IEL Season 5 Week 5 | Stream Previews

These fantastic previews are all written by AndasAP in preparation for the amazing games being shown this week on stream! Monday’s previews were read by the casters yesterday and you can now get a peek at their info from Monday and some of the details they will be going through throughout the course of the week, but not Tuesday as it is quite the surprise stream!



Tonight our wonderful media team will be streaming three fantastic series from each of the different leagues. One of these games is a cross-conference game meaning we will finally get to see how the conferences compare. Alongside these games, we will also see K3 and oceanman face off in another on-stream 1v1! Don’t forget to tune in at our Twitch channel The stream begins at 6:35 and the streamers come in right after, don’t miss the action!


Monday’s only cross-conference game on stream and an absolute treat of a game. Berserkers have had a difficult last week where they ran into a hot R5 before sweeping nTice Esports. The Zeta outfit need a win to remain in the Top 4 as they face close competition from others. Vinctio had a great week as they swept RL Ireland and beat Built By Us and are looking to push for top 2 as CrossFade are falling down the ranks already having lost this week. The ex-Absolut team averaged 3.13 goals per game last week, so with their high-scoring style of play and a stellar opponent they will surely provide an outstanding series tonight!


This Monday’s Prospect game is another close tie as two of the Mu conference’s bottom team clash. Clairvoyant have not won in two weeks and they must start winning games like this if they wish to reach the top 8. They must clean up their defence if they are to win this series as they conceded 4 goals a game last week. Puncture are on the way up as they swept Built By Us and came close against Vinctio, a top 6 team last week. If they continue to improve they are certainly capable of reaching top 8 before the end of league play and I believe they can get a relatively easy win today against a struggling Clairvoyant.


To round up the stream, the big boys of the Master league will battle it out. King of the Alps are having a difficult time as they have only won 1 out of the last 4 games excluding forfeits. The Austrians are bog-standard sitting at 4-4 with a 50% winning percentage and need a win soon to push ahead of the mid-table. Primal Esports sit in 1st place and have not lost a series this season. This is awfully impressive when you consider the quality of the Master league and with most of their series going 3-1 or even 3-0 in their favour, they seem to be just a level above everyone else and are the clear favourites to win the final game this Monday.


Team Berserkers 2-3 Vinctio (Challenger)

Clairvoyant 1-3 Puncture (Prospect)

King of the Alps 0-3 Primal Esports (Master)


For this Wednesday, our news team yet again provides us with a stream containing three games of each of the leagues. The prospect game will be a cross-conference game between the 6th place teams, the master game will be between the 3rd and 4th place teams in the Alpha conference and the challenger team will be between 1st place and 4th place in the Delta conference, three close and compelling games. Alongside these, we will also have an interview with Francesko, the GM and founder of Eidolon Esports who has had a great start to life with his new franchise, sitting as the 4th best franchise at 17-7! Don’t forget to tune in at our Twitch channel!


The 6th place teams of the Mu and Omega conference will face off this Wednesday in a game which will reveal how the two prospect conferences compare. Prophecy are on a great run of form, beating Galamo and R5 last week and will be looking to extend this run on Wednesday against Vinctio. Prophecy do not outshoot their opponent, however, their shooting accuracy is what sets them apart from their opponent, (they had a shooting percentage of 37.3% last week and their opponents had 23%). Prophecy are on a record of 6-2 to Vinctio’s inferior 4-4 and are the favourites for this match-up.  Vinctio had a decent week last week where they beat Puncture and lost to a similar team in terms of skill level, Lions. Vinctio have a “score more than the opponent” style of play as they scored 2.7 goals per game last week, however, they are let down with a lack of defence as they conceded 1.9 goals per game. Though this is not great for the team, it provides us with some highly entertaining action and it is likely that we see a goal-fest between these two 6th place sides.


Wednesday’s master game this week will be a top-of-the-table clash between Déjàvu (3rd) and Puncture (4th). Déjàvu currently sit at an impressive record of 7-1 and had a terrific week last week as they beat Vinctio and swept ASN, two mid-table sides. NuggeT was their top scorer as he put together 11 goals in 7 games, an impressive record from one of last season’s Grand Finalists. If he can continue that impressive statistic and the others remain solid, Déjàvu are will be a force to be reckoned with for this match-up. Puncture sit just below Déjàvu with a record of 6-2 and last week, they lost to Shadow eSports and beat nTice Esports. In their sweep of nTice Esports, they averaged a spectacular 5 goals per game, however, their loss to Shadow eSports who currently have a record of 5-3 means that they are vulnerable can struggle against teams of a similar level.


This game is going to be a spectacular one. Shadow eSports are the giants and Bad Karma are the giant-beaters, an amazing match-up if you aks me. Shadow eSports have a record of 7-1 and have won 4 consecutive games, sweeping three of them. Shadow averaged 3.8 goals per game last week largely thanks to Films3 who scored 11 goals in 6 games, a record which can match many teams! If Shadow can keep scoring that amount of goals, I don’t see anyone stopping them. Bad karma dubbed (by me) ‘the Giant-beaters’ massively impressed last week as they took down the ‘giants’ CrossFade on stream in an exhilarating 5-game series which went to overtime in the last game. If anyone is able to beat this Shadow team it is them. ItzKeiirs led their scoring last week as he scored 60% of their goals and he must keep scoring if they are to beat today’s ‘Giants’.


Prophecy 3-1 Vinctio (Prospect)

Déjàvu 3-1 Puncture (Master)

Bad Karma 1-3 Shadow (Challenger)


This Friday, we will see the very best teams of the prospect and challenger leagues compete in series which will give us a look into who are the favourites to win the whole leagues! These games will theoretically provide us with the greatest action from the challenger and prospects (other than the playoffs of course) and it will certainly not be a stream you want to miss. As well as those top-level games, we will have an interview with a GM from one of the teams playing on Friday which will give us an insight into themselves and their franchises.



Clash of the giants, Mu vs Omega, #1 vs #1, Auto Celerity vs Déjàvu. Auto Celerity are yet to lose a seri- wait, Auto Celerity are yet to lose a game? Wow. This roster have impressed majorly and have proven to be of at least challenger-calibre. With 3 out of 4 players being Champion 3 or higher, one in Grand Champion, this team is an absolute force, as displayed by their results (8-0 with 100% winning percentage). Tizm is the main man to watch out for as he is the Grand Champ of the team, however, all of them are of great quality and are difficult to face. Déjàvu do not have as good of a record as Auto Celerity, however, they sit in 1st in their conference with an impressive 7-1 record with a winning percentage of 75.86%. The Omega conference-leaders have not lost since Week 1 and should not be ruled out in this game against Auto Celerity.



Clash of the giants, again but this time in challenger. Shadow eSports lead the Delta conference with a record of 7-1 and a winning percentage of 84.62%. We will see them on stream on Wednesday against Bad Karma in a game which could reveal their form going into Friday’s game against NoHope. As previously mentioned in the preview for their game on Wednesday, they averaged 3.8 goals per game last week which is astonishing. NoHope Esports lead the Zeta conference with a record of 6-2 and a winning percentage of 68.75%. Having won their last 4 games, they are on a hot run of form and could extend that run today. All three of the NoHope players consistently score a good amount of goals meaning they have a well-rounded three-headed offence and they are a scary sight for any opposing team.


Auto Celerity 3-0 Déjàvu (Prospect)

Shadow 3-1 NoHope (Challenger)

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