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Welcome to our third rendition of the stats series! Today we are taking a closer look at the Master League after Week 4. It is important to note that this does not only cover Week 4, but every week leading up to it due to how the spreadsheet works. All …

7 July 2020 | No Comments

Good afternoon IEL! Hopefully you are all alive and well this Monday and this can help you to prepare for the week. Today we have our weekly coverage of the Prospect, Challenger and Master league as league play passes the mid-way point. We’re already h …

6 July 2020 | No Comments

Good evening IEL-readers, and welcome to our third coverage of the Olympus Series! This article discusses and breaks down how the two conferences lay in terms of how the teams compare as well as touching on the fixtures and standings. This is all nicel …

3 July 2020 | No Comments

Good evening IEL! Today we have a Monday-night Week 3 article featuring power rankings and writeups for every conference of the Prospect, Challenger, and Master leagues. With the first roster changes occurring you should also expect an article highligh …

29 June 2020 | No Comments

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