ERLS Season 3 – NoHope eSports vs Divinity (Pro) Afterthoughts


Good afternoon everyone!
After a high stakes match on Monday, news team member Teather spoke to members of both NoHope and Divinity to get an insight on what the players thought of NoHope’s 3-1 victory.

NoHope eSports

TeatherHey guys, can I get a few words on how that win felt?

Tails: Yeah, it felt good.

Teather: Were you worried at all when Divinity, in particular Clappy started hitting some insane shots?

Tails: Not at all!

Cape: I’m like a brick wall in defence, so no.

Teather: So, after taking down the league leaders are you confident that you have the ability to win the league?

N3ssyx: We wanna win the league for sure, but we gotta take every match as serious as the one before. We’re taking it one match at a time.

Tails: Well, we’ll definitely try our best to!


Teather: So, even though you lost tonight, Clappy seemed to be playing really well. Did that give you any hope despite the loss?

Snow: Well, I didn’t have the best attitude going in to the match. We lost against them in scrims and know they were good. We played solid and believed we could win but they played absolutely insane; their saves were nuts and they deserved the win in the end. But yeah, Clappy played outstanding today.

Wolfii: Clappy’s always been labelled our ‘super-sub’. He did really well today, but he always does play well. And he was using a Backfire, so that’s just the icing on the cake isn’t it?

Teather: Do you think you guys will be able to hold onto your playoff position this season, and if so, how far do you think you will go?

Snow: I think we can make play-offs; we’ve only lost 3 games and are getting better and better each week. Personally, I think we can win the ERLS, but its going to get really hard really quickly.

Wolfii: All I can hope for is that we keep practising and re-gain that ‘titan’ title by getting on a whole new win streak. As for how far I think we’ll go, I mean as long as I don’t use a Dominus ever again, we’re going all the way and we’ll be seeking revenge for the teams that have beaten us recently.

Some interesting thoughts from both teams here! Divinity, who had a monster start to the season but have struggled as of late seem to still have lots of confidence and belief in themselves, while NoHope are on the up but know that they can’t get carried away; they’re going to take it slowly and focus on grinding out the results they need.

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