We are almost halfway through League Play, and it is time to take a weekly look at each of the conferences. ACADEMY Written by Leroni Week 3 is now over, so in the Academy Division, that means we are one week away from the end of League Play. There have been many interesting situations in […]


Two weeks have elapsed and we are beginning to get an idea of how the teams compare. The conferences are not looking nearly as symmetrical, and the season is well and truly underway. This article will take a closer look at some of the teams to watch, the Game to Watch for next week and […]


The very first week of League Play has passed, which means we finally have some games to look into. This article provides a closer look at some of the teams to watch in each conference and what games to look out for next week! If you want to have an even closer look at what […]


After a long off-season, Season 8 of IEL is finally here! With it comes the introduction of the Academy League, The Clash and even more exciting action to watch. In the last few days, we saw four pre-season tournaments elapse, but with League Play starting tomorrow, this when the real action begins! In this article, […]

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Imperial Esports League [IEL] League information and overview: IEL is a tournament organisation that thrives in providing competitive leagues for ALL players and skill levels above diamond 1 within the EU region. After being established in July 2018, we have seen over 2000 members join us and continue to provide a competitive and fun environment […]

IEL Olympus Series | Pre-Season

IEL’s Olympus Series kicks off this Friday the 12th, with the first round of games lasting until the following Sunday. We should be in for an exciting start to the season – setting the scene for a great eight weeks of action to come.


Good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a great Monday! For the very first article of Season 6, we have power rankings for each of the conferences in the Prospect, Challenger, and Master Leagues. (Olympus will come later). These power rankings are more than likely going to be incorrect and are purely based on opinions, […]

IEL Season 5 Master Playoffs | Pre-Playoffs Content

The best of the best league the IEL has to offer begin the all-out war to become the single victor of season 5 starts tonight! Check out write-ups, previews and an interview all down below.       Playoff Team Writeups – Matty   Bad Karma eSports (15-1) Bad Karma’s season has been a success […]

IEL Season 5 | Prospect and Challenger Playoffs Article!

The biggest and best season of IEL – Season 5 – has had an action-packed eight weeks of nail-biting competition. It all comes down to this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the twelfth seed or the first seed. It matters who wins this tournament right here! We’ve seen the twelfth seed win just last season […]

IEL Season 5 Week 8 | Stream Previews

Some of these previews have already been played, but they were sent to the casters for some talking points, so feel free to have a sneak-peak at what they were looking at. There are still some remaining games on stream that are previewed here, so give it a read to better your knowledge on the […]