ERLS Season 3 – Week 8 Previews

Evening everyone! As we get to the business end of the season, the game start to get more and more important! Here are some previews of the biggest games of Week 8.


Warlocks vs Insanity

This is a big game for both teams, with Warlocks and Insanity sitting first and second in their division respectively. If Warlocks win this game, they have basically secured playoffs already, while Insanity still are challenged by Team Chaos, who sit in third place. Warlock’s main roster consists of BoyScHool Q, Kie., and Torex with Loco as a sub. Insanity’s roster is Enwrong, iZerkahh, Jxffa and C^2. Warlocks had a strong first week with their new player Kie.; winning 3-0 and 3-1 vs Sonic Wave and Royals. Top-scorer BoyScHool Q has 79 goals to his name, and he shows no sign of stopping. Insanity’s stand out player is Enwrong with 49 goals, 25 assists and 64 saves. This match will be interesting, but I think Warlocks will take it 3-1.

Fury vs Aztecs

The only team that can still challenge the top 2 in the Castillo division is Aztecs. Fury’s roster consists of Le Böff, Beest and Lexxa, with StayingMello as a solid 4th. Aztecs have a solid looking roster with Cloud, Hibbs, Pear and The Viv. Fury have a chance to secure a top 2 spot with a win in this game, but Aztecs will be chasing that win to catch up to Xero and Fury. Fury’s top scorers are Le Böff and Beest, with 37 and 40 goals to their names, while Lexxa has been more of a defensive player with 65 saves this season. Aztecs’ main man Cloud has 37 goals and 33 assists. This will be a close game, I believe it will end in a 3-2 series win for Fury.

Infinity vs Triumph

A huge games for both teams, Infinity have been playing excellent past 3 weeks, only losing 1 out of 6 games, while Triumph haven’t won a single game in the past 2 weeks. Infinity has new life in them, with a roster consisting of JayTee, 2ric, DarkDragonFX and Nyz0. Triumph’s roster is Ravenly, Cal, CptDaddy (Gaimie) and a_funky_falcon. S2 ERLS Champion JayTee has some crazy stats: 47 goals, 21 assists and 52 saves, Infinity’s main man by far. Triumph has a solid team all around, with Ravenly topping every stat for them. With Infinity’s great form and Triumph’s not so great form, I believe Infinity will win 3-2.


Rocket 5cience vs AUTCASTS

These two teams had a very disappointing start to the season, but time has changed. These teams have shocked us all over the past weeks. AUTCASTS take down to giants in a single week, Infinity and Insanity. Whereas Rocket 5cience narrowly beat Triumph and take an impressive 3-1 win over Shamrock. Taking them to 4 wins on the trot. Has this team forgotten how to lose? I’m expecting a very interesting match from these boys. I can’t see a clear winner at this moment in time.

Warlocks vs Altercation

I can predict a very close match from these teams. Both teams have successfully taken down the old giants in the form of Divinity over a 2-week period. This makes for an exciting match between these two teams, both are looking very strong at this moment in time. Warlocks would be looking to take another win over Altercation, is history to repeat itself?

Shamrock vs Insanity

A vital game at this stage of the season. These teams have both been fighting for the 2nd spot. Shamrock currently holding strong with an 8-6 W/L ratio in comparison to Insanity being 7-7. Shamrock need this win to hold secure second place for Week 8. Insanity play catch up, who will succeed?

Royals vs Shadow

Now this is a showdown. Two teams, both sitting on a comfortable 9-5 W/L ratio. Shadow only taking the edge of 2nd due to win percentage. These teams are looking stronger than ever. I can only predict a game 5 match on this occasion and at this moment in time, I am just slightly edging towards shadow taking the win this game. Nonetheless, this game would be breath-taking to watch if streamed.

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