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Welcome to our final coverage ahead of the Prospect and Challenger Playoffs of Season 6! We’ve already covered every team and the first two rounds, so if you haven’t already, I’d strongly suggest you check it out here before reading. Earlier this week, …

6 August 2020 | No Comments

With 8 exhilarating weeks of League Play behind us, it all comes down to this! One weekend to end it all. The weak have fallen, but the great remain to play their last games of a spectacular season in which we saw some absolutely magical moments. The k …

5 August 2020 | 1 Comment

Written by Mattymoomoo03 and andasAP With League play coming to an end, and for 13/17 players signifying the end to the season, we have 8 weeks of action to look back upon. Within that time frame, we’ve had some remarkable moments so let’s look back at …

4 August 2020 | 1 Comment

PROSPECT MU – FREDDY Final Standings eNightmare (+1) 12-4Fort Templar (-1) 11-5Dormant Esports(+1) 11-5Clairvoyant (-1) 11-5Tofu and Sons (-) 10-6Delta (-) 10-6Hyve Central (+2) 9-7Team Peculiarity (+2) 9-7Puncture (+1) 9-7Deathmask Gaming (-2) 8-8Auto …

3 August 2020 | No Comments

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