Imperial esports League [IEL]

League information and overview:

IEL is a tournament organisation that thrives in providing competitive leagues for ALL players and skill levels above diamond 1 within the EU region. After being established in July 2018, we have seen over 900 members join us and continue to provide a competitive environment for dedicated players.

IEL key features:

  • A MMR averaging system to represent a players worth
  • 4’s leagues with a DSN cap for teams
  • 4 leagues with seperate skill ranges
    • Olympus League (1800+)
    • Master League (1600+)
    • Challenger League (1415 – 1599)
    • Prospect League (-1414)
  • Open transfer market, which allows teams to find their ideal players
  • Weekly streams, where the players can show their skills
  • Seasonal prize-pools

Your teams play a 16+ (Olympus, 7) game season with a double elimination playoff tournament once the season has been completed to crown our champions, just like RLCS. On addition they have the chance to be streamed in their pursuit for glory.

Important Info:

  • Teams play 2 BO5’s between Monday – Thursday each week.
  • MMR caps are used for all teams in IEL
  • An open transfer market where free agents can be trialled by teams
  • Franchises consist of 3 teams, which use the same name and logo in all 3 leagues:
    • 1 Master Team
    • 1 Challenger Team 
    • 1 Prospect Team
  • Franchises are managed by a GM and 2 or 3 captains. They are responsible for:
    • Signing free agents
    • Managing rosters
    • Scheduling games
    • Logging statistics
  • League play lasts approximately 3 months long with a weekend of playoffs before the champions are crowned


Olympus League is a new addition to IEL this season, which will be 1800+ MMR only. In other words, would you like to participate in high-tier gameplay and be a part of a big and tight community with tournaments and prize-pools?


Look around and check out the league info and some past seasons. After that come join our discord to meet up with the community!

Here is a little video, to show what you can expect from the streams! In other words: High-level gameplay and great commentary!