IEL Season 5 Week 4 | Power Rankings

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  1. Auto Celerity
  2. Bad Karma eSports
  3. Hit or Miss Esports
  4. Eidolon Esports (+2)
  5. Crown Gaming (+2)
  6. Lions Gaming (-2)
  7. Vinctio (+1)
  8. ASN Esports (+6)
  9. Nootz eSports (+6)
  10. King of the Alps (-1)
  11. The Squids (-6)
  12. Built By Us (-2)
  13. eNightmare (-2)
  14. Puncture (-1)
  15. Clairvoyant (-4)
  16. Royals


  1. DéjàVu eSports (+5)
  2. RL Ireland (+5)
  3. Primal Esports
  4. Prophecy (+5)
  5. R5 Esports (-4)
  6. Galamo Esports (-4)
  7. Austrian Force (+1)
  8. Reflux (+7)
  9. Nevo (-4)
  10. The Swanky Squad (-6)
  11. nTice Esports (+1)
  12. CrossFade (+1)
  13. Shadow eSports (-2)
  14. Team Berserkers
  15. NoHope Esports (-5)
  16. Sonic Wave


Bad Karma eSports (7-1) – Crispy

Sat just behind the continual top dogs of the Mu Conference, Auto Celerity, are Bad Karma. They carried on piling the pressure on first place and occupying the second place spot with two sweeps in week 4, over the two mid-table teams ASN and Crown Gaming. They will be looking to pounce heavily on any drop in form from the one team above them, and with performances like what we’ve seen from them this week, they look poised to do just that, should the day where Auto Celerity drop a game ever come.

Hit or Miss eSports (7-1) – Crispy

The recent roster change made by Hit or Miss eSports doesn’t seem to have slowed their momentum in the slightest, with new main roster player BlackTooth slotting in seamlessly with Yaiba and Sabo. Just like Bad Karma, who they currently tie with for second place, they didn’t drop a single game of either of their two series, against Clairvoyant and Nootz respectively. These two teams can feel hard done by, as perhaps in any other season or Conference they would be vying for top spot, but the great shadow looming over them of Auto Celerity (who still are yet to drop a game all season) means that clutching that #1 position in the table looks unlikely for any team.

Lions Gaming (4-4) – Crispy

This team previously occupied an automatic playoff spot, but have somewhat fallen off in recent weeks. Week 4 saw them suffer a 3-0 defeat to Crown Gaming, after overcoming Vinctio in a 5-game affair. Next week sees Lions take on Nootz eSports in a game they really should win if they want to stake a claim for a playoff spot, and a potentially tricky game against Austrian Force, but winnable nonetheless as these opponents have shown some patchy form so far in the season. We are at the halfway point of league play, so teams with even records like Lions Gaming will be eager to move up the table towards the business end of the season.

Royals (1-7) – Crispy

Hopes of playoffs might be over for this team, but they show no signs of giving up, and this week they picked up their first series win of the season, a 3-1 victory over eNightmare. Despite a defeat by the same scoreline to Built By Us, this week will go down as a success for them as they look to build on this and achieve at least a respectable finish in the league. Their games next week are against ASN, who are definitely beatable sitting at 3-5, and their cross-conference game against their last-placed counterparts from the Omega conference Sonic Wave, who are the only prospect team still yet to pick up a win this season. Although they still sit firmly at the bottom of the Mu Conference, a going 2-0 in week 5 would do wonders for their position in the table.




  1. Shadow eSports (+1)
  2. Vinctio (+2)
  3. Bad Karma eSports (+2)
  4. CrossFade (-3)
  5. Reflux (+3)
  6. Built By Us
  7. eNightmare (-4)
  8. ASN Esports (-1)
  9. Clairvoyant
  10. Crown Gaming (+2)
  11. RL Ireland (-1)
  12. Galamo Esports (-1)
  13. Auto Celerity (+1)
  14. Sonic Wave (+1)
  15. Lions Gaming (+1)
  16. Nevo (-3)

The last week in the Delta conference was an eventful one, with the rise of Reflux, the fall of CrossFade and our new leaders, Shadow eSports.

At the top, Shadow have finally dethroned CrossFade after having a perfect week, sweeping Nevo and ASN Esports. Shadow have impressed all season, only losing to CrossFade, and possessing the best record and win percentage, they are the team to beat.

The biggest news in the league is CrossFade losing both series. What happened? After going 6-0, the perfect record, they lost to Crown Gaming and Bad Karma eSports, games that – to their standards – should be easy wins. No offense to either of the teams, but Crown were 2-4 and Bad Karma were 3-3, whilst CrossFade were 6-0. To be fair to them, both series went to 5 games, however, it was certainly a week to forget for CrossFade.

Currently tied with CrossFade, Vinctio have also impressed, beating RL Ireland and Built By Us last week, and have been the solid third in this conference for a long time. Right behind, we find Bad Karma eSports, eNightmare and Reflux, all at a record of 5-3. Bad Karma performed that famous victory against CrossFade on stream last week, a spectacular 5-game series that went to overtime in the final game. Reflux also had a great week as they beat both Lions Gaming and Clairvoyant 3-2 and have returned to their Week 1 form. eNightmare did not have as good of a week as the former two as they lost against RL Ireland and Sonic Wave, not an impressive week.

Behind the top 6 in the middle, we have a 6-way tie at 4-4. Built By Us are the top of these teams with the best winning percentage and after beating ASN, another of the mid-table teams. Crown Gaming had a great week and have moved out of the bottom, beating Lions Gaming, and – amazingly – CrossFade. Crown has two pivotal games coming up next week against Built By Us and cross-conference Royals, a game to determine who are the true kings of the Challenger league. RL Ireland have had a terribly lack-luster season, especially when you consider that they came second last season, a hugely impressive campaign where the franchise also won the Master league. The Irishmen must pick up the pace, and sweeping eNightmare last week is a great start.

At the base of the Delta conference, we have 4 teams who just cannot seem to get multiple wins. Sonic Wave swept eNightmare last week, a largely impressive win and have a great chance to get two wins next week as they face Auto Celerity and Hit or Miss eSports. Nevo lost patience with their roster and dropped jordi2211 and nieli <3, hopefully, Sideline and DJohn20 can perform better than their precessors.

  1. NoHope Esports (+1)
  2. Eidolon Esports (+4)
  3. Team Berserkers (-2)
  4. Primal Esports (-1)
  5. R5 Esports (+7)
  6. Déjàvu eSports (+1)
  7. Prophecy (+2)
  8. Puncture (-4)
  9. The Swanky Squad (+2)
  10. Nootz eSports (-5)
  11. Royals (-1)
  12. The Squids (-4)
  13. nTice Esports (+2)
  14. Hit or Miss eSports (-1)
  15. King of the Alps (-1)
  16. Austrian Force

The Zeta conference also had a highly interesting week, with a clear big four forming, the return of R5 and the further disintegration of The Squids. We yet again saw a strange shift in the table with teams heating up and cooling off left right and center.

At the top, we find the “big four” of the conference, NoHope, Eidolon, Berserkers, and Primal. NoHope have won their last four games, a formidable run of form which has rewarded them with the 1st place. Next week, they face The Swanky Squad and cross-conference Shadow eSports, a game which could be telling in who is the greatest team of the Challenger league. Eidolon have recovered after two mediocre weeks, where I became so worried I lowered them from 1st to 7th in power rankings. Team Berserkers had a bog-standard week, losing to R5 and beating Prophecy. Primal are on a similar form to NoHope and have won 4 games in a row and should go into their cross-conference against Bad Karma with an optimistic attitude.

Behind the big four, we have a 6-way tie, similar to the Delta conference. R5 have returned from the depths of the Zeta conference after beating Team Berserkers and Austrian Force. They will look to build on this hot run of form as they face Reflux in their cross-conference game next week, another team on the way up. Puncture did not have a good week, losing to Prophecy and Déjàvu and must perform next week as they face Built By Us and Eidolon. Nootz did not have a good week either as they lost to Primal and nTice, a team that they must beat if they wish to get out of the middle.

Right behind the middle, we find Royals, nTice, The Squids and Hit or Miss eSports. What happened to The Squids? They have now lost four consecutive games after being top 4 for the first two weeks. They lost to some of the lower teams including The Swanky Squad and rock-bottom Austrian Force. Are The Squids underperforming or did they overperform the first two weeks? The answer currently seems to be the latter and they must improve fast. nTice Esports had a terrific week beating mid-table Nootz and bottom King of the Alps. The win against Nootz hints that they have what it takes to move upwards however they must perform next week as they face RL Ireland and Team Berserkers, two stellar teams.

At the bottom, the Austrian teams King of the Alps and Austrian Force are still struggling and just cannot seem to get results. Next week will provide great opportunities to get some wins as they face similarly skilled teams with the cross-conference system.





  1. Primal Esports (+2)
  2. DéjàVu eSports
  3. Auto Celerity (+5)
  4. Shadow eSports (+3)
  5. Puncture (+1)
  6. Austrian Force (-1)
  7. R5 Esports (+9)
  8. RL Ireland (-7)
  9. Reflux (+1)
  10. Lions Gaming (-1)
  11. King of the Alps
  12. ASN Esports (+1)
  13. Vinctio (+2)
  14. Hit or Miss eSports
  15. nTice Esports (-3)
  16. Built By Us (-12)


  1. Bad Karma eSports
  2. Royals (+2)
  3. Clairvoyant (+2)
  4. Galamo (-2)
  5. Eidolon Esports (+1)
  6. CrossFade (-3)
  7. The Swanky Squad
  8. Team Berserkers (+4)
  9. The Squids (-1)
  10. eNightmare (+3)
  11. Nevo (-2)
  12. Nootz eSports (-2)
  13. Crown Gaming (-2)
  14. Prophecy (+2)
  15. NoHope Esports (-1)
  16. Sonic Wave (-1)

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