IEL Season 5 Week 2 | Power Rankings, Write-ups and Stream Match Previews



Good evening IEL community and I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! It’s been an exciting week and it’s shaping up to be an even bigger week next week. From the top teams of every league battling it out for the first claim of the dominant team, to the mid-league teams clutching onto every victory to help their efforts of latching onto the final playoff spots so much later in the season, we have it all here for your reading pleasure!

Our brilliant news team has provided you with power rankings for every division, write-ups for some interesting teams of every league, an interview with x and finally some exciting match previews for the stream games this week!

Finally, I would like to ask any reader who is interested in helping us to rank the teams and write about whatever league they are comfortable writing for to apply for the news team as we could really do with more members to put out more and better content for the wonderful community! If this is something that you’d be interested in doing, then just apply for the staff position in #staff-application and you’ll be messaged by myself (Chop) as soon as I see it.





Clairvoyant vs Sonic Wave | Master 7pm (AndasAP):

This Monday’s Master game will take place in the Gamma Conference between Clairvoyant
and Sonic Wave and will reveal whether Sonic Wave can pick up the pace, as they are yet to win a game. Clairvoyant will be looking to build upon their 3-1 record, pushing for top 4.

Clairvoyant are flying high after beating out NoHope Esports and Prophecy last week and will be looking for their fourth win out of five.

Sonic Wave have had a hard start to the season, going 0-4. They came close last week against The Squids and will be hoping to break the deadlock against Clairvoyant this Monday. This could very well be a chance for an upset, however Clairvoyant should be able to deal with Sonic Wave and get another win.


Hit or Miss eSports vs Crown Gaming | Prospect 8pm (AndasAP):

Hit or Miss Esports and Crown Gaming will be competing in this Monday’s Prospect Game, and with both teams going 3-1 after the first two weeks, it will be a highly important game for the two upper-table sides.

After losing to 13th-place Puncture last week, Hit or Miss are exposed ahead of the game against Crown. The 3-man team need to cement themselves as a top team to gain automatic qualification for playoffs, and a win against Crown would massively contribute towards that.

Crown Gaming have had a great start to the season, going 3-1. With their only loss occurring against Auto Celerity – who currently look unstoppable – Crown are on the verge of top 4 and are therefore my pick to win this game.


Auto Celerity vs CrossFade | Challenger 9pm (AndasAP):

The Challenger game this Monday between Auto Celerity vs CrossFade is a true David vs Goliath clash with CrossFade undefeated at the top of the Delta Conference, and Auto Celerity struggling in last place, yet to win a game.

CrossFade are off to a flying start going 4-0 after two weeks and will be hoping to continue their hot streak of form into Week 3. Beating second place Shadow eSports last week, they have demonstrated that they can win against anyone and are clear favourites in this match-up.

Auto Celerity are scrambling at the bottom of the table, going 0-4, but with both of their games last week going to five games, they may stand a chance against CrossFade however small that chance may be. I cannot see Auto Celerity winning this game, so I predict CrossFade to get a relatively easy win.




Mu Division | Power Rankings:

  1. Auto Celerity
  2. Bad Karma eSports (+10)
  3. Hit or Miss eSports (+3)
  4. Lions Gaming (-2)
  5. The Squids (+2)
  6. Eidolon Esports (-2)
  7. Crown Gaming (-2)
  8. Vinctio (+3)
  9. King of the Alps (+4)
  10. Built By Us (-7)
  11. Clairvoyant (+3)
  12. eNightmare (-3)
  13. Puncture (-3)
  14. ASN Esports (-6)
  15. Nootz eSports
  16. Royals


Omega Division | Power Rankings:

  1. R5 Esports (+4)
  2. Galamo Esports (-1)
  3. Primal Esports (+1)
  4. The Swanky Squad (+8)
  5. 4KingzGG (+2)
  6. DéjàVu eSports
  7. RL Ireland (-5)
  8. Austrian Force (-5)
  9. Prophecy (+1)
  10. NoHope Esports (+5)
  11. Shadow eSports (+2)
  12. nTice Esports (-1)
  13. CrossFade (-5)
  14. Team Berserkers
  15. Reflux (-6)
  16. Sonic Wave


Write-Ups (Chop):


Auto Celerity (4-0 | 1st):

The only undefeated team remaining in prospect is AC and with an impressive 100% win record, they are shaping up to be a contender for the title! This top-tier team did experience a bump in the road, however. Losing Jade this week left them forced to play their sub (PR0ton), but this didn’t stop them from sweeping both matchups against Lions Gaming and Crowns Gaming. LG and CG both are very good teams as things stand, so AC managing to sweep two of the best teams this season is extraordinarily impressive!
The most difficult task now is for newcomers Tizm and mxnch to find another player on par with their high-C3 play, but being so dominant so soon does leave them with a lot of players to choose from. Mu seems like a walk in the park for these lads, so the most anticipating matchup I can predict for them will be the cross-conference matchup, when they will play one of the best teams in the other division and if they carry on as they are: the best. If AC can go unbeaten even after the cross-conference match, then I would start placing my bets on Auto Celerity winning the prospect league!

R5 Esports (3-1 | 1st):

In the opposite division, R5 Esports currently take the crown (not the team) of Omega. Whilst AC are a team of new players to the league, R5 brings a lot more experience. A Season Two fourth place team player (CapitanGigio on Inferno) who also played on AEon in Season Three when they were a top team is the striker for the team, currently scoring the vast majority of their goals. Bo is the newest member of the main roster, who got the sixth seed for playoffs last season under Built By Us. The final member of the main roster is myself – Chop – who earned the seventh seed in Season Three in a second place finish in his division. However, in Season Four he missed out on playoffs with R3D Water; this makes Chop the only member on the roster to have not made playoffs in every season that he has played in.
In week one R5 went 1-1 after a loss against Austrian Force (2-2), but recovered with two victories this week. Every series that R5 have won in these first two weeks has been a sweep, which bodes well for their confidence, despite a loss in the first week. R5 did do some coaching after their loss, which saw a change in their playstyle that worked well in practice. Although, they are yet to adopt this playstyle in a league game, so if they don’t manage to do so before they play one of the 3-1 teams in Omega, then they could run into trouble.

Lions Gaming (2-2 | 9th):

Whilst Lions Gaming may be standing in a mid-table position, this should not fool you. They lost to the best team in their division (AC) and lost game five against Hit or Miss, another dominant team. I predict a strong showing from this team to come and possibly only two or three more losses for the rest of the season, despite their balanced record as of now. So, if you are facing this dark horse of a team, then you better be on your A-game!
Dark and Mu (ironically in the Mu division) are both low 1400 players and with Lil Con as their third – who is a low 1300 may I add – they have one of the highest main roster DSN in the league. Judging from their games so far, aggression and pressure is the way to pin this team down until they crack. Lions Gaming need to improve their counter play if they are to defeat some of the great teams who may be able to use this tactic against them (such as AC), but if they do, then they’ll be a force to be reckoned with!

Galamo (3-1 | 3rd):

To finish off the prospect write-ups, we have our fourth great team to discuss: Galamo. Galamo experienced a minor fall from grace after finishing first last week and ending the second week of league play in third, behind R5 Esports and Primal Esports.
Their results in week one was a sweeping victory over Austrian Force using a prospect league sub and a 3-1 win against Team Berserkers. This is interesting, because Galamo’s biggest competitor as of now is R5, who swept Berserkers in the second week, possibly showing a more dominant team in the form of R5. However, Austrian Force beat R5 3-1, so what happened? My best estimate using the replays provided is that Meowdy (the prospect sub they used) is a better fit than their third, although this will become apparent whether true or not in the coming weeks, dependant on their losses.
Examining the second week, we can gather a better opinion on this roster. Galamo edged out NoHope in a 3-1 win, but lost against 4KingzGG 3-1. So, how does this compare to their rivals at the top? Well, R5 swept 4K and will be playing NoHope in week three. This doesn’t bode well, because if R5 can sweep NoHope in week three, then it would seem as though R5 is the top dog.
Galamo don’t play R5 until the final week, which may be the deciding factor for who gets top of the division as things stand. Until then, how can we decide best who the top dog of the division is? Luckily for all of you avid wonderers, there is a way! Both teams pit against Shadow in week three, so whoever does the best against this veteran team, may be crowned the top dog of the division. Keep your bananas closed and eyes peeled on those results as it will be an important game to really show the league if Galamo has what it takes to win this league!




Delta Division | Power Rankings:

1. CrossFade (+2)

2. Shadow eSports

3. Bad Karma Esports (+1)

4. eNightmare (+7)

5. Clairvoyant

6. Vinctio (+6)

7. ASN Esports (+1)

8. Crown Gaming (+2)

9. Reflux (-8)

10. Galamo Esports (-3)

11. RL Ireland (-5)

12. Sonic Wave (-3)

13. Built By Us (+2)

14. 4KingzGG (-1)

15. Lions Gaming (-1)

16. Auto Celerity


Zeta Division | Power Rankings:

1. Eidolon Esports (+1)

2. Team Berserkers (+3)

3. The Squids (+1)

4. Prophecy (+4)

5. Déjàvu eSports (-4)

6. R5 Esports

7. nTice Esports (+8)

8. Royals (+4)

9. Puncture (+2)

10. NoHope Esports (-7)

11. The Swanky Squad (-10)

12. Hit or Miss eSports (+1)

13. Primal Esports (-3)

14. Nootz eSports (+2)

15. King of the Alps (-8)

16. Austrian Force (-2)


Write-Ups (AndasAP):

After two exhilarating weeks of action, the Challenger League conferences are starting to take shape and we finally get a look into where the different teams place. Some teams will be dissatisfied with how they have performed thus far, however it is crucial not to get caught up on such things as only 2 weeks have passed and there is still 6 to go.


The Delta conference has been full of surprises as the initial top 2 seeds Reflux and RL Ireland find themselves in the bottom half of the table, both having won 2 and lost 2. Crown Gaming and eNightmare however, have exceeded expectations, Crown at 8th after being predicted 15th at the start of the season and eNightmare at 4th after being predicted 11th after Week 1.

At the top of the Delta conference, CrossFade have cemented themselves as the team to beat after going 4-0 and defeating strong teams including 2nd place Shadow eSports. Shadow eSports, however, have a higher win-percentage (76.6%) than CrossFade (70.59%) and it will be interesting to see whether Shadow can continue their hot run of form from Week 2 where they won both games.

Other top teams I am yet to mention include Bad Karma eSports and Clairvoyant both of whom have gone 3-1 after 2 weeks. Bad Karma (3rd) and Clairvoyant (5th) have already clashed with Bad Karma winning 3-1 in a series that could be telling in who belongs in the top 4.

In the middle of the pack, we find 6 teams that – at times – have performed well, but are yet to find the consistency of the teams higher up in the table. This section of the conference (6-11th place) is a large toss-up with results flying back-and-forth with the results not showing how the teams rank. The results suggest that these teams struggle with inconsistency, however, this could also indicate that the conference is very close and the teams are similar in quality.

Scrambling at the bottom, we have 4 teams at 1-3 and Auto Celerity who are yet to win a series. Auto Celerity will have to pick up the pace and with some promising results against solid teams like Vinctio, eNightmare and Galamo eSports (all 2-3), they have a reasonable foundation to build off. Lions Gaming find themselves second-to-last after beating 3rd place Bad Karma, but have not been able to replicate it since, getting swept by 13th place Built By Us. These teams have their work cut out for them, but with 6 weeks left, I am sure they can bounce back and move up away from the bottom.


The Zeta conference has been extremely close with 11 out of 16 teams going 2-2. Week 3 will surely be the week where the good are seperated from the great and we finally get to see how the teams are ranked.

At the top of the Zeta conference, we have the current top 3 who have established themselves ahead of the crowd, all going 3-1. At the very top, we have Team Berserkers who have massively overperformed according to the power rankings ahead of the season, being seeded 12th. Eidolon Esports and The Squids have lived up to expectations and are comfortably placed in the top 3.

Just behind the top 3, there is an 11-way tie with everyone going 2-2, but I believe that some teams have set themselves apart and have a chance to get those automatic-qualification spots. For the discussion of that last top 4 spot, there is 3 teams in my opinion.
Despite being placed 9th in the league table, I believe Prophecy is the favourite to make top 4 after beating Eidolon. Prophecy have already played Team Berserkers as well and having played the top 2 teams, it will only get easier moving forwards.

Déjàvu eSports is another strong candidate for the top 4, however after losing to both of the Eidolon Esports and Team Berserkers, (Prophecy beat Eidolon), I believe Déjàvu just falls behind Prophecy.

The same can be said about R5 Esports who have performed admirably, beating Primal and going to 5 games against Eidolon, however losing against nTice and with a FF win, I struggle to put them that high.

As previously mentioned, the 11-way tie of 2-2 teams makes the mid-table difficult to discuss, however it is easier to judge looking at the results. Towards the top of mid-table, we find nTice Esports, Puncture and Royals who – based on their performances – are better than most of the other mid-teams.

One of these teams, nTice Esports performed atrociously in Week 1, but bounced back in week 2 beating R5 and Prophecy, two of the top teams in this conference. This shows that they have improved and if it continues going that way, they could easily climb their way up the table.

In the middle of the pack, I’ve placed NoHope who are currently placed at 4th in the league table, however due to defeats to ‘lesser teams’ King of the Alps and Hit or Miss, they must improve to surpass mediocrity.

The Swanky Squads are another team in the middle who have massively underperformed according to the #3 seed they were awarded ahead of the season, currently sitting in 13th place and they must pick up the slack if they wish to get anywhere near playoffs.

At the very bottom, we find the struggling duo of King of the Alps and Austrian Force. Both of these teams have performed badly thus far, but the two Austrian outfits face each other next week, a game which will be crucial to get out of the very bottom. King of the Alps have won a series against NoHope Esports, something Austrian Force have not been able to do and therefore I predict King of the Alps to take the series and consequently the crown of Austria.




Alpha Division | Power Rankings:

  1. RL Ireland
  2. DéjàVu eSports
  3. Primal Esports
  4. Built By Us
  5. Austrian Force (+3)
  6. Puncture (-1)
  7. Shadow eSports (-1)
  8. Auto Celerity (-1)
  9. Lions Gaming (+2)
  10. Reflux (-1)
  11. King of the Alps (-1)
  12. nTice Esports (+1)
  13. ASN Esports (+1)
  14. Hit or Miss eSports (+2)
  15. Vinctio (-1)
  16. R5 Esports (-1)


Gamma Division | Power Rankings:

  1. Bad Karma eSports
  2. Galamo Esports
  3. CrossFade (+1)
  4. Royals (-1)
  5. Clairvoyant (-1)
  6. Eidolon Esports (+4)
  7. The Swanky Squad (-2)
  8. The Squids
  9. 4KingzGG (+7)
  10. Nootz eSports (-1)
  11. Crown Gaming (-4)
  12. Team Berserkers (-1)
  13. eNightmare (-1)
  14. NoHope eSports (-1)
  15. Sonic Wave (-1)
  16. Prophecy (-1)


Write-Ups (Tails):

Bad Karma (4-0 | 1st):

JWeyts, NoxRL, Tyla. These are just a few of the names taking the Gamma Conference by storm! This team is yet to see the face of defeat dropping just 2 games in a series to Eidolon Esports, but still came out on top to remain in the top spot in the Gamma Conference, sitting on a hefty win percentage this team is one every player who hopes to do well this season needs to watch out for.

Not to mention Bad Karma’s sub, Noure! The prospect prodigy! This man has come all the way up from prospect league last season to the masters league, not to mention his performance probably wasn’t even his best the previous season. This season he now belongs to one of the strongest teams in the league, he’s even performed well taking a series 3-0 for his team, this guy has improved significantly and is proving he deserves to have made this jump between leagues and is here to stay. Can Bad Karma continue their run? Or will they fall short and crack under pressure, only time will tell.

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