IEL Season 5 Week 5 | Power Rankings + Interview

Good evening all! The news team has the ever-so-loved power rankings and an interview with Sierra Romeo – Galamo prospect player who’s top of Omega. Please enjoy!






  1. Auto Celerity
  2. Hit or Miss eSports (+1)
  3. Bad Karma eSports (-1)
  4. Eidolon Esports
  5. Crown Gaming
  6. Vinctio (+1)
  7. Nootz eSports (+2)
  8. Lions Gaming (-2)
  9. The Squids (+2)
  10. King of the Alps
  11. Puncture (+3)
  12. Built By Us
  13. ASN Esports (-5)
  14. Clairvoyant (+1)
  15. eNightmare (-2)
  16. Royals


  1. DéjàVu eSports
  2. Galamo Esports (+4)
  3. Prophecy (+1)
  4. Primal Esports (-1)
  5. R5 Esports
  6. RL Ireland (-4)
  7. Austrian Force
  8. CrossFade (+4)
  9. Reflux (-1)
  10. The Swanky Squad
  11. nTice Esports
  12. Shadow eSports (+1)
  13. Nevo (-4)
  14. Team Berserkers
  15. NoHope Esports
  16. Conquest


Bad Karma eSports (9-1) – TheProspect

Continuing their hunt for the top, Bad Karma seems to be on the hunt for any hiccups that AC may have. Getting both games as sweeps has put pressure on their rivals because now they’re threatened not only by series won but win-loss differential. 

Hit or Miss eSports (8-2) – TheProspect

One can say they both hit and miss this week. Getting beat by Vinctio shook them off the top 2 competition. However, getting a win over R5 in the cross-conference match keeps them in the top 4 comfortably. They need to focus on the upcoming week as they have 2 tough matches, which might change standings a lot. 

Nootz eSports (5 – 5) – TheProspect

The two 3 – 0 sweeps for Nootz helped them move up a few spots in the table and made them contenders for the top spots. They have a decently tough week ahead of them facing the top 4 Crown gaming. Their other match should be a bit easier on paper with them playing ASN, however, the Nootz boys will need to bring their A-game! 

Vinctio (5 – 5) – TheProspect

The other team sharing the 5 – 5 score of Nootz is looking to make a run, or at least disrupt a few of the other team’s plans. They have a slightly easier schedule compared to Nootz, having to face the middle-of-the-pack Squids and the bottom-placed eNightmare. If he Vinctio boys keep their focus and play their game they could easily move up a few spots in the standings.

It is going to be an interesting week for the MU conference. With so many teams tied at the same score of 4-6 a lot of moving around is expected. The top spots are also not yet decided as some of the teams are about to face each other. No matter whose fan you are it is a very interesting week to look forward to!

R5 Esports (7-3) – Crispy

This team, who were once the team to beat in the Omega Conference, have slightly fallen by their own lofty standards since losing the player Bo from their lineup. His replacement A Random Chicken seemingly needs some time to work perfectly with the team. In week 5 they took a game 5 victory over RL Ireland in an intensely fought series consisting of all 1-goal games, after losing 3-1 to Hit or Miss eSports who sit on an 8-2 record in the Mu Conference. A very respectable showing by all measures, but if they are to reclaim their spot near the very top of the table, they need to start putting together wins in matches like those. Time will tell if they’re able to do so in games against The Swanky Squad and Primal Esports in week 6, and with a talented freestyler like Chop on their team, you wouldn’t bet against them.

RL Ireland (7-3) – Crispy

It was a disastrous week for RL Ireland’s prospect team, who lost both their week 5 matchups after only dropping one series prior to this. They fell 3-1 both to Bad Karma eSports, and to R5 in the aforementioned clash of the Omega Conference titans. The games don’t get much easier for them as they face top-of-the-table Galamo Esports this week; a match they will be desperate to win in order to make a statement to the rest of the Conference, and indeed the rest of the league as they may find themselves battling for the wildcard playoff spots come the end of the season. Their other game is easier on paper, but a resurgent CrossFade team who didn’t drop a game in all of week 5 will be no pushover for the Irish boys.

Primal Esports (6-4) – Crispy

Once again, this is a team who boasted an extremely impressive record prior to week 5, and ended up losing both of their series in the week, in this case without picking up a single game. They were swept by Crown Gaming, which whilst not a massively shocking result with Crown sitting at 7-3 in the Mu Conference, will be disappointing for this team with high aspirations. However their other defeat was extremely telling and potentially damaging to their playoff hopes – they were beaten by CrossFade, who were 2-6 before the gameweek. This overlooks one key factor in the rest of their season – the return to IEL of Shimmy! This man was signed to their team all season, but hasn’t played a series so far due to being in Somalia. But he’s back in the UK and available to play this week, and this could really give Primal the boost they need to take down very tough opponents in Deja Vu eSports and R5 Esports.

Reflux (5-5) – Crispy

The final team sitting in the slightly darker shade of blue than the bottom half of the Omega Conference is Reflux. This is a team on the up, going from 2-4 to boasting an even record in the last two weeks, but week 5 wasn’t all perfect. They got the better of King of the Alps in a 3-1 scoreline, but were swept by Galamo. Whilst these are two fairly unsurprising results, they will need to show slightly more against the top teams in the final 3 weeks if they are to clinch a playoff spot, as they only managed to score 2 goals in that entire series against the top dogs of the Omega Conference. A potentially tricky week lies ahead for them, with games against Deja Vu eSports and CrossFade, but both of these games present an opportunity to stake a claim for the playoff wildcard spots, which they will hope to do.






  1. Shadow eSports
  2. CrossFade (+2)
  3. Vinctio (-1)
  4. Bad Karma eSports (-1)
  5. Built By Us (+1)
  6. Reflux (-1)
  7. ASN Esports (+1)
  8. Clairvoyant (+1)
  9. RL Ireland (+2)
  10. Crown Gaming
  11. Galamo Esports (+1)
  12. Auto Celerity (+1)
  13. eNightmare (-6)
  14. Conquest
  15. Nevo (+1)
  16. Lions Gaming (-1)

Week 5 has passed, a week where we saw the Delta conference win 12 out of 16 series against the Zeta conference. This clearly shows that the conferences may not be evenly distributed, however, the Zeta conference must not be left out of title talks as they have some great teams.

At the top of the Delta conference, Shadow eSports continued their peremptory dominance, and I’ll say it again, they are looking like our Season 5 Challenger winners. Shadow have achieved 7 sweeps in 10 series. It has now been 6 weeks of utter dominance from the team and at this rate, I cannot see them stopping. Behind Shadow, CrossFade started orchestrating a comeback as they beat cross-conference Eidolon, however, losing to ASN is not going to cut it if they are to return to the top. Me saying that they are “orchestrating a comeback” is a testament to how dominant they were just a few weeks ago as they are still 2nd place. They are the only team to beat Shadow and were unbeaten until a few weeks ago. Right behind CrossFade – only by winning percentage – is Vinctio who had a challenging week. They played Team Berserkers on stream, a thrilling 3-2 affair which fell in favour of Berserkers.

Built By Us had a great week where they swept their cross-conference counterparts, Puncture before barely beating out Crown Gaming and are just clawing onto the 4th place spot. Bad Karma also won their cross-conference game, beating Primal 3-1 before losing to Shadow eSports. ASN had a great week as they won both series, even beating CrossFade. Every week I find myself criticizing Galamo and it is nothing personal, but they haven’t beaten anyone ranked higher than themselves except for Built By Us. This week they got two wins against low teams, but they were way too close for a 7th place side. Galamo gained a FF win over The Swanky Squad and then barely beat out Nevo who are 13th. It’s nothing personal but I can’t put them any higher than 11th in the power rankings. Reflux experienced a significant bump in the road on their comeback as they lost to RL Ireland before beating R5, and will have a decisive week next week as they face Shadow and Built By Us. Clairvoyant had a close yet successful week as they beat both Nootz and eNightmare 3-2 and have a highly challenging week up next, playing against Vinctio and CrossFade. RL Ireland had a great week as they swept nTice and just edging out Reflux.

Crown Gaming sit at a perfect 50/50 record, however, they do not find themselves in the middle in this top-heavy conference. Last week they did show some promise of moving further up as they swept Royals and went to 5 games against 4th place Built By Us. eNightmare just can’t stop losing. Again, it’s nothing personal but they have not won in 2 weeks and are experiencing a dramatic drop down the league. Auto Celerity actually have a decent record which – in the other conference – would give them 8th place. Last week they swept Conquest and cross-conference The Squids which shows how good they are. If they keep performing they are bound to move further up the table. At the very bottom, Nevo, Conquest and Lions Gaming find themselves behind the rest. Nevo and Conquest recently experienced org-changes, 4KingzGG becoming Nevo and Sonic Wave becoming Conquest, but the rebranding has unfortunately not altered their performances. Get well soon.


  1. Team Berserkers (+2)
  2. Eidolon Esports
  3. NoHope Esports (-2)
  4. Primal Esports
  5. Déjàvu eSports (+1)
  6. Nootz eSports (+4)
  7. Hit or Miss eSports (+7)
  8. Prophecy (-1)
  9. King of the Alps (+6)
  10. R5 Esports (-5)
  11. Puncture (-3)
  12. The Swanky Squad (-3)
  13. Royals (-2)
  14. nTice Esports (-1)
  15. The Squids (-3)
  16. Austrian Force

The Zeta conference is so difficult to write about and even worse to predict because things never turn out how they seem. The inconsistency isn’t too bad though as it provides great entertainment.

Team Berserkers are probably the most consistent team in the Zeta conference and are back on top after a bad Week 4. Beating Vinctio last week is an accomplishment as the cross-conference games have shown that the Delta conference are hard to beat. NoHope Esports didn’t exactly have the easiest week last week as they had to face Shadow on stream. Thankfully for them, The Swanky Squad gifted them a FF win so it wasn’t too hard of a week. Eidolon Esports didn’t have an easy week either as they lost to CrossFade 2-3 and barely edged out Puncture 3-2, which is concerning as they are a mid-table side. Primal have seriously improved after I put them 13th in my power rankings ahead of Week 3 and are a solid Top 4 team. Last week they lost to Bad Karma and beat Austrian Force and have a challenging week coming up as they face Eidolon and The Swanky Squad.

Behind the Top 4, Déjàvu eSports are the clear 5th place team after an easy week. They swept eNightmare who are not looking good before being given a FF win from The Squids. Easy pickings. Nootz had a promising week as they came close against Clairvoyant and swept R5. Hit or Miss also had a decent week as they swept Conquest and just beat Royals.

King of the Alps had a great week as they swept Lions and just beat Prophecy and for the first time find themselves in the upper half of the table. Not too shabby. Prophecy, however, did have a shabby week as they lost to ASN and – as previously mentioned – lost against King of the Alps. Puncture did not have a good week either, but a close game against Eidolon shows they have potential. R5 are giving me commitment issues. Two weeks ago they suddenly started to perform and I bumped them up considerably in the power rankings. Then, the next week they lost both games. After this, they again impressed before losing both series last week. This team cannot be trusted. The Swanky Squad have to start turning up to games. They don’t even have a bad record but have forfeited 3 out of their 4 last games, not good.

Behind the middle, teams are struggling (as you would expect). Royals have lost their last 4 games, nTice have lost their previous 2 and The Squids are falling apart. The Squids have not won in 6 series and also have a habit of forfeiting. Since their promising beginning, they have just fallen apart, which is sad to see. Austrian Force are yet again at the bottom and seem doomed as they failed to win both series yet again.







  1. Primal Esports
  2. DéjàVu eSports
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. Puncture (+1)
  5. Shadow eSports (-1)
  6. R5 Esports (+1)
  7. RL Ireland (+1)
  8. Austrian Force (-2)
  9. Reflux
  10. Lions Gaming
  11. Built By Us (+5)
  12. King of the Alps (-1)
  13. ASN Esports (-1)
  14. Vinctio (-1)
  15. Hit or Miss Esports (-1)
  16. nTice Esports (-1)


  1. Bad Karma eSports
  2. Royals
  3. Eidolon Esports (+2)
  4. Clairvoyant (-1)
  5. Team Berserkers (+3)
  6. Galamo Esports (-2)
  7. The Swanky Squad
  8. Nevo (+3)
  9. CrossFade (-3)
  10. The Squids (-1)
  11. eNightmare (-1)
  12. Nootz eSports
  13. Crown Gaming
  14. Prophecy
  15. Conquest (+1)
  16. NoHope Esports (-1)


Unfortunately there are still no master write-ups. This is because we don’t have any master writers at work as of now. If you would be interested in filling this void, then please apply to the news team in #staff-applications in the main Discord server.






The interview for this week is all about prospect giants Galamo Esports. Currently 1st in the omega conference. For all the information I went to Sierra Romeo, the Galamo Esports captain.

1. How do you think your season is going so far?
a. In my honest opinion, I think, although we are 1st, we are kinda dissapointed to have already lost 2 series, whilst still having to play the topdogs. On top of this we haven’t been our best yet, so we have a lot more to show this league, so we aren’t too afraid to drop down, because we know we have enough potential. But we are really confident we can beat the other topdogs and finish up top.

2. What is 1 thing your team wants to improve on?
a. I think we have quite a few things to improve as a team, but the main points we should improve on in my opinion, are firstly the comms, sometimes because of a lack of comms we double commit. And rotations get sloppy, because we would like to get TomBaste more on offense as well.

3. What are the strong sides of your team?
a. As for the main strengths of our team, I have to say the attacking power we have, as well as our ability to keep calm during the matches, which allows us to keep concentrated, even when other people would’ve maybe got triggered.

4. How far do you think Galamo will make it this season?
a. To be completely honest, I think that we as a team have got the potential to go all the way to the Grand Finals and win the entire league. So far we haven’t been plating our best, but we have had times where we have looked extremely good. So, although it’s going to be hard, I think we can win it all.

5. What was your strategy for forming such a great roster?
a. Forming this roster was actually quite easy. Me, Acetek and TomBaste have been teammates in Galamo for a long time, and the three of us signed up for this tournament. It was a bit unfortunate that our sub couldn’t be on the roster, due to the DSN-cap, so we had to get an outside sub, which we found in Niels. Niels seemed like a good fit, for his rank anyway, due to the fact that he could help get rid of a bit of defense responsibility, which allowes TomBaste to move upfield a bit more. After tryouts with multiple people, all three of us agreed that Niels would be a good fit, so we picked him as our sub.

6. If you could pick 1 team you won’t have to play in playoffs, which team would that be?
a. I don’t think there is a team I wouldn’t want to face in the playoffs, due to the fact that we want to prove to this entire community that we are the best team. This makes us want to beat every team in the prospect league, even the likes of Bad Karma and Auto Celerity.

7. If you play on stream, what team would you want to beat?
a. The team I would want to beat on stream is definetely Auto Celerity, as I think they are the biggest favourites right now.

8. Last question… what team do you want to callout for a match?
a. The team I want to challenge is Auto Celerity, as they seem unstoppable at the moment, but I think we can definetely beat them, and show the community they are beatable.

Well that’s it for this weeks interview. I want to thank Sierra Romeo for answering these questions and I hope that you guys enjoyed!

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