Amateur Rocket League Competition For Everyone

Except if you're below Diamond 1
because you suck

Welcome to IEL

IEL is a tournament organisation that thrives in providing competitive leagues for ALL players and skill levels above diamond 1 within the EU region. After being established in July 2018, we have seen over 2000 members join us and continue to provide a competitive and fun environment for dedicated players.

IEL is primarily a community that enjoys playing rocket league, and we continue to try and develop and enhance this community by providing exciting new opportunities for forming friendships and feeling a part of a wider community. Alongside our usual 4 leagues we offer 6-mans and scrims alike, as well as occasional tournaments, community run game-nights, giveaways, and areas to discuss various aspects of Rocket League!

Being a community run league we depend on members of our community to help keep the league running and so we try to offer as many opportunities to join a part of our staff teams, and for you to develop your skills or explore entirely new ones. Develop your skills as a caster, get into broadcasting, learn how to use spreadsheets or even do some coding as a part of our dev team. The possibilities are endless!

We provide 4 leagues (divisions) aimed at catering for different skill groups and to provide the most competitive experience for all players, so that you don’t get matched up against players who are much higher ranked than you! For Season 8 we have introduced an Academy league for players in the Diamond skill range to dip their toes into competitive rocket league, and develop their skills to be able to play in our higher leagues and be in with a chance to win a slice of our prize pool!

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