviously close in terms of not only record but also win percentage. Their records against the other Top 5 teams are similar as well with them both losing to Prophecy, beating Austrian Force. This is a clear indication into how tight this matchup with be and how unpredictable the conclusion will be. This match will completely change the playoff climate in the Omega conference so really is the match to look out for.



Interview Squid-G RL Ireland – SnuWu

This week I interviewed Squid-G from RL Ireland prospect . Rl Ireland are currently 7th in the Omega Conference with a 8-6 record. Because they are close to play offs I asked him some play offs related questions. Enjoy!

1. How is your season going so far?
So far it’s been a littler lackluster, we’ve had some great games and some underwhelming games which is just the way it goes sometimes! I’m hoping we can finish out the league play with a nice double win week.

2. Do you think you did everything you could so far? Or do you think there is more in your team.
100% our team is capable of much more than what the results are showing. We came into this season with 0 games together which at times you can tell by the game play, and unfortunately this has hindered our performances slightly. However, we still have a positive record, a positive attitude and we know we can do better!

3. Do you think you guys can make play offs?
Currently we sit in 7th place on the board, which guarantees we will not get through to the playoffs automatically. However for the extra 4 spots it’s incredibly tight between us and 9 other teams! We just need to play some of our best games this week and cross our fingers.

4. If you make play offs how far do you think you will go?
I think if we make playoffs we have the potential to do really well. All the top teams may be really good but they’re not unbeatable, and we have that great ol’ Irish stubbornness!

5. If there is 1 thing you can change about your team. what would that be?
More practice together would be a big one for sure. That and make Art3mis speak clearer (everyone else understands him…I’m just terrible at listening)

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