IEL Season 5 Week 0

Good evening IEL and we finally have the greatly anticipated power rankings! Please remember, these will be almost certainly off – and drastically so for some teams – so do not feel disheartened if you are low down! We do not have too much to go off here, it is primarily a result of the preseason tournaments, team DSNs and recognisable players on the teams. Prospect is likely to be the most accurate as we have plenty of scrim results to base them off for this league, but as we are no Sith, we shall not deal in absolutes. Anyway, we will begin with prospect and move down to master, with a discussion from three news team members for each league, so please enjoy!

If you would like to help out the IEL News Team and do some writing and power rankings, then send in a staff application via the form in our Discord in #staff-application and you’ll be contacted as soon as we can get to you.





  1. Auto Celerity
  2. Built By Us
  3. Team Chaos
  4. Vinctio
  5. Eidolon Esports
  6. Puncture
  7. ASN Esports
  8. eNightmare
  9. Hit or Miss eSports
  10. King of the Alps
  11. The Squids
  12. Nootz eSports
  13. Crown Gaming
  14. Bad Karma eSports
  15. Clairvoyant
  16. Royals


  1. R5 Esports
  2. RL Ireland
  3. CrossFade
  4. Primal Esports
  5. Galamo eSports
  6. DéjàVu eSports
  7. nTice Esports
  8. Austrian Force
  9. Prophecy
  10. Shadow eSports
  11. Team Berserkers
  12. NoHope eSports
  13. The Swanky Squad
  14. Reflux
  15. 4KingzGG
  16. Sonic Wave

Crispy’s Write-up:

Mu Division:

The big boys of this division are Auto Celerity and Built By Us, the two top seeded teams. These will be the two that everyone else will be willing to unseat, and they are teams who have proven very strong in pre-season scrims. I think there are a couple of dark horses who have a very good chance of making playoffs, and could upset those two teams and maybe even finish in front of them come the end of the season. One of these is eNightmare, who come into season 5 with the exact same roster as in season 4. This chemistry could prove very useful in defeating the top teams in the division. Another of these is Vinctio, who have 3 solid players in their main roster that with the right performance could really do some damage. Finally we have ASN, who are a very strong mechanical team, giving them an unpredictable quality going into the league. Teams that I predict could struggle this season include Nootz, with their relative inexperience, and Crown Gaming, who don’t even have a full roster yet.

Omega Division:

This division arguably has a more competitive top end than Mu; although R5 Esports have been one of the more dominant teams in IEL, the other top seed Galamo are a relatively unknown quantity, and there are numerous other teams who are very strong. One of these is Deja Vu, who are proven to be a strong team in scrims despite only being seeded 3rd. Another one of these is Primal, who’s prospect team was one of the strongest last season, and they appear to have a very strong-looking roster this time around. There’s also Prophecy, who will be keen to do well after just missing out on playoffs in season 4 – two of their players this season played in that roster. Possible whipping boys of this division include The Swany Squad, who have had troubles getting a roster assembled, and NoHope, who have a fairly low best 3 players in their roster which may struggle to compete in the competitive prospect league.





  1. RL Ireland
  2. Reflux
  3. Auto Celerity
  4. ASN Esports
  5. eNightmare
  6. Vinctio
  7. Built By Us
  8. Bad Karma eSports
  9. Clairvoyant
  10. Sonic Wave
  11. CrossFade
  12. Galamo Esports
  13. Team Chaos
  14. Shadow eSports
  15. Crown Gaming
  16. 4KingzGG


  1. NoHope Esports
  2. Eidolon eSports
  3. The Swanky Squad
  4. The Squids
  5. DéjàVu eSports
  6. Prophecy
  7. King of the Alps
  8. nTice Esports
  9. R5 Esports
  10. Primal Esports
  11. Puncture
  12. Team Berserkers
  13. Royals
  14. Nootz eSports
  15. Austrian Force
  16. Hit or Miss eSports


AndasAP’s Write-up:


In the Challenger League, the Delta division appears to be slightly stronger than the Zeta division in the Challenger League in terms of DSN and will surely provide some highly appreciable action in Season 5.

On paper, Galamo Esports are the favourites through DSN, having used 5959 out of 5960 DSN, but with RL Ireland boasting 3 out of 4 players above 1500 DSN and having made the Grand Finals last season, the Ires will surely be a force to be reckoned with.
In order to gain the automatic qualification to playoffs, however they must overcome the likes of Reflux, Built By Us, Auto Celerity and eNightmare, all of whom look like menacing squads ahead of this season.
Winning the pre-season tournament, Auto Celerity will also be a team to look out for, but because only 7 teams participated, it is hard to say how good they will actually be.

Currently, ASN Esports, Team Chaos, Bad Karma eSports and CrossFade appear to be the mid-table teams of the division and will be attempting to break into playoffs as the season progresses.

Bad Karma eSports took an early exit in the pre-season tournament after losing to The Squids in a close 3-2 series, but in an 8-league week play format they will certainly feel that they are capable of more.
Sonic Wave are the only roster in the Challenger League who only have 3 players, but the three players they do have seem to be of high quality and it will be exciting to see how they perform with that disadvantage.

Favourites to struggle are Vinctio, 4KingzGG, Clairvoyant, Crown Gaming and Shadow eSports, all with DSNs well under 1590.
Vinctio and Clairvoyant both participated in the pre-season tournament and finished 2nd and 4th respectively.

These lower teams will be looking to break into mid-table, but as DSN does not say everything about a team’s quality, it is difficult to predict how well they will do.

The Zeta division appears to be the weaker of the two divisions by a small margin, but you should not underestimate this division as there are some great teams and players.

The favourites to win the Zeta division and get automatic qualification to playoffs are Eidolon and The Swanky Squad with Prophecy just behind. Led by Francesko and Classy respectively, Eidolon and The Swanky Squad are the favourites at 5954 DSN but other teams like Prophecy, NoHope and Team Berserkers will be looking to challenge them for first place and certainly to achieve a playoff placement.

Of other mid-table teams, we have Puncture, DéjàVu eSports, King of the Alps, Team Berserkers, R5 Esports and nTice Esports. It is vital for these teams to get as many points as possible to get those “Wild-card” spots in the playoffs and progress beyond league play.
Mid-table King of the Alps and lower-half Austrian Force will have to battle it out for the paramountcy of Austria, a title which will be of the utmost importance in this riveting rivalry.
DéjàVu eSports were swept by Vinctio in game 1 of the pre-season tournament and will be keen to prove their worth ahead of league play.

At the bottom of the bunch, Hit or Miss eSports with the lowest DSN will be looking to gain points against other low-DSN teams such as Austrian Force, Primal Esports, Nootz eSports and The Squids. The Squids performed admirably in the pre-season tournament, edging out Bad Karma eSports and just falling short of Auto Celerity, the eventual winners in a 3-2 thriller.
I must stress that this is all based on DSN and the pre-season tournament and we can speculate all we want, but it’s not until Sunday 16th and onwards that we will get the answers we’ve been looking for.





  1. RL Ireland
  2. Reflux
  3. Primal Esports
  4. Vinctio
  5. DéjàVu eSports
  6. Shadow eSports
  7. Auto Celerity
  8. nTice Esports
  9. R5 Esports
  10. Team Chaos
  11. Built By Us
  12. Hit or Miss eSports
  13. Puncture
  14. Austrian Force
  15. ASN Esports
  16. King of the Alps


  1. 4KingzGG
  2. The Squids
  3. Royals
  4. Bad Karma eSports
  5. Clairvoyant
  6. Prophecy
  7. Eidolon Esports
  8. CrossFade
  9. Crown Gaming
  10. NoHope eSports
  11. Nootz eSports
  12. The Swanky Squad
  13. Galamo Esports
  14. Team Berserkers
  15. Sonic Wave
  16. eNightmare


Shepsi’s Write-up:


Shortly before the start of Season 5 of the Imperial Esports League, we want to take a look at the current Master League and what we can expect to see in the upcoming weeks of league play. We will also take a look at the current meta of how teams were combined (DSN wise) and start a discussion about the individual strategies. In general, we can say that both conferences have roughly the same competition, so we are to expect a big rivalry between those.

Alpha Conference:

With the Pre-Season tournament this week, we were able to see 5 teams out of the 16 total teams in the Alpha Conference. But one team stood out the most, which is team Vinctio. They had solid and clear results throughout the whole tournament and managed to sweep two of their opponents and defeat the last one in 4 games. This proves that they are a strong team, which should be watched carefully, despite their comparably lower DSN in their conference.
DSN wise the favorites of this conference are R5 Esports, Built By Us, DéjàVu, Reflux and RL Ireland. DéjàVu did very well in the Pre-Season tournament as well but succumbed to their opponent in the finals, which proves their pure DSN worth. All of these teams have differently shaped rosters, with either a carry setup or a more spread roster up to a very even roster. It will be interesting to see, who will use their strategy to their own advantage, by either making lower players learn from a very experienced player or a whole team grinding and learning together to become one unit and thereby improving their team play as well as their general chemistry.

In the middle field we have Auto Celerity, Hit or Miss eSports, nTice Esports, Primal Esports, Puncture, Shadow eSports and Team Chaos. Those teams seem to generally lean on a more carry sided strategy, which means that they have one or two main players and two or three lower players, who are supposed to support the main player(s) and set them up. A few teams like Shadow or Auto Celerity focus on a more even or spread out roster, to have players on the field, who are equally strong, which can result in better chemistry, but might also set the improvement ceiling lower than on a roster with a very experienced player.

On the lower end of the table are ASN Esports, Austrian Force and King of the Alps. All of these teams seem to rely on a player that ranges around 1700 MMR, who is supported by 1600 MMR players or high 1500 MMR players, of who some have peaked a little higher as well. Despite their low team DSN they will definitely be strong opponents to verse and should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, neither of them have played in the recent tournament, which makes it hard to say anything more specific about how they will do throughout the 8 weeks of league play.


Gamma Conference:

Just as in the opposing conference we can expect a lot of close games between the teams of the Gamma Conference. The power houses this season are: 4KingzGG, Bad Karma, Royals and The Squids. Almost all 4 of them except for Royals have quite similar rosters and thereby closely related strategies to win this season of IEL. Critical seems to be that one player is at least at the 1800 MMR mark, while they are being supported by either 1700 MMR players or 1600 MMR players with a 1500 MMR substitutional player. These teams thrive of the expertise provided by the more experienced player, who can lead the team and unlock new potential in his teammates throughout the season. We are excited to see these teams grow together and improve each’s individual playstyle.

Clairvoyant, Crossfade, Crown Gaming, NoHope Esports, Nootz Esports and Prophecy are the main teams, that are currently regarded as the midfield. The meta strategy seems to be a team of two higher leveled players combined with two lower leveled players to create a balanced team. This can certainly be a good strategy because those teams can already create decent teamplays in offense with two experienced players, while the third player could provide a supporting or a more defensive role to back up these plays. A downside might be that this scenario doesn’t occur and that the lower leveled players could be seen as a weakness of the team, creating opportunities for the opposing teams to abuse this knowledge. Definitely a crucial point to look out for, if you are team captain and want to either defeat those teams or improve your own team.

The lower end of the spectrum is made of Galamo Esports, Sonic Wave, Team Berserkers and The Swanky Squad. With Sonic Wave as the lowest team DSN wise in the whole league they range from 6400-6550 team-DSN and mark the seemingly “weaker” half of Gamma Conference. Those teams either have a very even team consisting of mostly 1600 MMR players or a carry setup with one or two 1700 MMR player(s). It will be interesting to see these teams improve together throughout the season and maybe even up their statistical worth to beat the top teams of their division.

Again, all of these assumptions are mostly made with the help of the current spreadsheet and the statistics of teams regarding their DSN and are not to be seen as set in stone. We will see some upsets and some underdog stories in this upcoming season and each team will show us in their games just what they are capable of!

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