IEL Season 5 Week 3 | Write-ups, Transfers and Previews!

So, the news team has been struggling this season to push any content and we’ve not been meeting our deadlines. This week has hit the hardest and we have very little content to release because of this. Firstly, we apologise for this.

Secondly, we will not tolerate this and as such will be making changes. You’ve spoken loud and clear about your favourite parts of this being the power rankings and as such, the news team shall focus extremely heavily on the power rankings from now on and prioritise them being on-time, rather than delaying in favour of late articles being written.

We would love to see written content continue, but until we have more staff join the news team, we will be doing it much less frequently. If you’d like to help us in bringing it back, then we would love a few more faces to sign up to the team!




Prospect: NoHope Esports vs Reflux (7pm GMT)

These two teams both sit at 2-4, firmly in the bottom half of the Omega Conference. With neither team having played yet this week, they will both be eager to push towards securing an even record by the end of this week. NoHope possibly come into this as slight favourites having forfeited both their series last week, meaning that their record may not be fully representative of their level as a team. Reflux on the other hand have only won one series this season excluding forfeits, and that was a narrow 3-2 victory over another low-placed side, Team Berserkers. This did come just last week however, so with the momentum in the league being with Reflux at this moment, this match could go either way.

Challenger: ASN Esports vs Built By Us (8pm GMT)

ASN Esports sit in 5th place in the Delta Conference at the moment with a 4-3 record. They are part of a large pack of teams on 3 or 4 wins, who are all hoping to push into the top 4 automatic playoff qualifying spots. Also part of this group is BBU, who are on a less impressive 3-4 record. Their one match so far this week was a 3-2 defeat to Vinctio which saw them come close to taking the scalp of one of those top 4 teams. Meanwhile, ASN were swept by Shadow in their first match this week. Whilst this was not a surprise as Shadow are the top team in the conference as it stands, ASN possibly would have liked to make the series a bit closer. If you tune in to the stream in the buildup to this series (after the first matchup has concluded), you can hear an interview with Pug, the GM of ASN to hear his thoughts on this match and the season so far, with the interview conducted by the IEL News Team’s finest member 😉

Master: NoHope Esports vs eNightmare (9pm GMT)

The second NoHope team featured on tonight’s stream, the franchise’s Masters are performing considerably worse than the prospects, being yet to pick up their first win this season. They come off the back of an extremely tough week last season, in which they were swept by Royals and Bad Karma, the top two teams in the Gamma Conference. Failing to pick up a game in the last gameweek could have lowered the team’s morale, however the experience of playing the top two teams in the division could improve them enough to be able to take this series. Their opponents, eNightmare, are having a similarly dry season – they sit 4th from bottom in the table with a 1-5 record. Their performances last week showed some fleeting signs of being able to push out of this level, not least in a game 5 1-goal game loss to 7th-placed Swanky Squad, which suggests that they are able to compete against higher level teams. It’s a question of whether or not they can build on this, and convert it to a win in tonight’s series.

Crispy predicts:

NoHope Esports 3-1 Reflux (Prospect)

Built By Us 3-2 ASN (Challenger)

Nightmare 3-1 NoHope Esports (Master)

IEL Week 3 Challenger write-ups (AndasAP)

Delta conference:

  1. CrossFade
  2. Shadow eSports
  3. eNightmare
  4. Vinctio
  5. Bad Karma eSports
  6. Built By Us
  7. ASN Esports
  8. Reflux
  9. Clairvoyant
  10. RL Ireland
  11. Galamo Esports
  12. Crown Gaming
  13. 4KingzGG
  14. Auto Celerity
  15. Sonic Wave
  16. Lions Gaming

After three weeks, the Delta conference has truly started to take shape and we can now distinguish the different groups.

Aloft of the Delta conference, a top 2 has started to emerge and if they maintain their great streak of performances, they are surely going to qualify for playoffs.

In 1st place, we find CrossFade who are yet to drop a series. For six consecutive games they have defeated their opponent and they have established themselves as clear favourites to win the whole competition. Just behind them with a record of 5-1, we find Shadow eSports who hold the highest win percentage in the Challenger league and with their only loss occurring against CrossFade, they are the clear second place, having swept eNightmare in Week 1.

Right behind the top, we find ASN Esports and Vinctio who have both impressed, but with both having lost to mid-table teams such as Crown Gaming and Reflux, they must improve if they are to deem themselves worthy of the crown (pun very much intended).

In the middle of the pack, we find a group of teams who are eager to push forwards and move up the table. Built By Us are on a hot run of form winning both games last week and are building momentum towards two crucial games against ASN and Vinctio next week. Bad Karma eSports have fallen down the table, losing against eNightmare and Vinctio, certainly a week to forget. Galamo Esports are also on the decline after losing against Reflux but beating Crown Gaming last week they seem like a mid-table side. Reflux have struggled with players, having to play with an external sub against CrossFade, however, with the return of Capra, they will be looking to build upon their clean sweep of Galamo last week.

At the bottom of the table, Auto Celerity have finally put together a win, beating Lions Gaming who have become the new bottom side, also having lost to Sonic Wave. Crown Gaming are just above the bottom and will hope to beat Lions Gaming and possibly even disrupt CrossFade’s winning streak next week, which would be a glorious upset.

Zeta conference:

  1. Team Berserkers
  2. NoHope Esports
  3. Primal Esports
  4. Puncture
  5. Nootz eSports
  6. Eidolon Esports
  7. DéjàVu eSports
  8. The Squids
  9. Prophecy
  10. Royals
  11. The Swanky Squad
  12. R5 Esports
  13. Hit or Miss eSprots
  14. King of the Alps
  15. nTice sports
  16. Austrian Force

Before even mentioning the Zeta conference, I must apologise for my appalling power-rankings in my Week 2 write-up. Only two of my predictions have stood for this week and I must apologise to NoHope, Nootz and Primal, NoHope going into second after I predicted them at 10th, Primal going into 4th after I predicted them at 13th and Nootz going into 6th after I put them at 14th. Teams that should apologise to me include R5, nTice, The Squids, Eidolon and Prophecy, who did not live up to the expectations I set upon them. Shame on you.

At the top of the table, we yet again find Team Berserkers who have continued to perform, going 5-1. Right behind, we find NoHope, Puncture, Primal, Eidolon, and Nootz. NoHope had a terrific week, beating R5 and Prophecy and are looking like a strong contender for automatic qualification for playoffs. Puncture also enjoyed a very positive week, beating Hit or Miss and R5, who have struggled the last few weeks. Primal and Nootz will also be satisfied with their results, Nootz beating top side Eidolon to the resentment of Francesko.

The Squids have cooled off their strong start to the season and find themselves in the mid-table along with other Déjàvu, Prophecy, Royals and The Swanky Squad. The Swanky Squad have improved from the start of the season and beating Royals last week have cemented themselves into the mid-table. Prophecy have not been able to replicate their strong showing in Week 2 where they beat Eidolon and losing to Primal and NoHope and are facing mediocrity.

Down below, nTice Esports and Austrian Force have a record of 1-5 and must get a few wins under belt if they are to move out of the bottom. R5 Esports and Hit or Miss eSports have also had a hard time, Hit or Miss being swept twice last week and R5 being defeated by Puncture and NoHope.






Auto Celerity are try to make a run away with the conference making their record 6-0 whilst keeping their impressive 100% win rate. During week 3, Auto Celerity signed their new third xdBrunard who has seemed to fit in perfectly with AC to help them keep their fantastic form going. On the contrary, it could be said that Auto Celerity have played the bottom teams and haven’t had any really challenge against their rivals who they will be facing in the second half of the season.

Close competitors to that top spot in the MU conference are Bad Karma, Hit or Miss and Eidolon. All these teams with a 5-1 record will be looking to catch Auto Celerity off guard to take that top spot and cement their spot as a top 2 seed into play offs. Bad Karma haven’t really made much of a difference to their team but like their rivals, are in great form right now and have a lot of momentum running into week 4. Hit or Miss have made a controversial transfer as they have decided to drop paradox who was a pivotal player in their team. Blacktooth, Hit or Miss’ replacement, will have some large boots to fill.

The midfield of the MU of conference are looking to find a place in the last few playoff spots. However during week 3 a lot of games being dropped to one another which will be vital when it comes to the last week or so of league play. Each team with a great chance of making play offs, but the question is. Who wants it more?

Towards the bottom of the table, Built By Us gained their first victory of the season beating King of Alps 3 games to 2 lifting them off the bottom of the league. Royals continue their poor form now going 0-6 while puncture still only have the win against Hit or Miss under their name.

Heading into week 4 Auto Celerity have a relatively easy week playing Nootz and King of alps, so we should expect an 8-0 record come to week 5. Their rivals not really having much competition either so it’s definitely all to play for at the top of the table heading into week 4. As well as the top, there is also plenty of opportunity in the middle of the table too as there are still a lot of teams up and coming late on in the season.

The play offs spot are all to play for!




The omega conference is a very interesting and competitive conference as we see that there is not a single team that have a perfect 6-0 record. However 4 teams have a solid 5-1 record who look to find a concrete position in the play off spots. R5 starting off their season with a fantastic run of games only dropping 1 series so far and sweeping most of their series 3-0. DJV have managed to find good form after starting the league 1-1 and have now had a perfect record for 2 weeks in a row. If the top 4 teams can carry on this momentum then it will make up for a lot of entertainment in the later stages of the Omega conference.

The mid table teams are also in with a fighting chance of obtaining a play off position as we see Primal, Austrian force, Prophecy and Nevo (Previously named 4Kingz) are all looking to compete with the teams at the top. Prophecy dropped a crucial game against Crossfade after beating The Swanky Squad. Primal had a relatively easy week beating Nevo who are their competitors on the running for play offs and also beat Team Berserkers who are 1-5. When it comes to Austrian force, I really feel like we have an underdog team on our hands here as they have pulled off some solid results and if they can carry on this form then they will be look to be in a good position come the end of the season.

Crossfade had a fantastic week 3 beating both Prophecy and Sonic Wave which helped sling shot them up the conference only two spaces of play offs. Playing nTice and Austrian force do they have a really good chance of moving even further up the conference. The Swanky Squad are now out of the play offs after a poor week 3 losing to both Prophecy and nTice, both strong competition to The Swanky Squad.

The teams at the bottom of the conference consist of teams who are really struggling at the minute. Sonic wave really struggling to get the first one under their name and Team Berserkers not managing to create a real strong foundation in the conference. As well as this they face a big blow losing TheRandomChicken who was a crucial player for TB. Shadow have had an extremely tough week playing both R5 and Galamo in the same week. Losing 3-0 to both teams and having to play Dejavu and Primal in week 4, they will have to rely on a very strong run of form in the second half of the season for them to regain any chance of making play offs this season.

After week 4, cross conference games will be played and that will help identify the real strength of both conferences and the teams that are really looking good init he prospect league. MU is looking like a dominant league whereas Omega is looking extremely close and the play off positions are up for grabs for most of the teams competing.



Player transfers (SnUwU)

To start of, this season already has some good transfers and organization changes.
Team chaos became Lions Gaming with this roster:
Dark – Former Bad Karma prospect player
Panix – Former Bad Karma prospect player
Syxgod – Former Sonic Wave prospect player
As replacements for Dark and Panix, Bad Karma signed Calski91 and Future. Both teams are doing well but in my opinion bad karma got them self 2 great players and the results show!
Next up is DéjàVu eSports Challenger team. They released Djohn20 and itsMagik. And replaced them with VektA and TofuElliot. However the results are still the same, a stable middle row team.
Vinctio Released derg based on there mediocre results. His replacement is Bram. Unfortunately his first game was a lost but the plyers from Lions Gaming said he had some great potential. Maybe with some practice and scrims things can change for vinctio.
Last but not least….. R5. The omega conference powerhouse needed a replacement for Oakland. And boy o boy did they get one. A random chicken ( former captain of Team Beserkers ) joins R5. I played this guy in scrims. And I can confirm R5 got themselves a gem. I’m curious to see what he will bring to R5.

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