IEL Olympus Series | Pre-Season


IEL’s Olympus Series kicks off this Friday the 12th, with the first round of games lasting until the following Sunday. We should be in for an exciting start to the season – setting the scene for a great eight weeks of action to come. Make sure to watch our discord for all of the latest updates on scores and to be notified of streams, where you can watch the action unfold!

First off in this preview article, I’ll be outlining a few of the teams to watch out for in the coming weeks.

Ascending Legends

One member of this team is certainly used to success in the IEL: JWeyts. He was part of the dominating Bad Karma team of season 5 who ended up winning the master league. Along with his teammates Bram and CheeseFace, he’ll be hoping to take that winning mentality into the Olympus Series. They’ll have two good opportunities to show off what they can do in matches against Gaming Alliance Red in week one.


This team is coming off a great performance in the EU Fusion tournament in which they achieved a 6/7th place finish. This featured an especially impressive performance from ApparentlyJack in the 1v1 competition, in particular against Fairy Peak. However, it’s 3v3 that IEL is all about and Jack, along with Dead-Monster and Polar, will surely be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming season.

The Last Resort

We’ve already talked about one former IEL Champion hoping to do similarly well in the Olympus Series, and now we come to another – BoyScHoolQ. He won the Elite League back in IEL Season 3 with Warlocks, and is now back competing in the highest level Rocket League that IEL has ever had to offer. His teammates are two players that need no introduction – Tylacto and Sebadam. Both these players have competed in RLCS (in seasons four and two respectively) and have been mainstays in the EU bubble scene for a long time. It’ll be fascinating to see what they can bring to the league, and they’ll certainly be one of the favourites to take it all come playoffs.

The following are some key matchups that should be interesting to keep an eye on this weekend.

Austrian Force vs RL Ireland

A former IEL winning org – RL Ireland – will hope to be successful in the Olympus Series like they have been in IEL previously. Their team of APS, Mugg and Rob will be facing off against the team from an org that has previously hosted an IEL franchise: Austrian Force. Their roster, consisting of ic3fl4me, GMS and Tempus Fugit, will be wanting to defeat RLI in this possible rivalry of sorts, and use that to kick-start their season.

Disconnected Esports vs Esport BERG

The Disconnected Esports roster of Keery, FHOW and THUPREEM won’t be wanting to take inspiration from their manager Roks, who is a two-time IEL losing finalist. They’ll want to start off with a win against the Esport BERG roster of Eckhard, Fabso and LiFox. This German org will try to make their mark in IEL and a win in this first series will go a long way towards achieving that!

Lucky Reapers vs Vector Gaming

This is a match full of IEL pedigree; the Lucky Reapers side is captained by Frosty, who has played multiple seasons of IEL and reached the playoffs twice. With his teammates iRivelA and Onko, he’ll be taking on Vector Gaming. This roster consists of Spectre, Dekal and Crispy (not the wrap, slippers or bad manager), with Spectre having two previous IEL playoffs appearances including one runner-up spot to his name, and even achieving a place in the Hall of Fame in season four. Both these teams will surely be eager to assert their dominance in week one, so this should be an exquisite series!

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