ERLS Season 3 – Week 8 Power Rankings

Evening everyone! Here are the power rankings for Week 8; we’re getting closer and closer to the playoffs and stakes couldn’t be higher!

Rankings are an aggregate of myself, Mutschuk, Tails, Lexxa, Chop and Teather’s rankings. For each conference, each team is ranked 1-14, with positions relating to a different amount of points. These points are then tallied up and totalled to give us our power rankings. Ties are marked with the superscript T. (+’s and -‘s beside each team indicate how far they have moved up or down since last weeks rankings)

Elite – Jupiter conference

  1. Warlocks T

  2. Xero T (+1)

  3. Fury

  4. Insanity

  5. Aztecs

  6. Supremacy

  7. Team Chaos

  8. Shadow eSports

  9. Altercation (+1)

  10. Lana eSports (-1)

  11. Team Ascendant

  12. NoHope eSports (+2)

  13. Sonic Wave (-1)

  14. Rocket 5cience (-1)


Warlocks (13-3) (Writer – Lexxa)

Warlocks are tied with Xero on top, and they just keep performing. Warlocks suffered their first loss in 3 weeks against Insanity, but they have already secured playoffs this season. Kie. signing for Warlocks looks like a good move. ERLS top-scorer BoyScHool Q keeps banging goals in, while Torex keeps performing well. Warlocks last four fixtures look quite easy, and they surely want to keep the momentum going before playoffs.

Xero (12-4) (Writer – Lexxa)

Xero have claimed their top spot back, tied with Warlocks though, and mostly due to Warlocks’ mishaps rather than their own performances. Xero’s week 8 was filled with ups and downs, winning 3-0 against Team Ascendant but losing surprisingly to Supremacy 3-1. They are still top of their division and look strong before playoffs. Xero have some tough games left, facing Fury, Aztecs and Shadow eSports. Fury and Aztecs are looking likely to make playoffs, so Xero will want to beat these teams.

Elite – Neptune conference

  1. Royals (+1)

  2. Austrian Force (-1)


  4. Triumph T

  5. AEon eSports T (+2)

  6. Infinity (-1)

  7. Crest eSports T (+1)

  8. Torment T

  9. Reflux (+1)

  10. eNightmare (-1)

  11. Divinity (+2)

  12. Shamrock eSports (+1)

  13. Primal (-2)

  14. Enigma


Royals (13-3) (Writer – Lexxa)

Royals stay top of the Neptune conference, winning both series against eNightmare and Triumph last week. Royals have secured playoffs for themselves already, which shows their dominance in their division. Royals are a highly attacking team, with 157 goals scored this season. Their last 4 games of the season look quite easy, and I don’t think they will have a problem winning those games.


Triumph (10-6) (Writer – Lexxa)

Triumph are still sitting on a top 2 spot, but something has happened to them during the last 3 game-weeks. They have only won 1 out of their last 6 series, which shows that something is not right in their team. They managed to end their losing streak with a game 5 win against Infinity last week, but they will have to step it up if they want to challenge the other top teams in playoffs. Their last 4 games shouldn’t be too hard for them, but their form right now isn’t the best and anyone can beat anyone. However, I still believe this team will make playoffs this season.

Pro – Mars conference

  1. NoHope eSports

  2. Infinity

  3. Shamrock eSports

  4. Rocket 5cience (+1)

  5. Team Chaos (-1)

  6. Aztecs (+5)

  7. Team Ascendant (+2)

  8. Primal (-2)

  9. Insanity (-1)


  11. AEon eSports T (-4)

  12. eNightmare

  13. Sonic Wave

  14. Fury

Rocket 5cience

After a poor start to the season, Rocket 5cience have risen up the power ranks to a mighty 4th and a playoff spot. Even losing Makyjr has not stopped them as they acquired ex-Team Chaos member ArticMist in to fill his shoes. It was an impressive week for them. They started of by pulling out the win over Primal in an exciting reverse sweep on stream, then sweeping AUTCASTS. This week, the fight for 2nd heats up as they take on Team Chaos in a grudge match for ArticMist. Their other game vs Fury should be a win for them.

Shamrock eSports

It was easy for Shamrock last week as they took down Team Ascendant and Insanity both in 3 – 0 wins. This week’s opponents are at opposite ends of the Deimos Division. Sonic Wave have had a poor season but things have started to pick up for them winning 3 out of the 4 of the last series. They should be no competition for Shamrocks though. Infinity on the other hand are the top dogs of Deimos. They will pose a real threat to Shamrock; this will be a really exciting game.


Aztecs are still in the running for a playoff spot if Chaos continue to lose. With close 3 – 2 wins over Chaos and AUTCASTS last week, they proved their worth with new pick up FQ, formerly of Primal and Rocket 5cience. If they really want to make playoffs, they will probably need a win over NoHope next week and definitely over a faltering Primal.

Pro – Saturn conference

  1. Reflux

  2. Shadow eSports (+1)

  3. Warlocks (-1)

  4. Altercation (+1)

  5. Divinity (-1)

  6. Austrian Force T (+2)

  7. Crest eSports T (+1)

  8. Royals (-2)

  9. Lana eSports

  10. Triumph (-1)

  11. Xero (+1)

  12. Torment (-1)

  13. Enigma (+1)

  14. Supremacy (-1)

Top Dawg

Reflux (13-3) (Writer – Tails)

Reflux are still going strong with two solid wins to engrave their superiority in this league. Reflux secured a 3-1 win over Triumph and an absolute obliteration of a clean sweep over Torment. Ruthless, relentless and second to none. Only a few words to describe this team. Next week may oppose little threat to their team, but Crest have been known to upset before. In that sense, Reflux still need to keep their eyes on the horizon, it’s not over yet.

Rising Star

Austrian Force (8-8) (Writer – Tails)

Wow. What a week this team has had. This team makes it look easy. This roster is dominating teams like it’s no man’s business. They don’t seem to frail at the thought that they are behind the top teams. It just doesn’t matter to this team, they are putting the work in, and bringing in the wins. A 3-0 sweep over Triumph and a 3-1 win over Crest. Austrian Force go on to play Torment and Divinity in the following week. Can this team finish what they started? Or will it all come to a very disappointing end?

Falling Star

Divinity (Writer – Tails)

Once a great team, dominating the pro league without a second thought. Now bringing in losses nobody could see coming. What happened to them? Divinity lost to both NoHope and Warlocks in Week 7. Coming into Week 8 had their mentality been squashed? Taking a huge upset from a 3-0 loss to Enigma. Had Enigma played on top of their game and earned such a huge win? Or is it that Divinity are now slowly falling apart? Divinity could sign a release receiving a forfeit win from Torment. Divinity have to go on to win both games in week 9, consisting of Austrian Force and Triumph. Will this team pull their acts together and return to a once glowing past? Or has this team fallen to nothing and struggle to cling on to a top spot? Week 9 is going to be interesting.

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