ERLS Season 3 – Week 10 Previews

Good afternoon! In our last preview post for league play this season, we go over the biggest matches that will decide whether teams make the playoffs or miss out! Some huge games this week, so enjoy!

ELITE (Writer – Nathan)

Austrian Force vs AEon eSports

This could be a huge match. Both of these teams have already confirmed a spot in the playoffs, but its the fight for #1 in their division that they will be focused on. Both of these teams currently sit on 13 wins, second and third in their division respectively, but its Bloemkool eSports who stand in their way of the number 1 spot. Remember, the team that finish 1st in each division will get a bye straight through to the second round of the playoffs, so whoever ends up getting it will have a huge advantage over the other teams.

Both of these teams are trying to catch 14-4 Bloemkool, so whoever wins this matchup will have the best chance of taking number 1 for themselves.

The reverse fixture of this match-up happened all the way back in Week 1, where nobody really expected any of these 3 teams to be in the top 3. Austrian Force came out on top after 5 tense games, and I’m expecting a game of the same intensity this week. AEon will be looking for revenge on them, while Austrian Force will want to have the bragging rights of doing the double over one of their closest rivals.

Crest eSports vs Triumph eSports

This is a big game for Crest. Crest need at least 1 win to have a chance at making playoffs, but 2 will give them a much higher chance. They have what should be a pretty simple match vs Reflux, but this tough game at Triumph could decide whether they nab a wildcard spot or miss out on the playoffs. Once again, the reverse fixture happened back in Week 1, when Crest were expected to breeze through the division and take 1st seed pretty comfortably. Obviously, things didn’t quite work out, and after a lot of roster changes they end up chasing a wildcard spot. Triumph took that game 3-1, so Crest will be hungry to take their revenge when it matters most for them.

Chaos vs Warlocks eSports

It seems like there’s a bit of a theme going on, with teams just outside of the playoffs having to face really strong teams in Week 10. Chaos also have a chance of taking a wildcard spot, but this match against top dogs Warlocks is going to make it infinitely more difficult. They can get through with just 1 win in week 10, but their odds are much higher if they manage to go 2-0. But red-hot Warlocks aren’t going to let that happen easily. They absolutely decimated Altercation on stream last week, and that was with their sub. Chaos have a big job on their hands if they want to stop this dominant Warlocks team.

Infinity vs Royals

Royals are the only team to have already secured #1 seed, but Infinity need a big result here. 4 teams are on their tail, looking to take their wildcard spot, and the only way Infinity can secure safety is by going 2-0 this week. If they go 1-1, they’ll have to hope that neither Crest or Chaos go 2-0, or they can wave goodbye to the playoffs. Royals are also in form, they’ve never lost to someone in their division and are on a 4 series win streak. Infinity fell at the hands of Royals earlier in the season, and Royals were playing with their pro sub back then. These are two of few teams that haven’t changed their roster since the start of the season, so they’ll definitely have chemistry with each other. Can Royals put a stop to Infinity’s late playoff push?

PRO (Writer – Mutshcuk)

Playoff related matchups:

Altercation vs. Royals

Probably the highest stacked matchup in the whole week. The losers will have to win their other game to have a decent position for playoffs, while the winner is very likely to make playoffs.

Altercation had very good results during the last weeks. Only falling to Shadow eSports in a game 5 seemed like a guaranteed playoff spot, especially after sweeping Shadow in a warm up scrim.

But the unexpected loss versus Xero was a huge step backwards. The synergy with the shortly appointed sub was not fully there. So it was a tough ride for Altercation. But I expect them to make playoffs and we will see how far their roster will make it.

Royals are in a similar situation as Altercation. They need a win desperately to be in a good spot for the wildcard or even the Top 2 spot.

With the upset over Warlocks they proved that they belong in the playoffs.

They are still in 4th, so their starting position could be better, but with beating Xero they can make the first step towards playoffs. The match versus Altercation is a special one. They are playing against their former team mate Steblood, who switched to Altercation after only a short time on the team. They will aim to teach him a lesson for leaving the team.

Whoever will win this is making a huge step.

Warlocks eSports vs. Shadow eSports

The other high stakes matchup of the titan division this week. Shadow would be securing their number 1 spot with a victory against their rivals. After being their literal Shadow for 9 gameweeks, they finally want to take them down for good.

Shadow is in a good spot to make playoffs. They are 100% guaranteed to make it at least with a wildcard and have a good chance to get 1st as well. With a victory over Warlocks the top spot is guaranteed, but it will be a hard fight. They are missing Leon in that matchup, which is a completely new situation for the team. Also Mutschuk hasn’t played well in the past weeks so they definitely are not at the top of their game at the moment. But they always managed to get the clutch victory and that is all that counts in the end.

That is what Warlocks was missing in the past weeks. Since the loss versus Infinity, they don’t seem to be able to win anymore. Their only victory was against Supremacy, who is 600 MMR lower on spreadsheet. Props to Supremacy here to even get a game from the top dawgs. After the crucial losses versus Royals and Altercation. Warlocks finds themselves in a dangerous spot. Although playoffs are nearly guaranteed, they have to find their form again.

Who can come out of this clutch situation successfully?

Divinity vs. Crest eSports

An interesting Altas matchup that has a little downer to it: Even if Crest sweeps Divinity they wont have a chance at the Top 2.

But they will fight for a proper seeding and look if they can avoid some uncomfortable matchups. They need to find a turnaround to their current form though since they haven’t won a highly stacked game since week 7. Taking a win here is important to stay ahead of the approaching Austrian Force team.

Divinity on the other hand wants to challenge Reflux for their Top spot. They need two victories for that and 2 losses from Reflux for that to happen. Their form was also questionable in the last weeks, with bottoming in a sweep loss against Enigma. But Divinity is hopefully still hungry and just hides it from the opposition.

We will find out who can acquire the victory for their cause!

Austrian Force vs. Reflux

Austrian Force is the suprise in the playoff race. No-one had them in mind anymore, before they took a suprise victory over the strong AEon squad. They have improved their game quite a bit and it seems they are a big threat to anyone in the league. They need 2 wins to get their playoff spot but that will prove difficult against Reflux. But they have taken them down once so I wont be surprised if they did again.

But Reflux is not planning to let that happen again. They are one of the teams to beat and AF has shown, they can struggle. Sometimes badly.

Reflux is a team that can handle the pressure. They are on point with their play and it will be the key factor, if they can pressure Austrian Force enough.

Reflux vs. Divinity

The long awaited rematch: Reflux vs Divinity. Divinity needs 2 victories and help from Austrian Force to make first in the Atlas division.

On the other hand Reflux only need to get 1 win to secure first. It is a big match up, but it will be outshined by the other games this time.

Test time. Who will prevail?

NoHope eSports vs. Rocket 5cience and Chaos

NoHope are in a great position. They can relax and decide themselves who they want to take with as a representative of Phobus. Playing place 2 and 3 in the same week will be a tough task. We will see if they are playoff material yet.

R5 and Team Chaos are both good teams that are quite good. They are very likely to make playoffs but they cant even to confirm it yet.

Good comms are the keys to success. Especially to Chaos, the roster is still not perfect yet and R5 has not played that long together as well.

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