ERLS Season 3 – Week 9 Power Rankings

Hello everybody! Welcome back to our news updates. We’re here for our week 9 rankings as we’re now on the brink of finishing up league play in ERLS. We’ve had another week of phenomenal action and to get into it we’re going to have a look at the rankings!

Rankings are an aggregate of myself, Nathan, Mutschuk, Tails, Lexxa, Chop and Teather’s rankings. For each conference, each team is ranked 1-14, with positions relating to a different amount of points. These points are then tallied up and totalled to give us our power rankings. Ties are marked with the superscript T. (+’s and -‘s beside each team indicate how far they have moved up or down since last weeks rankings)

Elite – Jupiter conference

  1. Warlocks T (with Xero)

  2. Xero T (with Warlocks)

  3. Insanity T (with Fury) (+1)

  4. Fury T (with Insanity)

  5. Aztecs

  6. Supremacy

  7. Team Chaos

  8. Altercation (+1)

  9. Lana eSports (+1)

  10. Shadow eSports (-2)

  11. Team Ascendant

  12. NoHope eSports

  13. Sonic Wave

  14. Rocket 5cience


Xero (14-4) (Writer – Enwrong)

Xero stay tied with Warlocks at the top of the table. New signing Liicewhe has slotted in well and has blended in well with the firepower of C55 and Milne. Other teams have said they have been scary in scrims and their absolute decimation of Aztecs, who were on the brink of breaking into the top 4, tops off a great week for them. They have a big game against Fury next week, winning this will confirm them as the biggest challengers to Warlocks. However, will this pressure to win the Championship be too much? We won’t know until playoffs.

Warlocks (15-3) (Writer – Enwrong)

Warlocks also stay at the top, still tied with Xero. Having taken the Europa division by the scruff of the neck, they have ruthlessly dispatched every team again this week. Boyschool Q is showing no signs up stopping and Kie. is finally finding his feet in the rotation with Torex. They can be very pleased with the job they’ve done in Europa this season and are one of the favourites for the Championship. Special shout out to substitute Loco as well; he proved last week that Warlocks can still be a dominant force even without their starting three.

Elite – Neptune conference

  1. Royals

  2. Bloemkool eSports (+1)

  3. Austrian Force (-1)

  4. Triumph

  5. AEon eSports (-1)

  6. Infinity

  7. Crest eSports

  8. Torment (-1)

  9. Divinity (+2)

  10. Reflux (-1)

  11. eNightmare (-1)

  12. Shamrock eSports

  13. Primal

  14. Enigma


Royals (15-3) (Writer – Enwrong)

Royals stay top of Neptune and are clearly the best team now by quite some margin in this conference. They have taken complete control in Triton and are now going to fully focus on the playoffs. The big question mark is over the division they are in being possibly too weak, with all of Royals losses coming against teams outside of their division, with the big one against Warlocks. As long as the dynamic duo of Will. and Shad keep mixing well on the offensive with Jao/Mito picking up the pieces, they should be good for a Championship challenge.

Bloemkool eSports (14-4) (Writer – Enwrong)

The rebranded Autcasts team, who have been picked up by the biggest cauliflower org in the world, are having a great season. With a few hiccups here and there, they have come back strong this week with a good win over Divinity, the team that shocked Austrian Force. Max. and Frutz have been awesome on offence with Legends coming in to clean up. With 2 relatively easy games in Week 10, it looks like #1 spot is all but theirs.

Pro – Mars conference

  1. NoHope T

  2. Infinity T

  3. Shamrock eSports

  4. Rocket 5cience

  5. Team Chaos

  6. Aztecs

  7. Insanity

  8. Primal

  9. Team Ascendant

  10. Bloemkool eSports

  11. AEon eSports

  12. eNightmare

  13. Fury T

  14. Sonic Wave T

Primal (Writer – Chop)

Just as Aztecs were having a final push to playoffs, clutching onto every win to get that wildcard spot, Primal come out of nowhere and shut them down on the spot; a sweep nonetheless. Sadly, a 4-9 goal series against Chaos has put the nail in the coffin for this team as the closing week can not break the solidified lack of a playoff spot. Whilst this season is all but over for the two lads and lass, it seems as though they have the capabilities to continue onto season four with either the same roster or similar if they so desire. Judging by their strength as a team, rather than individuals, this could be a possible move going forward to better their chances in the next season! Despite me stating their value as a team, I do want to quickly rattle off their individual talents: Animal has improved tremendously this season and looks like a solid player who has assisted the most goals out of everybody in the team, FLTeather has 75 saves to her name and is joint fourth for them overall, an impressive feat to prove her value as a guardian angel for Primal. Arctic hasn’t been on Primal throughout the entirety of the season, but he was on track to become their main goal scorer, had the season prolonged.

Team Chaos (Writer – Chop)

Losing to R5 has knocked this top tier team down from second to third, but the season isn’t over yet! They have this final week to contest R5 for second place. Both teams play NoHope eSports, so a crucial win and hopeful wish that R5 crumble under the reign of NoHope could lend them second place, once again. Whilst playoffs seems almost certain for this team, they would much prefer second place to prevent a matchup against the better teams. After defeating Primal, they will have regained some confidence entering the final week of season three, but will it be enough to clutch second place? With a bit of skill and luck, it could come to fruition!

Infinity (Writer – Chop)

Whew. So, the top dogs. Infinity are looking stronger and stronger by the minute. After beating a fearful Shamrock eSports, every playoff team is praying to not come up against this powerhouse. Losing in playoffs for this team would be one of the biggest upsets of the season, so expectations are high for this formidable trio. Can they cope with this pressure similarly to league play? Well, I would have to assume so based on the experience that Flamesword brings to the team due to his run in playoffs last season, but it still has the possibility to crumble.

AEon eSports (Writer – Chop)

Comfortably winning both series this week, AEon have returned to their on-form play that we have previously seen. However, the road ahead is undeniably tough. Infinity and Shamrock, in one week, is an unlucky break, so they will most likely end the season poorly. With a late boost ahead in the season, it was undoubtedly going to be tough to make playoffs and ahead of the closing week: we can conclude that they in fact were unable to pull off the impossible. Despite this, they are still an impressive team. To end the season, these lads plan on giving out a final remark by beating one of the best to end it all, however it will be far from easy.

Pro – Saturn conference

  1. Reflux

  2. Shadow eSports

  3. Altercation

  4. Warlocks T

  5. Divinity T

  6. Austrian Force

  7. Royals

  8. Crest eSports

  9. Lana eSports

  10. Triumph

  11. Xero

  12. Enigma T

  13. Torment T

  14. Supremacy

This season is coming to an end and so are the Power Rankings as well. In this last post for the season, we will take a look at the teams’ performances one last time. After that, expect some hot playoffs coverage!


Reflux (Writer – Mutschuk)

Nobody can avoid talking about Reflux, when they talk about the Saturn conference. They have proven this season, that they came here to win. They are pre-made PS4 team, that joined last second after the announcement of cross-plattform play. With the addition of Sharquee, they formed a dangerous team. They haven’t lost since week 5, which is an amazing feat and only lost two more, which were ironically in the first game week. This week they managed to sweep Crest and Enigma to further cement themselves as the top seed.


Austrian Force (Writer – Mutschuk)

My pick for the rising star is Austrian Force again. Although rising star last week, they proved their strength by taking down a very strong Divinity and even forced Torment into submitting. They are also the only team that acquired 2 victories on the field this week apart from Reflux.

A clear 2-0 victory over Torment (Torment FF after game 2) and a close 5 game series against Divinity, which they finished up in a dominating matter going 4:0 in the last game, brought them back in the race for playoffs.

They need to win twice this week though, which will prove extremely difficult for them since they play Reflux. And Reflux is hungry to get revenge for the loss in week 1.


Warlocks (Writer – Mutschuk)

Warlocks haven’t been feeling their game lately at all. The loss versus Infinty seems to have broken something. Since that loss, this dominating team hasn’t had a major victory. Now they are struggling to make Top 2, with Altercation and Royals on their heels with Shadow eSports and Xero left to play. Xero looking stronger than ever and Shadow, although struggling, they have always managed to get the clutch victories.

Getting 1 win will be enough to secure playoffs for them, but it would be more important for their mentality to get both W’s. If they lose both games and get into playoffs, they maybe get round 1’d if they don’t step up. Only time will tell.

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