ERLS Season 3 – Week 7 Power Rankings

Evening all, here are your power rankings for week 7! Some interesting results this week.

Rankings are an aggregate of myself, Mutschuk, Tails, Lexxa, Chop and Teather’s rankings. For each conference, each team is ranked 1-14, with positions relating to a different amount of points. These points are then tallied up and totalled to give us our power rankings. Ties are marked with the superscript T. (+’s and -‘s beside each team indicate how far they have moved up or down since last weeks rankings)

Elite – Jupiter conference

  1. Warlocks (+1)

  2. Xero (-1)

  3. Fury (-1)

  4. Insanity

  5. Aztecs

  6. Supremacy (+1)

  7. Team Chaos (-2)

  8. Shadow eSports

  9. Lana eSports (+1)

  10. Altercation (-1)

  11. Team Ascendant

  12. Sonic Wave

  13. Rocket 5cience

  14. NoHope eSports


Warlocks (12-2) (Writer – Nathan)

After a brief dip in form, Warlocks seem to be back on track, winning 4 in a row. It must be noted that they weren’t all walks in the park either; 11-3 Royals and an on-form Shadow were among the teams that Warlocks took down.

A few people were wondering whether they could adapt to the new roster, but the addition of Kie just seems to have made an already strong team even stronger; they’ve been bagging goals at an even faster rate than before; Warlocks are now the leagues top scorers, 20 goals ahead of ex leaders Royals.

Star man Boyschool has continued to perform week in, week out for the Europa division leaders; he’s the elite top scorer by a fine margin. This man just doesn’t seem to have a bad day.

However, the one weakness of this seemingly perfect roster is that they’ve struggled against their biggest rivals Xero and Fury. Losing to both 3-1, Warlocks are going to have to step up their game if they want to take the ERLS championship; Xero or Fury are likely to be in that final, standing in their way. Boyschool’s team will have to step up their game even more if they want to be crowned champions.


Fury (11-3) (Writer – Nathan)

There weren’t too many changes to the power rankings this week, and Fury aren’t “falling off” as such, but they had some interesting results this week. They managed to go 3-1, but the game they dropped was to a struggling Lana lineup, and they won 2 of their games from forfeits, including a game against 11-3 AUTCASTS. Lana are a team that have been plagued with roster changes this season, including an entirely new roster recently. I’m struggling to see how Fury managed to lose against this Lana team; although they have a strong team on paper, they’d failed to win in 4 before the Fury match, and haven’t had anywhere near as long to gel with each other as Fury have.

Realistically, coming off the back of that disappointing loss against Lana, would they have beat AUTCASTS if they had played? I personally don’t think so, the loss may have still been lingering in the back of the players’ minds, causing them to not play with the confidence and finesse Fury have shown throughout the season. I think they got a bit lucky with the FF win, but hopefully they can get themselves together for next week and take some important wins against weaker opponents to challenge Xero for that #1 seed going into the playoffs.

Elite – Neptune conference

  1. Austrian Force

  2. Royals


  4. Triumph

  5. Infinity (+2)

  6. AEon eSports (-1)

  7. Torment (-2)

  8. Crest eSports

  9. eNightmare

  10. Reflux (+2)

  11. Primal (+2)

  12. Divinity (-1)

  13. Shamrock eSports (-3)

  14. Enigma


Austrian Force (11-3) (Writer – Nathan)

Austrian Force are our top dog for the first time ever, after proving to the league that they mean business by taking down championship favourites Xero. Even though they were taken down by Royals, their first place ranking is justified by an against the odds win vs the Castillo division leaders.

In our mid-season review, I asked the question of whether Austrian Force could stay consistent and hold on to 2nd place against the tough competition of Torment and AEon, but it seems they’ve risen above and beyond in recent weeks, taking down Triumph and Xero, as well as taking Royals to a game 5. It seems that Austrian Force are ready to challenge AUTCASTS for that number 1 spot and more importantly, a bye to the second round of the playoffs. A top of the table 6 pointer against AUTCASTS takes place next week; this is their chance to take a comfortable lead in the race for the Proteus division top spot.

They’re currently the third top scoring team in the ERLS, with 152 goals to their name, and Manuel and co. will be looking to add to that total in the final few weeks of league play; games against strugglers Enigma and Divinity could be a good chance to put lots of goals on the board.

I think Austrian Force will manage to beat out AUTCASTS to that #1 spot; they seem to have improved massively in the last two weeks, and I think they’ll be ready to take on anybody in the playoffs.


Infinity (8-6) (Writer – Nathan)

I hate to write about the same team for “up and coming” twice in a row, but Infinity are playing so well, I feel like it’s justified. It seems like just yesterday that Jaytee’s team were down at the bottom of the Triton division, and everyone had written them off. But they stuck at it, and as of late they’ve been steamrolling whoever they face; 5 wins on the trot prove that they mean business. They weren’t all easy games either; some of the teams they’ve taken down in the run include 11-3 AUTCASTS, and 9-5 AEon eSports.

They’re now in a wildcard spot and just 1 game behind Triumph, who they play next week in a huge game. Jaytee has continued to stand out in this Infinity team; 47 goals in 9 series prove why he’s put up there with the very best in the ERLS. Not to take away from any of the other Infinity members though; they’ve all pulled their weight this season.

Other than Triumph, Infinity have a relatively easy run to the end of league play; Royals await them in week 10 but other than that, Infinity should be winning comfortably. The Triumph and Royals matches will be a good test for Infinity; good practice for the playoffs.

Pro – Mars conference

  1. NoHope eSports

  2. Infinity (+1)

  3. Shamrock eSports (-1)

  4. Team Chaos

  5. Rocket 5cience (+4)

  6. Primal T (+2)

  7. AEon eSports T

  8. Insanity (-3)

  9. Team Ascendant (+1)

  10. AUTCASTS (+1)

  11. Aztecs (-5)

  12. eNightmare

  13. Sonic Wave (+1)

  14. Fury (-1)

NoHope eSports (Writer – Teather)

The undisputed kings of the pro league. NoHope proved this with their 3 – 1 win over Divinity, who had only lost one game when they played them. Cape put on a master show of defensive skill; he got ten saves and he was also the MVP in game two through four. Fury and Primal are going to have their work cut out for them if they want to beat NoHope for the first time since week four.

AUTCASTS (Writer – Teather)

AUTCASTS have been on the rise ever since going 1 – 5 in their own division, but they are now 7 – 7. They have shown that they can hang with the best when they beat Infinity and Insanity, the Insanity with Dx no less, in week four. If they want to keep climbing they will need to win both games against Aztecs and Rocket 5cience.

Insanity (Writer – Teather)

Insanity have had a rough couple weeks since losing Dx. They lost nine games in a row before they won two against Crest eSports, but still lost in a close 4 – 3 game five. Now picking up Axels they will have a chance this week to make up for the last three weeks, if they can beat Shamrock eSports they have a good chance to keep their spot for playoffs.

AEon eSports (Writer – Teather)

AEon are hoping to have a better run in their division than last time, where they only won one series from a forfeit. They had a good run against the Phobus teams, winning a total of five out of seven series. This week they have two series vs Insanity and Sonic Wave. Sonic Wave was the only team they beat in their division last time, so they should win this. The Insanity game is more of a test; if they lose then no shame, but if they win it, then they will be a big threat moving forward.

Pro – Saturn conference

  1. Reflux (+2)

  2. Warlocks (+1)

  3. Shadow eSports (-1)

  4. Divinity (-3)

  5. Altercation

  6. Royals (+1)

  7. Crest eSports (-1)

  8. Austrian Force

  9. Lana eSports T (+1)

  10. Triumph T

  11. Torment (+1)

  12. Xero (-2)

  13. Supremacy

  14. Enigma

Top dawgs:

Reflux (Writer – Mutschuk)

Reflux had a strong week. They beat the newly formed Chaos roster with 3-2 and swept Xero in a dominant fashion. They went 4:1 in the first game of the series versus Chaos, applying high pressure (14 shots) and only let 4 shots flying towards their own. After some close games they took the win in a 1 goal game 5.

Going into the second playthrough, a lot of team want revenge for their losses in the first. But Reflux also has a bone to pick with Divinity and Austrian Force for their 2 losses on Gameday 1.

Their strength is definitely their attack: With a scary 3.13 GPG this team is only beaten by Infinity.

Starting the second playthrough against Torment and Triumph, a 2-0 and so a decisive step towards playoffs is anticipated.


With a sweep over Divinity, they have proven their capability to perform even without PurPle. But after that high peak followed a hard landing. Infinity beat them 3-1, which prevented them from taking the decivive step after Shadow lost versus Shamrock.

Warlocks has a solid defence (10th) and a good attack (4th), so the 2nd playthrough of the titan division seems manageable. Starting vs Altercation will prove if they got what it takes to be the leader of the Titan division. The game vs Supremacy seems like an easy point grab, but they have to watch out here as well.

Warlocks will definitely make playoffs if they continue like that. But in playoffs it may not be enough.

Rising stars:


Double Sweep! Best record this week besides eNightmare. Altercation is looking good. After stealing steblood from Royals to cover for the leaving DenDen, they recently swapped out Aces and replaced him with Granddad Meme, a local legend in the server. This definitely boosts their MMR on paper and is probably responsible for the comfortable wins against 2 lower ranked teams.

Their strength is definitely their defence. Having the second best record for GPG against after Divinity in the Saturn conference makes one wonder, what it takes to over come that defence.

But they have a though week up ahead. Playing against Warlocks and Shadow, they are going to have a rough time. But if they come out on top of both games, they are shooting for the division victory.


After loosing steblood they acquired joshagriff and that seems to be a good replacement. They went up 2 wins this week as well, beating Aztecs and Austrian Force. Both teams were decently high ranked in the PR and therefore not that easy to beat, even though Aztecs lost Mit.

When Royals come in front of the opponents goal it is really dangerous. They have the 4th highest shooting percentage in the whole league, resulting in the 3rd place for GPG.

Playthrough 2 will start with the matchups against Shadow and LANA. Though matches indeed. They will look for revenge against Shadow for the loss in playthough 1. LANA will fight for the last playoff chance as well, so it is safe to say that will be a proving ground for this squad.

Falling stars


What began as a big shining surprise has faded. After being a candidate for playoffs, Torment is still standing at only 4 wins, with the last one being in week 4 against LANA at the start of the inner-conference matches. The forfeit against Supremacy placed them at an alltime-low of 6th in the division and 11th in the conference.

Although their defence is solid their offence is lacking. Not even 2 goals per game are not a force that can break defences. They have to grind their offence (speed and power) to have a last chance for making playoffs.

They have a rough start though. Divinity and Reflux seem to strong in their current form to be beaten. I hope they prove me wrong.


The team was never high in the standings in the first place. Xero was getting swept often, and they might fall to the bottom as well, if they dont find a turnaround. Often getting swept, Xero failed to carry on the legacy of the legendary triangle F15HCAKE, Moggy and Jordan.

Offence is the weakpoint here. With a solid defence they can hold but they need more firepower to finish the opponents off. All 4 players will do their best in the rest of the season to polish that record.

The playthorugh starts for them with LANA and Supremacy, with are the most likely opponents to get a good second run started.


Interview with FlameSword, from Infinity (11-3, 1st in the Deimos division):

Chop: So, how you doing today?

ItsFlamesword: Not too bad, just been doing scrims with other players.

Chop: Good to see that you’re getting the practice in! Let’s get started then; It’s looking likely that Infinity are going to get playoffs this season, so where do you think that you’ll end up?

ItsFlamesword: Hopefully top four, but making playoffs would be amazing for the team and myself.

Chop: In an interview earlier this week, both Divinity and NoHope said that they were looking to win, how do you respond to that? Do you think that you could pose the main threat to those claims?

ItsFlamesword: With our team being one of the highest scoring teams, I think we have a chance of taking them down during playoffs. They don’t seem as [big] a threat as Divinity recently lost to Warlocks and we beat Warlocks this week. However, NoHope could be a good matchup for us, but neither team poses a threat towards us as a team.

Chop: You lost to NoHope in your only series against them this season, so do you think that you have improved enough to beat them if you are to play them in playoffs? Also, are there any other teams that will give you a run for your money?

ItsFlamesword: I think that as a team, we could beat them if we played again. We have improved significantly and I think that only the top tier teams have a chance against us.

Chop: Before inter-conference started, you hadn’t lost a series. You’re now coming out of it with three losses under your belt. Has this affected your mindset returning to your division, or possibly even for playoffs?

ItsFlamesword: We have taken action with regards to the losses and the losses have helped us to get better as a team. This hopefully won’t affect us during playoffs, but I’m certain that it won’t affect us during our division [games].

Chop: I love the confidence haha! However, Infinity are a total of 417 MMR below the maximum limit, is there any particular reason that you didn’t want to sink that into a higher ranked player? Especially considering just how close other teams are to it.

ItsFlamesword: Our team consists of all of us being close friends, so with us being under the MMR cap made us happy that we could team with each other. This is what I think has made us a top tier team; beating other teams that don’t have the same level of chemistry as us.

Chop: The pro league has been incredibly close this season and we’ve been seeing a lot of teams that consist of good friends rise to the top due to chemistry being such a big factor in order to edge them over the rest. So, out of good sportsmanship, if you were unable to win this season, who would you like to see win the most?

ItsFlamesword: I would like to see NoHope take the win as they came back with wins against top tier teams after having a loss in their own division. Chop: Finally, is there any closing remarks or shoutouts that you want to give to end the interview?

ItsFlamesword: I wanna give a shoutout to the team for being solid even through our losses, ups and downs.

Chop: Thanks for the interview, man! I hope to see some more wins appear on that record.

ItsFlamesword: Thanks for having me on this week and you won’t be disappointed!

It seems as though ItsFlamesword has an abundance of confidence returning to his own division. With top four this season on his mind and the expectation he has on himself and the rest of his team to beat almost every other team, I expect to see him in the semi-finals, at least.

Thanks for reading!

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