IEL Season 5 Week 6 | Power Rankings

MASTER – MattyMooMoo


  1. Primal Esports
  2. DéjàVu eSports
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. RL Ireland (+3)
  5. Puncture (-1)
  6. R5 Esports
  7. Shadow eSports (-2)
  8. Lions Gaming (+2)
  9. Austrian Force (-1)
  10.  Built By Us (+1)
  11.  King of the Alps (+1)
  12.  Reflux (-3)
  13.  Vinctio (+1)
  14.  ASN Esports (-1)
  15.  Hit or Miss Esports
  16.  nTice Esports

Heading into the penultimate week of league play, all of the teams’ attention will be focussed on securing one of the coveted places in the playoffs for this season, in order for them to have a chance at winning their share of the prize pool for the season.

At the top of the conference, Primal and DejaVu will be looking to continue their winning streaks, with DejaVu having not lost since Week 1, both teams will be looking to secure their places in the playoffs and they can accomplish this by winning just one of their remaining four series. Looking further down the conference, after losing out in Game 5 to DejaVu, Auto Celerity will want to bounce back from that result by winning their next few series to cement their place in the playoffs, although this week they come up against a Primal team who are determined for the No.1 position in the conference, so it could be a close series and one to watch out for.

Towards the middle of the conference, we find a whole host of teams fighting for one of the potential wildcard spots into the playoffs with three teams sharing the same win-loss record of 6-6, meaning that it is difficult at this stage to predict who will come out on top. However, to secure a place as one of the wildcards, the teams will be keeping a close eye on the status of the corresponding teams in the Gamma Conference, and with only two out of the four teams that are currently 5th-8th winning their cross-conference matchups against their Gamma counterparts, it is looking likely that only Puncture will make it as one of the wildcards as things stand.

Near the foot of the table, the new-look Built By Us squad has taken four straight wins since their formation as a roster, including sweeping 8th placed Lions Gaming, and with Laskiri producing a 1.33 goals per game ratio in their series against nTice, they will be looking to cause upsets, and their series against RL Ireland could be the perfect opportunity to do that.

  1. Bad Karma eSports
  2. Royals
  3. Clairvoyant (+1)
  4. Eidolon Esports (-1)
  5. Galamo Esports (+1)
  6. Team Berserkers (-1)
  7. Nevo (+1)
  8. The Swanky Squad (-1)
  9. The Squids (+1)
  10.  CrossFade (-1)
  11.  Juicy Esports (+2)
  12.  eNightmare (-1)
  13.  Nootz eSports (-1)
  14.  Prophecy
  15.  Conquest
  16.  NoHope Esports

With a perfect record of 12 wins and 0 losses, Bad Karma have been described by many as the likely victors of the Master League, and it’s hard to disagree. A 3-0 sweep of Alpha Conference leaders Primal reinforces Bad Karma’s status that they are the team to beat in order to win the league, and their current win percentage of 87.8% states this. In second place, we find Royals, who suffered their first two losses of the season last week at the hands of The Squids and Galamo Esports, albeit they were both Game 5 losses, with the Galamo series going into overtime. Despite this, Royals look likely to secure a Top 2 spot in their conference, and their series vs Bad Karma this week should be a thriller. In the 3rd and 4th place spots, we have Clairvoyant and Eidolon Esports, both with a very respectable win-loss record of 9 wins and 3 losses, and with Eidolon having gone 2 weeks unbeaten, I can see these four teams staying in the Top 4 spots when it comes to the end of League Play.

All four teams currently located in the wildcard positions share a win-loss record of 7 wins and 5 losses, including Team Berserkers and The Swanky Squad who not only have the same win-loss record, but the same win percentage (57.78%) as well. When the current wildcard teams are put against their Alpha Conference counterparts, the Gamma Conference are currently sat in a superior position as only Puncture from the Alpha Conference would qualify as a wildcard as things stand due to their greater win percentage. Galamo Esports face Nevo this week in what could be a crucial match in their bids for one of the wildcard spots, and with Nevo being on a 4 series win streak, I would put them as the likely victors in this matchup, however, I can see this series going all the way to Game 5.

Further down the conference, eNightmare are one of the few teams to have taken a game off of Bad Karma this season, achieving this last week, and this may give them some encouragement to finish off their season on a high and could potentially cause an upset if their opponents are having a tough day. Conquest find themselves up against Nootz Esports this week, and after securing their first win last week against NoHope, they could carry forward this momentum and give Nootz a run for their money.





  1. Shadow eSports
  2. CrossFade
  3. Bad Karma eSports
  4. Vinctio
  5. Reflux
  6. Clairvoyant
  7. Galamo Esports
  8. eNightmare
  9. RL Ireland
  10. ASN Esports
  11. Auto Celerity
  12. Built By Us
  13. Juicy eSports
  14. Nevo
  15. Conquest
  16. Lions Gaming

The past week was a highly important one as we close in on playoffs. The ever-so-close competition for the playoffs spot in the Delta conference is only getting closer as all teams from 1st to 13th can still make it.

At the top of the Delta conference, Shadow cannot stop winning. With a win percentage of 85% and a Win-Loss ratio in the clouds, they appear to be unbeatable as every team that have faced them except for CrossFade have experienced. In their remaining series, they face Auto Celerity, Built By Us, Conquest and RL Ireland which should not be too challenging for the top dogs. CrossFade have also been doing remarkably and have recovered from their bad performances a few weeks ago. At a record of 9-3 and in 2nd place, they look more than ready for playoffs. In their remaining 4 series, they face Nevo, Galamo, Vinctio, and eNightmare, most of which are solid teams. Right behind the top 2,

Bad Karma have managed to sneak into 3rd by winning percentage. After sweeping Conquest and RL Ireland last week, they are doing well to cement themselves in the Top 4 as they hold a record of 8-4. They have two relatively easy weeks left, but the game against Reflux will be key for their seeding as they are similarly skilled. Speaking of teams who have sneaked into the Top 4, Galamo are 4th by 0.7 winning percentage which is impressive, however, tough times await for them as they face Clairvoyant, CrossFade, eNightmare and Vinctio. Speaking of which, Vinctio have slithered out of 3rd place after losing to Clairvoyant last week. They must perform proficiently in the next weeks if they are to retain their Top 4 spot as they face ASN, eNightmare, CrossFade, and Galamo.

Right behind, with a record of 7-5, eNightmare, Clairvoyant and Reflux are bumping heads for the wildcard spots. eNightmare look the least likely to get one as they have to face Vinctio, Galamo, and CrossFade and it seems that they have left it too late to get playoffs. Clairvoyant and Reflux, on the other hand, have easier games. Clairvoyant will be clashing Galamo, Lions, Nevo, and ASN where ASN and Galamo which should all be beatable, especially as they beat Vinctio 3-1 last week. Reflux, who have beaten Clairvoyant, will face Conquest, Auto Celerity, Juicy (previously Crown Gaming) and Bad Karma. Bad Karma is the most challenging game on paper, however, Auto Celerity and Juicy are also teams of high quality, especially AC who hold a record of 6-6 and a better winning percentage than Reflux.

Right behind the Top 8, we find 5 teams at a record of 6-6 who can all mathematically qualify for playoffs. The fact that 13th place have a neutral record is testament to how high level this conference is and with there being a 4-game gap between 13th and 14th, the bottom teams seem outclassed. One of these teams, Auto Celerity did not have a great start to the season, but they have achieved a remarkable comeback, going from 0-5 to 6-6. With a great win percentage of 57%, they are great teams and would be 6th place in the other conference.

Behind the 6-6 pack, Nevo, Conquest and Lions are seriously struggling, all at a winning percentage of 28%, it is now impossible to achieve playoffs and all they can do now is wreak havoc by beating their remaining games.

  1. Eidolon Esports
  2. Déjàvu eSports
  3. Team Berserkers
  4. Primal Esports
  5. King of the Alps
  6. Hit or Miss eSports
  7. Nootz eSports
  8. NoHope Esports
  9. The Swanky Squad
  10. Puncture
  11. Prophecy
  12. R5 Esports
  13. nTice Esports
  14. Royals
  15. The Squids
  16. Austrian Force

In the Zeta conference… We saw NoHope falling apart, King of the Alps continuing their astonishing comeback and Déjàvu breaking into the Top 4.

At the very top – by winning percentage – Eidolon had an immense week as they swept NoHope and beat Primal 3-2, giving them a record of 9-3. After having some shaky games earlier in the season, they have seemingly clutched up and found the form they will need for the last two weeks. They will mostly have easy games in the last two weeks, however, Team Berserkers next week will be crucial and is likely to be the battle for 1st place. Berserkers have two pivotal weeks ahead of them as they face Eidolon, Puncture, Primal and NoHope. Thankfully for them, NoHope fell apart meaning they will be an easier opponent. Right behind, DéjàVu and Primal sit on a record of 6-4. DéjàVu have done extremely well with their new roster and look likely to take Top 2. They have won 5 consecutive games and have the best winning percentage in the Zeta conference (66%). For their last two weeks, they face Hit or Miss, Royals, King of the Alps and Nootz, none of which should be able to take them down. Primal have also performed very well and proved that they are capable of playing anyone as they went to Game 5 with Eidolon last week. For the last 4 games, they face nTice, NoHope, Berserkers and Puncture.

Behind the Top 4, NoHope are fearing the worst. After a bad string of performances, 3 out of 4 players departed and Hyst was left with the task of retaining a playoff spot. Alongside Theory and Fassbendered, he will do his best to so, however, the task is not easy as they must play against Primal, Puncture, and Berserkers who are very good teams. Right behind, King of the Alps are continuing their exceptional comeback, where they have gone from 2-6 to 6-6, which is highly impressive. The Austrians will face The Squids, Nootz, DéjàVu, and Royals, and the Nootz-game might be the decider of who will get 5th place and thereby a spot in the playoffs. Also at a record of 6-6, Nootz, Puncture and Hit or Miss are also looking like contenders for 5th place, but Nootz and Hit or Miss look the most likely to do so with easier schedules than Puncture.

Outside of the Top 8 with a record of 5-7, Prophecy and The Swanky Squad look highly unlikely to get anywhere near a playoff spot due to the Delta-domination of the wildcard spots. The Swanky Squad have had a few good performances, sweeping Team Berserkers last week, however, their poor performances earlier in the season are crippling them. R5, Royals, and nTice can no longer really make a run as they sit on a record of 4-8, and will look to get their last wins to throw off the competition further up. The same goes for The Squids and Austrian Force who cannot make playoffs.






1. Auto Celerity

2. Hit or Miss eSports

3. Bad Karma eSports

4. Eidolon Esports

5. Vinctio (+1)

6. Nootz eSports (+1)

7. Juicy eSports (-2)

8. Lions Gaming

9. Puncture (+2)

10. King of the Alps

11. Clairvoyant (+3)

12. Built By Us

13. The Squids (-4)

14. ASN Esports (-1)

15. eNightmare

16. Royals


1. Prophecy (+2)

2. DéjàVu eSports (-1)

3. R5 Esports (+2)

4. Galamo Esports (-2)

5. Austrian Force (+2)

6. RL Ireland

7. Primal Esports (-3)

8. Shadow eSports (+4)

9. The Swanky Squad (+1)

10. CrossFade (-2)

11. nTice Esports

12. Reflux (-3)

13. Nevo

14. Team Berserkers

15. NoHope Esports

16. Conquest

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