ERLS Season 3 – Playoff Previews

As the hype continues to build for the ERLS playoffs, the news team have written pieces on every single team that has qualified for the playoffs! We hope you enjoy, and roll on Monday where the action begins!


Warlocks (17-3) (Writer – Nathan)

What a league play Warlocks have had! After season 2’s woeful performance, Brydus re branded 4-22 Mystical to Warlocks, and the results have started flooding in for them. They picked up one of the leagues best players in Boyschool Q early on in the transfer window, and built their lineup around him, with Rxzor and Torex coming in shortly after. Don’t forget about super sub Loco either; he’s stepped up when hes been needed and put in some great performances throughout the season.

They were favourites to take a top 2 spot in preseason, and unlike some other teams who were tipped for great things early on, they’ve handled the pressure well and managed to consistently perform against the best teams in the ERLS. The Europa division’s finest finished league play with a record of 17-3, scoring an incredible 231 goals in the process, with star man Boyschool providing over 100 of the teams goals; he’ll take home the Season 3 Elite Finisher accolade from previous winner Ayd. Rxzor was dropped from the roster in around week 6, and many people thought this could be the beginning of the end for Brydus’ team. But they managed to pick up a really solid replacement in Xero’s Kie, who has slotted in perfectly to the starting lineup, and since his addition they’ve lost just 1 series.

Going into the playoffs, they have a bye straight through to the second round, where they’ll be facing the winner of Triumph vs Aztecs. They’ll be hoping to make a run through the winners bracket all the way to the Grand Final, so they only have to win one best of 7 series to take home the championship. Their biggest rival will most likely be Xero, where Kie’s teammates will be looking to prove he made the wrong choice to leave them back in league play. Royals, Fury and Insanity are all also looking to stop the favourites from taking home the ERLS Season 3 title. Can Boyschool’s boys live up to the pressure and crush everyone in their path? Or will an underdog surprise them and send them packing?

Royals (17-3) (Writer – Lexxa)

Royals, another one of the big boys. Royals performed excellent all season, which got them the second highest seed in elite league. Royals roster is not as eye-catching as Xero’s or Warlocks’, but it is still a great line-up. Starting off with Will, Royals’ main man who boasts some great stats; 70 goals, 64 assists and 92 saves. Next up we have Shad and Jao, two solid players alongside Will. Let’s not forget about their fourth, MITO, one of the best subs in the league. Royals have scored 212 goals this season, a crazy number. This team is not playing around, and it will be a hard opponent for anyone in this league. They will face the winner of Austrian Force – Supremacy, both teams being tough to play against. Will, Shad and Jao will have to handle the pressure of playing on stream and in playoffs, a first for the franchise. If Royals can keep their form and don’t let the nerves get to them, they will make it to at least top 4 this season.

Xero (16-4) (Writer – Lexxa)

Xero are one of the top teams in the ERLS this season, going 16-4 in league play. Looking at Xero’s roster, it is looking strong, consisting of C55, Milne, Liice and Adam. Xero have been performing throughout the season, even with a surprising roster change mid-season. Kie., who left Xero for Warlocks, surprised everyone. This could have been costly for Xero, but they have showed that they still have what it takes to be a top team. Liice and Milne teamed last season and made it all the way to the grand-finals, where they lost to a strong Torment at that time. However, times have changed, and they are back together to try and win the league. C55, an insane player mechanically, fits well into the team with an aggressive Liice and a solid Milne. Xero have scored 191 goals this season, while only conceding 119, they have the second-best defence in the league, tied for second with division rivals Fury. Looking at the individual stats, it looks fairly even between the trio. Liice has racked up 103 saves, while Milne has been the playmaker for Xero while also maintaining a high amount of goals. C55 has been a solid player in every department. Xero finished third seed, which gave them a bye to the second round of playoffs. They will be facing either Fury or Crest eSports, two strong teams. I predict Xero to go all the way to the grand-finals this season.

Bloemkool eSports (16-4) (Writer – Nathan)

Cauliflower eSports (lol) have had a strong league play, exceeding peoples expectations and taking 4th seed going into the playoffs. They were expected to finish around mid-table and maybe challenge for a wildcard spot as their route into the playoffs, while Torment were expected to breeze through the division without a scratch. Well, Bloemkool didn’t want this to happen. With the help of Austrian Force, they proved early on that it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park for anyone in the division; there were multiple teams hungry to make their mark on Season 3. GM and star player Frutz will be proud of his teams performance so far, but they’re not going to stop now. They want more, they want to take on the best teams in the league, they want to win the ERLS in their inaugural season.

They’ve scored an average of 20.2 goals per series so far, and they’ll be looking to add to that total in the playoffs. Although I mentioned Frutz as the Proteus division leaders main man, the team like to spread out the stats between them, with similar numbers in goals, assists and saves. They focus on teamwork rather than an individual popping off, which could be an advantage going into the playoffs, where lots of teams rely on a top quality player to pop off in order for them to win games.

Playoffs-wise, they’ll play the winner of Insanity and Infinity in their first game; they faced off against Infinity back in week 6 and took a surprise 3-2 loss. That win spurred Infinity on to a manic winning spree in the latter half of the season, securing them their spot as 12th seed. However, they’ve never played against 14-6 Insanity, who are favourites to win in Round 1. Many people have said that the Neptune conference is objectively easier than the Jupiter conference, so this will be one of the first real clashes between the two conferences, other than the little tease we got back in Week 7 with the cross-conference matches. I think Bloemkool have it in them to go far in these playoffs; they’re red hot with form right now, on the back of a 5 series win streak, including a win versus division and playoff rivals Austrian Force. They’ll need to be sharp as a team to win consistently against the top teams in the playoffs, where the stakes are even higher than in league play.

Insanity (16-4) (Writer – Lexxa)

Insanity are one of the more interesting teams in playoffs. This team is not really the first team that comes to mind when you think about the top teams in playoffs, despite having a record of 16-4. Insanity’s team is built up of Enwrong, iZerkahh and Jxffa with C^2 as a fourth. The main trio are all high ranked players, with main man Enwrong scoring 69 (lol) goals this season. As we have seen on stream before, these players are all mechanically gifted, and will be a hard team to play against. Their opponents in first round will be Infinity, one of the four wildcards. Insanity are the favourites in this match up; however, Infinity are in good form and will be looking to continue that good form in playoffs. I think that Insanity will take this one, moving on to play Bloemkool eSports in round 2.

Fury (15-5) (Writer – Nathan)

Despite their best efforts, Fury have always just been overshadowed by Xero in Castillo division. However, 6th seed isn’t bad at all going into the playoffs, and they have a favourable first round game, going up against 11th seed Crest eSports.

I feel like Fury have gone under the radar this season; they don’t play the flashiest Rocket League, and don’t score a huge amount of goals per game, unlike some of the fan-favourite teams in the ERLS. But what they do, is work together as a unit, defend solidly, attack clinically and, simply put, they get results. The experienced trio of Le Boff, Beest and Lexxa have been together since the first day that transfers opened, and are one of the few teams to not go through any roster changes this season. They’ve quietly gone about their business throughout league play, causing a few upsets here and there (including a huge win against Warlocks), but have gone relatively unnoticed for a team of their calibre.

They’ll be looking to turn heads in the playoffs though; they face Crest in a round 1 game that they are heavily favoured to win. If they manage to win, they’ll face Xero in a huge grudge match; Fury did finally manage to get one over Xero in the final week of league play with a series that went down to the wire, and they’ll be looking to ride off of that momentum and make their way into the winners semis, where they could match up against Neptune conference leaders Royals. This would be an amazing way for Fury to prove themselves; taking down a top dog will definitely get people talking. Lexxa’s team will have to keep performing as they did in league play if they want a shot at some of the big guns in the ERLS.

Austrian Force (14-6) (Writer – Nathan)

Austrian Force ended up finishing 3rd in a very competitive race for the Proteus division top spot, but due to their good record and AEon’s DQ, they end up still finishing as 7th seed with a favourable draw in the playoffs. A new franchise coming into the ERLS, they were already playing together before the season started, so they had the added bonus of premade chemistry coming into the season.

Star player and GM Manuel has been vital to Austrian Force’s success in the goal-scoring department this season, providing 70 of the 197 goals the team have scored in league play. It hasn’t been all Manuel though; defensive-minded Skizzen has been a brick wall at the back, with 112 saves, the second highest in the league. Completing the roster is Gordy, and this roster just seem to work together really well. They’ve taken down some of the biggest teams in the ERLS in league play, including a huge upset versus Xero in week 7.

They face off against a red-hot Supremacy team, who have only lost 2 series in their last 10. Stocial’s boys will be hungry to cause an upset, but I think the experience of this Austrian Force team will be too much for Supremacy to handle, and the 7th seed will progress for a huge match vs Royals; a team that they failed to beat in league play.

Triumph (13-7) (Writer – Enwrong)

Triumph may have been the 2nd best team in the Triton Division this season, but when you consider they had Royals to deal with, a record of 13-7 is respectable. Picking up the flamboyant Ravenly, with the robust Cal, and the flashy CptDaddy, team GM and sub a_funky_falcon made a statement about the type of Rocket League he wanted Triumph to play. Fast, aggressive, sexy and stylish all come to mind when I think about Triumph. These 4 players have been solid all season, winning all the games they were expected to win and this is why they are the runner up in Triton this season. Ravenly, the team’s star player has had a magnificent season, scoring an fantastic 72 goals this season, putting her 7th on the goal scoring charts albeit 31 goals behind Boyschool Q in the race for the Golden Car. When you combine this with the solid midfield game of a_funky_falcon, who has 39 assists to his name, you can really visualise how devastating their offence has been, especially when the 4 players put up a combined total shots of 610 across the season so far. They are one of the few teams to stick together across the season too, which has major benefits in terms of team camaraderie and chemistry which cannot be understated, especially when in the stressful environment of Playoffs. This isn’t to say there are a few question marks on the team. While they have taken down every team that they have been expected to beat like a 3-1 over Infinity or a 3-2 over Torment, they haven’t really won a series of note against a team of similar stature, and this has got to be a major concern for a_funky_falcon and his players. I’m talking about the losses to AEon 3-1, Austrian Force 3-2 and Royals 3-1 twice, the games you need to win to grind out a championship challenge. This is something that will linger in the minds of the Triumph players heading into playoffs as they look to address some holes on the defence in what is a week where they can make a statement. Having the worst record of all the 2nd placed teams being 8th seed, they are going up against the remarkable recovery job of the Aztecs roster who have only lost twice in the last 12 series. A lot will come down to trequartista Ravenly and whether she can keep the team ticking. Will they rise to the challenge? Can they triumph? Or will they falter early?

Aztecs (13-7) (Writer – Lexxa)

One of the dark horses in playoffs will be Aztecs. This team had a big roster change in the middle of the season, which seemed to work out. Aztecs’ roster is solid in every section, consisting of Cloud, Hibbs, Pear and The Viv. Hibbs was an absolute steal for Aztecs, only 1640 mmr on the spreadsheet even though he peaked at 1850 last season. Aztecs were one of the four wildcards that made it to playoffs, but that should not matter. This team is easily overlooked, but it is one of the better teams in the league. Scoring 155 goals, and only losing one series since game-week 6, shows that this team is in great form. Hibbs and Cloud are two great players, with solid third men in Pear and The Viv.

Aztecs are facing Triumph in the first round of playoffs, and I believe they will take that series. The winner of Aztecs – Triumph will be facing the top dog and championship favourite, Warlocks. Can Aztecs cause an upset, or will the nerves of the playoffs get to them?

Supremacy (11-9) (Writer – Enwrong)

Turn-arounds don’t come any bigger than the absolutely remarkable performance the new Supremacy roster managed in the 2nd half of the season in the Castilllo Division. Having gone through a sizeable roster change as well as a GM change, you could be forgiven for assuming Supremacy were going to be rooted to the floor in Castillo. Credit has to be given to stocial, who has done a tremendous job on turning the fortunes upside down and clearly has an eye for talent with the pickups of the offensive powerhouse syracKs, the creative ItzYaBoyFoxy and the exquisite Nyunala joining him on the new and fresh Supremacy roster. Keeping this in mind, with 8 of their last 10 series being victories for the Supremacy roster including a sensational 3-1 win over favourites Xero & Fury, the Lion is certainly a very appropriate logo now. syracKs has brought in an impressive 62 goals across all his teams this season, showcasing prowess on offence. If you put this together with the shooting accuracy of ItzYaBoyFoxy who is hitting 40% of hit shots into the back of the net, 0.79 Goals per game from Stocial himself and a very impressive 0.78 assists per game from the irrepressible Nyunala, it’s not difficult to see why they managed to scrape together a Wildcard spot. Their loss to Aztecs at the end of season will be a concern but not a major one, considering the strength of Aztecs. Going up against 7th seeded Austrian Force in their first round match, this is a huge opportunity for this squad to cement their name in ERLS history. Victory in this will put them up against Royals which will be a massive game, but they must not underestimate a Triumph team who, on their day, can beat strong teams. Can they cap off the biggest turn around we’ve ever seen? Will they deliver on the expectations now set by them in the closing weeks?

Crest (11-9) (Writer – Nathan)

Crest have had an up and down season 3. In their debut ERLS season, they were projected to easily take 1st seed in the Triton division; on paper their team was incredibly strong. But internal conflicts and a lack of practice as a team caused a very early downfall; in the early stages of the season they saw 2 of their strongest players leave the team, and it looked like a crippled Crest were going to slump to the bottom of the table. But then, their new roster arrived, and they were determined to not give up and push for a spot in the playoffs. Star player and AGM Frosty has absolutely inspired this roster to fight hard every game, no matter who they’re against. After failing to find a win for 3 game weeks, something clicked in Week 7, and they lost just 1 game in their last 8 series, and managed to sneak into 11th seed.

They love to score goals, with 201 in league play. Frosty has scored the 10th most goals in the league, despite playing 16 series, a lot less than some of the other top scorers in the ERLS. Mezzy has kept the defence together, with 80 saves in 18 series’. Making up the rest of the roster are Ethzn and Priseley, who also have respectable stats despite playing under 6 series each.

They have a difficult first game in the playoffs, facing off against 6th seed Fury. They’ve only taken down a top 8 team once this season (Triumph in Week 10), so this will be a test whether the 11th seed team have the ability to take down the best teams in the ERLS consistently. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this match, and I think even though the odds are stacked highly against them, the team synergy and momentum that Crest currently possess could be what causes them to upset high-flying Fury and sneak their way into a crunch match versus one of the ERLS “big 3”; Xero. It won’t be easy, but Crest have a chance of making a good run and surprising the masses in the playoffs.

Infinity (11-9) (Writer – Lexxa)

The lowest seeded team in playoffs, Infinity only sneaked into the playoffs due to AEon’s surprise disqualification late on in the season. Infinity’s main man is by far JayTee, the ERLS Season 2 MVP has once again proven his worth this season, taking Infinity all the way to elite league playoffs. The rest of the team consists of 2ric, DarkDragonFX and Nyz0.

JayTee has some incredible stats; 77 goals, 41 assists and 80 saves all by himself. As mentioned earlier, Infinity will be playing Insanity in round 1. This will be a tough match-up for them, despite their good form in recent weeks, I don’t think they will be able to beat Insanity. A lower-bracket run might be happening though, let’s see if these guys can cause some upsets in the playoffs.


NoHope eSports (17-3) (Writer – Mutschuk)

NoHope has come to make an impact this season and they did better than anyone, maybe even themselves had thought. During this season, they have proven that they are a team that can take down anyone

Seed: 1st

Record: 17-3

NoHope’s season was a dominating one. From the first week, they pushed for the top spot by taking down Team Chaos, one of the favourites among the Pro League teams. They took them down in their strongest roster with Roks, Blueth (left the league) and Artic Mist (now Rocket 5cience) in a close 5 game series. After a week 2 loss versus Aztecs, they were in a deadlock at the top with Primal and the 2 aforementioned teams: Chaos and Aztecs. While they struggled against Fury (who still had one of the stronger rosters in the league), they took down Primal 3-1 to launch themselves to the top, alongside Chaos.

Then NoHope took a loss versus the rising stars of Shamrock at the start of the inter-division games, who found their way back after 3 losses (1 forced FF). But they bounced back even in the same week, and beat the favourites Infinity 3-1. After week 4, it was just pure domination from this team. No team could even bring them to a game 5. Although their record wasn’t close to perfect game-wise, they were never in danger of losing even a single series. They beat even Divinity, who had (at that point) surprisingly only lost to Altercation. No team seemed to be able to stop them.

The second playthrough of the Phobus division went like expected for NoHope. Neither Primal, Chaos or the new rosters of Bloemkool and Rocket 5cience were able to even take a game off them. But it in the end their nightmares of the past came back to haunt them. Aztecs not only took them to game 5, which didn’t happen since week 3 (SR won 3-1), they managed to beat them again and so ruin their perfect division record.

In my opinion NoHope is a team that scores mainly of errors of the opposition. They have one of the lowest percentage of assisted goals in the league (64%), but their amount of saves is ridiculously high.

Especially Cape, who is the center of the defence has raked in 124 saves in the 70 games he has played. Cracking the defence itself is a momentous task, but their attack is also strong. Cape is not only their best defender, he is also their best striker, closely followed by Tails, who is the coordinator and playmaker of the team.

N3ssyx and Nephh played very good support roles throughout the season and showed that you don’t need to be highest on the leaderboard to make an impact on the field. Both creating pressure and giving a good amount of assists as well.

NoHope’s accuarcy is very high as well. 36.56% of shots found the back of the net. While their opponents could only score 23.41%, which is scarily low. All in all NoHope is a team, that belongs to the best the Pro League has to offer.

NoHope belongs into the grand finals, no doubt. Their way is hard though. With either Shamrock or Crest advancing, they have a tough first matchup. If they lose their first game they are taking on the loser of Altercation vs Austrian Force, which is going to be quite a difficult pairing. If NoHope can win their first series, I can see them going to the winners final straight away. After that it is only depending on the day if they take it all. If they lose however i can see them get Round 1’d because that will be the first time during the season they actually have the pressure on themselves. My prediction: 2nd.

Infinity (16-4) (Writer – Tails)

Solid. What else is there to say? There is no limit to this team’s ability. It has been made clear throughout the season that this team has the confidence to beat any team the pro league has to offer. This team reaches speeds nobody would think possible. And with Playoffs on the horizon, they have no plans of slowing down. In terms of Week 10, Infinity bring in a close win over a promising Team Ascendant Roster but draw an upsetting loss from the relentless AEon side. Neither of these teams have made playoffs, does this imply Infinity are not yet playoff ready? This team can make it far but have been upset before. Will they crumble, or will they be crowned champions?

Reflux (15-5) (Writer – Chop)

Reflux take the third seed for playoffs, simply because of a disastrous final week for them. They lost 3-2 to Austrian Force and then got swept by Divinity. Whilst this could foretell a negative result for playoffs, one must keep in mind that they were using their substitute player for these games, which should not reflect upon their main roster. Reflux did achieve first place in Atlas, a feat accomplished primarily due to the offensive capabilities of the main lineup. 269 goals scored; this is a huge 49 lead for goals scored (held by Infinity). Their attacking playstyle can be easily enforced by all three of their main members being placed in the top 10 for goals scored. The road won’t be easy though, as they have to face the winner of Austrian Force vs Altercation. After losing to AF last week, they will be seeking out revenge and the upper bracket spot. The pressure got to them in the closing week; have they learned their lesson?

Warlocks eSports (14-6) (Writer – Chop)

Now, that was a close one! Warlocks were running away with the lead during the first half of the season, but after losing PurPle, the gap began to shrink. It was getting closer and closer until they were overthrown towards the end of the season; this hurt their confidence tremendously. However, after getting beaten down, they managed to hang their heads high to prove themselves and swept Shadow, dethroning them all the way from first to third! What a journey they have been on, but it doesn’t end yet – not even close!

Divinity (14-6) (Writer – Tails)

Once a giant. Always a giant. Divinity, once arguably the best team in the pro league. Took a short dive into the shadows for a period after bringing in some disappointing losses after two big defeats from Altercation and NoHope. These losses seemed to have killed their momentum and their mentalities may have dropped. But Divinity have strove to prove they belong as a top team in the pro league and are planning on making it far in the playoffs. With one hell of a win of a 3-0 sweep over Reflux who look to be one of the best teams in the pro league. So with that in mind, Divinity have made a statement that they are back, but are they here to stay? We will soon find out.

Altercation (13-7) (Writer – Chop)

They had a mediocre start to the season, but after a small roster change, they are looking terrifying. Second in possibly the hardest division in the pro league is an accomplishment; one that has landed them a game against Austrian Force. They’ve swept them once before, but AF have improved drastically, likely closing the gap. Even if Altercation can win, they will then have to play Reflux, whom they got swept by. So, whilst they are a powerful team, playoffs will undoubtedly be challenging for the lads. I can see them making it far, but only if they play as well as we have witnessed from them in the past, otherwise Reflux may repeat history in taking advantage of their lack of improvement. I can’t see that happening though, due to the sheer rate of improvement that this team have experienced, possessing large win streaks in recent weeks, compared to non-existing ones during the infant stages of this season. So, with a bit of skill and luck, Altercation will surely do well this week and possibly the rest of playoffs.

Rocket 5cience (13-7) (Writer – Tails)

This team did what most teams thought impossible. Being in the bottom area of their division for weeks came out of nowhere with a new signing which has brought their team from the bottom to one of the top contenders for the title. This team has shown promising ability bringing in wins over teams that many fear. There isn’t long till the beginning of playoffs. R5 will be looking to train and build momentum to go far in playoffs. Week 10 was controversial with a 3-0 sweep over a fearful Aztecs side but in the same week come out with a defeating 3-0 loss over the NoHope side, however, this may seem to some that this may deem R5 not playoff ready. But this team trains hard and there recent weeks are not to be pushed aside. I’m excited to see what Rocket 5cience have to offer in playoffs.

Shamrock eSports (12-8) (Writer – Teather)

Shamrock have shown spikes of very good play and some weeks of poorer play. In week 4 they beat NoHope, setting them up to win the next 3 games they played in, then lost to Rocket 5cince in week 7. The pattern continued, beating Insanity but losing to eNightmare. This is partly due to the way the team plays, Vylxss is a very strong player on attack but if he or their anchor Flux does not show up there will be problems. In my eyes their third is interchangeable as Vylxss and Flux are so strong but I would assume Captivace is playing playoff as the higher ranked player. They have shown that they are strong on offence (2.51 goals a game), second only to Infinity, they have the weakest goals assisted %, last in Deimos, this might hurt them going in too playoffs. I think if they can beat Crest in their first round, it should be a close game as Crest are the 9th seed, they have proven they can take it to NoHope but I think if they want to get the ball past Cape they will need to do more than just solo plays. If they beat NoHope, I think the momentum it will bring could carry them past who ever they meet in the 3rd round all the way to the upper bracket finals.

Crest eSports (13-7) (Writer – Tails)

This team has pulled off some big wins in their time here at ERLS. They have been fighting hard to make playoffs for the last 10 weeks. They have made it, and they are going to make sure it wasn’t for nothing. With a tough round 1 against Shamrock, crest will be looking to express their dominance in the playoffs early on, if they win this game they move on to play NoHope which will again oppose it’s own challenge. Crest have a seriously hard challenge ahead of them. The team will be looking to train hard, scrim and build up their synergy as a team. Crest are here to stay. Will they conquer the pro league or frail under pressure?

Shadow eSports (13-7) (Writer – Chop)

As mentioned amidst the Warlocks review: Shadow did lose the crown of Titan, thus placing them in third. A harsh final week saw two sweeps against these lads, however their Warlocks match consisted of their lineup using a substitute player – a possible reasoning for their loss. Despite this, they lack a similar excuse against LANA, whom are fifth in Titan. It was seemingly due to rotation, which they have been attempting to repair for the upcoming series against Rocket 5cience. If they truly deserved as low as the wildcard position, then they may perish against R5, but if they can muster-up a similar style to what has been previously established, then it is almost certainly in favour of Muts’ team.

Austrian Force (12-8) (Writer – Mutschuk)

Austrian Force was one of the teams that people were quite unsure of at the start of the season. They started big, lost quite some momentum, but came back stronger than ever. Will they be able to get themselves a good finish after their comeback-run?

Starting strong into the the season, Austrian Force upset one of the strong wildcards and later division top Reflux. Getting a forfeit vs Enigma marked a good start.

That good start was in vain after week 2, since they lost not only to Divinity but also to Torment, who was very strong, because of their synergy as a premade team. In the matchup with Crest, they got beaten as well but they also managed to get an important victory against Triumph to keep themselves in reach of the playoffs.

The inner-conference games was the point, where everything was on the brink of falling apart. Although they managed to win vs Xero and LANA, they lost to Supremacy in week 5 (who had only won vs Enigma at this point) and Warlocks as well. They reached the bottom after getting swept by Shadow eSports in week 6.

Week 7 started with a glimmer of hope though. They brought a strong Royals team to game 5 and finally got an important win against AEon eSports. With this victory they started to gain momentum.

They started their second playthrough with an important victory against Crest and a sweep vs Triumph. In week 9 they got revenge on Torment, who beat them in week 2, but this Torment hasn’t been the same since the close losses vs Altercation and Shadow, tumbling down to the bottom of the table, although they didn’t have a roster change. But the big throw came to happen against Divinity, who may have gotten a bit more momentum after their loss streak. Austrian Force beat them in a close game 5 series and was in the middle of the playoff race now.

In week 10 they needed one of the other teams fighting for a wildcard spot to lose, which Chaos did. They would overtake either Altercation or Royals by default, if they win 2 games since they were playing against each other. But the team they had to beat was Reflux, who were unbeaten since their loss against Shadow in week 5. And they pulled it off against in a close game 5 series again. And to round league play up they swept Enigma. Which guaranteed them a spot in front of Royals and leaving Chaos, Insanity and Aztecs in the dust.

Austrian Force relies heavily on their team play to score their goals. They have the 3rd highest goals assisted percentage, only behind Crest and Insanity.

Their other stats in general are average, which may be due to their slump during the inner-conference games.

The team revolves around aDomiic. The main striker is the center point of their play. Scoring an impressive 95 goals in total, he is 15 goals in front of second place Serve Delight.

CubexX is the clean up crew. Saving whatever he can and scoring whenever he is needed to. He plays a great support role on the pitch and can make a difference in a tight series.

The play maker of the team is Blendragon with 57 assists. While aDomiic may be the main actor on the team, he is the factor that determines Austrian Forces power output. If he pops of barely any team will be able to neutralize him completely. On the other hand, if he has an off-day, Austrian Force will definitely struggle.

Hr. Vorragend was a solid sub for the team, filling in whenever needed. He has played a good support role as well, but falls short to CubexX when faced with tougher opponents.

This team is far stronger than their stats indicate. Being solid in every aspect has brought teams far.

Austrian Force has quite some potential. Playing Altercation in the first round will be a big task. If they manage to win the game, I dont think they can beat Reflux a third time. If they lose they will face either NoHope, Crest or Shamrock. They have the potential to beat those teams, but their run will like end in Round 2, if they don’t face Warlocks.

Prediction: 7/8th

Royals (12-8) (Writer – Teather)

Royals have possibly the hardest first round match of the playoff vs Divinity (5th seed). They got swept by them in league play, although that was when Divinity were stronger and Royals were weaker, before they swapped out Korni and Steven. If they win that match they will play Warlocks, which in some ways is the easiest opponent of the second round (Sorry Brydus). They have the highest shooting % and goals per game in Titan; they are sure to make it scary for their opponents on defence. They like to stay up fielded and put pressure on their opponents till they break, or are broken by their passes. They might be the lowest seed in the Playoffs but they have a good chance to pull out upsets in rounds 1 and 2.

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