Welcome to our third rendition of the stats series! Today we are taking a closer look at the Master League after Week 4. It is important to note that this does not only cover Week 4, but every week leading up to it due to how the spreadsheet works. All of the stats are taken per game and the player must have played a minimum of 10 games in order to show an accurate picture. Hope you enjoy it!

Finisher – goals per game

  1. NuggeT (Bad Karma Esports) – 1.32
  2. will. (Deathmask Gaming) – 1.31
  3. PrOx. (Elated Esports) – 1.25
  4. Stocky. (Eidolon Esports) – 1.21
  5. KOSMICO (Tofu and Sons) – 1.14

No surprise that NuggeT leads the goals per game list. The Season 4 Master grand finalist with 2.1k ranked MMR currently plays for the 8-0 Bad Karma and has been scoring goal after goal for them. It is also expected that all of the players listed here play for some of the top teams, the only exclusion being will. from Deathmask only in 9th place with a record of 5-3.

Provider – assists per game

  1. will. (Deathmask Gaming) – 1.00
  2. Fatkneecaphead (Clairvoyant) – 0.93
  3. Choco (Fort Templar) – 0.92
  4. Crusher (Bad Karma Esports) – 0.92
  5. Wez (Tofu and Sons) – 0.89

These are the selfless players in the offense, serving passes into the finishers. Again, we see the top teams appearing, and a common theme along the stats is will. from Deathmask Gaming appearing in almost all of the offensive stats, proving to be a strong offensive force. We can also see the key roles in the Bad Karma team, with Crusher seemingly setting up for the finisher NuggeT.

Saviour – saves per game

  1. KuXXeon (Team Berserkers) – 2.28
  2. NoahPoah (Team Ascendant) – 2.24
  3. shdx. (Team Peculiarity) – 2.17
  4. TheChewLewy (Juicy eSports) – 2.10
  5. Juicy (Team Berserkers) – 2.09

Here, we will see more of the teams that are back on defense most of the time. The teams that are having to deal with the most pressure and struggling to break out of their half. The only surprise here is NoahPoah and TheChewyLewy who are both 5-3, they seemingly act as the 3rd man of sorts and are clutch on defense.

Striker – shots per game

  1. will. (Deathmask Gaming) – 4.88
  2. NuggeT (Bad Karma Esports) – 3.95
  3. Cindyy (Crossbar Heroes) – 3.85
  4. Crusher (Bad Karma Esports) – 3.72
  5. Teuf (Galamo Esports) – 3.69

Some of the top scorers make an appearance here as well, and will. is miles ahead racking up almost 5 shots a game. It’s no surprise he scores so much with this amount of shots.

Points farmer – points per game

  1. will. (Deathmask Gaming) – 511.19
  2. shdx. (Team Peculiarity) – 480.97
  3. Welzy (Conquest) – 473.36
  4. NuggeT (Bad Karma Esports) – 471.55
  5. Stocky. (Eidolon Esports) – 469.79

The points farmers, also known as the ball chasers, am I right? We yet again have will. who seems to make up all of the stats for his team. We also have another appearance of NuggeT and Stocky and surprisingly shdx. who plays for a 2-6 team.

Bully – demos inflicted per game

  1. Wambo John (Auto Celerity) – 2.59
  2. Ocy (Juicy eSports) – 1.59
  3. BubbleZ (Nootz) – 1.57
  4. NuggeT (Bad Karma Esports) – 1.50
  5. Bus_Hell (Free Agent) – 1.45

The bullies, these people probably receive several angry threats in ranked every day from salty opponents. Wambo John is clearly the biggest bully with 2.59 demos a game, impressive.

Target practice – demos taken per game

  1. AllThatRemains (Shadow Esports) – 1.37
  2. Suprahh (Triumph) – 1.33
  3. Vechs (Built By Us) – 1.25
  4. Loha (Primal Esports) – 1.24
  5. Ocy (Juicy eSports) – 1.24

These are the guys who are unfortunate enough to be on the other end of the bullying. Most of these players are from some of the lower teams other than Ocy and AllThatRemains.

Worst goalkeeper – goals conceded as last defender per game

  1. duts (Team Berserkers) – 1.44
  2. MechaFox (Lions Gaming) – 1.40
  3. Jordaan (Built By Us) – 1.28
  4. KuXXeon. (Team Berserkers) – 1.28
  5. Skizzralde (Built By Us) – 1.19

It’s no surprise that all of these players are either 2-6 or 1-7, with BBU and Berserkers even managing two appearances each. It’s time to sort out your defense, please.

Reckless drivers – average speed

  1. Crusher (Bad Karma Esports) – 1682.86
  2. Wambo John (Auto Celerity) – 1646.75
  3. Bas (Team Berserkers) – 1633.59
  4. A22 (Fort Templar) – 1633.28
  5. TeeKee (The Neon Flamingo) – 1628.55

The speed demons. These guys go as fast as they can and you should be happy if you manage to beat them to the ball. Everyone knows that it’s all about the speed and you may as well call this the list of the top 5 players in the Master League.

Wasteful – wasted boost while supersonic per game

  1. Stocky. (Eidolon Esports) – 608.03
  2. Wambo John (Auto Celerity) – 533.00
  3. Detroit (Regulars) – 517.70
  4. Crusher (Bad Karma Esports) – 497.04
  5. will. (Deathmask Gaming) – 486.69

The penultimate stat we have today is boost wasted while supersonic. Most of these players also appeared in the average speed category and it is clear to see that they are so fast. Detroit and will. are also here, which is interesting.

Pilot – time high in air per game

  1. itsMini (Delta) – 23.63
  2. bope (eNightmare) – 22.28
  3. Charlie (Triumph) – 22.27
  4. LTXSam (RL Ireland) – 22.01
  5. Moggy (Shadow Esports) – 22.00

These guys basically spend most of the game going off the ceiling. It’s close between all of them, but itsMini just edges it out. It doesn’t seem to be working for the Delta-player however, as he finds himself 2-7. Maybe try to stay on the ground a little more?

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